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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Confirmed, But Not For Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh Konami, you little scamp

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate divided fans of the famous Konami franchise, perhaps because of its clunky name, or more likely due to its different take with a 2.5D camera and more measured, combo-driven combat. For our part we were fans, awarding 8/10 in our review.

In any case, Konami's Dave Cox had suggested in the past that bringing the title to HD systems wouldn't be overly taxing, as the development team had used suitable assets and an engine that was then shrunk down to the 3DS. Rumours of a HD re-release started swirling recently once again, due to a retailer listing, and Konami has now confirmed that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD will arrive on 31st October as a download-only game. The kicker, however, is that it's coming to Xbox 360 and the PS3 and not the Wii U eShop.

Earlier in the year Capcom brought Resident Evil Revelations — at retail — to the Wii U as well as other systems, which seemed fitting as it was a port of a previous 3DS exclusive. Konami hasn't gone that way, and it seems like a pity; an affordable HD version of this title would have been an attractive offering on the eShop.

Is this a title that you'd have liked to download on the Wii U eShop?


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StephenYap3 said:

Just bring Symphony of the Night to Wii U, Konami...that's all I want...

Edit: On topic. Usually, I'd support Konami, but that was during their NES and SNES era. The only game I'd support them as of this generation is 3D Classics: TwinBee. THAT was a good game, despite being a remake. Now these days, Konami just seems to have lost the spark, and that spark has nothing to do with nostalgia. Reviving some of their franchises like TwinBee, Goemon, and Gradius for at least one game would be nice. Since Konami had bought out Hudson, maybe bring Bomberman and Adventure Island back into the spotlight.

I played the demo of Mirror of Fate and despite the visuals, it's not something I'd insta-buy due to the gameplay. I wasn't pleased with the QTEs and moving around in the game became a little tedious, not to mention that leveling up served very little rewards between, despite the attempts of making the difficulty level flow right. If it was $20 or lower, I'd probably be up for it, but overall, there's nothing that guarantees a purchase for me in MoF.



banacheck said:

Might download this if its any good, 8/10 NL gave it, so i trust NL so l'll probably download it.



Peach64 said:

Maybe they think anyone that has a Wii U also has a 3DS so there's no market for it?



JaredJ said:

It's probably because Lords of Shadow 1 & 2 are both for ps3 and xbox360 and not wii u. Why would they release this for wii u when the other two games in the series are not on the system?



AG_Systems said:

Still sore from the news that PES2014 is skipping WiiU. Wish Konami would have a change of heart but I doubt it. So looking forward to Playmaker HD.

It seems they see the WiiU as simply not worth the effort.



CrazyOtto said:

I don't think Konami's supporting the Wii U at all. They're not even supporting the Wii U VC.



rjejr said:

I'm still trying to figure out why Castle of Illusion HD isn't coming to the Wii U eShop after the 3DS got Power of Illusion. How does that make sense?



CrazyOtto said:

@rjejr Power of Illusion and Castle of Illusion HD are made by completely differently teams, but I'm still surprised about no Castle of Illusion for Wii U because Sega has actually been really good for Nintendo lately.



Macarony64 said:

They are actually at least giving them a kinda real castlevania. Lord of shadows is not a castlevania game in the least.



Shambo said:

I have it on 3ds, and wouldn't buy a download of a retail game. I would however consider getting it again if it were:
-a download-only that turned retail
-for Wii U
-and with more replay value.
None of the three are applicable, so I'm not getting it or missing it. Still... Bad move, Konami. Stop leaving Wii U out. It is now that you should embrace it. Games sell easier, and you'd have more experience working with Wii U -and more Nintendo/Konami fans- when the Wii U eventually picks up. That would make you stand out between the wolves who'd jump in to get their share if it happens.



Windy said:

What a Bummer! Nice Konami. Konami is also sitting on a Plethora of games that could be released as 3D Classics and would look darn good. But, As with This Castlevania release they don't want to make money I guess. They would make a Bundle on 3DS releasing as many of the Hudson soft games they own the rights too as 3D classics. They will probably just go stupid and put them up in the VC if they offer them at all Untitled



Samurai_Goroh said:

I am really not interested in playing this on the Wii U or another home console anyway. The game belongs on the handheld 3DS.
That being said Konami is completely ignoring Wii U, I don't think there is a single Konami game on the system, retail or eShop. Their decision not to release Pro Evolution Soccer on the Wii U this year, when they could easily make a profit as there is no competition from FIFA, is just plain stupidity.



CountEkkiM said:

Why not wiiu! Cox said his interview that its easier to put wiiu version than ps360.. Have at you!



TruenoGT said:

Anyone know how Resident Evil did on Wii U? That's a pretty good benchmark for how this might fare, though MoF had more negative press (I loved it personally). I at least hope it comes to PC, I'd pick it up again at a reasonable price.



Shiryu said:

It's not easy being a Wii U owner, is it? We get bombarded with news like these since the console was released, but we soldier on...



BakaKnight said:

Played and loved it on 3DS althought it was too short and a bit rushed and broken in the final part (it even crashed once forcing me to restart my 3DS >.>; ).

Still a shame to hear no WiiU port, I wouldn't buy it, but it would have been a recommanded download for who missed the 3DS version ^^



DePapier said:

But of course.

For me the game was made for the 3DS anyway. Not playing it on a TV.



heathenmagic said:

Just completed the 3DS version, and for me its a definite keeper. It might be good on Wii U, but I enjoyed the 3D version myself so no loss to me. Sounds a shame that Wii U is not getting a lot of love - not that I have on yet mind.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I love the game but I don't think I'd buy it again. Still, this is another stab to Nintendo gamers by Konami. I'm quite angry. No Metal Gear, nor PES or Castlevania. "Awesome".



element187 said:

@TruenoGT Resident Evil Revelations sold roughly 50k worldwide on Wii U.... 330k on PS3, 100k on x360 and a whopping 720k on 3DS.... PC sold 10k, so at least the Wii U sold more copies than PC.



taffy said:

Yeah don't expect this to shift massive numbers on the other consoles



Ryno said:

Would've probably picked it up on my Wii U but I hardly use my PS3 anymore so I will most likely pass.



Caryslan said:

@Macarony64 How is Lords of Shadow not a Castlevania game? Because it plays somewhat like God of War? Let's ignore the fact that you are playing a Belmont who is arm with a whip-like Weapon that also uses sub-weapons, and magic as he fights the forces of darkness. Not to mention, he explores ruins, cursed bogs, and other areas that are common to older Castlevania games.

My point is this, Lords of Shadows is a Castlevania game.Just because it plays like God of War(never mind the fact that the PS2 ones played like DMC), does not mean its not a Castlevania.

How is it not a Castlevania game? Besides the token Dracula and Death apperances, how many of the Metroidvania games felt like a Castelvania game?

In many way, Lords of Shadows has the old-school classic Castlevania vibe to it. In fact it many ways, it feels like a 3-D Castlevania II and Super Castlevania.



Macarony64 said:

@Caryslan I have played all the castlevanias and this lord of shadows is just dosnt have any of the castlevania elements not even the simple things like the trow weapons.



MitchVogel said:

Like Revelations, I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway. I have both for 3DS and see no reason to pay 60$ for the same game on a bigger tv.



WiiLovePeace said:

Bummer, guess I'll pick it up on 3DS one day. Always wanted to, just never had the monies to pick it up & there's many more awesome games to get first before this one.



Mahe said:

Boring game, not a proper Castlevania at all. Flopped on 3DS, now they're trying to recoup the losses but the port will probably flop as well.



Einherjar said:

That is ridiculous beyond all comparison. There must be an illness going around these devs that kills almost all braincells in an instant.
So, tell me Konami, why was it a 3DS exclusive in the first place, when its remake skipps the WiiU, the next Nintendo console in line ?
I have a really hard time not to use harsh language here.
I guess we have to start major mail bombardements against these idiots (not only konami) to ask them, what the heck is going on inside their skulls if anything...
The whole gaming industry, from its new hipster "hardcore gamer" crowd to the completely foolish decisions devs make because they are so money centered makes me sick to the stomach...



Play-Doh_25 said:

If it came to Wii U I would definitely download it. I love this series. The back story is amazing! Its so weird that after having this game forever on Nintendo consoles, they would suddenly stop when it seems like their next game is going to be the best. I hope they change and put it on wii u.



GrinderFiend said:

Big fan of Castlevania (or rather the item/level grinding, exploration heavy metroidvania type of Castlevania), particularly Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow. This new iteration is inferior in every way other than visuals to its predecessors, its an obvious proposal to a new consumer mass, mostly action fans in general and an abandonment of their loyal fan base.



Pachterkid said:

Bahahaha. Another shot against the crappy Wii U. What an awful system.

I played the game on 3DS and loved it. Glad more people will get a chance to experience it now.

Maybe next time Nintendo shouldn't make a next-gen console on last-gen technology and try to sell players on a tablet controller that nobody is interested in.



MasterGraveheart said:

Y'know, the more I hear stories like this, the more I'm content with just ignoring the third parties all around. Nintendo makes the best games anyway. Bar none.



MeloMan said:

Ah Konami and Square Enix... just love how you guys continue to not bring big name stuff to Nintendo's consoles. I guess the trend will just never end...



Samurai_Goroh said:

@MeloMan Square-Enix isn't even localising Dragon Quest X, but what I wanted from them is a new instalment on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I'm more keen on Crystal Chronicles if done right than Final Fantasy main series. CC has that classic Final Fantasy feel.
It started on GameCube with a multiplayer centric game and continued on Wii with a great single player story, I want more on Wii U. It can go either way, really. Just don't make it MMO, please.



Emblem said:

@Macarony64 Hope not since i own both that would make me a double sucker lol .

Seriously though since both have very high install bases its more likely they will sell enough units to make profit even if reviews are bad. The recent Aliens game for example had very bad press and reviews before it was even out and still managed to be profitable selling over 1.5 Million over three platforms.

Not that i'm saying Castlevania is anywhere near as bad as Aliens but just pointing out that even very bad games can sell if consoles have a high enough install base.



hYdeks said:

Another Nintendo exclusive gone over to the other consoles, and as downloadable game again Starting to loose faith in my Wii U

I was gonna get this for my 3DS, but I might get it for my PS3 now. Nintendo, get more games already, frig.



GearsOfWarU said:

Konami You SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are every bit as Bad as EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even Wii U VC support ... waiting for NES Castlevania, 2 Simons Quest, 3 Dracula's Curse , Contra , Super C , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles Take Manhattan and SNES Castlevania 4, Contra 3 Alien Wars and Turtles 4 Turtles in Time WTF??? I want my classic Late 80's Early 90's Castlevania, Contra & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles that all Nintendo Gamers Grew up on and loved !!!!!!!!!! But Konami has not released a single game for Wii U ... retail or VC and now they are going to make a Nintendo 3DS exclusive for Microsoft & Sony and Skip Wii U ..... Konami .... YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



belmont said:

This is rip-off, I gave 50 euros for an inferior version and there is an HD port only some months later. I guess no one bought it, just like what happened with Revelations. Do 3DS gamers don't like these kind of games? I wonder how "mature" games like SMT4 have sold on 3DS outside Japan. They may end up on PS3 too. I guess I will wait before buy some game like this on 3DS again. This is the second time (after Revelations) that I spend 50 euros and play the inferior version.



tanookisuit said:

Typical garbage with Konami, support the handheld, blow off the console. I almost feel had I known in the past this was coming also to the home systems, and that they'd leave Nintendo out, I probably would not have bought it on 3DS either as their actions are just childish and kind of rude too. I don't like that I put money in their pocket to finance an HD release on the other guys boxes.



sinalefa said:

I loved the demo. It saved me $30. And whatever they are going to charge for the home port.



banacheck said:

Obviously people haven't played GOW, as the two games are totally different. Also this game will be around £7.99 max,



BooJoh said:

I enjoyed the 3DS version (though I'd love to see IGA get the series back now,) and it's a shame that they aren't supporting Wii U with the HD port. I can see why they would want to put it on the systems that have the other LoS games though, to fill in the gaps (and create gaping plotholes? I can't help but wonder how the ending of MoF works with LoS2.)

I wish Konami would support Wii U though. I'd love to see more ReBirth titles and the return of some Hudson franchises.



AlexSora89 said:

Skipping Nintendo consoles has always been a publisher favorite, hasn't it? It seems to have become the official sport in the gaming industry as of late.



tripunktoj said:

I don't see the point, specially being a downloadable game and since they can use the 2 screens of the 3DS version on WiiU unlike PS360. Anyway, Id probably skip it, I've only liked the NES Castlevania games, but the 3DS demo could change this



WaveGhoul said:

this game was pure icarus poop. They could at least lock the frame rate at 60 for the Wii U release instead of the mess that was the 3DS release, either way i still wouldn't play it.

Falls asleep to do battle with Wart in the gang down in Subcon



JaxonH said:

Eh, the heck with these 3rd parties. I'm done moaning and groaning every time a 3rd party DOESN'T bring a game to Wii U. If a company doesn't want to sell their game to me, I'll ignore it. There's more than enough amazing, top-tier exclusives coming to Wii U to last me a lifetime, and that's not counting the significant number of purchase-worthy multiplats that actually ARE coming.

I'm just sick of reading headlines day after day about games that aren't coming to Wii U. If it's not coming to Wii U, I don't care about it! Let's talk about the games that ARE coming. I've got 18 games pre ordered for the Wii U right now. That's 18 games that I felt were worth pre ordering at full MSRP. That's ALOT of worthy games to talk about. So why is all the focus on highlighting every single multiplat that we're not getting?



Tasuki said:

It actually makes sense that they would bring it out only on 360 and PS3 since LoS and soon LoS2 are only on those systems.



DESS-M-8 said:

How the hell does that decision make sense? Unless we get lord of shadows 2 then that's ok



Pod said:

Sour grapes and all, but good. They can slaughter Clastlevania elsewhere.



nisshoku said:

Much to my shame, I've actually never played a Castlevania game. When this comes to 3DS, is it worth making my first?



Windy said:

@Samurai_Goroh Dragon Quest X would be my reason to buy a Wii-U . Maybe the New Xenoblade will convince me to get one. I was frustrated waiting for good RPG's on Wii and it seems Wii-U is headed in the same direction so This time around I will wait. There is just Nothing out for Wii-U that interests me. I have Castlevania on 3DS and love it. It would not have been a reason to buy a Wii-U for me. Still a huge bummer it's not getting a Wii-U release



Windy said:

@nisshoku I think the 3DS version is well worth the pickup. Sure it's not like the Classic versions. It's, it's own version and a Ton of fun to play. Great Graphics and music with a little bit of Prince Thrown in. It's definately one of the better SideScrollers on 3DS. I have to say it "Right Behind Gunman Clive!" LOL seriously though it's a fun game and worth a play. If you look around you can probably pick it up 14.99 to 19.99



banacheck said:

I bet the people who say thay've slaughter Clastlevania, are the same people who like the new DMC. Now NT did slaughter DMC. Clastlevania on the other hand is an alright reboot unlike DMC.



Windy said:

@BooJoh HUDSON SOFT! HUDSON SOFT!HUDSON SOFT! ****windy Pickets Konami***** Good to see someone else realizes that Konami is sitting on a Mound of money with its Hudson soft titles



GraveLordXD said:

don't think better graphics will fix this games problems, how bout we get some good old classic style castlevanias back, don't wanna god of war knock off and dont want this!



Melkaticox said:

lol I'm glad the original game flopped HARD on the 3DS. Make another Metroidvania, Konami, we don't want more of that Mercurystream timeline...
PS3/360 owners seem to love it, though. Stick with those I guess...



R_Champ said:


18? 0_0 that's a lot! That said, I plan to snag a ton of games for Wii U now that the drought is over. It really is a shame everyone ignores Wii U, even when it's a simple port like this.

If Nintendo buys Atlus I'll have more than enough games to fill my free time on Nintendo systems alone. I might upgrade to a game-worthy PC once SW Battlefront 3 rolls 3-4 years, lol.



Henmii said:

Sigh! Another 3DS third-party title that gets a second chance on home-consoles because it didn't sell! The same happened with Resident evil revelations!

It's a pity that only a few people (including myself) did buy it! That way, Nintendo devices will never get proper third-party support!



P-Gamer-C said:

Everyone is ignoring the wiiu for a reason they are hard at work making games for REAL NEXT GEN CONSOLES AND THE PC GET OVER IT and continue to reside in mediocrity.



Cia said:

Don't worry, people. The Lords of Shadow subseries completely lacks the atmosphere of Castlevania in terms of music and gameplay... i would've avoided this game anyway.

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