The release of Pikmin 3 creeps ever closer, and considering just how long a new entry in the series has been in demand, we should surely be getting rather excited about it. It's also a brand-new Wii U game to sink our teeth into, and is a title about which Shigeru Miyamoto has been particularly enthusiastic; it's become clear that his role in the final product has perhaps been more thorough than on some other games that he oversees.

With an upcoming release date we, naturally, have some marketing and adverts to enjoy, and Nintendo of America has now weighed in with a new trailer ahead of its regional arrival on 4th August. It's taken the concept into the real world, with a young lad stumbling across a nasty creature before summoning a legion of Pikmin to protect himself.

While we understand the importance of the Pikmin when controlling a similarly small character in the game — those monsters actually are huge — this concept is a little peculiar. With the size of the young man compared to the enemy creature, we're sure he could simply kick the thing out of the way without sending Pikmin charging into a brutal and — for some — fatal battle.

Or maybe we're being silly, as it's just a video game and the trailer is quite a fun watch. Check it out below and share your thoughts, as always.