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Video: Kapp'n Songs From Animal Crossing: New Leaf Have Never Sounded So Good

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

misterrandell, we salute you

Animal Crossing: New Leaf had quite an impact when it launched, occupying plenty of gamers and their social network timelines for days on end. For some it's still occupying a lot of their time, because that's what Animal Crossing does.

Naturally there are various fans doing their own tributes to the game and its franchise, and one of these is YouTube musician misterrandall. In the past 10 days he's posted two versions of Kapp'n songs, the ditties that the quirky character sings as you travel over to the Island; well, he warbles to a tune while you read subtitles. It's one of those endearing, charming moments that captures what the game is all about, and to hear a couple of these ditties sung properly to the lyrics is a delight in itself, especially if you recognise each one from its original.

Sometimes it's fun to discover these fan tributes, and we're just sad we didn't find these sooner.

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Morpheel said:

I pretty much try to sing along with kappa every time I go to the island... But I never get the lyrics to fit the tune D:



NImH said:

He beat me to it. Oh well... I probably never would've made YouTube vids anyways. Great job man!



Shiryu said:

Quickly taping "A" like a mad man (or mad woman) will skip that sequence. If you do that, you have no soul btw.



Giygas_95 said:

@Shiryu Thank you for telling me that!

By the way, I have no soul (I am a red head after all).

I don't really care as long as that island keeps making me loads of money.



SilentHunter382 said:

@Shiryu Thanks I usual would just leave the 3ds down and walk away when that is being played. Now I can skip it.

bla bla I have no soul bla bla, or I can just listen to this guys videos instead during those sequences.



Bulbousaur said:

I always think of Kapp'n's songs as being perfect for a bunch of drunk guys to sing in a circle.



Mowzle said:

I love my little serenades over to the island. Kapp'n is a real grass roots philosopher (maybe I should amend that to seaweed roots philosopher)



Captain_Balko said:

These are surprisingly amazing. I always thought it would be nice to hear somebody actually sing the Kappn songs, and this guy does a simply fantastic job.

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