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Disney Magic Castle Prospers in Japan, Wii U Sales Return to Five Figures

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Obon Festival boosts retail results

The latest Japanese sales figures are in, and despite the lack of any major releases the results have brought welcome boosts in software and hardware. This increase in sales is being widely attributed to the Obon Festival (known natively as "Hachigatsu Bon") in Japan, a public holiday that often improves retail performance. That brought increases across the board, including the Wii U.

To start with software, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life is still number one, while Mario & Luigi: Dream Team comes in at second place; it looks set to pass a quarter of a million physical retail sales next week. Various other 3DS titles are in the top 20, and Pikmin 3 is still gathering some fruit down in 9th position, while Pikmin 2's Wii re-release appears in 19th; lifetime sales are in parenthesis.

1. [3DS] Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – 41,679 (206,627)
2. [3DS] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – 39,809 (244,638)
3. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life - 28,361 (1,379,177)
4. [3DS] One Piece: Romance Dawn – 15,711 (40,498)
5. [3DS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies – 13,447 (322,764)
6. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 13,222 (3,377,938)
7. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 12,501 (870,745)
8. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 11,133 (136,711)
9. [Wii U] Pikmin 3 – 10,956 (165,660)
10. [3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 10,322 (253,454)
11. [PS3] Dragon’s Crown – 9,644 (148,563)
12. [3DS] Hoppechan: Tsukutte! Asonde! Punipuni Town!! – 8,299 (29,577)
13. [3DS] Fantasy Life Link! – 8,139 (44,393)
14. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 – 7,788 (2,101,260)
15. [Wii] Taiko Drum Master Wii Super Wonderful Edition – 7,743 (545,084)
16. [PSV] Dragon’s Crown – 7,122 (103,130)
17. [3DS] Danball Senki W Super Custom – 6,823 (58,039)
18. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 – 6,806 (2,078,965)
19. [Wii] Pikmin 2 Wii – 6,342 (223,138)
20. [PS3] The Witch and the Hundred Knights – 5,984 (78,674)

In the hardware stakes there are increases for all, which sees the Wii U climb back into five figures. The 3DS still dominates the results, and last week's sales are in parenthesis, as usual.

3DS LL – 47,005 (38,822)
3DS – 23,992 (18,949)
PlayStation Vita – 19,363 (17,639)
PlayStation 3 – 14,331 (12,228)
Wii U – 12,047 (9,950)
PSP – 7,616 (6,303)
Wii – 1,772 (1,373)
Xbox 360 – 322 (275)

Although the rise in sales for the Wii U was expected, at least it didn't completely miss out on a boost with the Obon festivities. The brief revival of Pikmin 2 also gives hope that, once the Wii U userbase grows, Pikmin 3 may be an evergreen with sales into the end of the year. Next week brings The Wonderful 101, though hopefully reports of just 30,000 copies being shipped are wide of the mark.


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User Comments (39)



MAB said:

It won't be long until we see the WiiU breach into the 3DS sales zone... Xbone has no chance of cracking the Japanese market



Zodiak13 said:

Maybe I shouldv'e been born in Japan, I would fit in there more, at least gaming wise. Plus all my cars are Japanese. Plus I like anime. Jeez I really shouldv'e!!!



Rafie said:

What a great week for gaming for all consoles...well except for Microsoft. Ouch! Still, they sold something. Not being facetious here.



Grubdog said:

Pikmin 2 coming back makes me happy, and shows the quality of Pikmin 3 in a way advertising and reviews can not. It also shows the importance of Wii U playing Wii games.



Melkaticox said:

I want Romance Dawn and Youkai Watch over here...



XFsWorld said:

This may be irrelevant, but Pikmin 3 sold about 115k in US in its opening week! [Nintendolife never shows NA charts, only UK & Japan -.-]



LztheQuack said:

At least both the Wii U and Vita are picking up. However I don't see why Microsoft is even bothering with Japan...



CrazyOtto said:

They should localize the Disney game, Disney is not only American, it's an American icon so it would probably sell great here.



VeeFlamesNL said:

@X-Factor REALLY? That's nice. Please give a link!
Anyway, there are so many 3DS titles on the chart.. 3DS 3DS 3DS 3DS 3DS... Makes me dizzy.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@MrSRArter Yeah, I don't really know what the game is about, but I'm guessing it's a sort of Animal Crossing with Disney characters, so it shouldn't be Japan only.
Disney characters have a worldwide appeal. I couldn't help but smile at that screenshot of Goofy costume with Chip n' Dale (we call them "Pateta" and "Tico e Teco" around here), they are part of everyone's childhood.



ricklongo said:

Whoa... three non-Nintendo games in the top 20. Zero in the top 10. Jesus Christ, can nothing stop the 3DS?



Emblem said:

The amount of 3DS games in the charts is ridiculous, i thought i was looking at a Nintendo only chart for a second there. Would like to see W101 enter high and maintain momentum for a while.

I also think the PSV is going to start doing better in the coming months since more games are being released and the price is likely to drop when PS4 launches (to encourage people to use the remote play feature and PSN perks).

FYI - Xbone is unlikely to launch in Asia until 2015 so as far as Japans charts the only addition will be PS4.



CyberNature said:

What is this 'Disney Magic Castle'? Is it coming west? Is it already here? I didn't even know Disney was that big in Japan, haha.



ricklongo said:

@Emblem W101 got a near-perfect 39/40 from Famitsu. I think chances are high it will have a very good debut week at the very least.



Mahe said:

After a tough start, the 3DS game selection has improved notably, and it's showing in the sales. The DS was doing even better back in its day, though.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@DePapier It's not even being released in all of the EU countries this year. Some were delayed for next year and some don't have an expected release date at all. Like Portugal for instance. Though, I don't think too many people will bother around here. This was once SEGAland, now it's Sonyland and since the Wii and an increased marketing and distribution effort, Nintendo carved out a 30-35% cut of the market assuring the 2nd place.
I don't know if they'll ever bother releasing it in Japan ever. It's a lost market for them. Again, I don't think Japanese consumers will even notice.



Protospasm said:

I'd play this, but that name...
Everytime I read that name, I pronounce it in a way that isn't dissimilar to the pronunciation of Arrested Developments "Gothic Castle."



element187 said:

@X-Factor Nobody has Aug 2013 North American numbers until mid September. vgcharts doesn't have any Pikmin 3 numbers for North America. It still showing 0.



Relias said:

Now wait a second.. what is this it's all bad for Wii U stuff.. the fact is.. 7-8 K was the average.. and 9 K is above average.. so it's looking better.. and 12 K is not a bad week at all for Wii U.. anywho.. liking the numbers out of Japan.. and surprised actually Wii U has kept above the average this long.. this quarter should look better for Nintendo..



rjejr said:

165k Pikmin 3 sales makes 30k for W101 look like a bad plan. Twice that would seem better.



R_Champ said:


Pokemon or maybe Monster Hunter could stop the 3DS...oh crap, they're both on 3DS...then nope. I even think any momentum gained by Vita is going to get snuffed out this holiday season because of those two series



Windy said:

I will definitely pick up Disneys magic Castle should it come to North America. I'm waiting on that and Fantasy Life. Which ever one has the online co-op gets the moola they both look great regardless



dumedum said:

What a total dominance by Nintendo. In the top 20, what a couple of PS3 games and one Vita Game... and 17 3DS/Wii/Wii U games. Look at that top 10 by 3DS amazing.

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