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Club Nintendo Rewards Get Active for August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Going retro and training your brain

It's that time again, North America, when you can trade your Club Nintendo coins for a free downloadable game.

This week has an undoubtedly retro feel, with a good variety on option for redemption as 3DS or Wii Shop downloads — the latter can also be accessed on Wii U via the Wii Mode. There are a couple of sporty offerings, along with some puzzling to give your brain a work-out; take a look below.

Mario Golf — 150 coins
Brain Age Express: Soduku — 150 coins
Wario's Woods — 150 coins
NES Play Action Football — 150 coins

You have until 1st September to splash out with your coins on any of the above titles. Let us know which, if any, catch your eye in the comments and poll below.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (239 votes)

Mario Golf


Brain Age Express: Soduku


Wario's Woods


NES Play Action Football


Nothing for me this time


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Thanks to Mike for the tip.


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User Comments (75)



XCWarrior said:

Pretty sure I'm picking up Mario Golf. But how many courses does it have? Read the Nintendo Life review, it said it was similar to the NES Open Golf, but that only had 3 courses. Does this have more? I'd hope given the RPG elements. That is the only thing holding me back.



Tender_Cutlet said:

When are NOE going to introduce some decent merch or promos CN rewards? I've had 10,000 stars burning a hole in my pocket for ages and have zero intention of cashing them in on [the best of a bad bunch] - a five year old Mario Galaxy CD or an original DS case in bright pink...



sinalefa said:

I think I may pick up Wario's Woods.

Oh, and you put "Soduku" instead of Sudoku.



allav866 said:

Brain Age: Concentration Training's Blob Blast is essentially an updated Wario's Woods, so I'll pass on that. As for Mario Golf, I guess it would be a good game to hold me over until the 3DS game comes out.



tchaten said:

Wow!!! NES Play Action Football!!

Have really fond memories of this as a kid - played a bunch of it - wonder if it holds up at all ...



ricklongo said:

I feel almost tempted to use other means to play through all of these games in protest against the continuing lack of Nintendo Club to South Americans. I'm sick and tired of being treated like a second-rate customer.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Once I picked Super Mario Kart as a prize. They gave me a faulty code, and they blamed it on my Internet connection (which the speed was quite poor). Two weeks later, I bought a Wii Points Card, downloaded that, Super Mario RPG, and Sonic Spinball. Took about an hour 'til it was finished, but it still downloaded. Which shows that they gave me a faulty code. So, I'm not going for that again.



XCWarrior said:

@tchaten My brother and I played a ton of NES Play Action Football back in the day. I personally think it's just as good as Tecmo Bowl, but I'm probably in the minority on that.



nomeacuerdo said:

@ricklongo not only lack of club nintendo, just lack of... everything (even the posibility to buy with a credit card).

I'm wondering if the WiiU Downloads will come before 2040 or i'll have to keep waiting.



tchaten said:

@nomeacuerdo I'm fine with the Wii VC titles in rewards - will be able to take advantage of the $1 upgrade charge, which I'm fine with.

I think the VC library needs to be bigger to have rewards. I own most of the VC titles for the Wii U already ...



tchaten said:

@XCWarrior it is a cool football game with charming graphics - nothing like the old games of running that arc play and scoring a touch down from the 10 yard line



RR529 said:

None of these games catch my fancy, but I don't have the coins for them anyways, so that's fine.



blackknight77 said:

I have football and Wario Woods. I wish they would they would include Mario Lost Levels for Wii or 3DS



Darknyht said:

So my Club Reward point balance is safe for yet another month then. I was at least tempted by Star Fox 64 last time around.



hYdeks said:

I own NES Play Action Football for my NES. I don't like Wario Woods, would have been better if it was Wario Land or something. Sudoku isn't for me, so I guess that leaves Mario Golf...I need a good Mario Golf game for on the go

Question: Does Mario Golf even feature any of the Nintendo characters other than Mario?



NintyMan said:

Wario's Woods is the only one that interests me, but I have the SNES version and it's arguably the best version. I think I'll pass.



ompgsag said:

Terrible rewards, especially compared to the previous Punch Out and Star Fox 64.

Still waiting for one of the N64 Zeldas.



Windy said:

I would love to spend my 1000 plus coins but it won't be this week



Nico07 said:

Will N64 games ever be available on Wii VC? Hopefully this September console update addresses this.



Dpullam said:

These are decent rewards, but there is nothing for me this time. Oh well.



millarrp said:

I snatched up wario woods, I already have the other vc games and sudoku doesn't appeal to me



MiNiStRy said:

And still nintendo of Australia give us dsi game cases or maybe a pen to use our points on! About the only decent items on there are the game and watch collections but everybody who collects points already has them.



Bakajin said:

Whoa, what a load of . . . something the mods will get mad at me for saying.



Than64 said:

People get so bent out of shape here, and carry high expectations. But I am thrilled to be getting Wario's Woods and Sudoku! I initially thought Mario Golf would not be for me, but I am having second thoughts. I should expand the kinds of games I play!



Tasuki said:

Nothing of interest for me this month. Guess I will just hold on to my coins for next month.



PokemonManiac said:

I would much rather have CDs and other physical rewards that Japan and Europe get instead of games.



JJtheTexan said:

I already have Mario Golf, and for those who say you're not interested, I say — give it a shot! It's like a golf-RPG hybrid. Really! It's a lot of fun and addicting gameplay.
I'm definitely going to get Wario's Woods and NES Play Action Football (cheap as free). I also noticed that one-time Platinum reward Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! is now available to anyone with 80 coins, so I think I'll snag that too.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Brain Training Express: Sudoku sounded interesting at first, but I prefer logic puzzles. Number and letter games just aren't my cup of tea.



GloryQuestor said:

For those on the fence about Mario Golf GBC, it's one of the best version of Nintendo's golf series I've ever played (outside of Mario Golf 64 & Toadstool Tour, of course). I used to have the original cart, and it was a lot of fun on the road. It's too bad we can't get MG 64, since that's what you really need to unlock the potential of MG GBC, but just as a standalone title, it's well worth the coins IMHO.



elstif said:

Why dont they give these nice rewards in Europe???!!!!
I missed the gold nunchuck I wanted so badly; you can get some VC games and some people still complain about it.

We only get a piece of **** wallpaper or keyrings or notebooks
And if you think about saving the stars (we get that instead of coins) hoping for something good in the future, think again becuase they expire and you are left with nothing.

We always get the good games late or we never get them. And when we get them they are at least 20% more expensive

I feel so marginalized, for *** sake it´s 2013 and I feel the same way I did in 1990 when we had to wait until 1992 for the snes to come over here and then had to buy a NTSC to PAL adaptor and pay crazy money to get Jap or US imported games

Sorry for the big moan guys but It is not fair, it´s been 25 years of this for me and I cant believe that things hasnt changed a bit since

Please Nintendo!!!!



HolyDiver said:

Does anyone think that the rewards will eventually include games that are for the Wii U Virtual Console? I really like having the option to play my Virtual Console games on the GamePad only. I've had Club NIntendo for about a year now and haven't spent any of my coins yet because I'm holding out hope for this. What do you all think?



Mrclaycoat said:

When are they going to change the free games from Wii to WiiU? Wouldn't that be something?



GotBoost said:

Uh, should I get Mario Golf, even though I know absolutely nothing about the actual sport?



Capt_N said:

Mario Golf(GBC) is similar to Mario Tennis(GBC), in regards to the fact that the N64 ver.s of both games connected to their GBC counterparts. In Mario Tennis, both ver.s of the games had unlockables accessed only by using the N64 Transfer Pak (accessory). I don't know if Mario Golf had that 2-way benefit, or just the GBC custom character transfer to the N64 game. I have the carts for N64/GBC MT, & last fall/winter I sold my N64 MG, leaving me w/ only the GBC MG. To my knowledge, there are only 3 Mario-related characters playable in the GBC ver.s of Mario Golf.

The "story" mode of the game, has you creating a character(choice of 2 guys/girls, left/right handed, name, etc.). You basically work your way up through clubs, becoming the champ of each club, eventually resulting in the story's climax. You earn exp. points that you invest into certain skills/traits that can enhance your golfing abilities. The style of the actual in-game golfing is similar to Nes Open Tournament Golf, & its pseudo-predecessor Golf(Nes), using a range meter to make your swings, as opposed to, imo, the easier style in Toadstool Tour. Unlike TT, it is a little more difficult to place a shot, but not impossible w/ practice. Using an actual GBC cart, you could transfer your custom-character to the N64 game. Obviously, the Wii, & 3ds VC versions of the games lack that feature. Again, if there were any benefits, I never played far enough into the GBC Mario Golf to notice any to the game, after using the N64 Transfer Pak. I do know for a fact, however, that GBC Mario Tennis did benefit from the Transfer Pak, as did the N64 Mario Tennis.

Is the game worth getting? Well, for me, if there were any bonuses from using the N64 Transfer Pak, I would say no. As a stand-alone, think of it as an updated Nes Open Tournament Golf. It's pretty cool.

Edit: Using the Transfer Pak, any exp. earned on the N64 Mario Golf went to the GBC game.



Beau_Skunk said:

I think 150 coins is to much for a 5 dollar game, (considering they offered $8 or $10 games for that much, or less before like N64 Mario Tennis, and Pilotwings) you'd be better off just paying 5 bucks for them.
I will admit I do like Wario's Woods, (had it in Animal Crossing on GameCube) and I'd recommend that game, (it's kinda like Dr. Mario) but I think I'll wait and get it for 3DS. (It's on 3DS's Eshop in Japan.)
Mario Golf looks nice to, but I'm not going to spend 150 of my hard-earned coins on a game that I'm not sure if I'll like, or not.



JEL417 said:

Already have Wario's Woods on AC as well, and nothing else looks worth the coins. Kind of disappointed this month.

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