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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Gets a Price Drop in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hunt Dracula for less

It seems like a safe comment to say that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate was a divisive entry in the series. It split critics — though we were fans in our review — and gamers in general seemed to be rather divided over its merits. It was a title where MercurySteam went its own way, even if not all franchise fans approved.

Perhaps in a bid to persuade more fence-sitters to take the plunge, it seems that the title has had a $10 price cut in North America, dropping to $29.99 on the U.S. 3DS eShop and at retailers such as Amazon; it's also the official price listed by Nintendo. That same price change doesn't appear to have carried across to Europe, with the UK 3DS eShop still listing the download version at £39.99, though it's available for much less at various retailers as part of individual promotions.

For our money it's a thoroughly worthwhile entry in the series, adopting a more methodical, complex combat system while delivering some of the most effective uses of stereoscopic 3D to date. So, North American gamers, does the new price make this one more tempting?


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TromboneGamer said:

I've been meaning to pick this one up at some point and a cheaper price only makes it more tempting. it's a shame some castlevania fans feel this is a dumbed down experience in terms of difficulty, but I think anyone could enjoy this games exceptional use of 3d if nothing else.



sinalefa said:

I saw this yesterday on the eShop, but I am still hesitant. Never even got the demo.



flummerfelt said:

I'll probably check the demo out again, and give it another chance. The $10 price drop is pretty appealing. Although, Pokemon is coming up and I'm pretty back logged...



AcesHigh said:

Not interested in this one at all. I'm glad I tried the demo first. I really do not like the overly cerebral combat engine. Each battle with even the lowest grunt takes way too long.

Konami, please just deliver another 2D metroidvania like 80% of us are asking for. Then you can get all fancy and artsy again.



AcesHigh said:

@smashbrolink I think what he's saying is that his parents are actually doing their jobs and monitoring what he plays. If they feel he's to young to play a game rated as such, then they have done their jobs not allowing him to play it. I doubt he meant that he thought the game was bad because of the rating.



ricklongo said:

If the price cut reaches South America, I might finally give the full game a chance. Although maybe not, considering the amount of must-have games for both the 3DS and the Wii U in the pipeline.

Still, I may get it if there's a software drought in the future.



CAM290 said:

I have this game and I'm a big Castlevania fan. I rather enjoyed this entry, glad they brought the whip combat back. The 3D is rather interesting in the backgrounds adding some very nice depth. My faveorite thing about this title is the soundtrack, it's really quite special.



unrandomsam said:

I hated it. Looking to whatever the stuff designed for the Eastern market is. (As it is far more likely I will like it).



ToniK said:

I'll find a cheap retail version sometime. I'd like to give this a try since I liked the demo. Kinda. Maybe if they lowered the price to 25 euros here in Europe, I would download.



Tasuki said:

Anyone who is on the fence with this game now would be a great time to buy it. I already have it but if I didnt I would pick it up now for sure. Dont let the reviews turn you off to this game. Its really a great game.



Pachterkid said:

This is a great game. I've never played any of the other Castlevania games so I can't comment on why it divided fans; all I know is that I did have a wonderful time with the game nonetheless.



bezerker99 said:

No thanks. This game looks boring and not like other Castlevania games that I grew up on and loved. The demo didn't convince me either that this is a great game.



belmont said:

Seems like it did not sell that well as excepted to some extend. I "smell" a Vita and/or HD port. Anyway, as it is sort of obvious, I am a longtime fan of the series and, even thought I had fan with it, this game plays like a strange 2D God of War clone and not like a true Castlevania game.

I would prefer another Metroidvania game or another classic game like the WiiWare version and clearly don't like the Lords of Shadow direction. Don't get it wrong the games are very fun but as God of War clones, not as Castlevania games.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

For those who played the demo or are thinking about it. The demo is NOTHING compared to the actual game. I'm surprised the demo was of such a low quality. I didn't buy it because of the IGN review and the demo but I decided to pick it up because of the get 4 games get one free deal and it's one of my favourite 3DS games. Beautiful visuals, satisfying gameplay and I love the thoughts of the knights that you pick up, really engrosses you and makes you feel for them having to die in that place. Also the music is bliss.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

I love the way the enemies run across the foreground and the protagonist is completely unaware. Brilliant use of 3D in that regard. I'm surprised people are so down on the game and that it got 4.7 from IGN. I think people are letting nostalgia blind them from seeing a good game. I've never played a previous Castlevania but this game is good in its own right.



DerpSandwich said:

Not interested after the demo. I really don't understand why they didn't just use the traditional formula. I've never played a Castlevania game but I've heard they're pretty awesome, and this might have been a good introduction to the series for me.



Azikira said:

Awesome, I really enjoyed this game, may pick it up digital for 25% off :3



Caryslan said:

I may be in the minority here, but I think Mirror of Fate should have been a 3-D Action game like the first Lords of Shadow. This is something that Nintendo's portables lack, and if done right could have been a pretty good game that stood out on the 3DS. 3D Action games can work on portables, the two God of War games on the PSP prove that.

I tried the demo, and I was not impressed. It felt like they shoehorned 3D Action gameplay into a 2D plane, and everything just felt akward. I think this game would have been better served being fully 3D.

I still intend to play the game if it ever comes down in price to around 15 bucks, but the demo did not leave me a good impression with me. My entire thought while playing it was "Why is this not a fully 3D game?"



Bucbanzai said:

I haven't played a lot of Castlevania games but I did enjoy this version. From what I understand there isn't as much exploration as in the older games but you still have a good bit to explore. The map arrows help so it never becomes frustating. I enjoyed the combat. It had a lot of action was fairly frantic. I definitely wouldn't call it cerebral by any stretch. the boss battles were classic with visually great boss' and because you played 3 different characters throughout the game it gave more variety then you usually see in this style game. My only complaint was I felt it a bit short. But I played through it again and still enjoyed the combat plus you were able to continue adding new attacks so it made the same battles different.



Hale-Bopp said:

Eh. I'd maybe consider it at $10-20, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for another price drop. I'd be all over it if it had been a full 3D game. I'm just not that interested in lower budgeted 2.5D games in general. The 3DS is being bombarded with them and I'm tired of it. Where are the big budget 3D games?



Sortvind said:

it could be ok with a better framerate and movement, it feels very unpolished.



Aerona said:

If I ever pick this up it'll likely be at around the 15 dollar mark... as a (former?) big Castlevania fan I'm just not sold on this reboot, sorry.



Bakajin said:

I didn't find the demo too impressive. What I'd really want is a 3D Classics version of the original Castlevania; unfortunately I don't think that's very likely.

If they pull a Code of Princess and temporarily put it down to twenty bucks, then I'll probably pick it up. Or better yet maybe I'll run across the cart for ten, fifteen dollars at a used game store.



Freelance said:

I hope this is for Canada too. I want this game but haven't gotten around to it yet. Now it looks more tempting with the price drop, assuming it's for Canada too.

Woo, I just checked EB's website and yes! They list the price drop!



Urbanhispanic said:

I got this game a month ago....and I'm glad I didn't let the critics scare me away from it. It's a good game and felt that the diehard fans were way too hard (and I don't trust ANY of the Nintendo reviews from IGN anymore.)

I recommend to everyone who likes Castlevania to pick it up; at least download the demo to get a taste of it first because that's what I did.



3Daniel said:

Speaking thru my limited play of the demo i found the combat system to be weak with subpar hit detection and quicktime events that dont belong in handheldvania. The 3dlittle didnt seem awesome to me either. If it drops another 10 on the eshop ill pick it up.



Aldebaran said:

Maybe if it got even a lower price I might consider it but for that money I prefer to get all the classic jewels of Castlevania available in the Wii Virtual Console and Wii Ware



SwerdMurd said:

everyone should like this game cause it's wonderful

Seriously the most fun story-driven experience I've had on 3DS to date. Resident Evil Revelations is up there too but I found Castlevania more fun to play. Definitely not the prettiest game on the handheld but it earned style points for days.



SCAR said:

I liked the demo better than every other Castlevania. The only Castlevania I've played and enjoyed is IV on SNES. None of the PS, GBA, or DS games can hold my attention, but the demo did.



SCAR said:

Also, I think alot of problems are people not buying good games for the asking price anymore.

I always hear, "I'll wait for a price drop", then no one still buys the games.

Code of Princess only sold .14 copies after everyone was all "hyped". I wouldn't doubt Bravely Default gets low sales, too, then some people will be like "What the heck Nintendo?" when they don't localize games here as often.

This is Konami's latest effort on a good series. I think it's better than all of the other Castlevanias just based off the demo.

Obviously, Castlevania is a well known title unlike CoP or BD, but this "price drop" attitude is what makes companies not want to make games.



Marshi said:

Some gamers just hate change(cod anyone?). Symphony of night I believe is one of the best games ive ever played. Yet mirror of fate stands alongside pikmin 3 and the last of us for my fave game this year. Its these same gamers of the cod generation that when a game tries to go in a fresh direction they hate it,yet they are also probably the most vocal when the subject of lack of originality in the video game industry comes up. Sheesh theres just no pleasing some people



Bass_X0 said:

Originality is also subject to quality review. Just having originality and freshness doesn't automatically make something good.

When you are buying games at $40 - $60 at a time, you have to be sure before you pay for it that you will enjoy playing it otherwise its a waste of money. Even widely acknowledged good games aren't enjoyed by everyone.



Freelance said:

Well I liked the demo, but I didn't have the funds to buy it due to a bad financial situation. I never once said "Oh wow, I love this demo and I want it, but I'm going to wait for a price drop" in regards to any game. When I had money, I bought every game I really wanted on launch, so your theory about people only waiting for price drops doesn't apply to me, thank you.

I still don't have the funds now, so I can't get the game even with the price drop, but it's good to know it's cheaper now, so that should help somewhat.



warlordovblood said:

Been wanting to pick this one up, saving my money for pikmin and wonderful 101. If i have some money to spare maybe i will bite on this offer.



unrandomsam said:

@Marshi From Symphony of the Night onwards the main character was too powerful I thought. In Rondo of Blood (Original version) you can never beat a boss by luck and you are massively underpowered to what you are fighting that is the good thing about it. (The Cutscenes on Rondo of Blood are great and I usually hate them).

Too much time in Symphony of the Night spent looking for stuff.

I would like a standard 2D Castlevanis with a really tight time limit. (Give you a minute more than you theoretically need). So the time spent searching for stuff is never in the same try that you actually finish the level. (Where you have memorised all the attack patterns and where everything is). Fast and perfect should be the only way to do it.



Marshi said:

@unrandomsam oh well you'd probably hate mirror of fate then. That game was alot more forgiving. They should make either a 2d dark souls of a 3d castlevania in the style of dark souls.that would be more up your street

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