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The Pokémon Company International Confirms Western Details For New X & Y Additions

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wonder Trade feature and new trailer included

Just yesterday we reported on details of new characters and Pokémon to feature in X & Y, with CoroCoro magazine naturally having the scoop. Those were the names and details for Japan, so The Pokémon Company International has now sent out a press release with the Western equivalents; there are a few differences to pick up.

Below is an excerpt from the PR, including details on the Legendary 'mon.

Xerneas is a Fairy-type—a brand-new type being introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Watch the awe-inspiring beauty of Xerneas’ exclusive move, Geomancy, which features rainbow-colored light that erupts from the earth around it. Xerneas has the special Ability Fairy Aura, which naturally takes effect in battle, strengthening Fairy-type moves for all Pokémon in battle. Be careful, because Fairy Aura also has a positive effect on opposing Pokémon that know Fairy-type moves.

Dark- and Flying-type Yveltal is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Oblivion Wing, which sends Yveltal flying high into the sky to release a powerful beam of red light that scorches the ground below. The Destruction Pokémon’s special Ability, Dark Aura, is a counterpoint to Fairy Aura, raising the strength of Dark-type moves for all Pokémon in battle. This Ability is powerfully effective in Double and Triple Battles when facing multiple opponents simultaneously. So, when Yveltal is in battle, it’s smart for players to fill their team with Pokémon that can use Dark-type moves.

  • It is now known that Fighting- and Dark-type Pangoro evolves from spunky little Pancham. This evolved Pokémon has a violent temperament, but it also believes in fairness and does not forgive those who pick on the weak. The leaf Pangoro carries in its mouth can predict its opponent’s moves. By waving its strong, heavy arms, Pangoro uses the Fighting-type move Hammer Arm to inflict great damage on opponents. It does lower the user’s Speed, but Hammer Arm’s power is tremendous.
  • Players will encounter Inkay in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. This Dark- and Psychic-type Pokémon has the ability to drain other Pokémon’s will to fight by flashing the transmitters above its eyes—giving Inkay the opportunity either to attack its foes or to hide from them. It’s said that the flashing emitted from Inkay’s transmitters can also be used to communicate with its friends. Inkay can learn a new Dark-type move, Topsy-Turvy, a tricky move that will reverse all of the stat changes that are affecting a target. For instance, if opponents increase their Attack and Defense stats during battle, it will suddenly come back to bite them when Topsy-Turvy is used.
  • The Dark- and Psychic-type Pokémon Malamar is the evolved form of Inkay and may have the strongest hypnotic force of any known Pokémon, helping it to bend opponents to its will. As a result, humans with ill intentions try to use Malamar to aid in their devious plots. Malamar can learn the Psychic-type move Hypnosis, which leaves opponents asleep and for the most part unable to take any actions during battle.
  • The Fairy-type Pokémon Swirlix, which can only be captured in Pokémon X, comes with the new Ability Sweet Veil that keeps Pokémon on the same team from being left asleep in battle. Use Swirlix when facing Double and Triple Battles featuring Pokémon that know moves like Hypnosis. Swirlix can learn the new Fairy-type move Draining Kiss, which does damage to a target while also restoring some HP to the user. Battles will be much easier when you can attack an opponent with Draining Kiss and restore your Pokémon’s health at the same time. Swirlix only eats sweets, causing its body to be sweet and sticky, like cotton candy.
  • Only available for capture in Pokémon Y, the new Fairy-type Pokémon Spritzee emits a unique fragrance that causes anyone who smells it to fall under its spell. Spritzee can learn the Grass-type move Aromatherapy, which causes a Pokémon to exude a relaxing fragrance that heals its allies’ status conditions, such as sleep and poison.
  • It is now known that the previously announced Water-type Pokémon Clauncher can only be captured in Pokémon X, and the Poison- and Water-type Pokémon Skrelp can only be captured in Pokémon Y.

Team Flare are once again confirmed as a mysterious organisation that you come up against, but unlike the CoroCoro translation their motives aren't made clear. Meanwhile, the figure that starts you off will be called Professor Augustine Sycamore, while new Gym leaders will be the sporty Grant and scientific siblings Clemont and Bonnie.

Another new feature will be Wonder Trade, which "allows players to instantly trade a Pokémon for one offered by someone else in the world". The downside is that you don't know what 'mon you'll receive in exchange, which is sure to cause some tension.

So there you go, confirmation of various new Pokémon and characters on the way in the October releases. Let us know what you think below, while you can also feast your eyes on a brand new trailer.

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User Comments (31)



XD375 said:

Wonder Trade won't be doing any favours for people worried about hacked Pokémon and the effects that they can have on our games.



Megumi said:

Finally, a Dark and Psychic type mix.
Now give meh a Bug/Dragon mix. xD



RupeeClock said:

I'm very curious as to what the streetpass features of X/Y will be like.
They tried before with the C-gear in Black/White/Black 2/White 2, but that fell flat as it required you to have the game loaded and running, as opposed to constantly active on the 3DS.



ricklongo said:

Wonder Trade seems like the dumbest feature to ever "grace" a Pokémon game. Not that this will damper my excitement at all.



Newtwo said:

I hope I am getting Pokémon X for christmas. By then, my body will be ready.



AVahne said:

So Xerneas can make rainbow colored lights of love and friendship come out of its anu-...the ground while Yveltal can perform the avian version of MEGA FLARE and destroy everything? Yeah I know which game I'll be getting.

EDIT: Though, Oblivion Wing's animation is really, really bad.



SirQuincealot said:

hopefully the wonder trade system will have a ranking system so you will get around equal quality, maybe even some filters, like level, or rarity?

or another way to do it wold be like ebay, so if you keep giving garbage your rank will go down and you will only get garbage back, or if you consistently dish out the good pokemon to others, you will get good ones in return.



LeVideoGamer said:

As Xerneas and Yveltal seem to be based on Yggdrasil mythology, I wonder if we'll see a serpentine legendary Pokemon at some point? A Dragon/Poison legendary would be really cool.



Ralizah said:

I was thinking about getting X because I prefer Xerneas' design, but seeing Yveltal send a laser beam of death hurtling at its enemy might just be enough to persuade me to go with Y. I wonder if there will be pronounced geographic differences between the two versions like in X and Y.



Arcamenel said:

I think the best news is you can trade for Pokemon on the GTS that you haven't seen yet. I always hated that you had to see the Pokemon before you could ask for it on the GTS.



GamerZack87 said:

@SirQuincealot: Pokémon Z could end up being a sequel to both X and Y, much like B2W2 was to BW.

I am looking forward to this game so much. I probably won't be buying it straight away though, since I'll likely be interstate when it's out. That and the eShop will be slow as a Slowpoke sipping a super-slushy smoothie on a warm sunny Sunday until excitement wears off a bit.



Lalivero said:

@SirQuincealot There's nothing to go by suggesting there will be a Z, so why not enjoy these while it lasts?(general statement) We never got Gray; instead we got sequels, aka different story and not a simple upgrade.



AgentAPE said:

it seems that this generation will be locked, as in no past games trading up. kind of glad about that as B&W are broken. I really dont want to see the games online features flooded with shinies and perfect stat pokemon. that kind of ruined it for me.



Ketchupcat said:

I knew I was getting X before, but this sealed the deal. Now I get a legendary of the brand new type, a cotton candy dog thing, and a pistol shrimp, which is one of my favorite animals!



TwoSmoove said:

Wonder Trade sounds like egg spin, but minus the eggs. As long as people don't consistently put shoddy pokemon up, it could be super useful.



KnightOfNothing said:

I'm glad that Swirlix isn't actually cotton candy, like Vanite being real ice cream. I'm not one to be very picky about Pokemon designs, but a Pokemon that's made of real cotton candy would make me believe that its opponents would brutally eat it to death.



Klinny said:

I actually like the idea of the "Wonder Trade". It sounds like it could be a lot of fun. (It kind of reminds me of the multiplayer trading system on Harvest Moon: ANB.) I kind of like the risk and tension associated with those types of things, lol.

And apparently the GTS is still in the game, but better, so it would just be another option for players wanting to make trades.

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