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Bethesda: Wii U Is "Not On Our Radar" Right Now

Posted by Orla Madden

Company has no Wii U titles in development

Back in September last year, Bethesda — developer behind the hugely popular Elder Scrolls series — was undecided as to whether or not it would be bringing its games to the Wii U; at that stage, the idea wasn't denied nor confirmed, as it previously announced that Skyrim was a "definite possibility".

Casting all doubts aside, in June it announced that the company had no plans whatsoever to bring any of its titles to Nintendo's latest home console — or to the 3DS handheld system.

Speaking to Joystiq, Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines once again stated that the company's games are simply "not on the radar" for the Wii U:

None of the game’s we’ve announced are being developed for the Wii U, so it’s guaranteed that none of those games are coming to Wii U. Will any future ones come out? I can’t say for sure, in our near-term focus it’s not on our radar.

Hines said that it's "largely a hardware thing", and that Bethesda will continue to develop for platforms that will support them.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it another clear-cut case of the Wii U's small install base harming its appeal with third parties? Would you still like to see titles from Bethesda being released on the Wii U? As always, let us know.


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DeadAntelopesGo said:

Well Bethesda has never developed for Nintendo so it's not really a loss. It's just sticking to the trend. Their games are ideal for PC play anyways.



shad0w-7 said:

I've never played any of their games, so no real loss. A pity though, as I'm sure there are WiiU owners who would love to play their stuff on our platform.



zarpax said:

I've played many of Bethesda titles in the last two years, I've played all of them on PC, despite i also have a PS3 and XBOX, just because the feeling that I had is that these titles are developed for PC first. Sure would be a nice implementation to obtain the map of the world of Skyrim right in your hands with the Gamepad or to manage inventory through it but I think the ultimate feeling of the game wouldn't be so special. It would only be a small addition. I don't think I feel the need of Bethesda games on the Wii U right now...



cornishlee said:

I'd certainly pick up Elder Scrolls if it came to Wii U. I suspect that the 'hardware issues' are just the familiar smokescreen - it sounds like they may look at it again if the install base increases.



bitemykite said:

after replaying skyrim on PC a little while ago, I don't see myself ever getting a console version of any of their games again



DePapier said:

But... Aonuma said he was inspired by Skyrim... Monolith Soft said they wanted to be like Bethesda... Why, Bethesda, whyyyyyyyyyy...

Never played any of their games on a Nintendo console — or any platform probably --, I can't really see that as a loss.



Sanqet said:

with bethesda new games i think it is hardware but with regards to skyrim it will be the wii u low install base



LavaTwilight said:

Nintendo don't need Bethesda, just Bethesda probably doesn't need Nintendo. Either way I just want to see every company that throws all their products at XBox crumble the way the Xbone will.



SpookyMeths said:

Bethesda games are much better suited for PC anyway. Not only in controls, but they're pretty infamous for relying on consumer-filed bug reports and patches. There's also a very large audience for modding in most Bethesda games. Not a platform well-suited for console.



DualWielding said:

The thing is Bethesda focus on the type of games that are most power demanding, their games did not even show in consoles at all until the ps3 and 360 which were the first consoles powerful enough to run them..... It was totally obvious they were never going to be developing for Wii U.... now Bethesda games would always work better on PC than consoles but the sales of skyrim show there is interest on playing their games on console, so I guess is bit of a loss for Nintendo



Emblem said:

No loss, their console ports are bad and their games are best when modded so are ideal for pc.



FritzFrapp said:

After the offensive mess that was Skyrim on PS3 I wouldn't trust these people with a console game ever again.



LeVideoGamer said:

Even on my Xbox 360, I wasn't interested in the titles that Bethesda have developed or published. I couldn't care less if they supported the Wii U, because I wouldn't buy their games on any console.



GuttaBunny said:

If the PS3 and 360 can handle Skyrim im pretty sure the Wii U could. Come on Bethesda.... Skyrim Legendary Edition, weapons and items mapped to the gamepad, up the the texture count a little and you have my money.
If not......GTFO lol.



Semulje said:

I would love to see Bethesda's games on Wii U. I would buy the whole bunch in an instance, Skyrim, Fallout and even Oblivion.



darkgamer001 said:

Skyrim Legendary Edition on the Wii U would probably have sold quite well. But surprise surprise, they didn't even try...



GiftedGimp said:

I'm sure I read this Months ago, not sure where. the only difference was back then they said if a future project came along which they thought they could utilize the gamepad they may may consider it.
Back then people responded by say what about using the gamepad for inventory managment, world maps and off screen play.



Spoony_Tech said:

@ferthepoet What are you talking about? I played MorrowWind to death on the first Xbox. Enjoyed every minute! I would love to see their games on Nintendo systems! Hopefully one day.



FullbringIchigo said:

looks like they are doing what everyone else is, waiting to see if the WiiU is going to be successful before committing any games to it

but of course unless they commit games to it it won't be as successful as the other systems (i have no doubt that once the big Nintendo games start coming the WiiU will be successful but it won't be as successful as the PS4 and XB1 will be and no where near the levels the Wii reached, i still love it though ^_^)



DualWielding said:


Really? sorry then, my mistake, didn't know Morrowind had a port on the XBOX original, thought the Elder Scrolls were PC only before Skyrim, guess I was wrong



dizzy_boy said:

I'm not holding out hope for them to make games for Nintendo consoles, it's their choice after all.
Atleast one thing can be said, they don't seem to be whinny little bi@ches against Nintendo unlike EA.



Warruz said:

I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY wanted The Evil Within to work its way over to Wii U.



ajcismo said:

I don't think Bethesda has ever developed for a Nintendo console. So, this isn't really news.



banacheck said:

I'm looking forwards to The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG for the PS4, which is being developed by ZeniMax Online Studios & published by Bethesda.


i was going to mention Oblivion for the PS3 & 360, you beat me to it.


The Evil Within is going to be good, it's being developed by Tango Gameworks & published by Bethesda. Tango Gameworks has some bloody good developers from Grasshopper Manufacture, Platinum Games, Capcom & Shinji Mikami himself, who created the Resident Evil series.



Volmun said:

eh... not to bothered as i prefer there games on PC to be honest... triyed some on PS3.. it just felt wrong to me (FallOut3 and Skyrim both feal better on PC to me)



Savino said:

Sad news... Elder Scroll would be lovely n the gamepad but I can see and understand why they are not producing for wiiu...



ricklongo said:

This is kinda sad... but then again, their console versions have historically been not that good. The PC remains the platform to own if you want to play Bethesda games.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Not really surprising, its not like they've made games for Nintendo consoles before. Their games work well enough on consoles but I'd still rather play them on a PC, especially after what happened with Skyrim.

Not knocking them for having bugs, but I don't think adding another platform exactly would help.



IxnayontheCK said:

Well after seeing how well they handled Skyrim on the PS3, i'd have concerns about their ability to use wiiu hardware anyways...



DiscoGentleman said:

It's a shame, but it's not a loss. Nintendo needs to keep focusing on other 3rd parties that aren't as big, rather than begging the ones that are hot right now. It's kind of an investment thing for them. They've done it in the past.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

It's better for PC but i'm sticking to my theory that Wii U would have the better controls for PC RPGs (due to the touchscreen) than PS4 or Xbox One so this is a bit of a shame.



Kriedler said:

Bethesda should just stick to PC games, really. Their games are usually pretty buggy, and letting the community create mods to fix patches or make much-needed gameplay tweaks is really the way to go.
That said, people would probably buy their games on the Wii U if they were well-made enough and not just watered-down ports, like any of their coming games would end up being



banacheck said:

The Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Xbox One is identical to PC ... unchanged between the PC and next-gen console versions.

Watered down ports them days are gone, but i'm not sure if the days of the PC getting the short end of the stick is gone tho.

arhh that hurt, it should doesn't the truth always hurt?



LordJumpMad said:

Bethesda were going to make an Elder Scroll game for the Wii U, but then they took an arrow to the knee.
That never gets old



FullbringIchigo said:

this is why i always get more than one console i always get a nintendo for it's great first party games and then i get the others for the third party games

limiting yourself to just one system is stupid, but i do understand that not everyone can afford to get all the systems but if you just chose to limit your self your missing out on a lot

on a side note apart from Skyrim (which i got on PC because mods make thoese games a lot more fun) i can't remember the last great game bethesda made (or ran on a console with no problems) anyway so it's no big loss to nintendo really



Platypus101 said:

@DeadAntelopesGo let's be fair now... Between 1988 and 1991 they developed 3 games for the NES, and another 3 for the Wii in its 6+ year run (also a couple of DS titles).

I'm being facetious.
Fact is, they did not develop for either the Wii or DS at their peak when both of the other systems were in the midst of their "console war", why would they do it now? Not to demean them, but their catalog is a good majority of Fallout and Eldar Scrolls... Seriously, they're making a big deal out of only two franchises? Lets move on and talk about the 15 or so franchises that Nintendo has...



element187 said:

Considering how TERRIBLE the ps3 version was, I wouldn't want a Wii U version, Skyrim is best on PC.... and thats where it needs to stay.



Kiokothepirate said:

Bethesda is one of my favorite game companies, but at the same time they frustrate me to no end. It just bothers me that they talk like the Wii U is leagues below them and show no interest whatsoever in working with Nintendo. Even if they were to release a legendary edition of Skyrim on Wii U and it didn't sell much, I'm sure Bethesda has enough income from other platforms to cushion the blow. As it stands, the only way I'll ever be able to play their upcoming games is if they release them for Wii U. I don't have the money for a gaming PC, playing games on pc's is too much a pain in the butt anyway, and I'm not going to buy a new xbox just for one game.



Einherjar said:

Since Microsoft always hogs the licenses for DLC (at least temporarily) it was always my first option to get bethesda games on my 360 (since my PC cant handle them that well)
And also considering, how much trouble betrhesda has getting their games to work properly on these systems, it might even be better for them not to touch the WiiU It would certainly end in "Red exclamation mark - The Game" (If anyone even gets the refference )



DarkKirby said:

Here's the thing, Bethesda games on anything except PC where they can be modded, are often disasters. Always bug ridden, which they never actually completely fix, but fans do with mods (and you yourself can fix with console commands before mods are available), only being part of the problem. Other times, the balance is completely screwed up. So really, this is meaningless news.

That's not to say, I hate Bethesda games, it's that I hate Bethesda games on any platform outside of PC where they can't be modded or have console commands used to fix the game's own issues, and improve on it, in many cases.



AJWolfTill said:

@Warruz Was that Bethesda? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

To be honest the massivley deep inventory/rpg/map options of the elder scrolls games and presumably the Fallout games would have been super smooth on the Wii U.



hYdeks said:

no lose, I haven't liked any of their games anyways And that skyrim on ps3 crap REALLY set me against them.



t3g said:

I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas on the Xbox 360 and its a shame that future games won't make it on the Wii U. Its also a shame that if they DID come to the Wii U, that the developers wouldn't take the extra effort to add unique gamepad features to the game.



billychaos said:

I must say, I don't know what the big deal is. What did Bethesda do for the DS, 3DS, or the Wii? I just can't miss something I never had.



WWammy said:

I don't understand why this is news they never made Nintendo games and I've never been into any of the Elder Scrolls games.



MasterGraveheart said:

Not surprised in the least, considering how third parties are actively hostile towards Nintendo AND their fans.



Ruthven said:

I’d by Skyrim Legendary Edition on the Wii U, the touchpad can easily emulate the keyboard, maps and inventory.



Nictendo64 said:

Skyrim was awful and really reflects how bad Bethesda is at counsel games. The wii U is too amazing for a broken half baked game.



Nictendo64 said:

That PS3 problem is what also made me dislike Bethesda, and the fact that they knew there was a problem and released it anyway.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

This news is literally everywhere. Sites that barely cover the Wii U always manage to pick up these articles to report. I would say it doesn't matter but it does, more bad publicity for the Wii U and barely any advertising from Nintendo.



Captain_Gonru said:

@Platypus101 I will say, though, I enjoyed their Star Trek games. Conquest, while not as deep as it could have been, was still fun, and Tactical Assault did some cool things with the DS hardware. I feel like, as someone else mentioned, they've hemmed themselves in to nothing but Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Which is a loss for everyone.



twistedbee said:

Monolithsoft said that they wanted to be the Bethesda of Nintendo, and Xenoblade was a way better game than skyrim... So who really needs Bethesda?

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