Teku Studios has been hard at work on its innovative adventure puzzler Candle and has been running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the game to PC, while set up a Wii U stretch goal for good measure.

The developer has now reached its goal of $40,000 but is still some way off the $85,000 needed for the Wii U adaptation. However, the studio has now confirmed Candle will definitely come to the eShop after it met up with Nintendo to show off what it had been working on.

Nintendo liked it so much, it gave Teku Studios the fabled Wii U developer status it burned for and dev kits are on their way right now.

However, the developer was quick to point out that it would not be serving up a basic port of Candle and wants to make use of all the features the Wii U has to offer:

We love Nintendo platforms since our childhood has been full of them, so it was natural for us to go for it. We are already thinking about dedicated gameplay on Wii U - we are not doing any kind of quick port. We will design specific gameplay features for its GamePad: all the menus, inventory and mini-games will be tactile-controlled on the touchscreen, as well as other unique actions concerning Teku's candle. We will talk more deeply about this when we start developing all that stuff.

So what about that $85,000 stretch goal? Well, the studio has confirmed it will still stay in place and should it achieve it the Wii U version will be released on day one.

As it stands though, Teku Studios need to obtain more than 100% of its current total to make that a reality, and with three days left to run on the campaign that seems a little unlikely.

Still, it's great to see Candle reach its funding goal and we look forward to seeing light up the Wii U eShop in the future.

What are your thoughts on Candle? Will you be all over it like a moth to a flame when it lands on Wii U? Let us know in the comment section below.

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