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Soul Calibur II HD Online Not Announced For Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

Well that's Link out of the equation

Namco Bandai has revealed an HD remake of Soul Calibur II is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but there's been absolutely no mention of a Wii U adaptation.

Soul Calibur II was originally on the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox and each iteration had its own special character. Nintendo fans had the chance to use Link from The Legend of Zelda as a character, while PlayStation 2 owners had Tekken's Heihachi Mishima and Xbox had Spawn.

Soul Calibur II HD Online will be an enhanced version of the original and is based on the PlayStation 2 edition, meaning Heihachi Mishima will be playable. However, it's not known if Spawn will feature and seeing as it isn't looking likely for Wii U, the chance of Link is zero.

Fans of the original largely regard the GameCube adaptation as the better version simply because of Link so it would certainly be sad to see Wii U miss out here, especially considering its hardware is more than capable of handling it. There are obviously licencing issues surrounding the young Hylian, but surely Nintendo would have been happy to allow Link to appear in a third party title such as this on Wii U.

The reveal trailer to the new HD version is below if you'd like to have a look. Let us know what you think to Wii U being the missing link in the comment section.

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rjejr said:

Does this really need an HD version? Isnt that what SC4 and 5 were for?

Oh well, just another case of the curse of the in-betweener, missing out on PS3/Xbox360 games b/c it doesnt have the install base and PS4/X1 games b/c, well whatever excuse publishers feeling like using that day.



edhe said:

...although I can live without a lazy HD remaster.

Now if Soul Calibur VI is announced (incidentally, it's stylised Soulcalibur or SoulCalibur), for every console BUT the Wii U (even the flipping Vita!), then I'll be upset.

A pertinent video:

A list of games (currently at over 100 items!) that by rights, should appear on the Wii U, but instead, appear on every other console, (including 360/One and PS3/PS4 ports) BUT the Wii U.



Magikarp3 said:

Soul Calibur... 2? Am I missing something and was this game flipping amazing back in the day?



Sanqet said:

this sort of stuff happening with the wii u missing out on games is something we just have to get used to until nintendo sell more consoles



Expa0 said:

I love Soul Calibur 2 it's too bad the gameplay took such a hit in the following installements (especially after 3). I have the GC version already, but am considering downloading it on my PS3 when it comes.



6ch6ris6 said:

it's a cash-in anyway.
game looks almost the same as the sd-version. and the xbox version already had hd.
why u need online when sc5 gives you online and many more features.



dizzy_boy said:

soulCalibur 2 was definitly one of GC's best looking games, and still holds up well imo. I'd happily buy a WiiU version day one if Namco bring it over



sdcazares1980 said:

@Sanqet The Wii sold the most consoles this past generation yet it didn't generate the games and the media buzz. The fundamental problem is the processing power. The Wii U is already behind the Xbox One and the PS4.



Gold_Ranger said:

MiiVerse Petition for EarthBound.
Iwata said that that was the only reason that the game was released on the VC.
Project RainFall
And the new current petition for Majora's Mask: Project MoonFall. We'll see how this one works...



Doma said:

I'm not bothered, even though the GC version is the one i owned and loved back then. You can understand why it's best to release the game on consoles with an actual userbase.

Ps3 version for me.



XneroX said:

To the ppl saying nintendo wouldn't allow it now...keep in mind they were protective before and they also have costumes and power ups to tekken tag tournament.



TooManyToasters said:

I would more than guess Team Calibur don't want Link stealing their thunder.

Also, I think the guy who wanted Link on that game is currently working on Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS, which means he likely preferred something different to yet another Soul Calibur.



Platinumhobo said:

I'm definitely down with this because II is still the best one in the series. 4 and 5 really do not stack up. Nintendo should really be getting this though, we've been getting some really nice Namco support as of late and this makes me worry that we won't see games like SCVI, Tekken 7, and Tales of Next on the Wii U. Please don't let me down Namco. They could at least just release the original GameCube version on the eshop so we can have Link and just skip on the online.



Gavin_Rozee said:

From Namco. The developer helping make two new Super Smash Bros games for Wii U, don't want to release a HD remake of an old game on Wii U.



GiftedGimp said:

Its not announced on WiiU, nor has it been announced for Ps4 or Xbone.
This story could have an alternative headlines - Soul Calibur II HD Online Not Announced For Next Gen Systems or Soul Calibur II HD Online Announced For Current Gen Sytems.
At least untill something was worth reporting, i.e, if a Ps4/Xbone version was to be announced in the future but leaving the WiiU out.



unrandomsam said:

I liked the first Dreamcast one. (Never liked the PS2 look even if it was technically more powerful then the Gamecube or Dreamcast.) Never played the Gamecube second one.



XCWarrior said:

Nintendo is working with Namco Bandai to make Smash Bros... I think that's their main concern right now. We don't need SCIII remake with Smash 4 inbound.



turnmebackwards said:

Loved the Gamecube version not surprised it's not coming to the Wii U nothing is from third party games companies apart from Ubi Soft games.



3DSAllDay said:

I saw this on ign too and everybody said they would not buy the game unless Link or Spawn was in it.



retro_player_22 said:

I loved Soul Calibur II for my Gamecube but even I wouldn't get this, what makes SCII special was Link and Spawn, having only Heihachi there just makes this HD edition laughable.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Damn... when I heard about this, I was expecting the Nintendo version.

SoulCalibur II was the best part of the series to me, simply because it felt much more balanced than the others following it. And now the dev's step back?

I don't think Nintendo was stepping in - looks more like another developer not having faith in Nintendo.



Melkaticox said:

Exactly how has that been proven? The Wii U doesn't even have any confirmed specs yet simply because Nintendo hasn't revealed them.

"Is based on the PlayStation 2 edition
So, the worst looking version.

Why do I feel like this decision will end up biting them in the ass? The gamecube version of SCII was the best selling version of the game. This is just ridiculous...



CanisWolfred said:

No Link? Well there goes half the appeal. Good luck playing as Spawn... looks like they didn't even get Spawn...there goes the other half...



cheleuitte said:

namco can make the NGC version of the game for WiiU, hopefully they will, fingers crossed!!!



Gold_Ranger said:

You specifically asked for proof, I supplied 2 instances with an ongoing third.
Your just pissed that i proved you wrong.
And it wasn't hard to come up with them at all.
I've been part of all 3!



URAmk2 said:


you didnt prove that any petition was the reason EB came to VC. all you did was claimed "Iwata said that that was the only reason that the game was released on the VC was a miiverse petition" but didnt even provide a link to him saying that or for that matter a link to any of the multiple petitions you claimed you were a part of. do you even know the definition of proof? lol! keep digging yourself into a hole cheif.



Kirk said:

Unfortunately third party developers just don't seem to give a crap about Wii U, they certainly aren't supporting it and indeed are apparently actively avoiding putting so many of the obvious candidates on it, so I'm not anticipating this coming to the system at all.

If it does I'll be pleasantly surprised.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@sdcazares1980 I guess you didn't bother reading that chart. The only two aspects that could be compared power-wise are the RAM and the CPU.

However, only one of the CPUs of the 3 can solid data be found on since two of them are custom made. That's already void as a result. RAM is a more reasonable comparison until you factor in most of it on the other two consoles is used for multitasking.

Those charts you provided don't have anywhere near enough data to make a clear judgement. In fact, it almost seems like you searched Google and chose the first result you could find. You may want to look for some more conclusive proof before posting.

Otherwise, you're only going to get more holes poked into your argument and judging by the rest of the community, insults to your intelligence as well.



Relias said:

Signed Petition.. nothing will happen though.. but hell.. I always support Wii U getting games..



Edgy said:

Whilst I would have liked it, I wouldn't have bought it. SCII on GameCube was brilliant, but for its time.



Bigmac1910 said:

Wow, I've never seen news like this, hey folks, this a game that you will NOT be playing on your console, lol. The Wii U is dead



Hawker said:

@Sanqet & the excuse for why the Wii had the same thing happen was because it wasn't HD. the fact is, if you say "well if the Wii U sold more consoles 3rd party companies would release their games on it," others can say "well if 3rd party companies would released their games on the Wii U if would sell more consoles."



KLZ said:

I bet it's because some legal issue or some stuff like that. Get your sh*t together nintendo.



hYdeks said:

This should see a eShop release, but of course it won't, and we all know the third party people will make a hundred different excuses, and take more time and effort telling us why it isn't, instead of taking that time and effort to just bring it the the freakin' console



hYdeks said:

@KLZ this would be Namco Bandai, don't blame Nintendo. Nintendo has let people play with their characters before, especially their closer japanese company friends (which Namco is once again in good graces with Nintendo) so this will be all Namco's decision. For god sake, Nintendo let Capcom make two Legend of Zelda games, Namco do Star Fox, and Sega do F-Zero! Nintendo is pretty flexible, as long as their a Japanese game company



sinalefa said:

I still have the GC original to play on my Wii, so I could not care less. Besides HD and maybe online, it does not seem that they are adding anything else. They could have remastered SCIII or even the first one as well and sell it as a sort of collection.

If there is no Wii U version, even if Wii U is HD and has capable online, then you know it is not Wii U's or Nintendo´s fault that the port does not show.



Neram said:

"Here's an idea everyone! Let's do an HD re-release of our fan favourite Soul Calibur 2, but NOT re-release the one that sold the best! Hah, I've really outdone myself this time." - Namco guy doing the pitch for this game.



Aerona said:

Ugh! I would way rather have an HD version of SC2 with online than a new entry! Nerd RAAAAGE!



DePapier said:

@Aviator and @URAmk2 Please, search for the Nintendo Direct where Iwata specifically showed comments posted on Miiverse of fans yearning for Earthbound on the Japanese MOTHER2 community. Now if you want to talk about the way Nintendo found this to be a plausible business decision to release the game, do so without denying what I believe you should have known on what would be supposed to be a Nintendo news website.

Back to Miiverse where I decidely belong.



kereke12 said:

Ehh im not really interested, about it, Im more of a Tekken Fan guy but they should make a Wii U version of it with playable. Link that's the only reason why I still have it.



DePapier said:

@edhe That was a wonderful video.

I came by looking for the SCII HD Wii U petition but in the end, reminded by Earthbound (which I SHOULD be playing right now) on the good side of things and Rayman Legends on the bad side, I think I have learned that the only party Nintendo fans should petition to is Nintendo.



R_Champ said:


Thought the same thing about SC 4 and 5. As much as I love SC 2, I see no reason to buy it AGAIN (I guess a lot of people don't agree, but I'm the type of guy that buys VC games that I don't already own). Companies are going too crazy with re-releases nowadays because they know they can cash in with the nostalgia junkies. Heck, I own a 360 and I won't be snagging this, especially the inferior non-Link version. LOL and Heihachi was the WORST console exclusive character.



SetupDisk said:

I wonder if they will change their mind if Wii U sales pick up. When SC3 was released, the gamecube version of SC2 was actually the best selling despite the smaller amount of owners due to Link.



Jeremii said:

Well, that stinks. Maybe there's going to be special version of SCII HD for Wii U later. </optimistic>



Mk_II said:

the original Cube version was a pretty good game back then... the only fighter i've ever played to completion. As Link of course



Pachterkid said:

Maybe it’s because the Wii U sucks? That was harsh, but do the math: the 360 and PS3 have sold a combined 152.2 million units… the Wii U has sold 3.45 million total units. It’d be a waste of the company’s time, resources, and money to release it on the Wii U when there’s nobody there to buy it.



Gold_Ranger said:

Those consoles have been out for 6 years though.
The WiiU only about 6 months.
Why with a bigger does the WiiU get no support but 2 Systems with absolutely NO install base, PS4 and XBO get a lot of support?



SCAR said:

Why the hell were specs even being brought up in the comment section? This game doesn't require any more power than what anything can offer these days, and the Wii U isn't even weak.
The specs aren't comparable.



Tysamu said:

@edhe -sigh- I'd bet its microsoft that's bribing them.Its almost astounding how many titles should be on the system but isn't.



Caryslan said:

@Tysamu Then why is it coming out on the PS3 and the version they chose is based on the PS2 one? Sony is a much bigger threat to Microsoft then Nintendo since both Sony and Microsoft target the same audience with their consoles. Microsoft did not bribe anyone. My guess is that Namco did not want to take a chance on the Wii U.

I'm with everyone else, I don't understand why most of these games don't come to the Wii U. Retail games, I can understand, but digital downloads of older titles should be on all the major systems.



globalisateur said:

If they keep the original speed of the game, you better have a low latency internet access.
Why not the more realistic and slow Soul Calibur 1 released on Dreamcast? I guess I know the answer, because of the PS2 brand recognition...



Rafie said:

@unrandomsam Actually the GameCube was much more powerful than the PS2 and Dreamcast.

They should have really made this for the Wii U. Link would have been boss. The GameCube's version was the best looking version.



GiftedGimp said:

I'll refere to Post #34 I made earlier, but surley this couldn't just possibly be simply a case of remaking a game only the current gen systems?
No Ps4, Xbone or WiiU versions announced and given the Wii is backward compatable with GC games and its not a HD machine there is no reason to remake a HD version for Wii. That leaves the current gen Ps3 and 360 systems as platforms to bring a cheap remake to.
People are reading far too much into the misleading headline of this story, which should Simply of read: 'Soul Calibur II HD Online Not Announced For Next-Gen systems... but that would of given away that this story is a Null Subject.



P-Gamer-C said:

if u only have a wii u im sad for u but maby some of u have a real gaming console at home to play this hd remake of an amazing classic



3Daniel said:

Simply put namco doesnt want the added licensing fees. Spawn wont be back. Haihachi is already owned by namco. SC2 sold best on gamecube, but i dont think ttt2 did that well on wii u despite the nintendo licensed costumes. I absolutely love ttt2 by the way.



akabenjy said:

Soul Calibur II GCN is my favourite fighting game ever. I was hoping for a VC release but this is pretty disappointing. Nintendo are paying Namco to make Smash doesn't that get them any goodwill?



Rei7 said:

Lol the frustration of all the Nintendo fans.. Don't get me wrong i'm one as well but since i'm a multi-platformer i'm cool.



SCAR said:

You speak as if most people don't own multiple platforms. Everyone I knew had Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's systems last generation.
I just think people who have never played the game are really the one's missing out here, unless Namco just makes a new Soul Calibur with Link back in the roster, again, but that pretty unlikely.
It's already confusing enough that they're re-releasing an old game instead of making a new one, unless Super Smash Bros. is taking up most of their time and are just throwing something out there real quick for some extra revenue.



Gold_Ranger said:

I and a few others pointed out very SPECIFIC petitions and you are blatantly ignoring us and constantly calling me out, saying that I'm yet to prove that petitions work.
What is your problem?



URAmk2 said:

you didn't point out anything. not a single link to back up anything you said. you cant get your story straight. first you told aviator EB was release because of multiple petition's. Then you back tracked and claimed iwata made the move solely based on miiverse requests. yet you provided no proof that either is the reason it was actually released. YOUR WORD ISNT PROOF. lol! you need to get that through your head kid.

here is the iwata video. all he says is that after the announcement of EB in japan. he liked that passionate fans showed they wanted it in the west. he doesn't say that's the sole reason nintendo brought it over. it's pretty obvious they were going to release it regardless. nintendo like any other company cares about money first & foremost.

now post links to those 3 petition's you told aviator you took part in. ill wait.



Aerona said:

@Rei7 Even if you're a 'multi-platformer', 360 and PS3 owners are only getting half the game with Link off the roster.

Just kid--nah I'm pretty serious.



Rei7 said:

@Pixel-Perfect It's true and kinda sad without link. I don't really plan to get it though. Just throwing out some of my opinions. No hard feelings.



crumpledpapyrus said:

@GiftedGimp Thanks for the feedback however in this case the headline is not misleading in any way. There is much confusion about what next-gen and current-gen actually is. For example, is 'current-gen' Wii U/PS4/XBO as Wii U is out right now? If not, saying current-gen would mean PS3/X360 and would include the Wii as well, correct? This game is not coming to Wii therefore the headline says exactly what it says: Soul Calibur II HD Online has not been announced for Wii U.



jboy1807 said:

How exactly is this classed as 'news'?? I do wonder why a website called '' constantly goes on and on and on about games not coming out for nintendo systems, and how publishers are moving away, and how nintendo are struggling... With so many negative stories, i wonder if this website is owned by Sony??



darkgamer001 said:

It's incredible how people still find ways to bring specs and power into the equation when we're talking about a PS2/GC HD REMAKE!! If anything, this proves that 3rd parties not supporting the Wii U is not down to power.



ajcismo said:

We're supposed to get Gamecube games on the Wii U VC at some point right? Well, thats the theory anyways. Whos to say that the GCN version of Soul Caliber isn't already slated to be ported? It would be pretty bold of a 3rd Party to tout a GCN-era VC game when the service hasn't officially "announced" a title from that console. I could see Big N telling Namco Bandai to hold off on that for now. That logic makes more sense to me than the usual conspiracy theory and such.



skeksis420 said:

I'm ok with not getting soul calibur ii... what kind of sucks is that we wont be getting that strider hd remake, it looks fun



Wanderlei said:

Enough with the loving remakes, I will play SC2 on Wii or GC if I want to play it.
Watch the language — TBD



Zombie_Barioth said:

Except the source for this article isn't NeoGAF. Thats kinda how news works though, rarely are you going to find a one of a kind report. Part of a journalist's job is to pass on information.

I'm not a big fighting game fan but I couldn't get enough of SCII back when it came out. I've actually been wanting to pick-up another SC game so no SCII HD for Wii U is disappointing, an HD edition of the Gamecube version would have made my picking one so much easier.



Doma said:

@ajcismo Would you really want to buy an overpriced VC version instead, with no online/HD? You may as well just buy a used GC copy.

Anyway, by the time Nintendo finally decides to put GC games on VC, you could be dead.

@P-Gamer-C #88 Right on cue!



TruenoGT said:

As others have said, I still don't get why they are porting SC2 yet again. I wish Namco would bring some of their other 3D arcade games to consoles, for example a new Namco Museum from the mid 90s. Get some HD perfect ports of Ridge Racer, Alpine Racer, Time Crisis, Ace Combat, Tekken, etc. They just seem to focus on the same games over and over and over again.



FullbringIchigo said:

oh well i'll just keep playing my gamecube version then because it still looks good and is still fun

and i can also be link



TingLz said:

I'll pitch in my two cents on petitions: think about how many freaking petitions there are and THEN count the successful ones. You'll find that the "successful" ones took a rabid fanbase (Earthbound) rather than a simple point, click, and done.



MorriganIsHot said:

No surprise, I really miss 90s Nintendo when they had mad 3rd party supports compare to them today. Nintendo of today is all about miis, little kids, parents, grandparents and being a gen behind ridiculous. One of the reason I got the GC version back then was because of link.



ItsPeeps said:

II was the last Soul Calibur I personally really enjoyed. The others just didn't do it for me...



jboy1807 said:

@crumpledpapyrus if you consider it news just because an earlier version was published on an ancient console then god help us.. Although it does mean you probably have thousands of upcoming, very similar, negative bits of 'news'....



DaveGX said:

This is kinda disappointing in a way. Though you have to admit, whether you're like me and not all that good at fighting games or not, Link kinda has some cheap attacks, lol. I was always winning fights with that grapple flip thing he does and knockin em off the stage.



crumpledpapyrus said:

@jboy1807 Not all news can be positive I'm afraid, much as I wish it was. We cover everything Nintendo, not just the current systems. Sometimes we even give the Virtual Boy a mention Thanks for the feedback.



grenworthshero said:

I am a HUGE Zelda fan, and that's the reason I bought Soul Calibur II in the first place, but after playing it, I HATED that Link was in the game. He doesn't fit at all and I ended up using Talim and Kilik the whole time. Link stuck out like a sore thumb and his attacks were cheap and annoying.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@grenworthshero Wow, really. I personally think he fits really nicely into the Soul Calibur universe and it's easily my favourite character in the game. Of course, Taki, Ivy, Cassandra, Raphael and Maxi are top notch as well.



drumsandperc92 said:

this is disappointing.
This was my favorite fighting game (besides Smash) back on the gamecube.
Also, the model Namco made for Link and even the graphics of environments would've made for the perfect zelda game graphic wise, IMO.
I always thought that this was the most realistic looking Link, even after TP came out, and I really enjoyed that.



Rafie said:

@URAmk2 First of all...calm down. Don't tell me to get my eyes check. If I feel that the GC was the best looking one in the bunch, then it is! Point blank. Yes it's definitely debatable.

That link you posted was a forum with a guy posting links that doesn't even work. I tried all 3. However, I did a little digging myself and it seems as though the GameCube version was received as the best out of all versions. look at the "reception" portion. Then again, IGN has reviews up that claim the GameCube's version is the best as well. My point is....that's all PUBLIC opinion. Graphically the GameCube wasn't too far from the Xbox at all. The Xbox just had faster loading times. In terms of looks, it's debatable!



URAmk2 said:

yeah the GC was received the best because link was considered the best guest character (i agree) but thats the only reason. You sure you did some digging around? Maybe be you should'nt have wasted your time cherry picking user reviews, because here is igns' head to head:

The Xbox version was superior in the graphics department. Period its not debatable at all. User reviews dont mean anything they are opinion. The X box version running at 780p is fact. You should just face facts. Im bored with you now. move on...



Rafie said:

@URAmk2 Hahaha kids these days. They get bored so easily.

You proved my point. It's public opinion. Yes that includes the writer of the review. I could do easily post forum links and get opinions from those who believed the GC version looked the best. Also, since when does the consumer's opinion not mean anything?! I also didn't negate the fact that it ran at 780p. (Although you needed a tv at that time to support that and it didn't have it was pretty much useless). Still, the GC version is comparable to the Xbox's version in graphics. It's debatable again.



URAmk2 said:

wow you must be desperate to resorted to the 'kid" fallback. lol! ill play along. So now your changing you tune to " it's public opion" here is your original post:

"Rafie said:
They should have really made this for the Wii U. Link would have been boss. The GameCube's version was the best looking version"

Hmmm thats strange. that looks like you were stating that as fact. lol! you just got called out on it dude face it. you cant backtrack to try to save your argument now. Also the xbox version running at 780p makes it the best looking no matter how hard your trying to fight it. Its was never about what setups people had. thats a pitifull attempt on your part to deflect the fact that crushed your whole argument. i called you out on which one was the best looking overall. You said it yourself opinion is just that... opinion. Facts are facts. If you choose to ignore facts thats on you, but your opinion is still wrong try harder bro.



Rafie said:

@URAmk2 Desperate? Hardly. Your "I'm bored with you" testament is normally what children do. The public opinion on user reviews was my point. Anyway, where in my statement did I say that is DEFINITELY the best looking version out of all of them and that's fact?! I'm failing to see where I said that. What you did is try to use my statement to make my reply to you look non debatable.

How is me saying that practically NO ONE had a tv that supported that input a pitiful attempt to prove my point?! I guess if I had a Mario game that supported 1080p, but there was no tv's that supported that would still be the best looking, right?! Wrong! A game that supports the full capabilities of the resources of it's attributes will look the greatest. Outside of that, it would look like or close to any of the same game on different a different platform. The fact is that the gap between the Xbox version and GC version isn't that wide. It's very close. Also you telling me my opinion is wrong proves nothing. All you're telling me is that what you deem is fact is all knowing and what I'm mitigating is plain false. You might want to try a little harder if you're getting me to sway my opinion....bro!



URAmk2 said:

whooo your rage finally hits the surface there you go speaking for everyone. im sorry you couldnt afford a nice tv then, but most people i knew had hd tv's back then. so i just destroyed your blanket statement. the whole point is not to sway your or anyone else's opinion. you made a false statement & i proved it wrong. its as simple as that. you can be as sore as your want. you can stand by your opinion. Fact is the xbox version looks better than the GC version. thats it. Accept it & move on.



Rafie said:

What rage? Oh you mean the caps. That's just for emphasis. Actually I was in U.S. Air Force for 8 years. I actually could afford a "good" tv. HD tv's in 2002-03 was very scarce. So I was still right. Even considering HD wasn't really out until '05-06ish. I didn't make any false statements. In my opinion, the GC version was the best. Excuse me..looked the best. You can be as argumentative as you want. You didn't destroy any argument. It wouldn't have even been a debate had you come at me correct. There's a way for getting your point across without sounding like a bigoted jerk. I'm not calling you one, but you came off that way.



URAmk2 said:

sorry i like to base my statement off of fact and when i state my opinion i make sure its clear thats what im doing. you should try that i was in college when this game came out and our student center had hd tv's. I had one in my apartment. so did most of my friends. so saying hdtv's were scarce is your opinion. but that doesnt matter. ive said what i had to say & you have your opinion. so thats that.



Rafie said:

@URAmk2 Here we go again with the self praising. My opinions are facts and everyone else's is...well opinions. Have a nice day dude! Seriously.

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