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Ubisoft Hit By Hacking Attack

Posted by Andy Green

Account holders being advised to change their passwords

Ubisoft has been victim of a hacking attack that has left customer's usernames, email addresses and passwords exposed.

As a result, the French publisher is now advising anyone who has an account with the company to change their password immediately.

Though the account database was breached, Ubisoft has been quick to reassure people that credit or debit card details have not been obtained as payment information is never stored on its systems.

In a statement on its official blog, Ubisoft said the following:

We recently discovered that one of our Web sites was exploited to gain unauthorised access to some of our online systems. During this process, we learned that data had been illegally accessed from our account database.

The company is also recommending that users change their passwords on any other sites or services where they use the same password - or one that is slightly similar - as those who obtained the information may choose to infiltrate accounts run by other organisations.

It's unknown how the cyber attackers infiltrated the system but Ubisoft instantly closed off the access point as soon as it become aware of the breach. It is now investigating it with the relevant authorities and is working hard on restoring the systems.

Ubisoft's security teams are exploring all available means to expand and strengthen our security measures in order to better protect our customers. Unfortunately, no company or organisation is completely immune to these kinds of criminal attacks.

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Wanderlei said:

The same thing will happen to Sony again with all their cloud BS, Gaikai, etc on the PS4 if they manage to deliver 1/4 of what they promise.



banacheck said:


It doesn't matter who gets hacked all it does is hurt the customers, hopefully it doesn't happen to Nintendo or Microsoft next time. Sony has already strengthened there security, and from a free service like Nintendo to a paid service on the PS4.



Tasuki said:

You know honestly these hack jobs are getting ridiculous now. Is it that hard to keep your security up to date so this doesn't happen?



Subaru said:

At first, when I got an email for this I thought it was just spam. But then, I noticed the email address, so I had to change my password.

This is seriously getting out of hand.



Jorzha said:

I change my ubisoft password right after i saw the title of this article =P



DrMonk said:

Urghh... how annoying. More and more I think this password system for security has to evolve. It is simply unrealistic to expect everyone to maintain and manage passwords for the multitude of online accounts we have.



hYdeks said:

I have the uplay app from them on my wii, but as far as I can see, it's basicly trying to throw in achievements. Honestly, why do people need achievements/ trophies? I thought playing the game was reward enough There is some special stuff you can get if you get enough uplay achievements, that's kinda neat, I guess, but still, mehh.



EaZy_T said:

^that's what I thought too

I did a quick search of Ubi's pages to make sure it came from them after getting the email because I thought it might have been a phishing scam (clickable link in an email).

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