While Nintendo fans enjoy regular doses of Nintendo Direct goodness, FPS enthusiasts had an equivalent tonight with a Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal, which clocked in at just 56 minutes. The crowds came for details on new modes and weapons, but they stayed for the new series mascot — Riley the dog.

The Activision-published behemoth is coming to a host of systems on 5th November, including Wii U, and a positive from the broadcast is that the features shown are set to feature across all platforms; we'll wait and see whether that remains the case. Among the new features are the ability to play as female soldiers, along with a substantial range of character customisation options. In pure numbers there'll be seven new modes, 30 new weapons and a new class. New modes include a squad mode where you can develop your own crew of AI teammates, and a Cranked mode where kills speed you up; failure to kill again within 30 seconds is deadly, however. In addition there'll be a mobile app in which to arrange clans, some new moves such as contextual leans and knee slides, and there'll be areas in the maps with greater environmental interaction, which means more things will blow up and change the scenery.

And Riley the dog can be used in multiplayer.

There's plenty for fans to be excited about, with the developers clearly keen to maintain the title's position as the most popular multiplayer FPS in the business. We would post the multiplayer trailer below, meanwhile, but the Eminem song playing over it is pretty naughty, dropping more F-bombs than actual bombs going off in the game; a little too fruity for our family friendly policies. If you want to watch it elsewhere then do so with our warning ringing in your ears; the official video is right here.

So what do you think of these changes? Are you looking forward to Ghosts and, if so, will you consider picking it up on Wii U?

[via eurogamer.net]