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Video: New Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer Gets Dramatic

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cue orchestra, explosions, shooting sounds, and ACTION!

Splinter Cell Blacklist is now just one month away from performing a stealth kill on the Wii U launch library, one of a decent number of Ubisoft multi-platform titles coming to the system. This one also promises to make use of the GamePad in interesting ways, which seems perfect for a sneaky killer packing a lot of cool gadgets.

In recent months we've seen these GamePad controls in action and had a glimpse of the co-op gameplay, both in flashy videos. Now it's the turn of the storyline, with a new video showing a terrorist organisation making threats, things blowing up and Sam Fisher mercilessly sneaking up on enemies and taking them down; there's epic orchestrated music, too.

This may be one worth considering when it arrives. Will you be checking this out from the shadows and picking it up when it hits stores in August?

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erv said:

Looks like something I will definitely buy someday. I'm not yet sure if it's launch day though, there's more to play by then



dumedum said:

Very nice that there is a Wii U version. Will this be fun for someone that never played Splinter Cell? Is it worth playing any of the old GC games?



ricklongo said:

I'm happy that it's coming to the Wii U. The console does need the help right now, and fans of the genre should be thrilled. I'm not one of them, though, so it's a pass for me.



Shambo said:

@dumedum The old ones are definitely worth playing, if you don't mind them being a bit dated by now, obviously. I mostly remember the second one (Pandora tomorrow), and the soundtrack of the third (Chaos Theory, ost by Amon Tobin).

This one looks very nice, I can't wait. Please people buy it on Wii U, and don't wait too long. I need some people to play online with



jrob23 said:

I fear that this will be another game that will not sell well on the Wii U and won't help Nintendo's third party reputation. I'm just not convinced these types of games are wanted enough to gets sales necessary to keep studios happy. I'm glad it's getting it, I don't plan on buying it though. I do think Watchdogs will sells well but the Wii U version will be the worst performer of all the consoles.



CAM290 said:

I would pick this game up though i'm not exactly too familiar with the series, I played one on the Gamecube long ago or maybe it was Xbox i can't remember. My problem with some of these games is that they are being released on Wii U yet earlier installments of the series aren't on Wii U or the previous Wii, so if i get interested i have to buy more systems to get the whole collection...



element187 said:

@dumedum The last splinter cell I played was on the regular xbox (before the 360)... but it was a lot of fun.

On topic, I'm not sure I'll day one it.. I know Ubisoft is using this title as a gauge to see if mature titles can sell on the Wii U (which is really stupid because Watch Dogs will sell far more copies on Wii U than Splinter Cell.

Hey Ubisoft, if you dropped Splinter Cell from the Wii U and put the Division on the console instead you would sell more copies.



element187 said:

@SkywardCrowbar I'd say no.. they are only loosely tied. The ones I played do a good enough job to explain itself in the opening of the game to get you started. Each installment has its own story, so its not like continuation I believe....

The older ones were 100% stealth based, if you didn't use stealth you were probably dead... From what Ubisoft is saying is they aren't making it as much of a requirement this time... I'm hoping its not to the point where you can finish the game just going guns blazing call of duty style throughout it.



AJWolfTill said:

That may be possible for the 'mainstream audience' who won't work out how to play it any other way but they have been emphasising that it is incredibly accomadating to playstyles. From what I've read it's even possible to play without actually causing any deaths. I am tempted to try this series as I love stealth games. I'll wait on price and reviews though.



luminalace said:

I used to keep a mate informed of the status of this game and along the way became excited myself. I did like Chaos Theory so I will be picking this up.



tebunker said:

having watched several trailers I am stoked for this game, and mainly this version due to the gamepad support. Shame it won't sell enough, but this is a perfect example of how the gamepad can expand game play.



JaxonH said:

Yes. Day 1, pre order made months ago. These are the types of games Nintendo doesn't make, and 3rd parties do extremely well. Of course I'm buying this!



xiloh_battousai said:

Hoping that they'll bring along a Collection to the Wii U including the originals somehow so everyone can enjoy them as well. One of my favorite series, but for me, I'd level it out with about the same type of hype as Metroid, Metal Gear Solid, mixed with Assassin's Creed's fluid parkour but a bit more time to plan your stealth control, Set with modern SPY style hardcore James Bond ideology, but on a very serious and leveled headed approach....excuse me I'm trying to describe the vibes I get when I play the game...for those of whom, who have yet to enjoy anything from the Splinter Cell series....oh and Michael Ironside will be missed (-_-,)

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