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SNES Platform Hero Plok Makes A Long-Overdue Return

Posted by Damien McFerran

Comic book series revealed - could a new game be next?

Those of you with keen memories will no doubt recall a SNES platform title by the name of Plok. Released in 1993 and created by Ste and John Pickford — The Pickford Brothers, to you and me — the title was something of a cult classic and fans have been asking for a new entry for years.

It looks like those prayers may have finally been answered, as the Pickford Brothers are running a new comic featuring Plok on their website.

Here's Ste to explain:

We are constantly being bombarded with fan-mail requests to bring back Plok, with people asking us to make a sequel or to re-release the SNES game on Wii Virtual Console, 3DS, iOS, etc. We've wanted to revisit Plok for a long time, and we eventually decided that a regular comic strip would be a great way to re-introduce Plok to the world.

Of course, the question is why would the Pickfords decide to reintroduce this particular character now? Could a new Plok outing be in the works? Here's John to get your hopes up:

Will Plok return in his own game? Anything is possible, but for now he's got a lot to catch up on, and we can draw new comic strips a lot faster than they can make new games!

We'd personally love to see Plok remastered for the Wii U eShop, or even given the handheld treatment on the 3DS. Given the Pickford's focus on iOS of late, we'd guess that if he does make a comeback, it will be on Apple's machine — but you never know...


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Kyloctopus said:

Finally! I've been diddled for too many years without my buddy Plok.
I remember reading the NL review thinking. "I wish this was on VC".



Melistrius said:

Good memories... I had so many hours with this game and died so often in the later stages. Especially the last levels were so hard... But I loved it. Can't forget the Al Bundy reference (in the german translation at least) when he dug up the sock I believe instead of the flag. It was really something special at that time but I hope if it gets some new entry it won't be on iOS because that would be a complete waste in my opinion. I mean I don't see it selling truckloads but with a decent budget as eShop title it could do very well because I doubt the fans will get it for their phone and the younger generation will hardly buy it on their phone with all the alternatives. We'll see, I just hope there will be more than these comic strips because they don't satisfy me.



Fuzzy said:

Loved this game when I was a kid. But never finished it.

Would love for it to be released on the WiiU VC.



Crimson_Ridley said:

I love Plok, one of the best games on the SNES. If they bring a VC version out, I'll laugh at how difficult people find it. Save states will ruin the experience though. You had to play through the entire game in one session to complete it.

I was watching SGDQ2013 and they were speedrunning Plok, and I was sickened by how many people had never heard of it. At least 4 people here know of it. Plok is much better than Rayman, and deserved much more recognition than it received.



Cranky said:

Plok was great, it more than held its own in the golden age of platform games. I never completed it, it was tough! The title screen when he plays his harmonica is awesome.



edhe said:

Get the Follins brothers to do the music, and I'll be interested.



sinalefa said:

I always found it too long and demanding, with no saves or passwords. A weird game but not a bad one



speedyboris said:

Plok was one of the best games for the SNES, and I would love to see it come to the VC. (crosses fingers)



Einherjar said:

What the...i never dreamt of seeing him again. I absolutely loves Plock back in the day. That makes me quite happy



StarBoy91 said:

Sweet! It would be great if Plok stars in another game, as I really like the original. Here's hoping



Handy_Man said:

@sinalefa Tough. Many games from that era were like that, and most games that are made today tend to hold the player's hand too much. I guess all of the modern games impacted you so much that any older game with no saving automatically is "okay".



foxizard said:

Ah no way! I never heard of this 'Plok' before and I was and always will be a platform genre junkie (well that and RPG).

I'd love to get a chance to play it. I'm all for older games getting reborn or having new sequels.



hamsterfactor said:

Haha, I hated this game when I was a kid... and I still have it and continue to hate it. Don't mind me though, it's probably because it's too damn tough for me (also it used to freak me out god knows why)



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This dude is my very first videogame hero! Not Mario, not Link, not Sonic - it was this guy I remembered from the age of 4 'till today! I really hope this marks a point where they at least consider a VC release.
The only problem I could see is the difficult trademark question, since Tradewest is long gone...

Still, Plok is not simply a great game, it has some technical tweaks that even Nintendo couldn't come up with. That goes especially for the insanely amazing soundtrack! But also the graphics, the level design, and the quirky sence of humor - simply everything about it was great and still is!
But I admit that it's seriously hard. Savestates, on the other hand, would drown the difficulty in itself.



Deadstanley said:

I had this one and got to the end boss, though never finished it. The game was pretty difficult. If I remember correctly there were certain difficult jumps and arm/leg coordination you needed to maintain.



Blue_Yoshi said:

With 3D Platforming being the new "retro trend" going around in Game Design these days, it would make a great Wii U exclusive.



Henmii said:

Hopefully we see Plok on Wii vc (or 3DS e-shop, or Wii u vc)! I have never played it before! And a sequel would also be nice!!

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