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Capcom Reiterates Stance On Further Disney Remastering

Posted by Andy Green

If DuckTales: Remastered sells, more could be made

When DuckTales: Remastered was announced by Capcom earlier this year, speculation that the publisher may create HD adaptations of its other classic Disney titles naturally emerged.

This anticipation for another has been snowballing ever since and was fueled when the game's producer Rey Jimenez revealed that should the remake be successful it could lead to more Disney games being remade.

That statement has now been given further weight, with Capcom employee Jimmy Rey stating on the Capcom Unity forums that "the better [DuckTales: Remastered] does, the more likely we'll do another".

During the 1980s and '90s Capcom released a series of much-loved Disney titles on the NES and SNES, including Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Aladdin, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop. DuckTales was an absolute classic on the NES and you can see what we thought of the remake in our DuckTales: Remastered review.

Jimenez has said Chip n' Dale would be the next logical step should the remastering continue, but which Disney title would you like to see appear in the Wii U eShop? Let us know in the comment section below.


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DreamOn said:

Bought it. Loved it. Hope I'm not alone so they can do more like they sayin



unrandomsam said:

I didn't love it. I bought it though.

The pacing is much slower. (And why we couldn't have a global switch to turn off cutscenes I don't know).

The Genesis or PC version of Aladdin I remember as being much better. (I only rented the SNES one once and it was nowhere near as good).

Castle of Illusion looks like it will be better. (Although unlike Duck Tales I haven't played the original version it is going to be based on. Played the Master System version but I think it is a different game.)



Cevan said:

I'd really like to see them remake Darkwing Duck at some point.



unrandomsam said:

You can go start to finish in the remake without ever feeling you are getting any better at it. (But still finish the levels). I hate games like that. (You also have to stop too much because of the detracting scenery.)

Doesn't feel like it has anything in common with Megaman (Original was based on Megaman 3).

Collision detecting is off. (Sometimes you get hit when at least according to the screen you hit air).



Yosher said:

I purchased the game, so I did my part! Here's hoping for more then.



Cranky said:

I loved Goof Troop on the Snes, it had a great 2 player coop mode. It only had about 5 levels though.



Grubdog said:

@unrandomsam you're not making much sense. I've beaten the game twice and didn't have a single problem with collision detection. Once you learn the enemy patterns it's almost impossible to fail. Cutscenes can also be skipped in less than 1 second before they even start, without any loading. This is better than 95% of games on the market.

DuckTales is proving an entertaining contrast between gamers who can think for themselves, and those too used to the comfort zone of modern game design (or lack-of-design). That's fine, but everyone else needs to support this amazing experience. I'm starting a third run now on Extreme and you know what? I don't care if I fail. The game is pure joy. It's easier than most NES games I've played too.



NintyMan said:

Do Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers next, please! I would really like some nostalgia from that show. A remake of Aladdin would be very cool too.



XneroX said:

Darkwing Duck runs on a Megaman engine if I'm not mistaken...just make a new Megaman. Good troop is to short. That leaves chip n dale(I prefer the sequel) or the fantastic Aladin games



allav866 said:

I never played Chip n' Dale on the NES, but Rescue Rangers was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I'd be happy enough if that was the next Remastered game, but after that, DuckTales 2. I didn't play that one, but if DuckTales does well enough, its sequel should be remastered as well.



Yasume said:

Everyone should buy this, even if you've never experienced the original.



Bass_X0 said:


When Capcom asks you to buy Dual Destinies so that more Ace Attorney games can be made, people protest and feel insulted.

Yet when Capcom asks you to buy Duck Tales Remastered so that more Remastered games can be made, people rejoice and feel great.



Katzii said:

@Bass_X0 I'd gladly buy Dual Destinies many times over if doing so would make them translate/release Edgeworth 2.



Melkaticox said:

You know what they should re-make?
Dunana Goof Troop! Always being togetheeer! (uhh shanana ~♪)
Dunana Goof Troop! Being best friends forever! (shanana panaestatana ~♪)
And I watch you when you sleep! But you don't call me cuz I don't leave my numbaaah! ~♪



sleepinglion said:

Rescue Rangers would be a logical step, especially if they could possibly nab the voice actors like they did with DuckTales. I'd also LOVE to see a remaster of Mega Man, perhaps even the first 3 in the series as a Wily Wars collection, with animated characters drawn in the style of the comic book series.



Rensch said:


Liked the Lion King as well, but that was developed by Virgin Interactive so Capcom cannot do much about that.



Gold_Ranger said:

DarkWing Duck should be next.
I hated that darn RoboDog in Chip 'n' Dale
Also, a Beavis & Butthead remake would be great...
Disney owns Beavis and Butthead in a way...
Disney>Marvel>Beavis & Butthead Marvel Comics...



tebunker said:

Don't forget about Tailspin and Darkwing from the TG-16 they need remakes so others can enjoy them.

I bought Ducktales to do my part. Odd thing is, when I play it, it locks up a lot, when the wife plays it, no issues.



tebunker said:

Oh, and since it requires no real licensing, Little Nemo in Dream World needs a remaster too.

Dear Capcom, when I was 9-10ish, I loved your NES games, please don't eff this up, and just give them the love treatment and make them look and run up to todays standards and I will buy them. Sincerely, me.



Hetsumani said:

@unrandomsam I also like the Genesis version of Aladdin more, but that wasn't made by Capcom, it was made by Virgin Interactive.

Please, Capcom, remake Aladdin.



AG_Systems said:

Super Ghouls n' Ghosts HD remaster needs to happen please Capcom. Who should I speak to?



Ren said:

rescue rangers was classic and a perfect fit for a modern console with multiplayer options. When they do rescue rangers I'll go get a WiiU just for that.



koelboel said:

Finally come around to order my own WiiU, DuckTales will be an instant buy.
Fingers crossed for Chip´n Dale!



retro_player_22 said:

@SuperKMx Good luck with that, the Genesis version of Aladdin was not made by Capcom, instead it was made by Virgin, same for the Lion King and Jungle Book.

All I want is Aladdin, Chip 'N' Dale, and Darkwing Duck, that is all, everything else can stay dead.



sinalefa said:

The game is amazing. Playing now in normal with limited lives and it is much harder than my first playthrough on easy. Controls have never been an issue as long as you don't try to pogo near the edge of a platform, and from what I have read, the original was the same in that regard.

If they remake other games, I hope they put the same care as with this one, and for me that includes voice acting by the original actors again and more cutscenes. Chip N Dale would be awesome so I could play co op with my brother, who played the original game.



unrandomsam said:

@AG_Systems Just a version that works properly and removes the sprite flicker and slowdown would be fine by me. (Like the PS1/PS2 or Saturn versions).

(I am sure they could do all this stuff in a way that out of 20 games they would break even if one of them did well and any more make lots of profit. Instead the spend the money on people to say this won't be profitable. Eventually to proven wrong if they ever actually try it).



Yanchamaru said:

I would want Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers only if Capcom uses hand drawn sprites. Polygons with 2D gameplay never look good.



DiscoGentleman said:

This is Capcom's empty-handed promise on everything: "If you lick our boots, we will do things you ask of us (NOT)."



Squiggle55 said:

I really don't think Capcom is very smart with their PR. Just keep your stupid mouths shut. They look for every angle possible to blame things on fans when they fail to deliver. Just don't say anything. If you want to make Chip N' Dale, make Chip N' Dale. But don't say we didn't make Chip N' Dale because the fans didn't do enough. Just shut up.



cornishlee said:

Not sure if it was Capcom, since most of their games were for Nintendo systems back then, but my favourite Disney game was The Lucky Dime Caper. I'd love to see a remaster of that.



ricklongo said:

Darkwing Duck! Dakwing Duck! Darkwing Duck!

But yeah, I'd take Rescue Rangers as well.

@cornishlee Whoa, the memories! The Lucky Dime Caper would DEFINITELY make for an awesome remaster. I believe it was developed by Sega and not Capcom, though.



unrandomsam said:

@ricklongo I think I prefer Quackshot to the Lucky Dime Caper. (I did like it that they actually gave the Master System and Game Gear their own game not a watered down port at the time though.)
Looking forward to Castle of Illusion (Never played the Megadrive version). I did play Word of Illusion.
(I thought Capcom's other than DuckTales were nothing special. Now this remaster that is not a remaster but a remake I think they are all about as good.)



unrandomsam said:

(Look at Strider for a good example of the Capcom way - the Arcade is the definitive version. The Genesis port is about the best. The rest are utter garbage).



fzerroo said:

Lion King is the best but if Virgin made that then all is left is an inferior Aladdin... I love DarkWing Duck in general though..



Quickman said:

The only Disney game that i'm interested in, hope they do more. Rescue Rangers was awesome..



Freelance said:

Funny how nobody mentioned Bonkers or Gargoyles. I've never played either, but they must have been awful if nobody is saying anything about them. I'm surprised at the number of people suggesting Goof Troop though. I've always thought the game wasn't that popular. I liked it though.



ikki5 said:

What about ducktales 2? That one sells for even more than the first ducktales.... lol



MagicEmperor said:

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, but please supply both local and online co-op. Then Darkwing Duck... I'll pretty much take anything save for Mickey Mousecapade.



Splat said:

Are people so lazy and or impatient that the one second it takes to skip a cutscene is the end of the world?



tripunktoj said:

Isnt Jimmy Rey the username of producer Rey Jimenez on Capcom forums? I don't see the more Disney remasteings statement getting further weight if its the same person repeating the same thing. Don't get me wrong Id love to see Ducktales sequel, Rescue Rangers 1&2 and Little Mermaid getting the treatment (as for the other Disney titles... not really, specially the SNES ones) Im just trying to stay realist.



Rafie said:

"I'm terror that FLAPS in the Night!" Ya'll know who it is. Seriously though, Chip N' Dale is a close 2nd that ties with Aladdin. Capcom owned the 90' doubt about that. I owned all of those games and I hope to see some more soon. Great support guys/gals for Nintendo.



hYdeks said:

I love Ducktales and will be getting it, but they need to do Chip N' Dale next, no question about it



ddbangsy said:

Mickeys Magical Quest was one of my favourite games back on the SNES, that would look wonderful in HD! Plus Aladdin of course...



Ichiban said:

I bought Ducktales the instant it arrived on the eshop, and I would love more remasters. Aladdin for sure, I loved the music in the SNES version, and some solid platforming to be had. But I'd be happy with anything.
On a side note, Im looking through the PS store on my PS3 and noticed that Ducktales is a couple of dollars more expensive on the PS3. I wonder why that is, anyone have any idea?



Tasuki said:

I would love a Chip N Dale obviously but I would also love to see Darkwing Duck. I found it funny that the article mentions Goof Troop. Talespin would be a good one but I wasn't to fond of that one.



KnightRider666 said:

Darkwing Duck! I wish Little Nemo the Dream Master was a Disney title:( I'd love to see a remake of that. Give these HD titles some portable love as well! I'd buy them all on the 3DS.



Nico07 said:

@tebunker Wierd on Wii U I beat it, no lockups. I absolutely love the game, art, mix of 2d 3d, music, original voice actors, cutscenes, remixed boss battles. It is more true to the show than the original release, yet honors the quality of the masterpiece which was the original.



SmaMan said:

Well at this rate we'll see another Capcom Disney remastering before the Wii U gets that Dungeons and Dragons game.

You know, the one they advertised to be launched in June?



Sabrewing said:

Wow, I just thought of something kind of awesome.

Disney bought Lucasfilm, right? And there's one NES licensed game that Capcom did really well from that company's IP — Willow!



DESS-M-8 said:

1: Mickey Mouse Magical Quest
2: Aladdin (MegaDrive version)

BUT I'd bet theyd go with Chip N Dale and Darkwing Duck first sticking with the NES iterations first AND promoting the long forgotten unused licences that need some airing from Disney's point of view



chibichibi said:

Just remember that not every Disney title was made by Capcom. I've always wanted to play Virgin's attempt at Aladdin and I'd love a remake of that but I don't think capcom would remake another companies game



McHaggis said:

I bought Duck Tales: Remastered, but I don't think it was quite worth £11.99... about half that would have been fairer, I think. I would consider Chip N Dale if it were remastered, I still have that (and Duck Tales) for my NES.



tgru said:

I Bought DT:R on wii u... Megadrive world of illusion: Remastered now?



redoschi said:

Ducktales is incredible! I'd love for other classic Disney games to come back to Wii U, specially Quack Shot, World of Illusion and Aladdin!



TheAdrock said:

I got DuckTales over the weekend. Its a fun game. I might have liked some more content, but I'm not complaining. Those other titles are uninteresting to me however.



Rect_Pola said:

I hope more comes. And unlike Ubisoft, this doesn't feel like a hostage situation (Seriously, you barstewards, where the hell is BG&E2).

Not only was a lot of love put into this, but most of these franchises in question have literally done nothing in years, creating a generation gap between fans and kids who've never heard of them.



speedyboris said:

@Donjwolf Bonkers is actually pretty good, and has a similar game engine to SNES Aladdin. I wouldn't mind a remake of it, but of course Darkwing Duck and Chip n Dale would be higher on my want list.



sonik said:

Give me Ducktales 2 Remasted, the second ducktales game for nes as many did not even existed, I've only try the "rom" (pc) and it got multiple endings during how much tresure you got.

The nes verison did not sell well when it came out the same year the snes came and Three years after the cartoon show ended, now the the prices on ebay for the game is really high.



Kellx78 said:

would love to see chip n dale remake. mickey's magical quest would be sweet too.



Kellx78 said:

would love to see chip n dale remake. mickey's magical quest would be sweet too.

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