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Thatgamecompany Twitter Q & A Gives Hope For Future Wii U Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We're looking at touch controls, as they're pretty much universal now"

Thatgamecompany is one of the most highly regarded developers in the industry right now. Over a six year exclusivity deal with Sony it produced the widely praised FlOw and Flower download games, before Journey captured numerous Game of the Year awards and the public's imagination; all of those titles were on PS3. Since Journey, however, thatgamecompany has moved on following the expiry of its Sony deal, stating that it'll now publish its games on multiple platforms.

For Nintendo gamers, particularly those that look forward to promised Wii U eShop titles filtering through the the platform more regularly, that may be a tantalising prospect. Thatgamecompany has previous stated that it'd consider Nintendo platforms for its next game, and a Twitter Q & A has reinforced that possibility. In the tweets below the studio's official account confirms that the Wii U is an option, while a follow-up emphasis on touch inputs perhaps bodes well for the GamePad.

Have any of you played thatgamecompany's PS3 exclusives, and would you like to see the studio's next project on Wii U, or even 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.


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Rafie said:

Journey was a short, but incredible game! If it came to the Wii U...that would be awesome for Nintendo fans to enjoy this game and more games to come from this awesome dev.



sinalefa said:

Both Flower and Journey are amazing games. Made with a lot of care and very relaxing and introspective. I wish them the best in their future projects.



ayanami85 said:

i was the one who ask them the first question! i really hope they release their next game on e-shop too.



ohhaime said:

Flower and Journey are two of the best experiences ever made.
The art,sound ,emotion and sense of exploration are superb and they still feel like you playing a game,which is something a lot of artsy/emotion driven game miss.



WiiLovePeace said:

I've heard a lot of good things about thatgamecompany's games, I'd love to be able to play their future works on Wii U if they turn out as good as their previous games supposedly are. I really do need to pick up their games on PS3 & try them out, one day.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Aaaaand how does this enforce Wii U possibility of thatgamecompany publishing for it? Honestly, this doesn't give me hope. A definite "YES, WE'LL DEVELOP GAMES FOR WII U" would give me hope. This is just "We're thinking about it". :/



Splat said:

Journey isn't a game it's an experience. An amazing experience...



armoredghor said:

I always wondered why they never published for other platforms. They seemed pretty blue ocean to go for Sony only. I'll be happy to see their work on a Nintendo platform!



marck13 said:

Only heard about them and their Games, i'd love to see them and more coming for Wii U. Sounds like a great fit anyway!



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I can't wait to see if thatgamecompany will bring games to the Wii U, I had high hopes for them ever since Journey was released.



SetupDisk said:

I love creative and artsy games but Journey was a waste of money and space on my PS3. Though some people went nuts over it, so it must have some merit.

Never played their other games.



Zodiak13 said:

@Tasuki That is how I felt about Ni No Kuni on PS3. Until that came out their was nothing I really wanted on that system. Journey is a unique experience. Glad I got it on a huge PS store sale because it was short. If they were to make games for the WiiU I would surely give them a try as well.



smashbrolink said:

I would love to see them make something unique and special for the Wii U.
They've got an incredible amount of talent, and the game pad would give them a new medium to do incredible things with.



Shambo said:

Flower would be right at home on Wii U. Motion controls, Off TV, I could actually see me walk around my house, blowing into the mic and tilting the gamepad. Getting dizzy, sitting down, control with sticks for a while, repeat process.

Journey... I love everything about it. Even though there's not a single spoken word or character building cut-scene, I was rooting for the character, singing to my 'co-traveller', and even shed a couple of tears near the end. My jaw nearly left a dent in the floortiles.

I bought all three games on psn, the collection on a disc, and i'd buy the collection again if my visions of the Wii U possibilities were to become reality.

Never liked the ps controller anyway.

Still, of course, I'd prefer something shiny new, a la journey 2.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

@Macarony64 said:

"@ChaosAngel what kind of hope you are looking for? Developing a game for wiiu will not need hope cuz is confirmed."

Well, it gives me hope because I'll know that games will be coming. That and I'll be justified to 'rank' on them for backtracking. ^_^

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