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Talking Point: Pikmin 3 Shows the First Shoots of the Wii U's Planned Recovery

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's a marathon, not a sprint

For a number of months now we've reported on sales success stories for the 3DS and often had an accompanying Wii U line saying something like "X had a quiet debut week, hardware sales still struggling". Another common refrain, this time instigated by Nintendo itself, has been "the games are coming, the fightback will happen in the second half of the year". The first part is undeniably true, and by the close of 2013 we should have gone from wondering what new games we're supposed to be playing as the weeks pass, to picking and choosing which ones to buy with our limited budgets.

But what about the second part, that fightback that will drag the Wii U back from the precipice, 3DS-style and into the promised land of millions of sales and critical acclaim? That's what we won't know for at least a year, perhaps even 18 months, which is the time it took from the shoots of a 3DS recovery post-price drop to its current status as a darling defying the odds against the flashy (but struggling) Vita and those omnipresent smartphones. Nintendo seems to have achieved a bit of magic with the portable, entering a market where many like to buy games for pennies and cents on their phone — and the userbase for smartphones is mind-boggling in size — yet somehow persuading over 30 million people that, actually, you also want this hardware and to buy retail games. Gamers are familiar with paying for the privilege of gaming, and the 3DS numbers won't match those of the DS family, but in the current market it's an achievement to salute.

For the Wii U its challenge is similar, in that it's plotting a recovery from a painful initial spell of sales, but different in that it's tackling the home console market — which has its own quirks. Some of its issues can legitimately be tied to almost any new system launch, in that new and expensive hardware can have a tough time persuading consumers to part with a lot of cash for a limited launch library, while cheaper alternatives with stacks of games are on the next shelf along. The hardcore fanbase jumps in, yes, but after the inevitable "pre-orders sold out" and "system flies off the shelves at launch" headlines — oh yes, those things happened for the Wii U in various countries — there's a drop off. If you're a less-enthused or 'casual' gamer — apologies for the term — then you're perhaps unlikely to pay more for a Wii U over a Wii or, more likely, a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Those were inevitable challenges that would have probably affected Nintendo regardless, but it's had its own self-inflicted problems. The most commonly recognised is that compelling, must-have software simply hasn't been on offer, and the odd port or mini-game collection (no matter how good) is unlikely to draw in many new gamers. Messaging has been a problem, even if we don't agree with the arguments or roll our eyes out of their sockets at some of the confusion — Wii U is expensive but graphically modest, it's a Wii expansion, there are no games, third-parties have bailed, upgrading isn't worth the cost, for next-gen there's PS4/Xbox One, there are no games (again). Some of these are inaccurate, one is partly true for the time being, while others can be argued for and against until the end of time, but they're just some of the opinions flying around the system that have contributed to it stalling in the market place.

The thing is, some of those viewpoints are unlikely to ever be fully quashed, and there will always be dissenters against Nintendo's console. That's normal, and that's fine, as the same will be the case for the Xbox One and PS4 to varying degrees, and the fact is that the Wii was victim to much mockery and cynicism, yet enjoyed 3-4 years of outstanding success. As with the 3DS, Nintendo has gone to the ultimate emergency plan — first-party games, again and again, and the audience will come. That begins with Pikmin 3, and after its launch weekend in Japan we finally had a positive Wii U sales headline — the game was number one, and the hardware sales had a welcome boost.

For those unfamiliar with the term "shoots of recovery" that we've referenced in the headline, it's worth pointing out that it refers to early signs of economical growth; we've heard plenty of it as the world economy has gone through a mincer in recent years. The results from Japan give us our first positives in so long, but we'll be looking with interest to see how the game and system fare once Pikmin 3 has been on shelves for a full week. The 3DS had its moment where its momentum was such that its sales have been strong for over a year, and monitoring how the Wii U progresses in those stakes will be interesting and vital for the system's future. That time isn't here yet, we should add — again, we may be waiting a year or more to see how sustainable the Wii U becomes — but we finally have a high-profile release and a positive start to watch.

It's a starting gun of Nintendo's stated recovery plan, then, with the race continuing over plenty of months ahead, with new high profile releases — most notably exclusives — coming every remaining month of 2013. Momentum will be key, which is obvious, especially against the onslaught not only of the PS4 and Xbox One, but also the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms that have arguably made life even more tough for the Wii U in recent months. If you want to be picky, you can also highlight the continually popular PC market and some Android-based systems attempting to steal a slice of the pie.

Pikmin 3 is not only the first blast from Nintendo then, but is indicative of the content required to convince consumers to spend out on the Wii U above all of these competitors. Yes, third-party support matters, and the success or otherwise of promising games like Watch_Dogs have a role to play; yet it's exclusives with recognisable concepts or brands that are most persuasive, those experiences only on Wii U. For a reminder, some of these coming in 2013 are below in rough order of appearance.

Nintendo has teased more unannounced titles, but with some multi-platform titles included it's a promising lineup for this year alone; it's arguably more than what prompted the initial turnaround of the 3DS, though the Wii U doesn't have an official price cut or Mario Kart 8 for the Holiday season, so there are trade-offs. Pikmin 3 is merely the beginning, and not even (arguably) a blockbuster name alongside some of those other titles; it'll certainly be intriguing to see how it performs in European and North American charts when the appropriate results come through, and how it impacts on the system in its role as phase one of Nintendo's recovery operation.

Today brought concerned Wii U fans some sales results to at least smile about, and there's a lot to come to cause optimism. It's only the beginning, however, and green shoots do not represent a complete recovery, far from it. First comes a bump in interest, which is vital, but next has to come sustained momentum throughout 2013 and beyond.

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Znerd said:

Well this is true as for as all nintendo systems go remeber the when the wii sales skyrocketed after super mario galaxy relased it really those eclusive 1st party games that alwas saves Nintendo in the end and Pikmin 3 is just the beging



brucelebnd said:

the biggest news for Nintendo is the fact that China will probably lift it's ban on video game consoles. I've read the Chinese govt. will probably heavily regulate what games are allowed to be sold.

who's games are more family friendly then Nintendo?

Microsoft doesn't sell well in Asia and Sony doesn't have the 1st party games like Nintendo. the Wii U is going to steam roll the comp.



Peach64 said:

I think some people are over-reacting to just how much of a bump in sales this was, but I genuinely do think this is the end of the abysmal weekly sales. I don't know if anything in 2013 is going to make the sales really take off, but for the last 6 months the Wii U has been achieving some of the worst weekly sales for any console in history, and it's been doing it in all 3 major territories. In my opinion the reason was not the price, it wasn't that people hate Nintendo, it was just that it had NO games that people cared about. For me Pikmin 3 is the first Wii U title I'd even think of buying, but luckily the 2nd title, Wonderful 101 is just around the corner. So while the library might look a little slim for a while longer, at least there will now be SOMETHING to entice people, because ports of Wii/360/PS3 games just weren't doing it.



brucelebnd said:

plus I find it funny how some are writing off the Wii U when it's sales up to this point are better than those of the 360 or PS3 at the same point after their respective releases.

also the pre order number for the PS4 and Xbox one are that great. if you look though the hyperbole "it sold a 1000 units a minute" people are basing most of the hype on what ranking they are on amazon but with hard numbers.

VGChartz reported as of june 20th the PS4 has sold 75k and Xbox 1 has sold 45K in the US.

the Wii U has 1.2 million pre order buys

it takes a level head to look though the hype.

BTW Pikman 3 looks AWESOME!



rjejr said:

Thanks for the upcoming line-up list, much appreciated.

Despite the lack of 3rd party support the WiiU still gets Rayman, Disney Infinty (added for Damo), Watch_Dogs, AC4, Batman and a few others.

"Shoots" comes from "green shoots" which is a quote made famous by US Fed Chairman Ben Bernake and popular by Ric Santelli.

(I really shouldn't post from my Tab but day 4 of the 90' heat melted my PC.)



IxnayontheCK said:

Pikmin in my opinion won't explode Wii U sales in the US. of course we're looking forward to it but is your average GTA/CoD/GoW gamer? Probably not. Unfortunately.



gilvelez1 said:

It IS the beginning of "recovery"- for those that consider the WiiU a failure in terms of sales.
Regardless of sales I think one has to realize that Nintendo will not stop "injecting" the system due to sales- this isn't Virtual Boy days- and if one trult is a fan of Nintendo then you would know that the "recovery" started with the release of the update, Virtual Console, and Luigi U- along with all the indie games I have downloaded, rayman challenge app, and all the high profile games the system does have at the moment (NSMBU, ZOMBIU, REVEALTIONS, BlackOPs2, LegoCity, Injustice- ) I'm quite happy with my WiiU!! (And all my VC games )



Dormouse said:

I'm a Wii U owner and sadly the only game I'm somewhat interested in is Donkey Long and that's only because its the prettiest turd in the toilet. The games I'm actually looking forward to and am excited about are; Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros ....gee I guess that's it. Mario 3D World doesn't appeal to me. I wish it did but it does not.
I Hope Nintendo makes their own FPS. Not that I love the genre but there's no denying it has a huge following and knowing Nintendo you'd know it would be very different not your typical shooter. That's why I'm hoping they make one... Its be so interesting to see a shooter with animated graphics from Nintendo. Also Metroid should make a comeback. Really hope they make a new StarFox. Or revive some really obscure NES franchise.
If i heard about these games, I'd be really excited about owning a Wii U but as of right now... Ive got buyers remorse and will continue to feel that way at least for another year unfortunately.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i'm happy i got my Wii U day one, sure the lack of games sucks but i'm patient. wii u will be the system to have in 2 years time, well that and ps4. say what you want, ps4 looks crazy awesome



Icefreak45 said:

I'm expecting the Wii U to really take off once Mario Kart comes around, after that it's up to Nintendo to continue to bring experiences that will steady sales to be decent and not terrible in the wake of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.



herzausstein said:

already preordered Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and DKC: TF. Hoping to get more money saved up for Windwaker, Sonic Lost World, Mario 3d World, Deus Ex, Splintercell, and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because i don't know. After that i have to save up for Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart, and X. Nintendo has made my wallet sad.

I really want to get a 3ds to play the new zelda but too many good games coming for wii U that i feel i must get.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Dormouse I see where your coming from man, I like the look of w 101 but ssb isn't for me and the new 3d Mario looks uninspired.....however Nintendo were never going to go big with a gamble like a fps until the console was 'safe'. To achieve this people need to buy the odd game outside their comfort zone to maybe b surprised they like it. After all we want people to take a gamble on the Wii u in general to show support so shouldn't we?



hamae said:

When PS4 & Xbox1 comes, their largest competitor will probably be PS3 & 360. I just don't see the so-called next generation will go very well, just my guess.
So Nintendo just need to continue to do their own thing, and work the way back up slowly. Unlike N64 & GC, WiiU started early and have extra time for corrections.



ianandian33 said:

I have hated the doom and gloom surrounding the WiiU for the last few months, I'm a proud owner of my WiiU as I have been for every one of my previous Nintendo consoles because if people remember correctly even when the Gamecube & N64 were trailing behind the competition we still got some of the most exclusive groundbreaking games you have ever played! Super Mario 64, Ocarina of time, Goldeneye and tons more when you think about it! Even if the masses don't go out in droves to buy a WiiU (and if they have any sense they should) we will never be short of fantastic games to play



QuickSilver88 said:

@rjejr Don't forget skylanders swap force (skylanders sold huge on Wii) and even though not officially announce it appears WiiU will get COD Ghosts (according to official UK Nintendo mag). I actually think Disney Infinty and Skylander will do more to drive xmas sales for WiiU this year than anything else on the market.



mikeyman64 said:

I think we all predicted that Pikmin 3 would be a booster title, even if we hadn't expected the Wii U's launch to be so sparse.

Just preordered it the other day, and there are very few games I am interested in preordering without any kind of bonus. Can't wait!



PokeTune said:

I think some people are over-reacting as Peach64 said about this sale increase. Its really not that much in the grand scheme of things.



CrimsonFire said:

I say some people will only buy pikmin,not because they played 1 or 2,but because Olimar was in Brawl,they'll notice the pikmin and go out and buy it for that reason.



Savino said:

Too bad I don´t like Pikmin! My wife does, but she was drawn inside the mobile wave...



Ren said:

if that list is it than it doesn't look so good. Mario 3d is the only thing there that could move hardware after Pikmin.
Pikmin was a weird choice to try and boost anything. it was really only even a sleeper hit for dedicated N nerds and I can't see that changing with this one.
You can't compare the timeline of the 360/ps3 to the WiiU, since the entire games industry was nowhere near what it is now.
in fact Pikmin 1 sales (about 1 mil to date) are pretty good considering the times then but today with the market as it is now even triple that is not a sign of a boom. that mario 3d has got to make a big splash or I think it'll be the beginning of a selloff.
Nintendo is a fighting company, though, so you can bet there'll be an amazing Zelda and Metroid to come if the WiiU doesn't make big waves overall (with tons of delays). I'll get one then when it's dirt cheap and everyones dumping them on craigslist.



RedRocBoy said:

A Poke'mon game would do wonders on the Wii U especially if they used the NFC. I can think so many was to use the GamePad in a Poke'mon game. Nintendo and GameFreak really need to wake up and make that happen. Oh yeah just paid off Splinter Cell couple days ago, getting Pikmin when it drops can't wait for Wonderful 101 and the other first and third party games. Gonna be an awesome rest of the year.



Senario said:

@Dormouse But Nintendo already had an FPS game, Metroid Prime (series).

I do wish Pikmin was a bigger deal in the West than it currently is seeing as I've been a fan of the series for a while now. I'm excited for Pikmin 3 and I am definitely picking it up since I already have a wii U (loaded with virtual console stuff+wii game save files).



rastamadeus said:

I was discussing (on Pushsquare) last night how Sony could save Vita, saying that they can't, the system is dead and we should just enjoy it while it lasts rather than worrying. I made the point that Wii U is different having not even been out for a year. A few people didn't like that or how I pointed out the Wii U has games on the way that will sell systems while Vita has games on the way that are cult games which will sell to fans but not sell systems. With the news Pikmin 3 is selling I feel what I said is more true than I'd thought. However if by spring next year things haven't turned around the console is well and truly buggered.



YoshiTails said:

I've been a big fan of Nintendo for 15 years and find myself in an unprecedented situation. I own two 3DS consoles and no Wii U.

This doesn't make sense. It's bizarre, why the hell do I want two of the same handheld but no modern home console?

I chose having a bigger screened 3DS because Luigi's mansion, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Mario and Luigi and Zelda: Link Between Worlds excite me.

That's a lot of games, not even including a MarioKart or mario platformer.

It feels very lopsided, the chasm between software for 3DS and Wii U. And I still might not buy one for Mariokart 8 or Super Mario 3D world. Because they're too safe. They are essentially 3DS sequels on the home console. This, to be frank, feels nonsensical. To buy a Wii U, a blockbuster Mario, a blockbuster Zelda, some clever intriguing games (Like Luigi's mansion or Advance wars) might encourage me.

It needs a LOT more. Something Fresh. I can get all the Nintendo Gaming I need on a 3DS right now. Leaving the question of why should I buy a Wii U lingering in the air. And it's a question that feels staler as time goes on.



gameboy1975 said:

Well to be fair, I see people overreacting about a ton of this stuff as well. Like with every piece of negative info or Patcher prediction. Funny how when there's data CLEARLY showing a correlation between the release of a title & a spike in systems sold, it's to be overlooked & downplayed almost immediately. Yet when vague comments are made by any retailers pointing out less than stellar sales it is gospel.

And really, I also think that most people have a flawed idea of what constitutes a "system seller"; because even if only 2 people purchase a system for ANY game, that in itself would indeed make that game a system seller Whether you expect more units moved or care for that title or not is irrelevant in that situation. If a system is purchased becauss someone wanted to play that game, then it has indeed served it's purpose as a system seller.



MrCharles77 said:

Bought pikmin 3 today (pre-order), really looking forward to this game, I think It will be "the" turning point for WiiU. This game will show us what is the potencial of the console, in what concerns dedicated content.



JaxonH said:

@Dormouse I can't believe you're calling Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze a turd. Seriously? Let me tell you something- Nintendo is known for making some of the greatest games in the world. Some of the funnest, most balanced, well polished and addictive games in the world. This is not just my opinion, but one held by a large majority of fans, critics, and journalists alike. Donkey Kong Country Returns received mass critical appraise across the board, averaging at least a 9 out of 10 on most every site that reviews video games. Now, you may not like the game (which would make you part of a very small minority, VERY small), but just because a game doesn't fit your preferences does not mean it is a bad game. There are many AAA, fantastic games out there that aren't my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean those games are "turds" as you put it. Not to mention, you HAVE NOT EVEN PLAYED THE GAME. So you have no frame of reference for your accusation. Considering its predecessor, DKC Tropical Freeze is shaping up to be not just a fantastic game, but could quite possibly end up being one of the best games of this generation, which will be evidenced by critical reception. I don't care who you are or what your opinions are, that game is not a "turd". As a matter of fact it exemplifies everything Nintendo stands for, through it's addictive gameplay, amazing visuals, innovative stage design, and let's not forget, is being developed by one of the most highly-regarded studios in the entire industry. It doesn't get much better than DKC Tropical Freeze- these are the kinds of games we Nintendo fans salivate over. If it's not your kind of game, and if Zelda Windwaker, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, or Mario 3D World doesn't interest you, or any of the other absolute gems Nintendo is bringing, you're probably just not a Nintendo kind of guy (or gal). Perhaps PS4 would have been a better choice for you than Wii U? At least then you wouldn't have to tolerate the garbage Nintendo makes, and would have real games to play...



banacheck said:

[VGChartz reported as of june 20th the PS4 has sold 75k and Xbox 1 has sold 45K in the US.]

VGChartz did that just for the E3 week, amazon sold pre sales 2,500 units next-gen console purchases per minute funneling through the online retailer, setting pre-sales at record levels at Amazon. pre sales for the E3 week for the PS4 is doing very well, see as in US Xbox out sells Playstation usually, It'll be good to see the final figures.

Nice to see the Wii U get a boost, cannot wait until Pikmin3.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@gameboy1975: well said. The average consumer doesn't follow sales, heck most people don't. The hardcore care, like most of the folks posting here. But this constant complaining about the WiiU's lack of games is silly. I play a few hours a week, and it's GameCube games because I have such a backlog. Again the folks complaining are either playing way too many games or have way too much time on their hands.



thepitt said:

Sadly, hardcore gamers aren't running out to wait in 2 day lines to play Pikman. I think the game is absolutely horrid; like a Pokemon or Power Rangers game. I'm sure it goes over well with the kids, but no thanks.



Arcamenel said:

lol you know someone has no idea what they're talking about when they call Pokemon horrid.



Dogpigfish said:

MS owns the Internet. They'll spin Nindi however which way they want. I tried googling worst moments of E3 and the majority of hits were bashing Nindi. ...and no, this isn't the worse sales for a console, it's right on par with most systems, just isn't performing as well as the record breaking Wii. Wake up and try and use your brain instead of having others do it for you.



CAM290 said:

The Wii U situation is like watching a spaceship evacuating a doomed earth with your loved ones on board finally take off. There wasn't enough room for you. After what seemed to be a stalled out engine (and certain doom) finally lifting off & carrying your family to safety you can't help but smile.

Man i'd be a good father! (and a good in game scene developer xD)



Kirk said:

When you have a console with so few big games announced or coming out, especially from third parties, that Wii U gamers are desperate for absolutely anything that's half decent it's not surprising that one of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games, and it's a good game to boot, has sold in pretty decent numbers.

I'll wait until quite a few more months have passed before even pretending the Wii U is on any kind of recovery path...



rjejr said:

@QuickSilver88 - funny thing, in retrospect I meant to write Skylanders, not Disney Infinity, b/c Damo had claimed Skylanders would push WiiU sales but I said Disney would crush Skylanders, its over, people have had enough. But yeah, I predict both will sell on WiiU.



Dormouse said:

@JaxonH you're right, i take it back. Donkey Kong is not crap. In fact its one of the most challenging platformers ive played in a long time. I guess I was just a little disappointed when i found out that Tropical Freeze is what theyve been working on this whole time. I was really hoping for a starfox revival or even another metroid prime esque type game.
I'm also a little bummed that even those these games are great they weren't repeased at launch. I've had a wii U since launch and C'mon tell me you havent been itching to play something a little more amazing than NSMBU.
Alotta VC games I already have i still got my NES SNES N64 GBA ETC. I guess I'm just impatient? But rightfully so.... It has been a bit of a drought this year i dont think there's any denying that.
But one thing good has come out of this situation for me at least and thats, that I got a 3DS a couple months ago and MaN! The 3DS is like Am/PM commercial slogan "Too much Good stuff!" I'm loving it! Im convinced its the best handheld theyvd made ever and I have them all! Been playing since the original gameBoy.
My wife introduced me to a game called Animal crossing and well im addicted. Also recommend the star ship damerey, Luigis Mansion 2, Mario Kart7, can't wait for dream team. Glad that thing has been keeping me busy! So in a way that helps a lot. I'm sure the Wii U in time will have tons of games.

Also whoever says wii u isnt as powerful as PS4 or Xbox One ... I say it doesnt matter, the wii U looks beautiful regardless and Nintendo games are timeless I play N64 all the time... How much can peopld say that about PS one? Pshh



QuickSilver88 said:


Well the official UK Nintendo magazine is running a feature on it this month and did a developer interview. They are known to be reputable so I think it is coming. My guess is the fact that COD Ghosts is considered a huge deal for XB One is a factor in it not getting announced at E3 and officially yet in the US where the game is expected to be a main liner for the XBone's launch. I really think we will get it and hope we get the proposed WiiU gamepad Zapper as that would make an impressive combo for the FPS crowd. They acutally did a pretty nice job on COD BOPS2 for WiiU, I was dissapointed more people didn't buy it or play it as the online is good, the motion controls are good, and 2 player local with gamepad is good. With no other real FPS on WiiU this year Activision would be crazy to not give this a go one more time and see if it can't produce better sales.



QuickSilver88 said:

@rjejr I would think Skylanders is worn out too, but the Kiddies love it and the new swap force actually looked pretty cool. If Nintendo had half a brain (not sure on the marketing side at this point) they would do a bundle with one of those games pre-loaded on a pro system. It would sell like hotcakes and because both games are built to sell those stupid little toys the publishers would be smart to give Nintendo the game for digital distribution (no disc publishing costs) and then sit back and reap the proffits off their figurines. The game lineup for this year is going to be 'solid' but I think if WiiU is going to sell well this xmas it is going to take pricing and bundles to really move them until MK8, SSBM, and other really desirable titles arrive in 2014.



WinterWarm said:


I doubt you made one grammatically correct sentence in that post.

Aaaanyway, though I'm not a fan of WiiU, I hope the revival goes like the 3DS. Nintendo's making progress, yay big N!



Shambo said:

@feline2 They also published Geist on Gamecube, which was -despite its flaws- still an amazing... well... fpa



JaxonH said:

@Dormouse Glad to hear you got a 3DS, yeah there are alot of good games for it. I have played and beat every 1st party title up to date, except for Animal Crossing, which Idk if there is such a thing as beating it, but I was surprised how fun it is. Not my usual kind of game ya know. I'd also highly recommend Fire Emblem Awakening if you want a more enthralling, engaging experience. I'd rank it as one of my favorite games ever, it's just a really good game! As for the Wii U, I can understand where you're coming from, but personally I'm very happy with the lineup. All in all, there's some real gems comin our way. As for deeper experiences, we do have Windwaker coming (I know it's a remake, but I never played it so it's like a brand new game to me and quite a few others), as well as X and SMT x Fire Emblem. We also know the new Zelda should be coming next year, and Metroid is guaranteed to come sooner or later. Personally, I don't mind if it's not right away- we have 6 years of releases to look forward to, can't get everything all in the first yr or 2 ya know. But actually, that's where 3rd parties come into play. Splinter Cell Blacklist comes out in a month- that's gonna be excellent. Then there's Deus Ex in Sept, Batman Arkham Origins in Oct, Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4 in Nov... those will all be epic games, and well more than keep me occupied until Nintendo brings out it's deeper games. But yeah, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 both look like they have alot to offer, and what can I say, DKC Returns is one of my fave games ever, so the new one has me more than excited.



JaxonH said:

@Dormouse And don't take me wrong, I don't mean to knock PS4, I think all consoles have something unique to offer. I pre ordered a PS4, but tbh there's no games coming in the first year of its release that interest me much. Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15, Metal Gear Solid 5 and Mirrors Edge 2 all look great, but won't be coming for YEARS. FF15 might come holiday 2014, MAYBE, but the rest look like 2015 releases. My point is, I'll buy all the consoles, but if I had to choose 1 to live with, it'd be WiiU hands down... And as cool as Vita is, I play my 3DS way more



Araknie said:

Pikmin 3 is a KA in the Japanese market and the live reactions from anyone who got it it's a proof.

The point is: Western market is still open to Japanese oriented games? If a SNES would be out today, will it sell? Those are the questions, really, Nintendo, i hope, will not turn more Western and do what everybody is doing because they are the last chanche for many Japanese developers to make something will not get a publisher on other consoles. It's like that since the Wii and DS market so it's no news, that when Sony (Microsoft is really out the Japanese market), in 2006, when Sony slowly decided that praising the westerns was more important than having a true identity like with the PS1 and PS2.
So the final question is: there is still market for Japanese market that many people still love but so many others make fun of everyday?



element187 said:

@Peach64 Consoles sales almost tripled and that was only results from 1 or 2 days... the real information comes in the next report when Pikmin has been on the market for a full week.. if console sales still increase and the game stays on the charts near the top, it will put alot more favor in the camp that believes "it needs games"

But Pikmin 3 is never by itself isn't going to save the Wii U.... only the idiots at NeoGAF are running around calling people idiots for believing that (nobody believes its a system seller)... but the entire COMBINED exclusives coming out for the system for this year is what will propel it back to at least enjoy normal sales..... I think its a contraction in the industry as a whole, and xBone will probably come in a distant 4th behind Ouya.



zeldagaymer93 said:

Random question about this game. Does it only support local multiplayer? That's what it looks like. Nintendo is so bad at creating online multiplayer games. It's like they are still stuck in the 90s. Sure it's more ideal to play locally but sometimes that can't always work. Could you imagine Skype saying "Well it's better to talk in person so let's stop development now."



DaveC said:

@CAM290 "The Wii U situation is like watching a spaceship evacuating a doomed earth with your loved ones on board finally take off."

To me it seems that the Wii U is a ship that they said was unsinkable but has hit an iceburg. They tried to steer away from it but there wasn't enough time. It doesn't go down immediately but continues to float for a long enough time that people on board don't even think there is a problem and refuse to get into the lifeboats (like most people here). But alas it does go down, and lifeboats only half full. I will get into that lifeboat called PS4. That is kind of good anyway because I also happen to like dudebro shooters and action RPGs like The Witcher, Infamous, Skyrim, Fallout etc.

Where Nintendo blew it was not having great first party "wow" launch titles, and being too conservative by making the hardware too weak. When I got mine it was a dissapointment. The ports were worse than the 360 version and the game Zombi U was a buggy mess rife with game ending bugs. What was Nintendo doing all of those years while the U was in development? Why weren't they working on more games further ahead of time? It seemed like they got surprised by their own system. It is like "Hey where did this Wii U thing come from? I didn't know we launched that, we better start making games for it".

My 3DS will give me enough of the Nintendo style games to keep me happy there.



MrGuinea said:

If you're wanting to play CoD/GoW/GTA then go play another system. Because it's a shame that you can't play any actually GOOD games. Those that say Pikmin is just a "kids" games are obviously uncomfortable with their gaming identity. Pikmin is one of the best RTS games I've ever played hands down. Just because it isn't an FPS, doesn't have guns or blood doesn't make it just a kids game. Some people are so stubborn to admit a good game when they see one. They instead base it off of things that shouldn't matter to what makes a great game.

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