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Video: This New Pikmin 3 Trailer Goes For Realism, Sort Of

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All you need is a whistle

The release of Pikmin 3 creeps ever closer, and considering just how long a new entry in the series has been in demand, we should surely be getting rather excited about it. It's also a brand-new Wii U game to sink our teeth into, and is a title about which Shigeru Miyamoto has been particularly enthusiastic; it's become clear that his role in the final product has perhaps been more thorough than on some other games that he oversees.

With an upcoming release date we, naturally, have some marketing and adverts to enjoy, and Nintendo of America has now weighed in with a new trailer ahead of its regional arrival on 4th August. It's taken the concept into the real world, with a young lad stumbling across a nasty creature before summoning a legion of Pikmin to protect himself.

While we understand the importance of the Pikmin when controlling a similarly small character in the game — those monsters actually are huge — this concept is a little peculiar. With the size of the young man compared to the enemy creature, we're sure he could simply kick the thing out of the way without sending Pikmin charging into a brutal and — for some — fatal battle.

Or maybe we're being silly, as it's just a video game and the trailer is quite a fun watch. Check it out below and share your thoughts, as always.

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dumedum said:

People run in fear of bees, mice, cockroaches, little spiders and whatever let alone such "things". Kicking it is not easy for everyone.



NintyMan said:

It's about time Nintendo brought the quality of the 3DS commercials to the Wii U. Families playing games in the living room might entice "casual" people, but a commercial like this that involves the video game invading the real world does a very good job at capturing the imagination and soul of the game it's advertising. I hope Nintendo keeps it up.



Snakellama said:

It very simple- he is a coward who doesn't want blood on his hands... I wouldn't be surprised if he killed all the Pikmin witnesses afterward...



Cuddles said:

@Dev Well said!

I love that announcers voice. Sounds like something for a blockbuster action movie.



rmeyer said:

Much better advertising Nintendo. Keeping it simple with a little bit of humor.



Captain_Toad said:

Did anyone catch that reference?
(Hint: It's near the end of the video.)
And yes, this has been shown on T.V. Joy!



ThomasBW84 said:

I'm very much looking forward to this one, and will be toddling off to the shops on launch day to pick it up.

I like the trailer, and was just making an observation about the boy calling in Pikmin, all tongue in cheek



Ichiban said:

Of course this and the retail version of Super Luigi U come out a day before my girlfriends birthday lol typical! (Well in Australia at least)
On a good note, i was flicking through some junk mail earlier and saw some good Wii U adverts in the Big w catalogue (a major retailer here in Aus) They had the console, and a fair few games such as Pikmin 3, Luigi U, Ashes Cricket, etc.
Made the Wii u look really good.....perhaps this is where it all takes off?



ricklongo said:

I hope to get 100% in Lego City Undercover until then, to free up my gaming time for those adorable little critters. Should be kind of an uphill battle.

Either way, buying this day 1 if at all possible.



WingedSnagret said:

So close now... To bad those of us in NA have to wait an entire week longer then everyone else for some reason.



2Sang said:

I like it it's the first time I've seen a pikmin on tv since 2001



rjejr said:

The only downside to the commercial is how lame the game graphics look compared to the CG in the first half of the trailer, really makes it look just like Pikmin 2 (which my kids have been playing a lot of lately in preparation) I'm pretty sure the game will look fine though booting it up without that glaring juxtaposition.



Ultrasyd said:

In-game graphics should have looked like this commercial and the promotional designs :/



Megumi said:

...Still no White or Purple Pikmin. :c
Wow, people are still complaining about graphics?! Are you kidding me? :/



DESS-M-8 said:

Wow this is a bad advert. I like how the gruff movie trailer type voice over is trying to macho up the appearance of what on the surface looks quite a gay game. It's lack of appeal us that it revolves around little ants and flowers, which to a mainstream video consumer is a non starter. A crying shame as pikmin is an amazing franchise.



Emaan said:

I want to see more Wii U commercials like this from Nintendo. This is the kind of creativity that the 3DS ads have demonstrated, and it's worked out well on its end of things. Now if we could just harness this creativity for game commercials and push an ad out that showcases the actual Wii U system, we would be in business



DerpSandwich said:

Aaaaand, now no kid over the age of ten will be caught dead playing this game. Another good spot, Nintendo. You really know how to make a game look completely lame.



PortgasDLuigi said:

This reminds me of Nintendo commercials from the 90's. I approve. Pikmin 3 is going to be awesome.



DerpSandwich said:

@WiiURockz I'm not wrong; it's called an opinion. Also, I didn't say the game was lame. I said the commercial made the game look lame. Please read comments carefully before you respond to them.



MasterWario said:

@DerpSandwich Well you don't know where the commercial is being shown. The commercials for Animal Crossing have been kiddie but that was because they're on a kid's channel.



DerpSandwich said:

@MasterWario Animal Crossing is for a certain type of gamer. Pikmin is something that everyone can enjoy, so when people see a commercial like this they might think it's too kiddie or girly, even if it's shown on a kids channel. Young boys are especially susceptible to peer pressure, and there was a time when I would have been embarrassed to own a game with a commercial like this. It's just bad marketing no matter how you look at it.



Williaint said:

If the kid was a rugged looking Army Captain, I think the Ad would have worked a LOT better. It would also have been funny.

@ MrWalkieTalkie
We can only presume he could mean "gay" in the "Merry and colourful" sense... Which it does.



NintyMan said:

How can people call this ad lame? You obviously wouldn't remember a few commercials from the Gamecube era on back. I dare you to watch the American Super Mario Sunshine commercial.



SCAR said:

Who even cares about the advertisement? Anyone that knows about the game generally has positive things to say about it.
TBH, I thought the original Pikmin looked stupid as hell until I played it and couldn't put the thing down.
Live, learn, play, STFU(joke).



AlphaLink said:

Semi-decent ad. I'm just wondering what color the Pikmin with the blue flower could possibly be...



BlackStar9000 said:

This commercial reminds me of the kind of marketing from the SNES days.....I MISS THOSE COMMERCIALS!!! They sold kids on games and this will likely do the same.



8thGenConsoles said:

@DerpSandwich Your opinion was proved wrong today so yeah you're kinda wrong. Pikmin 3 is the number 1 selling game in Japan and the Wii U is the 2nd best selling console in Japan, behind the 3DS XL. Let's see what the numbers will be in North America and Europe. And the commercial makes Pikmin 3 look "lame" because TV commercials are made for casual gamers. Hardcore gamers don't need TV commercials



DerpSandwich said:

@WiiURockz You still aren't reading what I'm writing. I'm saying that the North American commercial makes the game look lame. That has absolutely nothing to do with the game or its performance in Japan. It's a different demographic that received a different commercial.

And I'm not even saying that Pikmin 3 will definitely to badly here. I'm just saying that the commercial doesn't help, and will likely turn a lot of people off to the game. You seem to think that I'm some Pikmin hater going on about how this game is stupid and will fail. I'm not.



Senario said:

I can't wait, to me there is no such thing as too old for something if you happen to enjoy it. Colorful and imaginative video games is one of those things. Plus you can always joke about the mass amount of pikmin you send to die for you XD.

I don't think it'll move as many units in the US as it did in Japan, mainly because of the culture here being overly violent in nature with a focus on photorealism/guns. But it is a good start, looking forward to Pikmin and eventually wind waker HD(favorite zelda game of all time for me.).



BrightBeing said:

Minus the CG Graphics, doesn't this commercial remind you of the old 80's video game commercials?



Pod said:

That crab creatures doesn't look all that dangerous, to be honest, but it's still a very cute ad.

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