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Weirdness: This Donkey Kong Art Plays With Your Sense of Perception

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The impossible level

While some fan culture based on Nintendo is relatively light-hearted, full of parody or off-the-cuff, there are examples where artistic skill is employed to be both serious and irreverent at once. We think this may be a rather good example of that.

YouTube group AweMeChannel has produced a video inspired by the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, who is known for artwork that played with perceptions and how the naked eye perceives objects. A famous example of his work was the concept of an Impossible Staircase, such as that seen in his work Ascending and Descending.

So what if that idea was applied to a Donkey Kong artwork that's actually a two-dimensional chalk drawing? The result is below and, for our money, is rather cool.

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rjejr said:

Everything's better w/ Escher.

Also goes well w/ the Mario Kart 8 mobius strip. Maybe they can work this into the next DK WiiU game.



123akis said:

woah! it acually looks 3d... and donkey kong looks like a plastic model



RR529 said:

I love the stuff AweMeChannel puts out, especially Man at Arms. (next episode he's forging the Master Sword, so I can't wait!)



kurtasbestos said:

Did anyone ever play the game "Realm of Impossibility" for Commodore-64? No? Well anyway... that game pretty much defined my childhood, and the fact that there were several Commodore-64 games released on Virtual Console, but not the one that really mattered, makes me sad. Seeing something like this only rubs salt in the wounds.

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