Thatgamecompany is one of the most highly regarded developers in the industry right now. Over a six year exclusivity deal with Sony it produced the widely praised FlOw and Flower download games, before Journey captured numerous Game of the Year awards and the public's imagination; all of those titles were on PS3. Since Journey, however, thatgamecompany has moved on following the expiry of its Sony deal, stating that it'll now publish its games on multiple platforms.

For Nintendo gamers, particularly those that look forward to promised Wii U eShop titles filtering through the the platform more regularly, that may be a tantalising prospect. Thatgamecompany has previous stated that it'd consider Nintendo platforms for its next game, and a Twitter Q & A has reinforced that possibility. In the tweets below the studio's official account confirms that the Wii U is an option, while a follow-up emphasis on touch inputs perhaps bodes well for the GamePad.

Have any of you played thatgamecompany's PS3 exclusives, and would you like to see the studio's next project on Wii U, or even 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.