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Disney Magic Castle Stays On Top in Japan, As the 3DS Rules the Land

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii U hardware sales narrowly dip into four figures

It's Wednesday, which mean its Japanese charts day, unless it's Nintendo Direct day as it was last week. The news of what's hot in the Japanese game industry has one reliable truth every week; the 3DS continues to out-sell the rest.

The software results see 3DS title Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life on top for the second week in a row, while Mario & Luigi: Dream Team shows good legs in second place. Pikmin 3 is the only Wii U title in the top 20, moving up to 10th position despite a slight drop in sales from last week; the results are below, with lifetime sales in parenthesis.

1. [3DS] Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – 45,793 (164,947)
2. [3DS] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – 28,598 (204,829)
3. [3DS] One Piece: Romance Dawn – 24,787 (New)
4. [PS3] Dragon’s Crown – 20,845 (138,919)
5. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life - 20,036 (1,350,817)
6. [3DS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies – 18,897 (309,316)
7. [PSV] Dragon’s Crown – 11,153 (96,008)
8. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 10,460 (125,578)
9. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 9,933 (3,364,716)
10. [Wii U] Pikmin 3 – 8,969 (154,704)
11. [3DS] Nekketsu Kouhaku Niokun SP Rantokyu Kyousoukyoku – 8,666 (New)
12. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 8,110 (858,243)
13. [3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 7,956 (243,132)
14. [3DS] Fantasy Life Link! – 7,533 (36,254)
15. [PS3] Resident Evil 6 Special Package – 7,454 (New)
16. [PS3] The Witch and the Hundred Knights – 7,350 (72,691)
17. [3DS] Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Game de Kaburincho!! – 6,939 (New)
18. [3DS] Hoppechan: Tsukutte! Asonde! Punipuni Town!! – 6,426 (21,279)
19. [3DS] Danball Senki W Super Custom – 5,890 (51,215)
20. [PS3] Earth Defense Force 2025 – 5,409 (235,701)

In terms of hardware sales the 3DS settled back to its normal levels after a boost from the Disney title last week, while still remaining comfortably on top. The Wii U figures did decline further to fall into four figures, but it was a much smaller drop than we'd seen in recent weeks; last week's sales are in parenthesis.

3DS LL – 38,822 (57,940)
3DS – 18,949 (17,747)
PlayStation Vita – 17,639 (17,702)
PlayStation 3 – 12,228 (11,743)
Wii U – 9,950 (10,038)
PSP – 6,303 (6,314)
Wii – 1,373 (1,327)
Xbox 360 – 275 (288)

It's a case of "as you were" in the Japanese charts, then, with the reliable 3DS keeping smiles on the faces of Nintendo's accountants.


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King47 said:

3ds is dominating. I would like to see some games make it out of Japan.



Beta said:

Woot! The 3DS is dominating both the software and hardware charts! Over 10 games are for the 3DS XD



Bliquid said:

@Coldfirex44 : why every good news has to turn into a console war?
Be happy your console is doing fine, why the need mock others?
What are you, a bully?



Peach64 said:

I'd really like to play that Disney game. Shame the 3DS is region locked



siavm said:

@Bliquid how can you say that why Microsoft has said Japan is a tier 2 market? You never hear Sony or nintendo saying things like that. And most here have other systems so stop attacking him.



KamenRiderClive said:

Sorry, sorry, minor correction because I'm neurotic and if I let it go uncorrected my conscience will never forgive me. I'm fairly sure #17 should be "Gaburincho," not "Kaburincho." Shows up in romaji on a lot of the show's merchandise, ya' see.



dumedum said:

Seems like Namco can release Magic Castle stateside, if it's that popular.



ricklongo said:

@brucelebnd It isn't. The issue is software. As you can see, no new software, which equals low sales. When Pikmin 3 was released - voilà, Wii U in second place, despite the price.



Obito_Sigma said:

Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life looks like Animal Crossing in Pokemon X/Y animation and movement only with Disney characters. Why is that so popular? Is it the name that puts up to their attention? Is it just the 164K children that like Disney? Is it everyone who likes Disney? I don't see why this is so popular in Japan unless you like Disney a lot.



fushimushi said:

@Bliquid Dear sir, how was that comment called "bullying"? Microsoft doesn't even categorize Japan as a market that will sell the console greatly. As @siavm said, Microsoft stated that Japan is ONLY a Tier 2 market. Oh and sir, I never mocked anybody, if it's someone who is mocking someone it's you o.o



unrandomsam said:

Microsoft did try to get into Japan they have only just decided it is never going to happen. (To be fair most of the Cave stuff is only on 360 so I guess people into that stuff have one if they care about playing those games other than in the arcades.)

They are releasing the Xbone later in Japan and they are not that bothered about it.

For Nintendo anything other than Japan is second tier by the same reasoning.



zeldagaymer93 said:

I always see these sales articles for Japan and Europe but is there a site that reports North America sales easily like this?



Peach64 said:

@Zeldagaymer93 Unfortunately NPD, who track the North American (or maybe just US?) sales, only release their data once a month. Media Create and Chart Track/UKIE release the data for their markets every week.



ultrakatie64 said:

Great to see the 3DS dominating in the charts. Would love to see Disney Magic Castle localized here. Looks great/



Bliquid said:

If you're happy for yourself, you shouldn't care about others. But, ppl find pleasure in saying crap about others even if they weren't mentioned.
So happy internet to everyone.
Thanks for maturity.



Barbiegurl777 said:

OMG! Just google searched Disney Magic Castle - 3DS under images. When does itget a american or european release date for US or UK. The game look's awesome!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



QuickSilver88 said:

Whats amazing about Japan is how reactive and fast their market penetration is with software. Look at some of the big hits and how they will sell in the millions for a few weeks and then just drop of to the thousands the next week. Pretty much if U don't hit ot big right out of the gate in Japan you are screwed. WiiU hardware sales are not that bad trailing only the handhelds which are hot there and PS3 which sold 12K u its and WiiU 10K. Whats dissapointing is the Pikmin 3 effect is obviously over and only caused a bump for a few weeks. Nintendo better keep pumping out the titles and I will be interested to see if W101 sells better than Pikmin and pushes more systems as it is really a much cooler and more cutting edge game.



Hardy83 said:

I bet you anything Japanese consumers, many who already own a 3DS, are picking the Vita over the Wii U.

Since the Vita price dropped in Japan, it's cheaper than a Wii U, and portable, which, clearly many Japanese like over consoles.
It's funny, but Nintendo must be flipping out. While one of their hands is taking in a ton of cash, the other is barely getting any.



Azooooz said:

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD didn't appear on the chart, and SEGA knew that it wouldn't be a smash hit. Instead, it is an experiment to see if Nintendo fans would like the series or not. Nintendo should promote the title.



foxizard said:

As an owner of the game, the game is quite different from Animal Crossing, even if it shares the odd similarity.

You go around completing various tasks and in return, you gain sticker seals. Scattered about the game are areas and episodic quests that can only be unlocked after you collect a certain number of stickers.

Quests and Requests range anywhere from giving characters items they ask for, battling through small dungeons against waves of monsters, fishing, having Daisy make outfits or Chip and Dale do carpentry for you.

You also collect trading cards from characters. Another thing is that you do is run a cafe that you can customize, including what foods are served and what the walls, tables and chairs look like etc...

I'm 27 years old and enjoying it!



Doctor_Opossum said:

@Obito_Tennyson I think that you answered your question. Why wouldn't people want to play an Animal Crossing/Pokemon/Disney game? The only question I have is why this isn't coming to the West yet.



TingLz said:

@Hardy83 If that were the case, then why are there only one of each on the top 20? Vita's had one and a half years and barely did anything.



Gamer83 said:


Price isn't really the issue. Can't blame the pricing when the big first party games haven't been released yet. If Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and The Lengend of Zelda can't move units then it's time to start looking into a price drop. But I don't think the system will have any trouble selling once those games hit.



Windy said:

I hope we see a release date in North America soon for this great looking Animal Crossing clone. I'm wondering if Nintendo might not let this happen. To me it looks like the game might be an Animal Crossing killer. Just thinking out loud. I hope we see the game in North America. I'm also hoping Fantasy Life would get localization I would play all 3

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