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Watch_Dogs Team Outlines In-Game Connectivity and Ideas for the Future

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Other players will appear in your game

Watch_Dogs is a title attracting a fair bit of attention across the console spectrum, whether you own a Wii U or any of its rival systems. In a landscape packed with sequels it's a new IP that incorporates the rather topical issue of hacking and network security — in a turn of events almost beyond parody, Ubisoft's own website has recently been hacked.

The concept, combined with the efforts of teams that have plenty of experience in producing large-scale triple-A games, certainly bodes well. Gameplay footage showing the hacking and detail for individual NPCs (non-playable characters) is impressive, and apparently down to a randomising system that will play a role in making the Chicago setting come to life. As previously reported, there'll also be interaction between a mobile app and the game, but perhaps more intriguingly with other players dropping in and out of your single player campaign.

Speaking to The Guardian, lead designer Danny Belanger and creative director Jonathan Morin explained how the drop-in multiplayer feature would work.

JM: If you're playing alone in single-player, there are a bunch of ways to discover content when you're free-roaming. Eventually you may trigger something or receive an instruction and suddenly you have an objective – and that objective may well be another player. So now you're in their game. You won;t be told it has happened and maybe you just have to observe the character, but at the end of the mission, whether you succeed or fail, our games separate - now you're back. Certain sequences might be entirely multiplayer in design, but we control the context of how you're doing it. It's an interesting challenge - it's a hell of a headache in design. But it seems that players are really open to it.

DG: When I play an action adventure game, I want to live that adventure – I don't want to go into a lobby and play capture the flag. We're trying to bring players together while they're living that adventure and while they're existing in a living city. In the demos we showed at E3 and the PS4 event, while we were playing something that looked very much like single-player, there was actually another player involved who had his own set of objectives and who crossed paths with the other participant. There is a lot of uncharted territory to explore here. Demon Souls was one of the first titles to touch something that's full of potential - we're exploring that in our own way.

Another trend that Watch_Dogs may adopt is to continually expand on the universe created in this first title, rather than drastically shake up settings or game styles in future sequels. There's talk of a ten-year plan for the franchise, but the developer seems flexible to what the public demands; here's what Dominic Guay said when asked whether we'd see continual updates rather than conventional sequels.

I think gamers will decide - I don't think developers will impose that model on players. But clearly what we're trying to do with Watch Dogs is be ready to go in that direction if that's what people want. In the way we build the city, our systems and our technology, we can grow the universe of Watch Dogs either in discreet sequels or in a more gradual way if that is the way the business model evolves.

Is Watch_Dogs on your Wii U wishlist, and what do you make of these comments? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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smashbrolink said:

I hope it grows beyond Assassin's Creed as a game that does more than stealth and combat.
It's doing something in terms of gameplay that is very rarely seen these days, and it's a perfect fit for the Wii U on top of that.



banacheck said:

For me Watch Dogs has a far better MP than something like AC, Demon's Souls like the article says was the first to do it, ZombiU also uses it. blurring the line between MP & SP is the way to go, cannot wait for Watch Dogs.



inky_bob said:

Yep on my wishlist I just have to convince the wife that it's like nintendogs but for the wii u then act all confused when it turns out not to be.



b23cdq said:

Gonna wait for the reviews, but most likely gonna buy it. Wii U version is my choice, as long as it's a good port, and not gimped.



ThomasBW84 said:

@b23cdq Apparently the Wii U version is being developed by the same group that's working on the One and PS4 entries, while other studios are handling 360 and PS3 ports. If true, that could be a positive for the Wii U.



XavandSo said:

Please be true. When I read your comment I had the tingly sensation. The type of sensation I get when predictions are correct. I hope, for the Wii U's sake, that the Wii U version is considered next-gen enough.



rjejr said:

Any info on the Gamepad usage? The protagonist seems to spend half his time on his phone/tablet/tricorder whatever - would be really nice if all of that played out on the Gamepad. It would be the definitive and most realistic version. I wouldn't expect EA to do something like that but Ubisoft has more WiiU experience.



dumedum said:

@rjejr - I think that is a given. It has to make great use of the GamePad, it's why they wanted to make it.



QuickSilver88 said:

This looks great and have been wanting this since last yeears E3. This concept of descrete MP is always being used in Bungie's new game Destiny. This idea of partaking in other gamers experience is interesting and evtually could lead to a 'single' player mmorpg. I traditionally am not an online gamer so interested to see if this model entices me to more online.



hYdeks said:

Watch Dogs and Batman Arkham Origins are two third party games I'm completely excited for! I already have my pre-order down for Watch Dogs, it looks like it has a lot of potential to be as great as their Assassin's Creed series! If the first game is as great as it looks, than yes, I would love to have more Watch Dogs, especially on Wii U! November 19th can't come fast enough...



AceTrainerBean said:

There is huge potential for watch dogs on the Wii u I would even say that if it it done right and utilises the gamepad properly that the Wii u version could be the best version

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