So Animal Crossing: New Leaf represents quite an achievement for Nintendo, as gamers ranging from young children to grisly old cynics are all running their towns and having fun while doing it. It's magical indeed when a game as whimsical as this captures such a wide audience, and if Nintendo could bottle that essence for every game it certainly would.

One of the best things about the series is that, being full of bizarre ideas and having a peculiar premise, its impact is such that it inspires fan art and tributes that couldn't be much more diverse. One that we've stumbled across today courtesy of Kotaku — though it's actually been online for a while — is rap song Crossing From the Bottom (Started From the Bottom Parody) by Youtube artist Broken Pixels; as the title makes clear, it's based on a Drake track.

Not all AC raps are worth listening to, but this one does sample the iconic music from the game and is a lot of fun. Good music, loads of effort in the video, so surely worth a few minutes of anyone's day.