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Still No Word On Scribblenauts Unlimited EU Release, Despite Unmasked Announcement

Posted by Damien McFerran

Will Europe ever see the game?

Yesterday we reported on Scribblenauts Unmasked, the next instalment in 5th Cell's popular series. Its prequel, Scribblenauts Unlimited, remains unreleased in Europe following its last-minute delay back in February. The game has been available in North America since last year.

Following the announcement of Unmasked, we reached out to Nintendo to find out if Unlimited was any closer to seeing the light of day in Europe. The reply we got is the same that was handed out when the delay was originally confirmed, which suggests that little has changed in the past few months:

We are sorry to announce that Scribblenauts Unlimited, a game developed by Warner Bros. Interactive & 5th Cell and published by Nintendo of Europe for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, will be delayed in Europe. It has come to light that some changes need to be implemented within the game before we launch them across Europe. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and we hope to make further announcements on the European launch of these games very soon.

With the Wii U experiencing a painful lack of new titles at present, there must be something seriously wrong with Scribblenauts Unlimited for it to remain unavailable in Europe — but what?

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WiiLovePeace said:

It was released in Australia just fine afaik. I don't understand why it hasn't been released yet for Europe. Oh well.



Paperchema said:

Are they translating the game to more languages than English? The may have some problems with it.



Datasun_7 said:

@Paperchema its already been translated, it's available on steam in European countries, so the problem is not a translation delay. Really would like this game now NOE, please I would buy a Wii u



Kohaku said:

Nintendo still thinks that a region lock is a good idea? We could have played this game allready.



F4LLEND4RK said:

It looks like it's just been forgotten about tbh. I think I would receive the game quicker if I made it by myself. It doesn't look promising.



Shiryu said:

Each passing day the game becomes more and more a distant memory...



Einherjar said:

This case is absolutely ridiculous. Since the product is finished by now (steam version) there is really no point of infinitly delaing it.



TheAdza said:

Launch game in Australia. Without it, I wouldn't have had much to play. No wonder the system isn't selling well in Europe when one of the best launch games didnt even release there. Still, I'm looking forward to this game, even though I'm not a huge DC fan.



datamonkey said:

Don't worry we are used to waiting an extra long time for releases over here in Europe!

Cave Story+ is another!



Chunky_Droid said:

The Australian version will work fine for all those in Europe, if anyone's wondering (parental controls don't get affected by the different ratings system either).

I've had it since launch day, wonderful game, I'd definitely import it from Australia if you're definitely keen on Scribblenauts.



edhe said:

What a pathetic, uninformative response from NoE.

I don't believe, given how close it was to release, that they've simply canned it though.

Prove me wrong, NoE!



yotambonehbait said:

It was so close to release that they forgot to tell the eShop guys it was canned. For a couple of hours it was available for download. I guess I'm just really lucky I got the game when it was supposed to be released and not never.

Pic, and proof that it's an EU Wii U.



GearsOfWarU said:

Sorry this is a little off topic... Has anyone heard anything about Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara? Supposed to be Released June 27th its July 11th still not available in eShop ... Still has trailer & is in coming soon section of the eShop ... What gives??? Has anyone heard anything , I would appreciate it as I wanted to purchase this title



taffy said:

Wanted to get it for the 3ds, now can't be bothered with it. Same with this new Scribblenauts, you release it in the same window as other regions and i'll buy it, if not i'll use my funds on something else. Your call Nintendo, you want my money?



KAHN said:

my opinion of the game, it's different from the other two. i don't like it, and i sold it on craigslist the other day. most of the game consists of collecting shards, which to me was an unwelcome addition. most of the puzzles were too easy, and the level system is pretty much gone. i wouldnt recommend it. not me.



Emblem said:

There is no point releasing this now unless they drop the retail price to £20. Its £4 on steam right now and it was £6 on steam on the release date that got pushed back.



Marshi said:

Unless Reggie fils aime himself is halting the game from coming to eu because of his secret hatred of european countries,theres realy no excuse as to why its taking so long.I will be voicing my opinion 5th cell in the only way I know how.By not buying the game when it does come out.Speaking with your wallet is the only language these people understand



ikki5 said:

well, they are going through that legal battle with unlimited so this could be holding it up in Europe



Owlynator said:

I would've owned this game ages ago if there was no region locking. Sadly there is. I'm so happy Sony knows how to keep their customers happy.



dadajo said:

This is getting ridicoulous. The game should of been released already. I think 5th cell, nintendo, wb, or who ever is delaying this game are just afraid of money at this point. I live in the usa and I have this game, but there are also games europe got the america never got and america got some games that europe never got. I really hope that nintendo reveres region locking since that is the main obstacle at this point for many gamers from getting the games they want.



hYdeks said:

Plain and simple, you not gonna get the European version, might I suggest just buying the Australian version? I have no clue why it hasn't released in Europe for Wii U, considering it launch in Europe on PC just fine



Owlynator said:

@DarkToonLink I actually didn't know that it was released in Australia. Thought they had problems publishing it in all PAL territories. Well, this is just good new to me! Totally considering importing it now! Too bad the games are so pricey in Australia... Anyway, region locking is still one of the dumbest things Nintendo has done to the Wii U.



Araknie said:

Is it any different from the DS first game? In positives aspects, i mean.



F4LLEND4RK said:

The European version of the game is going to be published by Nintendo, maybe they are too busy with publishing and creating other titles? Especially 1st party ones because they will no doubt be priority.



Infugamer said:

You know what? f*ck dis sh*t, Im cancelling my preorder at Gamestop tomorrow, and importing it with express straight from Australia.

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