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Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, The Grass Isn't Always Greener

Posted by Damien McFerran

Damien McFerran feels that all the Wii U needs is more Nintendo titles

During the Wii U’s relatively short time on the market one of the hottest topics has been the lack of third-party support. After the initial promises made by many publishers the console has largely been left out to dry, with many notable multiplatform titles bypassing the system entirely, despite their suitability for conversion. Forums and sites (like the one you’re reading now) are packed with posts focusing on this rather touchy subject, with many bemoaning the lack of software and the “vicious circle” which remains in place — developers don’t support the Wii U because of its low install base, and potential owners don’t buy the system because it has few games available.

Given my position as the editorial director of a popular Nintendo site, I’ve naturally had to give this subject a lot of thought. This year’s E3 was something of a mixed bag; Nintendo’s decision to not hold a traditional press conference allowed it to avoid the willy-waving exercises undertaken by Sony and Microsoft, but there were some initial feelings of disappointment at the company’s line-up for the next year or so. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze felt like the product of a company playing it safe, and at first glance Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World didn’t seem anywhere near inventive enough. Having had a chance to go hands-on with these games since E3, my fears — and those of many other Nintendo Life staffers — have been allayed somewhat; it’s easy to forget that innovation for the sake of innovation doesn’t always secure success, and that good, old-fashioned gameplay counts for a great deal.

Another thing that has settled in since E3 finished is that the third-party debate is, in my opinion, wildly exaggerated. Sony and Microsoft seem to have no trouble in securing the interest of publishers, but I’ve been casting an eye over videos and coverage for upcoming PS4 and Xbox One games and aside from the obvious increase in graphical fidelity, I honestly struggle to see any other real benefit — at least at this point. Both consoles are likely to be populated with the same glut of “dudebro” first-person shooters, shiny racing games and almost indistinguishable sports titles — with the added irony that many of these games will be available on both systems. It recently struck me while I was flicking through a video game magazine which focused on the Xbox One’s line-up that almost 80% of the games mentioned were not exclusive to the console. When you've got two consoles fighting for market share which also happen to share many of the same key titles, first-party software becomes even more important — and I personally feel that Nintendo has the strongest selection of home-grown games right now.

Given how much we Nintendo fans like to decry the lack of third-party support for the Wii U, my attention has obviously been drawn towards the kind of games being promised for the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s hard not to feel a little underwhelmed at what’s in store. There are few games on either the PS4 or Xbox One that make me want to rush to my nearest retailer and slam down a pre-order. Aside from a few glimmers of hope — EA’s Titanfall and The Order: 1886 both spring to mind — it’s a case of normal service resumed, just with better visuals. In fact, it speaks volumes that my favourite non-Nintendo game of E3 isn’t on next-gen hardware, but current-gen. As a massive fan of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, I honestly cannot wait until Dark Souls II arrives next year.

On Microsoft’s forthcoming console, we have games like Dead Rising 3 — a title which seems to be totally devoid of ideas, with Capcom dumbing-down the innovative time-based challenge of the 360 original. Killer Instinct’s controversial free-to-play model has already removed what little interest I had in the title following the confirmation that it would be Double Helix (Front Mission Evolved and, er, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters) and not Rare handling development duties. Kinect-based on-rails shooter Crimson Dragon was an exciting prospect when it was first announced for Xbox 360 back in 2011, but the recent shift to Xbox One has removed my anticipation for the Panzer Dragoon spiritual sequel — I wanted to play this months ago, and now it has been delayed again. And as for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition? Does that game really need more powerful hardware to render its intentionally retro visuals?

The PS4 is suffering from an equally sparse line-up of titles, at least in my personal opinion. They look amazing, but Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall strike me as sequels no one really asked for rather than system-sellers, and while Knack possesses charm which is normally found on Nintendo platforms, it’s hardly the kind of game which will make Wii U owners insane with jealousy — yet it’s apparently the best that Sony’s internal studios can come up with.

Casting a glance towards the current-gen PS3 and 360 only serves to reinforce my perception that despite the lack of third-party support, Nintendo fans aren’t missing a great deal. Granted, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Mirror’s Edge 2 and Killer is Dead are all games I’d love to see come to Wii U, but there’s a lot of filler out there as well. Is anyone genuinely anticipating the arrival of Lost Planet 3, a game which has been subject to two delays so far and still looks totally uninspiring? And what about Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (also by Lost Planet 3 developer Spark Unlimited, as it happens), a largely charmless zombie-filled side-story to Tecmo’s most famous creation? If there's one theme you can see running through a lot of third-party titles these days, it's an almost complete lack of spark.

Contrast this with Nintendo’s own Wii U titles, and if you’re the kind of gamer who still has fond memories of the SNES, N64 and GameCube then you should arrive at the same conclusion as myself: you’ve picked the right console. From where I’m standing, the impending arrival of Pikmin 3 marks the beginning of what could be the Wii U’s golden era, very much like the 3DS’ purple patch started with the likes of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

Pikmin 3 is a captivating experience packed with lush visuals and engaging gameplay, and is the kind of title that I suspect would barely get past the pre-planning stage if it were being produced by a third-party publisher for another format. The Wonderful 101 occupies a similar position; it’s hard to imagine that Platinum Games could have convinced either Sony or Microsoft to fund such an esoteric title in a market which is populated by generic sequels which play it far too safe. Its stablemate Bayonetta 2 would have been just as comfortable on the PS4 and Xbox One — perhaps even more so — than on the Wii U, but as Platinum itself has stated, it was Nintendo’s involvement and support which made the sequel a possibility.

Although many critics will see Mario Kart 8 as too conservative, there’s arguably more invention shown here than there is in the legion of me-too racers on other formats, which often give priority to photorealistic visuals over fun, enjoyable gameplay. I guess that’s the Nintendo difference; we’re so used to the company pushing the envelope in terms of gameplay that when it sticks to a tried-and-tested formula, it’s hard not to feel a slight twinge of disappointment — however, it’s also easy to forget that 99 percent of other developers are even lazier when it comes to breaking the mould. In fact, a cursory glance to the line-ups of Nintendo’s rivals would indicate that they’re scared stiff of taking any kind of chance whatsoever.

It’s also important to remember that the Wii U has a powerful weapon in its arsenal which both the PS4 and Xbox One lack: the promise of dual-screen gameplay. I think it’s fair to say that outside of Nintendo Land and Game & Wario, this unique facet of the console has been criminally underused. Developers seem content to simply use the GamePad’s display as a map or inventory selector, but there’s the potential there for so much more — and I’m sure we’ll see that in the next 12 months. For example, Rayman Legends — the one-time Wii U exclusive — makes superb use of the controller, and will ensure that the Nintendo version of the game is the best on the market. When PS4 and Xbox One owners realise that their new systems don’t offer anything genuinely different from their predecessors, the Wii U could suddenly become incredibly desirable purely because it offers a new way to play — just as the original Wii did a few years back. Let's also remember that the system is gathering an impressive amount of indie support, and indie developers could well be the ones to tip the balance in a future console war.

Despite the poor sales and lack of software, I have little doubt that the Wii U will give me the games I personally want to play both now and in years to come. Sure, a little more software wouldn't hurt and I'm certainly not suggesting that the Wii U doesn't require third-party support of some kind, but I’m more keen to play the all-new Wii U Zelda than the vast majority of titles slated for release on Sony and Microsoft's consoles. And that’s why I don’t regret owning a Wii U one bit, despite what the soothsayers and industry experts suggest.

Do you share Damien's perspective? Are Nintendo's titles more important to potential buyers than the promise of third party support, or do you think that the system needs publishers if it is to succeed against the PS4 and Xbox One? Cast your vote below and don't forget to post a comment.

Do you feel like you've made the right choice in buying the Wii U? (346 votes)

Yes, Nintendo make the best games in the world and I don't really care about third-party stuff


Yes, but I'd like to see more third-party titles on the Wii U as well


No, I expected to see stronger third-party support on Wii U


No, Nintendo's titles and third-party support have both been disappointing so far


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mike_intv said:

Nice to see someone look at the state of gaming and realize that there is not a lot being missed if you don't have a non-Nintendo console.



Linkstrikesback said:

"Damien McFerran feels that all the Wii U needs is more Nintendo titles"

Well Damien, Sales speak louder than words and they say the wii u needed them.

If nothing else, they make it look good for Nintendos coffers look good,w hich is something else nintendo sorely needs.

And I honestly can't understand the people who are insane enough to say Nintendo is better off without 3rd party games. Like, really? In what world is less choice better? Having more 3rd party games couldn't ever harm Nintendo, even in a worst case scenario.

Oh, also "that the Wii U has a powerful weapon in its arsenal which both the PS4 and Xbox One lack: the promise of dual-screen gameplay. "

Yeah, Smartglass and Vita support say otherwise. Cheap? Not at all, but they both have the ability to support dual screen gameplay if a developer wants to.

"Nice to see someone look at the state of gaming and realize that there is not a lot being missed if you don't have a non-Nintendo console."
Well yeah, no duh. There's also a ton being missed if you don't have a gaming PC, or are planning on not getting a PS4 or an Xbone. The only way to not miss anything is to get all the consoles, everyone has great exclusives.



WingedSnagret said:

And yet millions will still buy all these games since they have the two things they care about most in gaming: fancy graphics and gory violence.



PanurgeJr said:

I agree completely. There are only two games forthcoming that aren't Nintendo-exclusive that I have the least interest in: Watch Dogs and Killer is Dead. Everything is stuff that might be fun, but is entirely skippable. On the other hand, A Brand New Game by Monolith Soft and anything with Zelda in the title are absolutely necessities for me. And if I can play them, what do I care if PS4 sells more? So long as it doesn't lead to Nintendo going bankrupt and those titles being canceled (it won't), I'm happy.



MAB said:

For anyone that is interested. Earthbound is listed in the news on the Aussie eShop as a VC download available today but isn't in the VC section anywhere... Might be a stuff up or could be a high possibility for next weeks release



SkywardCrowbar said:

I will disagree with you saying that Mario Kart 8 didn't look inventive enough. I thought it was the highlight of the Nintendo Direct, and the anti-gravity elements looked amazing.

More or less, I agree with everything you said here, except the Mario Kart bit. I have a gaming PC, and it's amazing how I can play at least like 80% of the big titles that are on the Sony and Microsoft consoles on the PC.



bahooney said:

really well written soapbox! I love these articles. And furthermore, I agree with you completely. As a consumer with extremely limited funds, I always know I make the right decision to buy Nintendo hardware and it's software. It's always captivating, always engaging, and always a ton of fun with friends gathered on the same couch. I couldn't give two flutes about online gaming! FPS's? Who needs 'em? Seriously though, Nintendo scratches my gaming itch time and time again. I feel I definitely made the right choice with my 3DS and Wii U.



Akira_1975 said:

@Linkstrikesback "Yeah, Smartglass and Vita support say otherwise. Cheap? Not at all, but they both have the ability to support dual screen gameplay if a developer wants to."

The Wii U tablet is part of the system and feels completely natural. Smartglass is utter garbage and having to buy a vita on top of the PS3 is not an option for me. So yes the Wii U does have an advantage there.

"Well yeah, no duh. There's also a ton being missed if you don't have a gaming PC, or are planning on not getting a PS4 or an Xbone. The only way to not miss anything is to get all the consoles, everyone has great exclusives."

I have a PC as do most people. You may miss a few exclusives on the other consoles but most of the good stuff comes out on PC. Nintendo's system in my opinion is the ultimate complement for a PC. I'm always shifting back and forth from my PC to my Wii U and don't feel I'm missing out at all. And no you don't need a "Gaming" machine to play the good games nowadays. Games nowadays scale very well with what's out there. They have to if they hope to move games in high volume.

However Nintendo's secret weapon has been and always will be their exclusives. With the right release schedule they can really make hardware move.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Sure, sales speak louder than words. But I think you misread...he's not saying everything's peachy. He's saying they need more Nintendo titles on the shelf. His point isn't that the WiiU is's that 3rd party support isn't necessarily the answer.

Also your response to this: "Nice to see someone look at the state of gaming and realize that there is not a lot being missed if you don't have a non-Nintendo console." ...tells me you mis-read that too. You replied as though he said you are missing a lot. He said the opposite.



AlternateButtons said:

I fully agree with this article. Exactly my reasoning as to why I never have had envy for rival consoles. Nintendo does need more titles, but they ARE coming very soon. Starting in August, (in NA) we're gonna be seeing a steady release of heavily anticipated games and it'll be hitting full force come 2014. The best has yet to come. The Golden Age of Wii U is arriving.



MrDerpski said:

The Wii U needs 3rd party whether it's important or not. I was expecting GRO + Metro: Last Light to be released but sadly, no.

3rd parties are just as important as 1st parties.



hYdeks said:

The people who voted the no's in the poll are probably already Nintendo haters big supporters of PS3/360 I personally have hope for the future of the Wii U, but I can admit it was a very slow start for the console. There are so many games coming out soon though to look forward too, I think people will be cramming to get the Wii U for Christmas



dumedum said:

What a fantastic article. I really didn't know you had it in you Probably the best ever that I read here.



element187 said:

I'm going to agree with Damien here... I look at the ps4 and xbone as "meh" ... The only thing new that the ps4/xbone bring to the table is 1080p gaming and tesselation.... both are things my PC has been doing for several years now, but with the benefit of doing 60fps over the Sony/MS systems struggling to hold 30fps... What I wanted to see was a bunch of first party games from Sony and Microsoft that take advantage of the new hardware to the point where we have 60fps gaming.... and Sony/MS FAILED.

So the only ways I can get my 60fps gaming fix is to stick with the Wii U and play all my multiplats on my computer.... I don't think I'll ever buy a ps4 or xbone, the idea of paying to play games online is a bridge too far... and everyone who does fall in line are nothing but lemmings to let a platform holder BULLY you into paying.



unrandomsam said:

I think they need an arcade board based on the wii u (Dunno if there is one yet). Somehow the people in Asia still making coin ops manage to make glitch free software with small teams that are exactly the type of stuff I want. (They used the Dreamcast based arcade hardware for ages.)

Not bothered at all about Western 3rd parties don't make the games I want to play. (Japanese style console games).



johndevine said:

Damien... you often write a load of crap.
But you have hit the nail on the head here.

I buy Nintendo to play Nintendo. If I wanted to play other stuff I'd play other consoles/PC.

Nintendo will always prevail in some form, due to their philosophy.
They are true to their vision. There are millions of Nintendo gamers who agree. They may be dwindling slightly in numbers. But a good hardcore selection of Nintendo first party content for the Wii U and the 3DS will consolidate more younger gamers into their way of thinking.

Once you are a Nintendo gamer and you are "caught"
It is pretty hard to enjoy the majority of games by other companies.

Nintendo will survive. If not... I will stop playing games.



dumedum said:

@Linkstrikesback Vita and Smartglass seriously cannot do that. Smartglass cannot do that even on paper, and Vita is just some wacky daydream. If it could really happen it would - and Rayman Legends would have done just that. But the Vita is not a valid controller for the PS3 with Rayman Legends. Why do you think that? Because maybe it doesn't really work well? It's laggy as hell or something? It is just not good.



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo is pretty much the only one left making the type of games I want problem is the difficulty has been nerfed so much.

(SEGA / Konami / Hudson / Capcom / SNK / Compile / IREM there was loads of them.)



shingi_70 said:

-The time based mechanic is still in Dead Rising 3 and alot of fthe off wall ideas are still in as well as chracters from the first and second game are being brought back.

-The demo of Killer Insticnt is free to play. if you want you can pay the full price for the full version of the game with all of the characters. There's also hints of a special edition that comes with remasters of the first two games and a fight stick. Also if you atcally looked at FGC shows like Counter Cross the game is getting favorable attention and Kenn Lobb the series creator is working on the game as well.

Crimson Dragon is still coming out and in any case it will be like Lococycle a game that will e available on both the Xbox One and 360.

Actually Minecraft Xbox one is using the hardware to have bigger spaces to play as the 360 version was limited compared to the PC releases.

Your also ignoring games like Zoo Tycoon, Quantum Break, and D4 from swery. But one of your glimmers of hope for better or worse is call of duty with robots.

You complain about Infamous and Killzone while talkingup such creative sequels as a new 2D mario game and um.................Mario Kart yep there's that too.

You also complain that Knack is the best sony can come up with ignoring all of the loving development they had on Vita and PS3 this year. While nintendo is putting out 3D world an uprezzed 3DS game for Wii U. Or the fact that nintendo only had two games at launch and had their whole launch window delayed to the 2nd half of the year.

IT seems that your trying to belittle the competition to justify your purchase of the system. Third party support matters and i'm looking forward to games on other platforms more.

You say people buy nintendo for nintendo yet belittle people buying microsoft or sony for their IP as well.

Despite having sequels to stuff like Halo, Forza, Killzone, and infamous both microsoft and Sony have showed off more new IP then nintendo has at this point which is sad. Yet instead of writing an article based around how it doesn't matter as long as have the nintendo support which may be slower due to HD development.



unrandomsam said:

@dumedum Far more likely to be they cannot be bothered. (Did the Wii U stuff first so that still exists but don't want to put any more effort in.)



JactheRipper said:

Are u guy serious "Yes, Nintendo make the best games in the world and I don't really care about third-party stuff" has more then "Yes, but I'd like to see more third-party titles on the Wii U as well"



element187 said:

What I haven't seen very many people talk about is the possibility of PS4/xBone games being emulated to run on PC.... Its not a far fetched idea. We have had WINE on Linux forever that runs Windows apps/games in linux..

The architecture is the same, the only thing that would be needed done is to write a wrapper for the ps4/xbone games... I give it 3 or 4 years before hackers figure it out making purchasing the sony or microsoft system completely unneeded.



ueI said:

Is there seriously a Minecraft: Xbox One Edition?
I agree that 1st party titles are the most important, as they are the only ones guaranteed not to be ported. Remember how many 3rd party exclusives the XBox 360 and Gamecube had? Remember how many of them stayed exclusive? But the Gamecube still offered dozens of Nintendo's own games.



element187 said:

@JactheRipper Some of us have a PC or another console so we don't buy 3rd party games on Nintendo hardware anyways..... What do you expect us to do? Most third parties make TERRIBLE ports with features missing, are we to spend top dollar to get these broken and incomplete games, when we can purchase them for $10 or $15 on Steam?



shingi_70 said:


Yep. It makes sense to have some games like that on the system as minecraft will continue to be popular and it probably didn't cost them that much to port. I wouldn't buy it but I have a buddy who plans to pick it up for his kids.



ueI said:

Nintendo's only had bad 3rd party ports since the Wii. 3rd party games used to be good, even when they weren't exclusive.



GearsOfWarU said:

There are very few games Wii U is not getting I Really want ... Titanfall,Destiny & Lost Planet 3 (I liked lost planet)... Other those 3 games I think the Wii U is loaded with great games the next 6 months... Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Batman Arkham Origins, Wii Party U, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Assassins Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, COD Ghosts, Mario & Sonic @ Olympic Winter Games, Shovel Knight, Super Mario 3D World , Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Bros Wii U !!!!!! That's an Amazing list of games ... So glad I Own a Wii U



Savino said:

I dont agree with a lot of things! Knack looks amazing and more than that is new IP with new possibilities!
Killzone and inFamous are clearly the sequel nobody ask for but Mario 3D World isnt diferent! I don't care about xbox but I am a great nintendo/sony fan and I think that PS4 has a lot of potencial over wiiu and was in the front line when wiiu launch, so, dont call me a sony fanboy!



Sanqet said:

sorry have to disagree some of the best games i have played this gen have been 3rd party games on my ps3 you are wrong to say they are not important any console needs good first and 3rd party support to succeed nintendo cant keep the wii u going by themselves they need help from 3rd party publishers and as us wii u owners have found out it takes time for the good games to arrive and you got to remember sonys best first party developers have been busy on ps3 this year so you wont see anything from them for a year or so



ueI said:

@Savino What bad multiplatform games did the Gamecube have? All the ones I played were equal to the PS versions.



Dogpigfish said:

Truth be told the other two are terrified of the Wii U. They can only pay third parties for exclusives and try and stear developers. I don't think there is a loyal fan base outside for Sony or MS, both are replicative of each other. The real question is for those who want a more mature rated system, which one should we get? If Wii U can line up some mature rated titles, then no need in buying another system. So it's really a matter of can we keep this system separate so the other two won't bomb. I don't wish to see $75 Nindi games again like in the 90s. Competition is good, so don't be afraid to support the other guys.



Savino said:

@ueI sorry, not bad ports, I meant the lack of third party support started with the gamecube, at the end of its life.



Kirk said:

"Damien McFerran feels that all the Wii U needs is more Nintendo titles"

I haven't read the whole article yet but NO!

The Wii U needs more than Nintendo games unless it's destined to be only for blind fanboys and if that's the case I would have absolutely no respect for the console whatsoever.

The greatest Nintendo consoles are such because of more than than just the admittedly great selection of first party titles that came to them.



SanderEvers said:

I bought my Wii U for Nintendo games and third party exclusives (like Sonic Lost World, Sonic & Mario At the olympic games) not for thirdparty multiplatform games (like Rayman Legends)



Kirk said:



"do you think that the system needs publishers if it is to succeed against the PS4 and Xbox One?"


The Wii U needs more than Nintendo games unless it's destined to be only for blind fanboys and if that's the case I would have absolutely no respect for the console whatsoever.

The greatest Nintendo consoles are such because of more than than just the admittedly great selection of first party titles that came to them.



HandheldGuru97 said:

This may be one of the greatest articles written on this site. I fully agree with all your points Damien. I got the latest Game Informer issue yesterday and looking though it a lot of the games are those bleak gray 1st person shooters and sports games that "promise" to update the graphics and gameplay, but really??? Another thing I noticed going back to the color topic I noticed that just about (not all, but a lot) of the more colorful games were done by Nintendo. They seemed to me like a breath of fresh colorful air!!!!!!

One final note is Titanfall is not exclusive to the XBOne it is coming out on the 360 as well. So why upgrade???? You can get for the console you own and probably pay less for it!!!!!!!! In terms of exclusives I don't care if you're a Microsoft fan, Sony Fan or PC Fan, NIntendo has the strongest line up of * EXCLUSIVE* games. A lot of the titles people are talking are on both systems and with slim pickings on the 1st party side which one will you choose?? I am also gonna asume that you would like some 1st party titles to play too, hmmm?????



8thGenConsoles said:

I bought my Wii U for all type of games available for the system. I don't just buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games.



Sanqet said:

nothing that has happened so far with wii u has surprised me i did not expect a lot of third party support compared to sony and microsoft i only bought it for nintendo,s games i always intended to buy a ps4 for all my other gaming needs but it would have been great if nintendo proved me wrong with regards to 3rd party support and i only needed to buy one console instead of two saving me a lot of money



Sanqet said:

and for those that think 3rd party support is not important the snes is rightly regarded as the best console of all time not just for nintendo games but all the great 3rd party games as well



shingi_70 said:

I agree we need more nintendo games and this holiday season is a decent start. But we also need Third Party support and more New stuff from nintendo. The 3DS eshop content is the type of stuff we need for the Wii U.



Kirk said:



You take away the large number of brilliant third party titles on that system and it would still be one of Nintendo's best consoles but it really wouldn't be in the same league at all.

It would obviously have had far less great games, missing out on some absolute all-time classics; Street Fighter/s, Mortal Kombat/s, Final Fantasy/s, Secret of Mana, Super Smash TV, Super Probotector, U.N. Squadron, NBA Jam, International Superstar Soccer, NHL 94, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Secret of Evermore, Cybernator, Mega-Man/s, Super Ghouls N' Ghosts, Lemmings, Parodius, Super Aleste, Earthworm Jim, Super Bomberman, Populous, Axelay, Actraiser, Castlevania/s, R-Type/s, Turtles in Time, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Chrono Trigger, the list goes on...

It would have no doubt sold less units ultimately because it just wouldn't have been as attractive a proposition without all those great third party games of the day.

It would have been far more frustrating and disappointing owning a SNES if you had to wait pretty much solely for each great Nintendo first party game to come out just to get your fix on the system.

It would not have become what is arguably, imo it's not arguable in the slightest though, the most all-round satisfying Nintendo console ever.

Third party support absolutely matters and it's not really a "debate".



Yodelman64 said:

THat is the reason why I got a wii u. I knew that even though the other consoles would bemore powerful taht that would not mean better games, just better looking games. BUt with the wii u I see real potential with the wii u game pad and that different game types can be made atound that.



Yorumi said:

@element187 regarding a wrapper to allow ps4/xbone games to run on pc that's actually something really interesting that I never considered. It's interesting not because I want to steal games, but because others will. If something like this actually does work I think it would be a huge earth shattering event in the game industry. I don't think creative, quality games would suffer much, people will still pay for a quality product. However the generic play it safe overly hyped graphics games could suffer tremendously.

Already those games run on a narrow thin margin because of the enormous cost of the graphics. Even a small loss in sales could be devastating. The next few years could get very interesting for the game industry.



UTXGamer said:

It'd be nice to have some of the new 3rd party games coming: Killer is Dead, Dying Light, The Division, Destiny, etc. However, I didn't buy a Wii U expecting to get all the 3rd party multiplats. I bought a Wii U because I wanted to play the next Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda, etc.

If 3rd parties end up completely abandoning the Wii U, and those titles appeal to me, I can always pick up a PS4 or XboxOne later when they drop the price(the life cycles for those consoles will probably be 10+ years).



PokeTune said:

More Nintendo games isn't solving the issue with 3rd parties! Mario or Kirby isn't telling 3rd parties that dudebros or the "mainstream" audience will buy their games, its saying that Nintendo fanboys will buy Nintendo games. What Wii U needs is mature 3rd party exclusives that sell well to entice 3rd parties and let them now that their games DO have a user base on Nintendo console.



Dambuster said:

I won't be getting a ps4 or xbox one for a couple of years, mainly due to my backlog on ps3 and 360. After E3 I got quite excited for wii u, the list of games which are only on wii u is getting bigger and bigger (zombi u, lego city, NSMB, Pikmin, donkey kong TF, 101, mario 3d, mario kart, X,) The only reasons i've not put my money down for a wii u, is its summer and i'll be outside for most of it, and i'm sure there will be a price drop in october. I can honestly say i'm more excited about wii u than I am for ps4 or x0ne.



Unit_DTH said:

@Sony_70 Wow, you missed the point man. He wasn't degrading the competition he was stating his view on the situation as it stands right now. This article had many valid points, which you seemed to have missed. While the PS4 and the Xbone have their respective exclusives, their titles cater to only one specific type of gamer... A gamer that gives more of a darn about how Photorealistic the graphics are than how much fun they will have with the game. I will eventually get a PS4, but this article and my own attention to the gaming industry have proven to me that I made the right choice. So, before you write another dissertation on why his "Soap box" isn't to your liking... perhaps you should assess what he said in a more clear light. To enjoy all games that appeal to you just buy all the consoles.

@PokeTune The Wii U does need some 3rd party support, but it does not need the foul mouthed "DudeBros" that seem to account for the vast majority of the Sony and Xbox population to survive. I enjoy games such as CoD and other "photorealistic" types, but I have a large family and we hang out a lot, which means that my family and my friends are usually at my house playing the Wii U, or whatever console I seem to have turned on at the moment. The 3rd party support needs to be well thought out in the use of the console before they just port some franchise redundancy to the Wii U, or any other console for that matter.
The only FPS game that has gotten me excited from E3 and perhaps before is Destiny. I would love to see that game make it to the Wii U, not likely but I would still like to see it happen.



crazyj2312 said:

The game of the game industry has been set to easy mode. Nobody is willing to risk things anymore especially with Nintendo. No company wants to get into Nintendo's install base because the people who play Nintendo games/buy their systems aren't the type they can market gritty war games and sports to. And that's what a lot of money making games are, gritty sports war etc. Not that those games are bad they just don't seem to sell enough in Nintendo's market unless it's an exclusive from a franchise everyone likes



Unit_DTH said:

@PokeTune Also, more Mario and Kirby are telling the 3rd parties, through sales spikes for the console, that making a game on the console could be a worthwhile investment. In selling more consoles you increase the install base and therefore increase your company's chances of a game selling well on the platform. Larger population means more customers with the potential to buy your item.



PokeTune said:

@Unit_DTH While yes those games will increase the overall userbase, I doubt that the same people who buy NSMB or Kirby are likely to buy Battlefield 4 or Destiny. Hence why 3rd parties see no reason to bring their games to Wii U, because they wouldn't sell very well. ZombiU is a perfect example of this.




I want third party support, but in all truth I'd be totally content with Nintendo investing in themselves, increasing their output and giving us an even more killer first-party system.



Buduski said:

I usually own 2 consoles my main console has always been Nintendo and for the sake of interesting third party games my second console of choice has differed, with that being said after seeing how unimpressive the ps4 and xbox one reveals and game line up where with only a hand full of interesting titles I gotta say Im happy I bought a Wii U and if third party publishers would support Nintendo like a lot of them said they would, then I wouldn't even consider buying another console down the road because I'd have the best exclusives and great third party games all in one console.



Yorumi said:

@PokeTune here's some things I don't understand. First fps's are not all of 3rd party games out there. Yet whenever people talk about 3rd party games they tend to always seem to restrict it to an extremely narrow field of games. Then they act like these games are extremely important and immediately turn around and say "but they don't sell." Well that kind of suggests that they're not important.

it's as though 3rd parties only count if they have a multi-billion dollar marketing budget.



PokeTune said:

@Yorumi The reason why is because most 3rd party games now(unfortunately) are FPS's and that's why people usually bring them up when referring to 3rd parties. The PS360 audience is most familiar with those games and that's what sells hence why people want those games on Nintendo consoles. Not only that but if the western market sees a spike in mature game sales on Nintendo then Japanese developers might bring over their games as well(Final Fantasy,Kingdom Hearts,Street Fighter,etc.)



Yorumi said:

@PokeTune There is a HUGE difference between a jrpg fan a fps fan. I'm not even sure I'm comfortable calling most fps mature. By and large the kind of person interested in blood and gore is the same person who looks at a xenoblade,tales, or ni no kuni, and instantly rejects it because it's colorful. Furthermore what your suggesting is that they need to try to attract people who favor graphics over gameplay, and I think that will just have an overall lowering of the quality of the product.

We need to be convincing people that gameplay is more important than graphics, not pandering to people want a movie where you occasionally press a single button from time to time.



Unit_DTH said:

@PokeTune ZombiU is really not a good example of this. It was very limited, both graphically and in gameplay options. Sales figures speak of a disappointing story for ZombiU, but the figures speak well for a console release title 200,000+ sold isn't all that bad. But that game was mostly uninteresting. The best thing it had going for it was the permadeath feature, which became tedious after a while. There was NO character development for that game, which was setup for an epic, albeit watered down, storyline. Plus the lack of choice in weapons, especially melee, was disappointing to say the least. Multiplayer was the games saving grace IMO. It was an inventive take on the survival aspect with a multiplayer twist. The graphics were 1st gen 360 and it shows that the company had little understanding of the hardware they were working with, kinda like Nintendo's showings at Wii U launch. A lot of the people that purchase a console have in most cases played games for some time, even if they are buying the console "for the kids". The people that buy those consoles "for the kids" also play games themselves and are not always looking for the brightest colors, i.e. mario and kirby, to play a game in. Sometimes, most times they want to experience something that makes them feel like they aren't playing a child's toy, but are dropping into some alternate world where they don't have to worry about the consequences of taking another "person's" life. Which brings us to BF4 or Destiny, those games offer something for the Fathers and Mothers that have played games for almost a lifetime, that Mario will never accomplish and that's depth in the interaction with the characters in the game. I'm 30 have 2 kids and a wife, I play games with my kids, but I'm a gamer to the "core". I like Mario and my wife and kids like Mario, but I don't want to always play Mario, sometimes I want to chop someone in half with a chainsaw! And now days this is the main type of demographic. The kids that grew up with the NES, now have kids of their own. And buying a console for a family unit means wanting multiple types of games. 3rd parties need to realize this and they also need to understand that as people that grew up playing games, or even those that just got into it because of the Wii, still want to try lots of different games without having to purchase multiple consoles on which to play them. Most people now have Smartphones and this has given birth to many new gamers, people that never thought they would enjoy games are now purchasing home consoles and jumping into the gaming scene.



PokeTune said:

@Unit_DTH Whether or not 3rd parties decide that people shouldn't own multiple consoles to play different games, one thing is clear. Nintendo aren't receiving any of their games and that's a HUGE problem. How many of the games announced at E3 are coming to Nintendo consoles?



Yorumi said:

@PokeTune this is the problem with these discussions, people are more interested in putting forth a narrative than discussing the facts. Nintendo isn't recieving any 3rd party support? Really? You are focusing extremely narrowly on a tiny fraction of 3rd party developers. Basically you're engaging in confirmation bias, you only look at what you want to see and nothing else.



Bigmac1910 said:

Only a Nintendo fan-boy would agree with this article. Seriously now, less choice is better? LOL.

What people seem to miss, is that most people would like to buy only one console (including me), and be able to play most games that is offered, just like the SNES days. Nintendo would destroy the competition cause of their unique franchises.

Most people that are arguing the 3rd party doesn't matter are dishonest from my perspective, cause they usually have at least another console or PC that they can get 3rd party games on.

Right Damien? With Demon Souls/Dark Souls as your favorite franchise. If you are going to write an article about how 3rd party doesn't matter to Nintendo, then ONLY own a Nintendo console and nothing else, cause as it right now you are just a hypocrite.



PokeTune said:

@Yorumi Well then like I said earlier can you tell me the amount of 3rd party games announced at E3 for Wii U then? If i'm only focusing on an "extremely narrow fraction" then this shouldn't be a problem for you to answer.



rjejr said:

Nice article Damien. Bonus points for labeling it "Soapbox"

I'm not impressed by either lineup of PS4 or X1 games, BUT i think the problem is w/ WiiU not getting a couple of PS3 and Xbox360 games - notably GTAV and Diablo 3.

I don't think there is a person alive that would BUY a WiiU for GTA or a year old PC port of Diablo 3, but those games will be getting a lot of attention over the next few months and it would have been nice if they were on the WiiU, people who already own a WiiU would buy them. (How did you even write that entire article and not mention GTAV?)



Yorumi said:

@PokeTune so you're backtracking now because you said they're not receiving any 3rd party games. For specifically e3 platinum isn't 3rd party? Or capcom? Or sega? Or Ubisoft? Oh they didn't specifically make the very first announcement at e3, my bad. Then there's all the indies, seems like every week there's a new kickstarter looking at the wiiU, but I guess those arn't 3rd parties either right? Or how about WB, TT, activision or others? It's confirmation bias.

@Bigmac1910 The problem is two fold. People are saying companies that are mostly going out of business are the most important thing. And then they basically saying we need quantity over quality. The problem with quantity is what's happening now, those with the biggest marketing budget sell games and creative ideas are drowned out in the face of marketing budgets that exceed game budgets. One of the major causes of the game crash in the '80's was companies doing exactly what a lot of people on the internet are suggesting they do now.



DualWielding said:

All I can say is that I would have considered buying a Wii U if I knew its going to have third party support, because it don't I won't buy it.... If stuff like Kingdom Hearts 3 would have come to it I would have considered it



PokeTune said:

@Yorumi Those games are important I will give you that but for every game that we are getting we're losing like 3 more. Destiny,BF4,The Division,Kingdom Hearts 3,FFXV,MGS V,Mirror's Edge 2,etc. Wii U fans shouldn't have to stand for lack of 3rd party support due to Nintendo's stubborn ways. All those games I listed are just scratching the surface of what we're NOT getting. Are you saying you are ok with missing all these just to get a few 3rd party games from Japanese companies that we already now would support Nintendo in some way?



Bigmac1910 said:


I don't understand your first sentence at all, but being creative is difficult for a myriad of reasons, so you need that quantity just so that you know that a certain percentage of that will be good and great. Also today, you have the growing indie scene on both tablets and consoles and they seem to do really well, so I don't think this is like the 80s, but some business models will have to evolve in the near future.



Yorumi said:

@PokeTune I don't care about a lot of those games personally, square is a shadow of it's former self, and I don't care about fps's. Not saying that others wouldn't care about them but you said it's getting no 3rd party support. That's the problem, everyone is trying so hard to advance a narrative and lying about the situation, and it doesn't help discussion.

Furthermore how exactly is this nintendo's fault? They've been practically giving away dev kits to anyone who's remotely competent. The devs that work with them have all said they've been extremely helpful. It's their fault because they didn't push graphics at the expense of everything else? Why is being underpowered only a problem for nintendo? Do you believe a ps4 is the best graphics you can get right now for games? Somehow only sony is allowed to decide what is an acceptable level of power?

Nintendo did everything they reasonably could to bend over backwards for these people and all they get in return was scorn, hatred and liars trying to advance a narrative. If these 3rd parties are so wonderful and so amazing why are they all going out of business? Why has one of them been twice voted the worst company in america if they're so great?

@Bigmac1910 the last thing we need to be doing is flooding the market with garbage and letting marketing budgets overpower quality.



AJWolfTill said:

While I do agree largely with what you wrote Damien, I can't help but feel you completely neglected to mention the level of online connectivity that the other next gen's are bringing.
Although to be fair is there any reason why the Wii U wouldn't be able to support this function? Destiny is coming to previous gens as is Watch_dogs. Will we see the same level of online integration from third parties when they do head this way?



Daz-brum said:

Nitendo's system will have the last laugh not in spec but in pure games for gamers and i mean all gamers.



PokeTune said:

@Yorumi Being underpowered isn't a Nintendo only thing. Remember the PSX and PS2 were underpowered compared to the competition back then. Obviously the PC is the best graphics you can get for games, I think most gamers now that. Nintendo to me did not do everything possible because if they had more 3rd parties would have been onboard. Also if Nintendo had been researching HD development they wouldn't have been so behind in their game development.



banacheck said:

I love your article does not include other games that have never been on a Playstation system before, yes because thay are all FPS and sequels wink wink. And another thing you don't need to own a PSVita to be able to play Playstation on the move. Your going to see a whole new level of second screen gaming on these other systems, which according to you haven't improved. and the funny thing is them games will probably not come to the Wii U. and while we are talking about sequels, Nintendo is king of sequels and that just a fact.



Yorumi said:

@Bigmac1910 oh I strongly disagree, there are so many amazing games, and the same garbage keeps selling. Heck ff13 is one of the best selling ff games and it's also by far and away the worst. That's not the only example, jrpgs don't sell unless they're made by square(in the west), despite many of these being at least equal in quality in all aspects to a square game. You'd think people who eat up square jrpgs would buy other jrpgs but they don't.

@PokeTune you have 3rd parties literally lying about the system and it's capabilities and you think it's nintendo's fault they're not making games for the system? You have game devs who hate nintendo just for existing and you think they could be convinced to make a game for a nintendo system? And as mentioned before you have a lot of lazy devs that can't sell a game on a nintendo system because they rely on flash graphics and no substance to sell the game.



cheesesteak7 said:

yeah, I kind of agree. The comments here wreak of bias and fanboyism.

The article was well-written and makes sense. Sure Wii U doesn't need 3rd-party support. But what it does need is more diversity in titles. Yeah, W101, X, Pikmin, etc are all parts of Nintendo's variety. But that's just a few titles. Variety and diversity can only be taken so far by a single company, even if that company has a dozen development teams.

Besides, Nintendo is never going to make games like D Souls, MGS, God of War, BioShock, etc. Some may say the common thread here is violence, but it doesn't have to be. Nintendo can make games like these w/o any blood or over-exaggerated violence. But they don't even bother b/c they've always been more focused on a more colorful, caricature, kid-friendly type of style. That is why 3rd-party support is so vital currently for the Wii U - diversification (spice of life, right?) is what flourishes in today's gaming world.

Ppl keep claiming it's "garbage", but what is their justification for that? Have they played D Souls? Have they played Last of Us? Have they played BioShock Infinite? Have they played GTA4? Anyone who calls those games garbage is a moron, plain and simple.



cheesesteak7 said:

another example on lack of QUANTITY of variety is Bayonetta 2. Sure that can satisfy the action genre for those who like God of War or D Souls or Uncharted. BUT THAT'S ONE GAME. What do fans of that genre do once they beat Bayonetta 2 after a week? Wait another 3 years until Bayonetta 3? If that'll even be Nintendo exclusive.



Yorumi said:

@cheesesteak7 it depends, really. Marketing and mob mentality can have a huge impact on people. For example swtor was a hugely hyped game, and people still to this day say the stories were amazing. Those stories are objectively bad, they use all kinds of poor writing techniques, and are loaded with plot holes and laziness.

FF13 is in a similar boat, hallways aside there were huge problems with the story, writing, and character development in that game. Yet listening to it's fanbase you'd think it's god's gift to storytelling.

This shows either shockingly poor standards, or a totally inability to be even remotely objective by, I would argue even professional reviewers. How often are games that don't have huge marketing budgets declared great? You can almost predict review scores based on how often you see an ad for a game. Furthermore when the most common praise of last of us I've heard is "oh it's got a great story, watch someone play it it's so great." So don't play a video just watch it like a movie. Sorry if I'm a little reluctant to attach the label "great" to a game that most people say to watch and not play because the experience is mostly the same.



cheesesteak7 said:

and that's one thing that a lot of modern day gamers like and appreciate - mature, emotional or thought-provoking stories they can try to relate to. Nintendo rarely offers that. Another reason why 3rd-party support is desirable.



Yorumi said:

@cheesesteak7 I strongly disagree, they want blood and gore. If the modern gamer so appreciated stories like you say how come they only buy dark and gritty games? Colorful? Nope no chance not going to buy it no matter how good the story is.



banacheck said:

and while Knack possesses charm which is normally found on Nintendo platforms, it’s hardly the kind of game which will make Wii U owners insane with jealousy.

Why is it supposed too? there is more diversity on some other consoles, which the Wii U massively lacks.



cheesesteak7 said:

What colorful kiddy games have emotional or thought-provoking stories??? Zelda series? Mario RPGs? Great stories, yeah. But nothing compared Bastion, BioShock Infinite, Deus Ex, Last of Us, etc in the emotional or thought-provoking department.



JusticeColde said:

Finally, I have been seeing this only on the gaming community side and not the media side.
I have seen lots of people give up on the other systems because the games are either "Same old crap" "What they think we want" or "Not really worth the system." A lot of gamers these days really don't like what these companies are pumping out because there seems to be a disconnect between dev thinking & consumer thinking.

Nobody wants the new Dead Rising, Titanfall is just CoD with wall-jumping, Killer Instinct is pretty much dead in the water & Minecraft: Xbone Edition is a joke among a very large majority. This is something that can actually work in Nintendo's favor as people see most upcoming Wii U exclusives as actual worthwhile games that will convince them to buy the system in due time.

In short, most of these games for PS4 & Xbone are are pretty much uninteresting or just plain laughable to a lot of gamers.



Bigmac1910 said:

@JusticeColde "In short, most of these games for PS4 & Xbone are are pretty much uninteresting or just plain laughable to a lot of gamers."

Yeah, that's why the Wii Us are flying off the shelves, you are in the minority dude.



Yorumi said:

@cheesesteak7 you're basically proving my point. I never once said kiddy, but you immediately associate colorful with kiddy. But xenoblade wasn't thought provoking or emotional? Or all of xenosaga? Tales? You can apply literary analysis to tales of the abyss analyzing symbolism, character development, and it goes into some deep issues. That's just one game, there's also symphonia, graces, xillia, etc. Ni no kuni? It had a marketing budget so it at least gained some popularity but there were tons of posts on forums saying(this is not an exaggeration) "it's a stupid anime pedophile game."

A sizable portion of the fanbases of the games you listed won't even give a game a chance if it's not dark and gritty. They've decided, like you, that colorful must mean kiddy, and only dark and gritty can be mature.



SkywardLink98 said:

Doesn't matter if everyone wanted a new InFAMOUS game, everyone I've seen is excited about it now (and I plan on buying a PS4 solely for that game).



MrGawain said:

"Killer Instinct will be free-to-play, and creator Rare isn't handling development duties".

It isn't free to play. You have to buy an XbOXOne to play a one character demo. More content costs more.



cheesesteak7 said:

@yorumi I associate colorful w/ kiddy, b/c that's how the common perception is, fair or not. And a developer/publisher has to play into those perceptions, whether you like it or not.

Besides, I wouldn't call either the Xeno games or Tales games colorful or kiddy. They are fairly mature, by JRPG standards (that's another topic - the storytelling standards of Western games vs Japanese games. If you noticed, coincidentally, all the games I listed were Western).



BetweenTheTrees said:

what's wrong with kiddie exactly? just because it's child friendly doesn't make it bad, look at adventure time, i know more adults that watch than kids.
and I had a blasty blast with viva pinata for 360, def a kid friendly game but also tonnes of fun. i don't always have to shoot someone in the face (virtually) to be happy. it's nice to put down the gun or sword for a little bit.



shingi_70 said:

Oh I plan plan too buy all three consoles since fun games are fun games. The problem is automatically assuming all those exclusives appeal to one demo graphic. If anything wouldn't nintendo have the same problem since all their games for this year seem to be targeting similar styles of genres and art. Wereas the Sony and Microsoft Launch window is much more diverse.



TooManyToasters said:

Well written talking point, Damien!

I PERSONALLY would like to see more 3rd party support along the lines of the 3DS, but that too took at least 2 years to flourish. So repeating history can't be all bad right?

Besides, even if it doesn't look high end, Earthbound just arrived on VC and everyone knows just how big in content and length that game is. Hell I bet that Xbone and PS4 owners want Nintendo going third party because they're jelly about EB not showing up on THEIR systems.



Yorumi said:

@cheesesteak7 have you played a tales game? Are you sure you know what colorful means? You're arguing that people want a good story, not just dark and gritty, but people will literally reject a good story if it's not dark and gritty.

Being mature couldn't be farther from these people who will reject something just because of the way it looks. That's not mature at all, and being dark and gritty doesn't not equal mature any more than colorful equals kiddy. I don't care what people's perceptions are if they flat out wrong and immature.

@SunnyShores there's also the problem that people still think blood spray equals mature. It's sad that words have become so abused to become nearly meaningless.



shingi_70 said:


Nothing at all. I think the problem is that nintendo doesn't really make much that goes outside of their usual wheelhouse. Microsoft and Sony have both showed all ages games while still having content for older gamers as well.

More projects from Nintendo Like X would be a good way to kill that stigma.



Unit_DTH said:

@PokeTune I agree that the 3rd party support couldn't hurt, as a matter of fact it would most likely help. But third parties all seem to be sellouts when it comes to MS and Sony, showing minimal love to anyone else. I would love to see sports franchises, that are not clones, on the Wii U... Except for NFL stuff, that's garbage no matter how you look at it. Also, I would like to See BF4 on the Wii U, but EA still loves to hate Nintendo.



Unit_DTH said:

@cheesesteak7 GTA4 was an abomination! Horrible controls and the ability to kill hookers is atrocious! Those right there are my personal opinions, I'm not asking anyone to agree with them. Bioshock infinite was fun, The Last of Us is great, but the GTA franchise has lost touch with reality and what it means to understand any inkling of the human condition. R* prides themselves on how vile they can make a game and get away with it, while multiple other companies try in some small way to make a better game. I'm not saying that we should live by the examples in games, but we should at least hold these devs to a higher standard instead of how many hookers and cops can I kill in this play session.



Mahe said:

Wii U needs more quirky, small games like Airport Mania: First Flight on WiiWare and DSiWare. That game would be a great fit for the Wii U gamepad and stylus, and could also be played with Wiimotes like the Wii version.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Great piece. I won't ever need to buy a PS4 or xBox1 only because the PS3 has filled that position. I use it for Netflix, watching stuff on my hard drive or playing the occasional game. That's probably the biggest issue. I bought all the games that I saw recommended for PS3 and sort of regret it. I love the NBA but just couldn't get into the latest 2K installment. I don't really care for shooting games and see why with Resistance, and Battlefield. So I booted up my Wii and played through Resident Evil 0 and 1. Now I have Monster Hunter 3 chugging along in there. And I've been holding out on WiiU but the ability of the game pad to play those retro games is huge for me. I would like to set aside my Wii for good and transition over, but with no GameCube games yet announced, I cannot justify putting aside Resident Evil, or the likes of Super Monkey Ball or Eternal Darkness. But, I know it's coming. And the best part is I can play the WiiU with my girlfriend, and I think she will really enjoy it.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@Unit_DTH: Haha! I had that issue...but way back when GTA was released on the PS2. A lot of kids playing that figured that was reality. Something about those games irked me.



Crillan said:

@Linkstrikesback "Oh, also "that the Wii U has a powerful weapon in its arsenal which both the PS4 and Xbox One lack: the promise of dual-screen gameplay. "Yeah, Smartglass and Vita support say otherwise. Cheap? Not at all, but they both have the ability to support dual screen gameplay if a developer wants to."

They do have the ability to support dual screen, but they can never count on the users being able to take advantage of it. That's the advantage Nintendo has because developers on the Wii U can always count on it being there which gives them much greater freedom to use the second screen in new, innovative, engaging and even critical ways if they desire. Developers on the other consoles would break their own game if they put some critical feature on the second screen. Also, it comes in the box for the Wii U whereas the other consoles require expensive add-ons as you mentioned.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@JusticeColde, the problem with upgrading your respective console is paying for a new console and a slightly more expensive game but with the same mechanics. Some customers may notice that. I have.



Yorumi said:

@cheesesteak7 explain how because my whole point is that they don't care about a good story, they care about dark and gritty, and I'm presenting the evidence for it by specifically saying they will reject anything not dark and gritty no matter how good the story is. And you've proven this point by immediately associating colorful with kiddy despite that never once being a part of the original discussion.



cheesesteak7 said:

@ Yorumi I suppose I misread what you were saying, assuming a lot of your comments were directed at me, when they were really directed at general gamers (so I assume).

Besides that, I completely disagree w/ almost everything you say. You group games you just classify as "dark and gritty" w/o any "good story" (I assume you mean like CoD, God of War, etc) w/ game w/ actually good stories, stories that have had numerous analytical articles from various publications (even like Last of Us and BioShock Infinite. Maybe if you actually played those games instead of just criticized them, you may know the difference.

And yes I have played Tales games. Like i said, by JRPG standards (emphasis on JRPG) they aren't kiddy games.



Yorumi said:

@cheesesteak7 I never said kiddy, colorful and kiddy are NOT synonyms. You keep doing that and I have no idea why. You said you wouldn't call the tales game colorful.

Furthermore you're assuming I have played some of these games. In fact I've not done a lot of actual criticizing of them anyway. I was replying to the specific comment you made that they want good stories, to which I laid out the evidence of my disagreement. You keep trying to change the subject to kiddy and other things. You can't just change things in the middle of a discussion and act like I can't go back and specifically read what you said.



cheesesteak7 said:

@yorumi dude...ok, now you're straw maning. Or just simply delusional and not getting the point of this discussion. Either way, it's pointless to argue w/ you obviously.



Yorumi said:

Quoted directly from post #98: "Besides, I wouldn't call either the Xeno games or Tales games colorful..". Also read post #88 and explain to me where I once ever talked about kiddy.



FiveDigitLP said:

As I've said many times over, the main reason I want more third party games on the Wii U is so that I only have to own one console this upcoming generation. It was fun owning a Wii, PS3, and 360, but in the end it was kind of a pain.
I'd like for the third party games I'm interested in to come to the Wii U as well, not necessarily because I think the console needs it, but solely for selfish reasons. Luckily Watch_Dogs is coming, but I'm really sad to hear about Mirror's Edge 2 and others not coming.



fluggy said:

That would be great if it was actually happening ... I've got nothing to play on my Wii U till next year. Getting drip fed childish nonsense does not a successful console make! Nothing on its way is for me. D.Kong, Pikmin, unnecessary Zelda remake, Wonder(less)101(quirky Japanese nonsense) .... Nothing for me until M Kart. ..... This is not why I bought a Wii U! 3rd party support was promised and was a prerequisite for me! Thank god I've got a PS3 ... What Wii U needs is games from the same stable as Last of Us, God of War, dead space...... Gripping, gritty, adult adventures! All Nintendo have committed to is cartoony, kids games! Best thing on Wii U is Super Metroid!! Forward planning was obviously not high on the priority list!!!



Dogpigfish said:

@fluggy I would suggest downloading Darksiders 2 on Wii U. It is the difinitive version on Wii U, which makes a huge difference. If you prefer Sony exclusives all the more power to you, but be realistic about high quality Nindi titles which haven't lost their touch. It's like saying the only music is country music and everyone should listen to that.



cdude said:

As a nintendo fan, you guys trying to pretend that the only good games on the market are nintendo games have reality issues that i hope someone forces you to take pills for. I'll agree that cod is stale and boring, (and still a fairly solid experience) but discounting everything from oblivion to batman is absurd.



Sceptic said:

I for one think most of Nintendo's recent games were and continue to be crap. They are completely full of themselves and so out of touch they somehow think that they can sell us a turd with a mustache and call it "classic IP". Nintendo do not have a clue.

Even their good stuff is absolutely mediocre compared across plattforms. Pikmin? Really? It's totally linear. It's an insult to the genre to call it real time strategy. Or strategy even. I mean, what do they do all day if that is all they come up with?! It's always too convoluted and plain bizzarre for kids, but too crude and simplistic for adults.

Watching nintendo flounder around with their WiiU I feel like I'm watching some crazy performance artist, where a crowd of hardcore enthusiasts are ooh-ing and aah-ing but all I see is a guy pointlessly dumping paint on the floor and laughing like a maniac. And I wonder why I paid money for this, and whether maybe I am part of the show.

Because of the lack of content, we have lost all objectivity. On the WiiU right now, tic, tac, toe would end up a five-star, top ten selling game.



cheesesteak7 said:

@Yorumi dude it was established in the conversation that the common perception is colorful = kiddy, appropriate or not. I used them interchangeably b/c of that. I never said I thought they were synonyms or that I agreed w/ that perception. I know you know this, you're just arguing b/c you're stubborn. And you're doing the same kind of erroneous association w/ dark, grim+gritty games. And what if I meant "colorful" in personality and not actual visuals? But whatever dude. Just believe what you want to believe, since you clearly will anyway.



Yorumi said:

@cdude people arn't necessarily saying nintendo games are the only good games. Saying that most of these games really arn't as great as some people make them out to be is different from saying there's no good 3rd party games. There are games the wii U isn't getting that I'd like to see it get. However, just flooding the system with games just because they're 3rd party isn't something I want.

@cheesesteak7 no I'm using the english language. I used the proper definition of the word, was the first to use the word in the discussion and now you are trying to define what I said and change the meaning of my post. Whenever anyone uses the word colorful everyone knows exactly what it means. I also repeatedly clarified how I was using the word in subsequent posts so there can be absolutely no confusion in how I was using the word. Now you're sitting here repeatedly engaging in name-calling after just deciding you're not going to use words properly.

I do not appreciate people calling me names because they decided to not use words properly.



cheesesteak7 said:

@Yorumi I mean, I'd usually retort somehow. But if you genuinely (or just pretend to) think "dude" is name calling, then I don't even know what I'd say. And you continue to claim saying things you never said or did. There really is no counter to that powerful of trolling ability. You win, dude. =D



Yorumi said:

So more name calling, now it's gone from delusional, to stubborn to trolling. I sure hope everyone else can see right through you.



Henmii said:

So the new Killer instinct is free-to-play?! Huge facepalm! Just when you thought it couldn't get worse: A huge franchise from Rareware, just given to someone else AND turned into a free-to-play! It's terrible!

But back on topic: Of course I want more good third-party titles on the Wii u, but it looks very unlikely!



brokenfang said:

@Damo: I'm with you on most points you make in the article. I did however, vote the 2nd choice. With so many ways to spend our money on digital media these days, it has to be smart business to offer as much as possible on any one particular device, no?

But in all honesty, I probably fit more in the #1 group. I bought the console for Nintendo games. Heck, how do you guys do it? Multiple consoles, PC gaming, and now the mobile market. I mean, does anyone sleep anymore?

And Damo's so right on about the gamepad. I've croaked this again and again. More people need to have this in their living rooms to realize the convenience of it.
Example: My son (on 3ds) and I (on Wii U gamepad) were playing MH3U the other night, while my wife watched her Netflix. (and yes folks, it all comes in one little box)

Should have brought the NES name back for this console, because that is what it is = an entertainment system.
Yeah, the Wii U already won. It's just the general public hasn't realized it yet.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm fine with the Wii U having more 1st Party games, just because I prefer quality over quantity, and hold the Wii as proof that it's better to have more good games than just more games in general.

But still, I highly doubt the Wii U could survive on Nintendo alone. It just can't happen. Support needs to pick up, or this could very well be Nintendo's last home console.



Yorumi said:

@theblackdragon I agree with you and had intended that to be my last post in that particular area.

@CanisWolfred I won't say that it should but I do think it could survive on the support it has now. Really ever since the n64 all their systems have survived on fairly minimal 3rd party support. Even the gamecube was profitable. Plus the indie scene is picking up so as crazy as it sounds now, it's not impossible that given a few years some of them could be putting out games indistinguishable from current AAA games.

I'm all for 3rd party support but I don't think they need to get it by pandering.



Draken18 said:

So many great points brought up in this article. Nintendo knows how to make enjoyable experiences. Yes it would be nice to see more third party support, but I'm sure more will come back when sales start to pick up. Besides that there is great indie support.



Senario said:

@PokeTune First of all, I don't think that people actually care for most of the titles you mention on Wii U. I certainly don't want Destiny, battlefield, the division, kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy, MGSV, and Mirror's edge. Several of those titles are the same old bland gritty photorealistic type game and the rest have really been declining in past years in terms of quality. Kingdom hearts and Final fantasy being the biggest offenders. It isn't really Nintendo's fault that third parties don't wish to develop for them. You act like it is because Nintendo is "stubborn". When in reality it is the fault of the publishers who don't put any effort into actually wanting to develop for the console. It isn't like Nintendo says "oh you can't develop for our console because reasons!" it is quite the opposite as they are willing to work with developers if they wish to develop on Wii U. None of the games I saw really made me excited for them as I knew that many would be more of the same dark grittyness or part of a series that has gone downhill from it's older games. I'm looking at you Final Fantasy, after Hironobu Sakaguchi left developing for the series it just hasn't been as good as before. The Last Story being a good throwback to what was good about Final Fantasy.

Third party support is great, but with the way they are acting right now I would not want a game from them on Wii U due to the attitude they have towards Nintendo and the console simply for being different instead of more of the same. The article was fine and I agree that what we need now is more first party support from Nintendo. Pikmin 3 is a good start for this.

Side note: Is that Dead Rising at the top picture? What happened to the wackyness of the mall and colorful silly weapons? It now looks like a generic zombie kill game.



Icefreak45 said:

Really didn't like this soapbox. I feel like this was just bashing Microsoft and Sony for what they do to boost up Nintendo. Yes a lot of games nowadays are full of blood and gore, shooters with pretty graphics but that's not all. Ni No Kuni on the PS3 looked like an amazing JRPG, but did I play it? No because it was a Sony exclusive. Nintendo doesn't offer this experience so you can't say they're the only ones who can create something magical.

Going to third-party tittles I had a blast with a bunch of third party games that did NOT come to Wii. Mass Effect, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Borderlands, dishonored, Bioshock, etc. Yes all of these are gory but not for the sake of being gory, Bioshock tells an amazing story and is one of the greatest games of this generation. Third party tittles are highly important and are required for consoles.

You can't really say nothing innovative is coming from next-gen consoles seeing as they're not even out yet and are being slowly unveiled. Sony has confirmed already 30 exclusives coming to PS4 in it's first year and 12 of them being new IPs. So add in third party support and there's no foreseeable drought as severe as the Wii U has suffered.

Last point: "Infamous: Second Son looks pretty, but was the world really crying out for a sequel?" Was anyone asking for a DK sequel? Or that Mario 3D World? No doubt these will be fun experiences but nothing new.
I'm a huge Nintendo supporter and will be picking up a Wii U next year and opting for a PS4 this Christmas, please don't knock others just to make Nintendo seem in a better place than it is and lets all just enjoy playing games ^^.



Relias said:

Well... me and my sister are happy with our Wii U.. I could not vote... because frankly I am somewhere between the first two options.. just playing on the Wii U is fun... and I do believe Nintendo makes some of the best.. if not the best games on the market.. that being said I would not want to see third party support completely dry up either.. with that being said.. yeah... I loved all the hype of the 3,097th brand new*Cough Cough* Survival Horror, First Person Shooters, and Racers...that basically do the same things over and over again.. and yet these very same people complain when a new Mario hit's the market.. it's just the same thing over and over again they say.. well yeah they do perhaps.. but just like your darn shooters and stuff.. it's still freaking fun.. and that is what is most important... and yeah I was a little disappointed with Nintendo's E3... it wasn't what I had hoped it would be... but I came out thinking the year will still be exciting.. and frankly to me anyway it was the best E3 showing.. I got depressed when I saw the others.. first off.. the graphic improvements... was nothing... to get hyped about... at all.. it was so minor.. it had me wondering what people were talking about.. and that Killer Instinct trailer they were showing.. when I first saw it.. I was wondering why something like that would hit my PS2... when they said it was a XBOX One Game.. I was like dang.. there is just nothing to get excited about at all... then I looked at all the games and exclusives.. and it was basically like they were saying last generation will never die.. with the limited variety.. it was just so depressing... and actually inspired both me and my sis to pick up Wii U's there is just nothing there.. at all..



Subie98 said:

While I love a pretty good portion of Nintendo's games they arent all im interested in. I was hoping to not have to buy a second system for once. However when I think about it, I have been buying Sony systems next to my Nintendo systems since the original Playstation. I just thought maybe I might not miss out on much except Sony exclusives which some I enjoy. I don't fully agree with the article. I dont care for all Sony's line up but a handful of them I do. But what I dont want to miss out on is 8-10yrs of stuff. Ill be getting a ps4 after the launch window. Probably 8-10 months after release.



Wanderlei said:

Thats the thing, games people buy Nintendo systems for are exclusive to Nintendo platforms. Xbox/PS/PC now share 99% of the same content and there is not enough market share for all to be huge success. Meanwhile Nintendo do their own thing and remain profitable despite the size of their use base, something the like of sony never manage.



banacheck said:


PS3 is the only platform i know of bring out exclusive for a last gen system, and thay'll support the PS3 for years to come. is Nintendo still releasing exclusive for the Wii? And you'll still be getting exclusive for the PS4 as well, Sony doesn't drop there install base because of a new console.



fortius54 said:

Good article! I completely agree with the entire article. I do own a PS3 and a Wii. I have not bought the Wii U, yet. I can guarantee, however, that I will purchase one. I really can't say the same for he others. Eventually, my Wii will kick off , and the Wii U will insure that I can play my laundry list of Wii backlog.

I have to admit I was pretty hyped about the PS4. I watched the revealing. I thought Sony out did Nintendo when it came to generating interest for the new endeavor. However, when I stepped back objectively and looked at the lineup of announced games, I came to the same conclusion. There is not an announced game that I would run out and purchase a PS4.

In fact, if you put the list of each companies games next to one another, I want more Wii U games than I do PS4. It should also be noted that all of these games we are seeing are not launch games necessarily. Who to say the XBOX ONE and PS4 do not run into the same problems.



JaxonH said:

@Linkstrikesback Yes, a lot of what you said is true, but let's face it. Smart glass and Vita connectivity are NOT substitutes for the gamepad. For example, sure you will be able to stream your PS4 game to your Vita, if you want to spend an additional $300, and it only works if you're in a WiFi network, and that WiFi network must support the bandwidth to stream the game, and this service won't be offered til 2014 (Sony claims), probably 2015. And it will have lag, and it's ONLY off screen play, nothing more. That hardly sounds like the same offer on the table as lag-free dual screen play in tandem with asynchronous multiplayer, available right out of the box, with a bigger screen and ergonomic design (as opposed to a Vita, or worse yet, a tablet). And yes, you're right- every platform offers something unique, and you really need all the consoles to get everything on the menu. However, I feel (and many others, perhaps even yourself) that Nintendo has MORE EXCLUSIVES on offer, BETTER GAMES on offer, WIDER VARIETY on offer, MORE INNOVATION on offer, MORE/BIGGER/BETTER EVERYTHING on offer, than the competition. I've pre ordered a PS4, but already I know that not one game stands out that I really want until maybe Mirror's Edge 2, MGS5, FF15 and KH3 releases, which won't be until holiday season 2014 at the earliest, most likely 2015 for most of them. With Nintendo, almost every release is a must-have (in my opinion), but with the competition it's meh. For example, I bought a Vita day 1. What 1st party games has Sony brought that are really must-haves? Gravity Rush is the only one I can think of. And for all of 2013, the only 1st party titles worth mentioning are Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary. I'm getting Killzone just because I haven't bought a Vita game in forever, not because it looks phenomenally fun. Same for PS4, I ordered Killzone Shadowfall and Infamous Second Son. Neither of these games scream "must have". But it's the best on offer, and ya gotta have something to play with a new console, right? Don't get me wrong, there's ALOT of good stuff on PS3, but it's all from a hodgepodge of developers, whereas Nintendo is just ONE company. And most the good games on PS3 are eerily similar- 1st and 3rd person shooters. Sure, this one may be about zombies, and this one about crime, and this one about escaping a cartel. But they all look and play very similar. Nintendo offers so much good content, and so varied, I guess I just really respect Nintendo and hold a lot of love for them for what they do. Sorry for rambling...



Boukman said:

Most of the backcatalogue I own for older Nintendosystems are First party games anyway. Nintendo was en still the most innovative company out there. I haven't bought a WiiU yet but before the year is out I will a have one. Truth be told Sony for me is a good second choice. It's nice to have a little diversity and I'm a big fan of games like Disgaea. Plus they own Naughty Dog who are just as brilliant as Nintendo first party developers.



FineLerv said:

@Damo At the risk of inflating your ego, I just wanted to thank you for your consistently thoughtful and stimulating editorials. I don't care what side of the argument you sit on, just please don't ever stop writing. Cheers.



FineLerv said:

After clicking on the poll results it's pretty interesting to observe how vocal that minority of naysayers are on this site (12% "no" votes at the time of posting).



RantingThespian said:

I own a Wii U, 3DS, and a PC. I don't see the need to buy a PS3/PS4, Vita, or XBOX 360/One, nor do I have a desire to do so.



FineLerv said:

@Sceptic "And I wonder why I paid money for this".

I'd be wondering more why someone like you would waste their time on a Nintendo enthusiast site.



FineLerv said:

@Boukman "Plus they own Naughty Dog who are just as brilliant as Nintendo first party developers."

Indeed they are. In my opinion Naughty Dog is one of the only developers who understand how to cohesively weave storytelling and video gaming.



andrea987 said:

Well written and courageous piece, Damien. I feel the same, mostly, but I voted for the 2nd option, and here's why:
it's two sides of the same coin. On one side (Nintendo-as-a-company side), "all the Wii U needs" is first party titles to succeed. Yes, I agree, they just need to release MK8 and SSB and all their 1st party goodness and everything will be ok for them, tey'll sell loads of Wii U.
On the other side of the coin, though, there's us. The gamers. Nintendo fans, yes, but we also want choices, different experiences, or even familiar experiences, but those that you can only get from third parties. As a football fan, I know for a fact that I couldn't live with only one console if Fifa or PES wasn't on it. But I also know that I would like to NOT have to buy 2 consoles for that, as I had to do last gen.
Hopefully the two sides will merge into one, once Nintendo succeeds in selling more Wii U's and more third parties will start to come back to the platform. We'll see.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'm looking forward to hearing the publishers blame Nintendo for their failure on Wii U. Nintendo gave everyone a year to put games out without opposition from Nintendo's own much better games and they just hid, released games that nobody wanted or limited support to launch titles only. Nothing will compete with the games released from Pikmin onwards. Even the slightly maligned DKC game will outsell any 3rd party game this year.

It's allowed me to go to Glastonbury but the year one game drought has been ridiculous and almost every Wii U owner would have bought this year's big games (Tomb Raider, GTAV, Bioshock and er... Aliens?) on their newest console if they'd got decent ports on the same price/day as PS360, but instead the big publishers release poor games, late ports and more expensive ports and wonder why nobody wants to buy them for the second time in a month.



Araknie said:

I really have to read this after that tag line, really?

Can you just wait, Nintendo really said: "We are working on some First Party titles, will announce when at later stage of development."

Broke your argument.



DePapier said:

When Thomas wrote the "Nintendo needs EA" article (right before EA announced their new "unprecedented" partnership with XBox), I was the first to say Nintendo doesn't NEED 3rd-parties per se and I was strongly flamed.

Now that NL editorial director Damien McFerran seems to be sharing my viewpoint — in a more diplomatic manner, obviously — I think Miiverse is getting some serious competition again for my Nintendo worshipping time.

But seriously, I would advice article writers, especially regarding Nintendo, to make sure they believe their articles would stand the test of time before writing.



Sceptic said:

@FineLerv: lol, indeed. Maybe because I'm an enthusiast. I'd like to see them realize a fraction of the WiiU's potential, because this console would take off. I got the WiiU on the promise of asymmetric gameplay and local multiplayer. I played nintendoland with my family and though, wow, I can't wait for Nintendo to bring out the real games, the ones where they really expand on these ideas and concepts. Now, almost a year later, it appears that Nintendoland was pretty much it.

So far, the indie devs are what make this platform anything but a complete failure. Bit.trip wipes the floor with Mario if you for once can let go of nostalgia and look at it for what it is. Trine 2 is gorgeous, charming and fun in co-op. Nano Assault Neo is beautiful. Little Inferno is fun.

As for the big names, why should I pay $80 for something on sale on Steam for $5 with exactly the same if not better gameplay experience? I just got Deus Ex for $3. Three bucks! What can the WiiU version possibly add that will offset the $70+ dollars more I'd have to pay there? Of course that goes for other console versions too, but they're not floundering. And I don't own one.

At least it seems to have registered with Nintendo, too, and they're exploding indie support. I could name literally dozens of indie games that would look and play great on WiiU. Quality games. Prized games. Innovative games. Not this generic shallow sludge Nintendo is feeding us.

I mean seriously, if Pikmin 3 was Xbox exclusive, would anybody even consider getting an Xbox just to play it? People are just ecstatic it's for once at least not some bland generic remake of Super Mario Something or Zelda Whatever. But yeah, the glass is half full.



MrGawain said:


Yes, but what I mean is you still have to play $499/£429 to play Killer Instinct. It isn't free at all. You can't play it without an Xbox One. It might as well be included in the Xbox One release package.



BXXL said:

I'm a little bit late to react, and maybe what i'll write has already been mentioned by others, but this article is an intellectual fraud: what can you say about the future generation when you only consider (and know) the games released between late 2013 and summer 2014 at best?

If you want to know where's the problem with the lack of great third party games on Wii U, it's certainly not by reading ultra-simplified statements like "both consoles are likely to be populated with the same glut of “dudebro” first-person shooters, shiny racing games and almost indistinguishable sports titles". That's just as stupid as those who pretend you only find kiddy and casual games on a Nintendo console, period...

No, if you want to really face the problem, you have to ask yourself if your Wii U will be able to play the "future gen equivalents" of great strategy titles like Valkyria Chronicles or X-Com Enemy Unknown, the next groudbreaking series like Bioshock, Dishonored or Mass Effect, the future RPG's classics like Ni No Kuni or Dark Souls... etc, etc, etc...

And the answer to that question is NO, and this comes from someone who doesn't care about most shooters, racers and sport titles: i've always been an action-adventure/rpg/platformer type of gamer...

And when it comes to platformers, i know Nintendo will have the upperhand... but i know that most of the more "creative" and original future games won't appear on Wii U... because the hardware isn't powerful enough, because the online system isn't on par, because the userbase won't be massive enough, because publishers know that userbase give most of its money to Nintendo only... or maybe because all of these reasons at the same time...

Don't get me wrong, i still love many of Nintendo's best series, even if i also have the impression to play the same line-up from one console to another... but without a PS3 this gen, i'd have missed MANY excellent games... i'm a kind of "old-school" gamer now, well over 40, and what i'm still looking for are games that bring something new on the table, games with solid gameplay, but also with amazing universe, great story, unique atmosphere, awesome visual style, grounbreaking online features, etc...

And the fact those kinds of 3rd party games will be missing on Wii U is not a small problem, it's THE problem... not for me (i'll buy a PS4 when these new great experiences willl be released), but for Nintendo and its public image amongst all types of gamers, not only the usual Nintendo fans...

I don't want Nintendo to survive as a parody of itself, in a kind of niche of its own surrounded with naphtaline: i want it to be more "open" and to mature alongside the previous generations of gamers, and a good start would be to offer a larger choice of gaming experiences, thanks in large part to those 3rd parties, and also thanks to some of their 1st and 2nd party teams... but maybe am i asking for too much?



millarrp said:

While I am a little disappointed with the delays of the Wii U "launch titles", I have to admit that the ps4/xbox one titles don't appeal to me like the ones initially offered by the Wii U. Hopefully, the quality of the Wii U titles will start to shine through while the PS4/Xbox one are still dealing with the usual sub par multi-platform offers and dissapointing exclusives...



FullbringIchigo said:

well i have been tweeting developers and publishers on twitter about games coming out or being made now for PS3 and 360 but not WiiU with this hashtag #SupportNintendoWiiU i think if we can get it going maybe it will help so i say lets all do it use twitter and facebook and tell the developers like EA, NamcoBandai, Square Enix ETC ETC that we want their games on the WiiU

remember #SupportNintendoWiiU



Damo said:

@MrGawain Using that logic, no title is free to play because you have to purchase the hardware to play it. I think you may have misunderstood what the term actually means...



SmearyToast said:

I agree with a lot that is said, but there is one third party title that I think you fail to mention. GTAV - Arguably one of the biggest games to come out this year. Nintendo has said "good chance coming to WIIU" but I have heard nothing. I don't want to purchase a 360 again just to play one game. Just bring us GTAV at the very least for third party support. If other third party's see Rockstar putting their hottest selling franchise on WIIU, then I think others will likely follow I think some would buy a WIIU just to experience it on the gamepad with off TV play!



Hale-Bopp said:

Well, Nintendo has yet to announce a title that I absolutely have to have. Until then, I don't have any desire to buy a Wii U. Their safe approach this time around isn't lighting the world on fire. If Super Mario 3D Land is as good as it gets for the next year, then they've really got their work cut out for them if they want my money.



GuyMan said:

I'm sorry, but this has to be the most 'assurance' ridden and one sided article I've ever seen.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Dark Souls II, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Devil's Third, Earth Defense Force 2025, Hellraid [], Sacred 3, Saints Row IV, South Park: The Stick of Truth, The Wolf Among Us, Battlefield 4, Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dying Light, The Evil Within, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Need for Speed: Rivals, The Return of Strider, Sniper Elite 3, Thief, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, The Crew, Tom Clancy's The Division, Doom 4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Mass Effect 4, Mirror's Edge 2, Whore of the Orient, Shadow Warrior, Star Wars: Battlefront III, Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, & The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are all but confirmed to skip the Wii U, and you completely glanced over this just to use come crappy Spark Unlimited titles like Yaiba and Lost Planet 3 (oh yeah, the same two games that never had any loving hype to begin with) as your examples that the Wii U is fine without 3rd party support. I'm sorry, but when I buy a console, I expect relevant titles to be released on the same day with the same content; I never lower my expectations.

And about the Infamous comment, gamers everywhere have been wanting an Infamous title on the PS4. Every gamer I've talked to loved the 1st two games, and critics loved them too. So yes, the world did ask for a sequel. It's also a new storyline that actually looks interesting. Don't underestimate it, because it looks exceptionally polished. Also, Killzone is Sony's flagship FPS franchise and it has a lot of players. Also, Dead Rising 1 & 2's clock system was annoying, I'm glad it was removed for Dead Rising 3. It allows me to explore the world without feeling restrained.

If I made a similarly ignorant comment about Pikmin 3 by saying "it looks good, but did anybody ask for it?", people would completely correct me and call me out on it. It just sounds like a poor generalization and a way to downplay a good looking game just because it's an exclusive on the competition's system. Even then, it looks more interesting and has a wider scope than something like Super Mario 3D World.

Nintendo is great at what they do, but they need more relevant 3rd party games with equal content so they can provide age-wide content that allows more variety on their systems. Third party games with the quality you'd find on releases on other platforms along with enough Nintendo games to compliment them will result in Nintendo's definitive system.

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