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Strider Could Come To The Wii U eShop "If There's Demand For It"

Posted by Andy Green

Double Helix could port the game easily enough

Capcom announced a couple of days ago at San Diego Comic Con that a new Strider game was in the works and will be released digitally on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It's a non-linear sidescrolling action game and Double Helix, the studio behind the upcoming free-to-play Killer Instinct on Xbox One, is developing it.

There was a bit of confusion over whether it would be coming to the Wii U eShop but it was later confirmed it will not be. However, there appears to be a chance it could make it eventually if there is demand for it.

Coming from NeoGAF:

First of all, Double Helix is developing the game. However Capcom Osaka is overviewing everything including the design.

Secondly, it releases for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC via Steam. I was mistaken in thinking I saw the eshop logo when I made the first tweet. I tried to correct it but getting any type of internet connection here is a miracle. I spoke with a few members of Double Helix about Wii U and they said they can port it “if there’s a demand for it.

So it looks as though Strider could make an appearance on Wii U eventually. It's scheduled for release in early 2014, so it'll be a while off yet.

Would you like to see Strider come to the eShop? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Linkstrikesback said:

It's not coming to Wii U.

Just like every other thing that has been said would come "if there is demand". Spoiler warning: There's no demand for wii u anything yet.



sdcazares1980 said:

There's a demand! There's a demand!

Do really need to send another petition on this? I just signed the one to have Soul Calibur 2 for the Wii U.




Chomposaur said:

How pathetic. Wii U owners have to BEG for games to be released onto the system...



MasterGraveheart said:

Yeah, this is a joke. Just assuming there's no demand for your game on a brand freakin' new Nintendo console. I refuse to warship at the feet of third parties just to get the "honor" of having one of their big budget games or retrophile heartstring pullers on our platforms. You don't wanna make your games for Nintendo platforms? Fine. Good luck getting my money.



Aerona said:

I am getting sick of having to beg for games. If you want my money, release the game on the Wii U, if not then you can keep your little HD remake.



tsm7 said:

I don't know enough about the game to say I would buy it. However, the cost of porting a game for digital release after porting it to so many platforms with similar archetecture cannot be that high.



Bulbousaur said:

I do want this game, but it is pretty stupid how developers always say "if there's demand for it" when it comes to Wii U ports... Seriously, its been released for every other viable platform, so why not Wii U?



Einherjar said:

@UgliestSoup And why not if i may ask ?

Strider 2 is one of the best arcade hack and slash / platformers out there. Im defenitly interested in a sequel. But like @JogurtTheYogurt said: Do we really have to beg for every game to be released on the system ? What the heck is wrong here ? Its not like the system is a new Virtual Boy. Yes, the architecture is different from the other two HD consoles, sure, but you cant seriously tell me that this is too much for companies to handle that were in the business ever since. They are backed by capcom, and capcom has worked on more different systems than you could count, also, they could use capcoms own MT Frameworks engine. That thing can run HD Games on a toaster.
@ScorpionMG Also very very true. Hype besides, there is no definite evidence, that anyone will buy either of the new upcomming systems. Yeah, preorders...if you look around some forums, these get canceled as soon as one of the devs has a hicup... They are absolutely not reliable.
So, they are pumping all their money into systems that cound end up with a smaller install base than the WiiU. And then ? What are the excuses then if your calculations and graphs show you, that it would have been way more profitable to invest into a WiiU version ?
To be honest, ive come to the point that i think this has nothing to do with sales figures and is simply a "meme". A few developers jumped of the wagon and now everyone has to do it if they want to be hip and cool. Its the old "Call of Duty desease". Every shooter nowadays that is not set in a fictional setting (and sometimes even these) must be as close to CoD as possible, even if they risk being called a ripoff. Why ? Just to be in the cool kids club, because CoD is cool, right kids ?
Its really embareassing how rotten the whole industrie has become. I sound like a parrot but: What are these devs wayting for ? How do they expect to make money without making games ? How do they expect any sales figures if there is nothing to buy ? If the sales figures are low, why not be the first to bring them up with YOUR games ? Oh...maybe because your games arent that good to be system seller ? Wayting for someone else to take a plunge and than consider jumping after them if the water was deep enough ?
Lets make a lottery game: After Nintendos first party games hit (Pikmin, Smash, X, Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda etc) and the system sells like hot butter, for every third party developer that suddenly wants to be the big supporter of this "revolutionary system" you have to have a dring...I say it here: If you play this game, you arent going to survive it. If these maggots smell the profit, they are comming crawled in in swarmes.
I rambled for far too much, geeze, these topics get me really worked up...



CanisWolfred said:

@Pixel-Perfect They don't need your money necessarily. They need a lot of people's money. What they're looking for is a lot of people to prove that they're willing to give them their money. The Wii U has a small install base, and Nintendo gamers are notorious for only buying Nintendo games. Of course they need proof that the few Wii U gamers there are will actually buy it, especially since they need a larger percentage of people to buy their games in order to make their money back.

@Bulby Because the Wii U has a smaller install Base than those consoles.

@tsm7 It's not like they hit a button a button and suddenly it's ported to the Wii U. Porting between the PS4 and Xbox One would be simple. The PS3 and 360 have massive install bases, with a larger percentage of people that buy digital. They'll make money off of those ports. But whose to say they'd make money off of a Wii U port?



hYdeks said:

I think they should, I loved it since the Genesis days, so I'ld play it



CanisWolfred said:

@Pixel-Perfect "If you want my money, release the game on the Wii U, if not then you can keep your little HD remake." How else am I supposed to interpret that, seriously? You flat out talked from your persobal perspective, and said "If you want my money" as if your opinion and your money is all that matters, without even thinking from their point of view.

@Einherjar If thousands of people pre-order, that shows there's demand. Whose to say that thoser pre-orders are simply a fraction of the people who'll buy the consoles within the first year? Yes, there's no guarantee, and business is always a risk. But you have to make intelligent risks, and putting a brand new game on a console with a low install base, with proven low sales of third-party games, is not a good risk to take. All they're asking is for people to prove them wrong, that enough of the install base is willing to part with their money to make a port worthwhile. That is why you have to "beg".



Aerona said:

@CanisWolfred, Ah, well I am sorry for commenting from my personal perspective. Nasty habit. I'll make the appropriate adjustments.

I am tired of having to beg for games. [Not that I shouldn't have to or anything -ed] If they want my money [and by extension, all the other Wii U owners, obviously -ed] then release the game on the Wii U, [which isn't to imply that they even want our money, I guess -ed] if not then you can keep your little HD remake. [As far as I'm concerned -ed]



Relias said:

I hate this crap... first off there is nothing to say there is not a demand.. hell it's a Eshop game.. which is almost naked on the Wii U at this point release it.. it should do well.. if it';s a good game.. also I never understand 3rd party companies always complaining their games don't do well on a Nintendo system.. always says Nintendo games hog their sales.. and then comes back and says it's up to Nintendo to make their system a viable choice.. before they put their games out.. their logic is so backwards and stupid.. it almost makes me want to B-Slap em all.. if you released really good games on a Nintendo System on time.. that can compare to other systems.. or on time in general.. you would see better sales.. if you actually put the time and effort into a game.. and made it look better than a PS3.. and do not give me that excuse Wii U is so weak it can't do better.. if you believe that.. well anyway.. not to mention if you release them when the big N is not unloading all their hits.. and actually.. during times when Nintendo fans don't have a lot to choose from.. you might get better sales.. Ubi as an example.. will tank this year most likely.. and will say that because they did they will not support the Wii U.. but actually other than maybe Splinter Cell.. there is not one game they are releasing that is not to close to a Nintendo franchise... and in ref. to a joke Namco used on the PS Vita.. Why would Ubi's sells tank?? I DON'T KNOW..



Vriess said:

"if there is a demand for it"

I HATE IT! when developers say that. Their excuse to skip/ignore a platform!



7uss3in said:

actually there is a demand on #StriderforWiiu
if you want the game demand it in the studio porfile on twitter DoubleHelixGame
and #StriderforWiiu on your tweet



Einherjar said:

@CanisWolfred The problem is: With what are we supposed to show demand or the willingnes to buy games ? Nintendos first party games sold well, but these dont seem to count. ZombieU was bundled with the console and most of the people i know got that edition. Im not sure if bundled games are counted. Nevertheless, it got low but "ok" sales. All the other games ? They were ports of games that already existed a couple of years ago on other systems. Not many people are willing to buy a game twice. And the multi console games that did recieve a WiiU version ? Look at Injustice. It got hampered from the beginning because the dev said from the start, that DLC support will be unlikely on the WiiU. So, are they really thinking: "Get the inferior game without dev support on the WIiU to show your support" If this business is all about intelligent risks, i ask you why they are expecting good sales from a "risky" port if the dont promise their support from the getgo ? If yomething is risky, you have to give it your all to lessen the risk right ? In terms of this game it means: "On par with every other system plus the benefit of the console with miiverse integration and off-tv play" THAT would be a sales argument. And if it turns out to be the inferior port, THEN you can say its not worth it.
The point im trieing to make is: There was never a real game to measure sales figures against, since all these examples were crippled from the start by poor dev support or just beeing a port of a year old game. And this day and age, where people sell their games as soon as the end credits are near, releasing slightly enhaced ports seem to be worse than the plague (or a Nicolas Cage movie)
And since its now a proven tactic to say "there is no interest" how should this so called interest ever be shown ?
Look at the outrage a mere delay of the rayman game caused. If thats not demand, than what is ? And still, devs and publishers claim that there is no demand from us gamers.
WiiU dont get baught because there are no (few) games = there are no games because the WiiU doesnt get sold.
With that cicle, there is simply no way to show, that there is infact demand. But there are hiding behind each other, wayting for someone making the first step. But the only thing every dev is saying is "no, not me, you go first" like in a silly Monty Python sketch. But thats simply what the game industry has become: A mere joke, and not even a funny one.



tsm7 said:

@CanisWolfred : I didn't say it would be like hitting a button or that they are guaranteed a profit. I said the cost to port it wouldn't be high. By that I mean high enough to be of great risk. They are already casting a very wide net. I'm not saying they have to put it on Wii U but the game will sell better on some platforms and worse on others.



Einherjar said:

@Relias The funny thing is: This didnt keep them from releasing the new Tomb Raider on the PS3 although Uncharted DEFINITLY hogs all the sales in the 3rd Person Adverture genre on that system. Or the old CoD comparison: WIth that mindset, there wouldnt be ANY shooters left to publish, since CoD will surely hog all their sales. And still, no one cared. But on the WiiU, they suddely care ? That Nintendo will hog the sales with completely different games (if your honest, "Nintendo" is almost a genre of its own instead of a company name) that attract people to the console, giving the 3rd party game more chances to be bought.
Youre absolutely right. This sort of thinking is absolutely ridiculous.



JustinH said:

@CanisWolfred I'm not sure why you're all over @Pixel-Perfect, who can only buy or not buy a game as an individual. Maybe Capcom is making a good business decision, but perhaps not. Regardless, the consumer has every right to say "no sale." They should be honoured we spent our hard-earned money on their product, not the other way around.



TwilightV said:

No thanks, i'd rather see Capcom get off their lazy expletives and actually make a game worth playing instead of these tasteless rehashes they're trying to pawn off on their sheepish fanbase. And yes, that includes the "new" sequels in their zombie survival horror trash.



ogo79 said:

they just need to add the genesis version on wii u for save states. give us a good 16 bit sequel.



Tylr said:

There should not be any of this "If there is demand for it" excuse they give us. These developers (in my opinion, of course) need to bite their lip, and just release these games because (again, my opinion) they would 1) Help the Wii U 2) and there will not be a big difference between sales across the platforms (Yes, I could be wrong, but thats going on a slew of platforms, but Wii U. As if potential Wii U sales could hurt it.)



BATRA said:

Third parties may not no this that there is a demand of game for the Wii U
In Japan Pikmin made user base 93,000 players who buy this game and third parties say their are no user base on the Wii U
Third parties need to stop this its not good to making false statement about the Wii U there are a user base on the Wii U look at Earthbound game that came out it made 20,000 user base players so who are those Wii U owners then?



sinalefa said:

If third party devs are afraid that I don't give my money to them and I give it to Nintendo instead, since they are not porting their games to Wii U, then I will give my money to Nintendo and not to the third party devs. Self fulfilled prophecy right there!



Einherjar said:

@BATRA Is your CapsLock broken ?
@Tylr Exactly. THEY should be the ones convincing us, the audience, to buy their games. Its kinds freaky if you think about it: We have to convince them, that we would be convinceable to buy their game if they would be convinced to release it...What a sack of..stuff that drops out from behind a cow that is.



Samurai_Goroh said:

How about "Hell no"? Having never played the original Strider and this being developed by the same team working on "Killer Instinct One" gives me no confidence in this nor desire to play it. Seen nothing that remarkable in the trailer. So, how about Capcom tries to convince me, the consumer, that I need to have Strider, rather than me being bent on my knees begging the all-mighty ones to allow me a purchase of their product?
I signed the SCII petition yesterday, but that's a product that proven it's worth already. Also, begging for every single game to come to the Wii U is tiresome. Why do 3rd party do this always to Nintendo, and happily commit to yet to come consoles with zero userbase?



Tylr said:

@Samurai_Goroh Capcom seems to have this strange idea lately that their consumer should kneel before them and beg for their product. Having canceled Megaman Legends 3 because of their claim of not enough support for it just puts them in a bad light, right beside the rest of the developers ignoring Wii U.
@Einherjar Couldn't agree more with you.



Shambo said:

I too am tired of them 'playing it safe'. Seriously, aren't they tired of copy-pasting that same sentence over and over? 'If there's demand for it'...
Of course their is, if you make a good game, publish it properly, and for a right price. Saying it'd be easy to do and then saying you'll only do so if people beg for it, is not only in-your-face lazy, it's also really arrogant and downright ugly.
I might get it if they release it, but for treating fans with such a pretentious air, I'd at least wait until a price drop and a few positive reviews. No way I'd pay full price for an obvious afterthought.



Emblem said:

Double Helix? Hmmmm i don't think we want this game. Have they ever made a decent game?



Einherjar said:

@Tylr Capcom is a really strange case in the last few years if you ask me. People fall over MegaMan fangames like starved hyenas (the demand for Street FIghter X MegaMan was high enough to topple their otherwise pretty stable servers) and they are still convinced, that there is no demand for an "official" MegaMan game. Even Nintendo, the masters of "not releasing a new Starfox and / or F-Zero game" slowly start to hear the calls of their fanbase (see Earthbound).
The MegaMan section is one of the biggest on Capcoms official site, the shoutout box there is full of MegaMan wishes and still, no reaction from them. This "syndrome" seems to have befallen many other devs in regards to the WiiU. The clearly know how the people react to the "not for WiiU" claims, but they are still insisting, that we dont exist. Look at Soul Calibur 2s rerelease. The GC version was the best selling of the 3 versions back then and you can say what you want, it was because of Link. And yet, they rerelease every other version INSTEAD of the best selling one. That has absolutely nothing to do with "playing it safe" or "low install base" if you ask me.
I guess we can come to the conclusion that we: a) are completely fictional or b) have some sort of "Nintendo desease" that needs to be avoided at all costs.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@Einherjar Hear hear. I agree this is not just "playing it safe" business wise but a sort of a Nintendo prejudice. One that's just been growing up since the mid-nineties. I think it's in part due to Nintendo, being a platform holder like no other. Sony and Microsoft are predictable, dull, corporate strongholds, while Nintendo is it's own beast, thinks it's own way. They don't understand Nintendo, hence they feel threatened by it. Companies don't want to be original any more, to think outside the box, to take some risks in the name of the "art", like they did back in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. They just want to keep drip feeding us their re-hashed IPs over and over. When I look at the "next-gen" Xbox One and Playstation 4, the phrase that jumps to my mind its a concerning one: "Videogame Crash".
Honestly, and since you speak of Soul Calibur II, who can argue that it does not make perfect sense business wise to have the game on a Nintendo platform with a character fans treasure and love like Link? SoulCalibur II sold 1,5 million units on GameCube, a minority platform, and it did so largely because it had Link in the cover boxart. He sells games! If Namco will not indulge me on having the re-release on a platform I could buy, then I resort to my contingency plan; I'll keep playing the original on my Wii with my cousin on weekends like I still do occasionally. After ten years it still looks and plays pretty good to me. Sadly for Namco, this means they wouldn't be getting any money from me, but it would be their doing, not mine.



WebHead said:

I didn't want to believe it, but I do sense some bias from 3rd parties towards Nintendo atm with their console.



Melkaticox said:

@The_Inquisitor Yeah, because pre-orders totally translate to sales...

First of all, this is pathetic. I can't believe this game is coming to the PS4 AND Xbox One (the freaking XBOX ONE!!!) but not the Wii U...can you say "biased"?
Second of all: Double Helix. You know? The developer of Silent Hill Homecoming, G.I. Joe and a bunch of other horrible licensed games? Yeah, if I were you guys, I wouldn't be very excited about this game...



WaveBoy said:

Capcom isn't about awesome cartoony tough as nails hardcore retro franchises anymore(Mega man, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Strider, Gargoyle's Quest, ect) they just want a piece of that massive post apocalyptic violent goopy blood filled Western Pie. Make way for Lost Planet, Dead Rising, modern COD Resident Evil and other puny-weakling(from a difficulty standpoint) hand holding stinkers targeted towards 14 year old tweenagers....The state of the industry for moi is so depressing outside of Nintendo and the indie scene. Konami's gone to hulk hogan horse sh** as well. At least Capcom went out with a bang with Mega Man 9. Revelations i guess was alright, but those mindless episodic shootout parts were Funkin' terrible...



Einherjar said:

@Samurai_Goroh couldnt agree more. And to be perfectly honest, after seeing what microsoft tried to do with their Xbox -359...the term "Videogame Crash" also came to my mind too. The tried and true formulas of the HD gaming generation seem to have run dry. And since "the suits" seem to be unable to change for the better, that could very well be the end of gaming as we know it. They are expecting ever higher sales and income without listening to the ones that must buy their products in order for them to make any profit. Sounds like a recipe for desaster to me :/
And then you have the bulwark that is nintendo. Having their way regardles of critics and overall down talk. For me, its the essence of gaming, just like it was "back in the day, the good old times" and it saddens me to no end, that this is threatend by the gaming community and industry itself. The focus on the western market, the high and seemingly endless demand for military shooters and the bad mouthing of everything, that doesnt fit these criterias makes e really sick to my stomach. Games have risen in japan, this popularity gave birth to the western gaming market which now is about to kill its japanese "parent"...Sounds like Oedipus to me.
@WaveBoy The worst part ? You are absolutely right T.T Best (capcom) examples: Look what became of Lost Planet 3. One and two still had that capcom feeling to it, 3 seems to follow Dead Spaces horrible footsteps. Or that DmC abomination...lets not speek of that. Or Dead Rising 3 ? Killing off EVERYTHING that made the franchise popular, just to be "like the others" is sickening me.

Wait a moment...the game industrie has gone Emo..."im an individual, because im exactly like everyone else"...please kill me for that



thanos316 said:

the more the merrier. i wonder if the demand was there for other systems before they decided to release it for every other system. hmmmmmm



WaveBoy said:


lol the $$$ has completely overshadowed passion at this point. Indie's are the only developers that are doing things different, even then...80% or more of their efforts are pure shovel ware. Even nintendo is playing it extremely safe this generation...their upcoming games look great and all, but nothing is blowing my mind innovation-wise, it's basically the same stuff we've seen before but with prettier HD next gen graphics & true widescreen with minimal/weak use of the Wii U gamepad(Wii Party U and Zelda WW HD seem to make decent use of the GP though)

I'm not sensing the magic this generation that was present during the wii era. the excitement has dwindled enormously. I still applaud Nintendo for making REAL games, unlike the over saturation of interactive hollywoodized 3D movies reaking up the PS4 and XBOX One. It's like these consoles were designed specifically for marines.

3rd party wise, I'm most excited for Shovel Knight and Ducktales remastered MILES more than anything coming out on those other 2 shooter riddled twins.

Also, didn't Mega Man 9 make a butt load of koopa coins? The budget on that was miniscule i'm assuming compared to most of the money these companies put into making games like 'The Last of Us' You think it would inspire these big devs to make more budget-retro games! smaller budgets, smaller dev teams and less dev time gives you the chance to take risks, create something different and put your imagination to good use! Man, it's gonna take Cool Spot to whip these companies into shape. he always knows what to do!



WaveBoy said:

one thing is for sure, MS is making it extremely tough for indie developers to get their games on the One. they might as well give up. The developer of Oddworld said it was absolutely brutal...MS admitted that they don't care for indie developers. Makes their console even more appauling.

Anyways, Capcom is basically baiting fans. There's clearly a demand for mega man, so give it to us! back in the NES, Arcade and SNES era nobody demanded Mega Man 1 or Ghost 'n Goblins, because these franchises didn't exsist prior to their release, they were the unexpected, brand new innovative & awesome ideas that nobody saw coming. it's easy to take gambles and come up with new stuff when the budget is tiny, the dev team is of a dozen people, while the time spent making these titles can be as little as 4-5 months....the industry has entered the Bronze age of gaming and ideas are being thrown to the waste side in favor of safe copy cat ideas.



luminalace said:

Yes of course the 0 current intall base on PS4/XBO has shown the neccesary demand for the game, while us 4 million odd Wii U owners need to prove a business case for the game. Just when I thought Capcom was going to treat us well this generation along comes this crap!



b23cdq said:

Double Helix, the guys behind Green Lantern the Movie Game, and Battleship the Movie Game?
Yeah, no thanks.



unrandomsam said:

Capcom could have had one in a similar vain to Bionic Commando Rearmed if they didn't totally screw over the dev and bankrupt them.



unrandomsam said:

The Saturn versions of X4 and Megaman 8 Anniversary Edition are where Megaman should continue from. (Without the cutscenes though). They look nice and play like they always did. (Playstation versions were an absolute joke).

I don't particularly want retro I just want 2D to continue where it left off. If Saturn is type quality is too much because all the skill has been lost then the best bits of Megadrive / SNES / TG16.

This looks like it will play like the 3DS Castlevania (And not play well accordingly).

"None linear"

Games like this are best when they are totally linear. (Maybe with secret exits to get extra levels. Capcom won't go for that these days though when they can just add them as DLC).

These type of games I want to play at full speed making it none linear means you need to stop all the time or miss import stuff. Removes what I actually like about the game completely.



Dpishere said:

Though I have never played a Strider game, if this one turns out to be good I may end up giving it a try.



Brabbelkopf said:

Na sorry i dont need no goshdarntootin doodoopoopies from Double Helix x Crapcom

Thats 1 of the worst partnerships you could think of but they have 1 in common they both only delivered junk in the last years so no Crapcom keep your stuff and shove it up your rear entrance, you deserve no money at all for what you did with Resident Evil and Megaman.
watch the language, please — TBD



Bender said:

I am a huge fan of Strider Hiryu, he is my favorite Capcom character, so heck yes I want this on Wii U..



Sgt_Garlic said:

Not this crap again. I guess we have get on our knees and beg for it. Completely dishonest on their part. There's no point in releasing it if it's going to be a late port.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Just signed the petition for SC2HO. Number 143! But given the company im not going to beg for Strider HD. The Orginal is great. But i need prove theyll make a good game.



Gamer83 said:

I don't understand why these companies that release downloadable games don't just put it on as many consoles as possible and release it the same day across all machines. You make much more money that way. It's truly idiotic for a third party company to enter into exclusive deals with any of the big 3, or leave out one system for whatever reason. It's especially idiotic with smaller games like this that will have niche appeal.



sleepinglion said:

I used to respect the heck out of Capcom... but that was in the 80s and 90s. Not so much these days. They keep churning out compilation titles and then charge 5 bucks a pop for old Mega Man roms when the Anniversary Collections kind of already have those. They're running on empty. While I support a new Strider I'm not going to beg them to release it on my Wii U. This is why I also have a PS3, for the times when the industry gives Nintendo fans the virtual finger. My hope is that Nintendo keeps track of who their friends have been after they release a few mega hits.



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, Resident Evil: Revelations and Street Fighter 4 are really the only games I've enjoyed from Capcom this gen. And they're whoring SF 4 big time, not that I'm surprised considering the same happened with SF 2. Now, I won't lie, despite some weak efforts by Capcom in recent years, I'm looking really looking forward to this game and will get the PS4 version but I don't think Wii U owners should be left out. Heck, I think Capcom should try to find a way to get it on Vita and 3DS as well. The more systems it's available on, the better.



shad0w-7 said:

@CanisWolfred Dude, PS4 and XBOX One have no installed base. At all. Doesn't matter how you cut it. The money for all those new systems are not in the bank yet. Nothing is guaranteed. So porting costs a chunk of change to do. So what. If there are losses on the WiiU side, they can be made up on the other consoles. Releasing it as an eShop version is minimal investment, the least they could do is pay the fans some service.



Parkavenue359 said:

So, it's coming to the xbone and xbox 360, install bases that show no interest in japanese or retro games WHATSOEVER. And yet they won't port it to the wii u, here people eat up the retro, Japanese games. What logic is this!!!!



shad0w-7 said:

I see a lot of Capcom hate right now. But let us not forget, they've shifted the Monster Hunter franchise to Nintendo consoles. And it's exclusive for now. And let me take this further by saying it's actually one of their best franchises right now, and we all get to play it while nobody else does.



Dormouse said:

I like how its coming to every gaming console except wii u. It's like theyre clumping wii u with ios and android. Sad. Wii u is amazing.



Krzysztof said:

My question is, how they gonna know if there's any demand for this game ? Are they checking all Nintendo related websites? Are they waiting for some kind of petition? Unless there's some kind of "demand system" implemented in miiverse (a poll?) there's no way to say how many wii u owners want any game. My answer to this is "yes, there's huge demand for any good 3rd party title for Wii U".



Einherjar said:

@WaveBoy Regarding the use of the Gamepad: To be fair, its really really hard to innovate with something, we had since the DS (dual screens, one being a touch screen), so they could make the best of it and we might not even see it, because as Nintendo gamers, it comes almost natural by now But your right nonetheless, the "magical creativity" seems to take a pause at the moment.
And to be honest (and as stupid as it may sound) The bigges innovation this gen with the WIiU could be Nintendo games with a proper internet connection. The 3DS was a big leap forward, but still riddled with problems while the WiiU seems to make a more steady figure. That would benefit Mario Kart and Smash greatly.
Also, i have to say that this lack of sould from game makers these days draws me even more towards Nintendo games and consoles. Therefore, i cant understand all the desperate crys for 3rd Party games. Look at the trade in ratio of these games. Our GameStops have a bazillion used copys of games not older than a week while there are almost no used Nintendo products. For me its defenitly "quality over quantity" Id rather have a few outstanding games that last for years than a bunch of "meh" games that i play ones and then never again, but that is purely a personal opinion thing i guess.
Regarding Shovel Knight. My interest dies as soon as i see Kickstarter. I get onto the hype train as soon as the game is defenitly coming to WiiU



lebad said:

How they know that there is a demand on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



lebad said:

I think that it's like Micro$oft and Sony are a Mafia which pay to do not let the Wii U take them the market. We never seen before that bringing a game on a platform was linked to the demand. As developpers you are an artist so you want all people to know your creation. -_- money money



seronja said:

ofcourse there is demand if there is no games for wii u! people want games and people will buy games, it's a small simple fact, it's just humiliating that we have to beg for games...



Einherjar said:

@lebad Thats the same feeling im getting too sadly. There is no way that all of this could be caused of a "low install base". If that would be the case, you simply couldnt release a new system ever, since the install base before release is, simply put, zero...



XCWarrior said:

Don't hold your breath. I mean a digital release on the eshop probably costs them like $1000 and they aren't willing to spend that.



TCJester said:

Shame we don't have the Everybody Votes channel on the Wii U. We could use that to let companies know the size of the demand for their games.



banacheck said:

The problem is there is no demand for 3rd support from Nintendo fans, only a small few. Thats why companies are skipping the Wii U, and once the PS4/Xbox One hit there stride (no pun intended). You reality think thay'll scale down every game for the Wii U?



FullbringIchigo said:

oh there's a demand for it, but WiiU owners shouldn't have to beg for games, there are plenty of WiiU's in houses to justify releasing arcade games on the eShop

something else is holding publishers back from the WiiU and i think it's the gamepad while i love it, Nintendo say the second screen has to be used for all games and i don't think developers know how to use it properly yet so they don't make games for the WiiU

Nintendo need to drop mandatory support for the gamepad second screen some developers might warm up a bit to the WiiU then



banacheck said:


Inevitably there will still be support for the 360 as its still selling strongly and even PS3 so many 3rd party games that make it to Wii U then it will be a PS3/360 port,

The reason you'll see PS3/360 is because the install base is there, but that doesn't mean games will be ported over to the Wii U if 3rd party games don't sell. Not only that the PS3/360 are still selling well like you said, look at GTAV being made only for the PS3/360 at this time. Also not all PS4/Xbox One games will hit the PS3/360.



Senario said:

I'm tired of developer excuses for reasons not to bring it to Wii U. As far as I'm concerned if they don't show interest themselves I don't need their games. I'm perfectly happy with Pikmin 3 and soon Platinum games' games. Oh and the massive amount of games that 3DS has.



Dormouse said:

What is the deal here?... Is there some behind the scenes reason as to why everyone hates wii u? Why dont games like Grand Theft Auto 5, BIOSHOCK, Battlefield, FIFA, The Devision, Tomb Raider come to Wii U ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont understand. Whats the road block? Are they so difficult to develope for. Does Nintendo not pay them to bring games. Does Sony and Microsoft pay them to bring games? It's not the customer fault I know that. This demand argument is BS! Straight up.
Maybe i got it all wrong... Maybe Nintendo doesn't want these games. ? You think thats the reason? There has to be some reason... This just doesnt make sense.



Dormouse said:

Why isnt south park stick of truth coming to wii u? The first south park game was on N64! Why now not Wii U?



Dormouse said:

What happend Nintendo? Where when and why did you fall off? I love your 3DS. But my Wii U has no games. Your console games are becoming lackluster and why dont you release eshop games faster. Why is there loads of crap on eshop. Why are there like 10 indie games on wii U eshop. Trine 2 and that shin en shooter are awesome but that's it. I dont wany tablet games like angry birds and little inferno. Granted little inferno is fun but for the price its more fitting on a phone. And where in the world are the N64 VC games? Te wii launched with at least 2 and had like 5 by now. Where are the GBA games? Those should be on 3DS by the way I mean its only fitting? Why yer putting them on wii u is beyond me.



SparkOfSpirit said:

How is it Nintendo's fault that some companies don't want to port their games to a digital service? The eshop has less restrictions than XBLA and is fully capable of this game.

I'm really sick of the whining.

That said, we're not getting this game. No third party has ever gone out of their way for the Nintendo fanbase.



tanookisuit said:

Wow the classic 'demand for it' argument. Classy. Just say you have no interest, it's not on the books, or whatever else and take the WiiU owning peoples wahwahing like men and move on.

I love how Nintendo is the first time that you have this established system maker where third parties won't make games until there is a base. That makes no sense, none, and goes in the face of facts going back decades and hell the new MS/SOny systems aren't getting that pile of garbage response either. I tire of the deep seeded anti-Nintendo crap from immature third parties. All it's doing now is driving me more and more away from buying anything other than my WiiU because if they don't want my support I"m not going to go fishing for it elsewhere.



Hungry-Bear said:

A simple yes or no could go a long way for making decisions. The whole "if there's demand for it" excuse needs to crawl into a black hole.



tanookisuit said:

Agreed. And really let's think about this. Is there a demand? No idea considering most third parties are playing this wait and see game which is making gamers do the same. You can't have demand if you don't help create it.



cornishlee said:

I'll echo the sentiments of disgust at continually having to beg. Would I be interested though? Yes, very much so.

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