A few weeks ago artist Justin Chan took to Twitter to run Poké-Collab: Kanto, a bid to have 151 different artists each produce a representation of the first generation of Pokémon. Pictured below is the final result, which incorporates some pretty diverse illustrations, each with the artist's Twitter handle underneath.

Pokemon 151

Posting on his blog, Chan was delighted at how quickly it had all come together.

I never thought it explode like this, within the first 24 hours sign-ups were full! Within the first 48 hours, 80% of the Pokémon were already complete!

Thanks to "the mega cosmic powers of twitter and peoples’ general love for Pokemon"!

It’s really incredible to see this complete, every drawing looks unique. There’s both digital and traditional drawings, some are detailed and others are more minimalist and there are both beginning artists and industry pros! So many different styles from people all over the world!

Johto Poké-Collab is being lined up for September, already, but if you want the full size version of this collaboration (which is over 25MB) simply go here. When you get fans together online, it's amazing how quickly big projects can come together.

Pokemon 151 Image1

[via kotaku.com, justinchan.tumblr.com]