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Poll: How Important is Dual / Second Screen Gaming?

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A major part of Nintendo's strategy

Yesterday brought us some interesting comments from Ubisoft Managing Director Nicolas Rioux, who spoke about the potential prominence of "second screen" gaming, even going so far as to praise the Wii U as an innovative first step. As we observed in that article, it'd be a nasty piece of irony if technical considerations led to third-parties utilising these ideas on rival systems and not Wii U, especially as Nintendo's system is the only hardware with that second screen included in the box.

It's also another example, perhaps, of Nintendo recognising and pursuing a trend before others pick up on its potential. When the Wii U was unveiled some dismissed it as a enormous DS, which was an oversimplification of what it's all about. Big-name developers questioned whether gamers would want to be looking from the TV to a secondary screen, and whether it would cause a disconnect damaging to the overall experience. These issues were arguably part of a swirl of negative press that engulfed the system in its earliest days.

And yet, now second screen gaming is somewhat in vogue. E3 2013 had demonstrations from Microsoft, Ubisoft and others that took at least one opportunity to show a game working in tandem with a smartphone or tablet device. In some cases those screens and the game were working together — which is a core feature of the Wii U — and in other examples games will have accompanying apps that interact and influence the in-game world when not on the console. Focusing on Nintendo, even Pikmin 3 adopts the first idea in a more disconnected sense, with the GamePad becoming an assist item when playing with the Remote and Nunchuk, useful to have at hand in a similar manner to an external tablet device.

Nintendo's approach, though, largely focuses on being intuitive and bespoke. With Wii U there's off-TV play — which seems simple but is still a nice trick — and asynchronous multiplayer, the latter representing a stronger celebration of having the second screen integrated with the system. We've seen clever usage in single player games, too, with the likes of ZombiU using the controller as an assist tool and a threat, raising tension as you handle an inventory in real time.

When it comes to integration, of course, it doesn't get more connected than with the DS family of systems and 3DS. The clamshell design may have prompted some bemusement and chortles when unveiled years ago, but both sets of systems (DS and 3DS) now account for over 180 million unit sales. The touch screen is sometimes used for inventories or maps, yes, but sometimes play stretches across both screens, the handheld can held sideways for a larger view, and the proximity of the screens arguably takes away issues of the player's view being distracted. In fact, the clamshell design even puts Nintendo in an awkward spot for future handheld systems: the moment it releases a system with only one screen, and assuming that screen is still portable, backward compatibility becomes almost impossible. But then why would Nintendo drop the dual-screen design? It's working a charm.

Perhaps an issue for Nintendo, or more precisely its third-party partners, is that it's enforcing two screens — though Sony is sort of doing the same with compulsory PS4 / Vita mirroring. Second screens are becoming all the rage, but outside of Nintendo's platforms they're optional, whereas on 3DS and Wii U some developers have to resort to barely using the second screen at all, as creative usage of the extra real estate may not fit what they're trying to achieve. The most important question, perhaps, is how much dual / second screen gaming we, as consumers, want, or whether we'd prefer the simplicity of staring at one screen alone.

We want to know what you think about dual screen gaming as a trend, and its role on Nintendo's systems. Are you a fan of the experiences it offers, or do you miss the simpler days when it was last merely an occasional dalliance with the GameCube and Game Boy Advance link cable? Drop your votes and comments below.

Do you enjoy the dual screen usage on DS and 3DS systems? (510 votes)

I'm a huge fan, and I think it improves games a lot


I quite like it, and it works well a lot of the time


I'm on the fence, to be honest


I'm not a huge fan, but I can tolerate it


I don't like it at all


None of the above


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Do you think the dual screen setup is used well on DS / 3DS? (494 votes)

Absolutely, whether simple or complicated, it always works


In a lot of cases yes, it's used well


I'm not sure, to be honest


Aside from occasional examples, the dual screen usage feels mediocre at best


Practically never, we'd be better off with just one screen


None of the above


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Would you prefer Nintendo's next handheld to be dual or single screen? (492 votes)

I want another dual screen system, no doubt


I'd prefer dual screen, but would happily shift back to single screen


I don't know, I'd need to understand the next hardware better to decide


I think I'd prefer a return to single screen, but dual would be fine


Single screen all the way


None of the above


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Do you enjoy the second screen usage of the GamePad on Wii U? (466 votes)

I'm a huge fan, and I think it improves games a lot


I quite like it, and it works well a lot of the time


I'm on the fence, to be honest


I'm not a huge fan, but I can tolerate it


I don't like it at all


None of the above


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In your opinion, is the GamePad's additional screen used well? (467 votes)

Absolutely, however it's used it always brings something extra to games


For the most part, it often improves a game


I'm not sure at the moment


Only occasionally, it often feels unnecessary or wasted


I don't think so, I prefer to play without it


None of the above


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Are you interested in "second screen" experiences on other systems? (472 votes)

Definitely, I'm keen to see it more and more


I am interested, and will check it out when it seems worthwhile


I need to learn and see more of it first


I'm not sold on the idea of smartphones / tablets integrating with games just yet


Definitely not, why would I need a second screen?


I only play Nintendo systems, so no


None of the above


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bugaham said:

I think it works much better on the 3DS/DS than Wii U, but there probably just haven't been enough games on Wii U that utilize it well yet.



MERG said:

I love the gamepad screen...if for nothing else, OFF TV PLAY. This has been a godsend in my console gaming.

If they do nothing else with the second screen include off tv play!



Peach64 said:

I had a DS since day one, and now I have a 3DS, and I love both systems, but I don't think I've ever thought 'wow, this game is great because of the second screen'. It's just something that's there. I honestly don't believe I'd have enjoyed either system less if they'd just used the one screen.

With the Wii, as soon as you saw or heard about motional controls, everyone would instantly imagine numerous cool ways that could be fun... but it's not so obvious at all with the Gamepad. The off screen play is a nice idea I suppose, but I can certainly live without having a map or inventory management on a second screen.

It doesn't put me off, but it doesn't make things better for me either. Of course, you have to wonder how much they could have improved the rest of the hardware or lowered the cost by not bothering with the gamepad.



Silent said:

I appreciate the GamePad. I see how nintendo goes one step ahead of the competition by innovation, and thats what I like about Nintendo. I already know how the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will play, same control, same experience. The GamePad is fun and thats all I want.



FullbringIchigo said:

why i like the second screen on the WiiU gamepad but i can't help but think it would have better third party support if the Pro controller was the standard control for the WiiU



elixxur said:

I think the dual screens is perfect for the 3ds and dsi! I love how games integrate both screens, it's especially awesome for tactical and strategy games.



Reala said:

Really liked it on DS and like it for 3DS too, but honestly when the wii u gamepad was unveiled I was really disappointed that they would bring that to a console, seems much better suited to handheld gaming imo and think I prefer pointer controls to touch screen for playing on TV.



ferrers405 said:

Simple 3DS works because have games that make good use of it, WiiU doesn't work (until now, except off tv play) because doesn't have games that make good use of it.



hYdeks said:

They haven't quite utilized the Wii U gamepad as a second screen, but to expect things to be perfect right off the bat is also very stupid. I prefer a second screen, and the Wii U is doing it right. Microsoft is trying to make you use a tablet, and that's ok IF you already own a tablet, but if you don't, it feels like a over expensive system with a boring traditional controller, and than to get a second screen I would need to hold a controller in hand, a tablet on my lap and....ugh, it's just a freakin' mess Also, who has the money to buy a $500 console and a $350-$600 tablet?!? No thank you...

Honestly, I was looking forward to the PS4, until they showed the controller. Yes it's nice looking, but its just a traditional controller with improvements (FINALLY!) and a laptop touch This theme is boring, I can't even look at PS4 and Xbox One without being disgusted. Give me the Wii U and it's gamepad anyday!!! But third party people, bring some games already!!!! ><



Rect_Pola said:

My only issue with the 3DS/DS is when games snap between buttons and screen a bunch, like animal crossing. (yes I know you can button the whole way, but the screen was made so you didn't have to slowly scroll a selector everywhere) I guess I want a slightly more immediate place to keep the stylus handy for a few seconds at a time than back in the "storage" slot.

My only issue with the WiiU gamepad is it's too heavy to comfortably control with one hand to use the touch screen.

I stress the "WHEN it seems worthwhile" in the last poll because it would take a lot for me to breakdown and buy an expensive separate product I honestly didn't want.



technotreegrass said:

I love when the second screen on my DS/3DS is used for inventory management or shows a game map. Tapping icons is more convenient than navigating a text-heavy menu in RPGs but a second screen isn't essential. It's a very rare occasion, and mostly on DSiWare and eShop games in my experience, that both screens are used to show actual gameplay, so it doesn't affect me if a system has a single or dual screen. As long as the games are good and interesting, I'll play.

I don't own a Wii U so I can't comment on that. As for integrating smartphones and tablets with Sony and Microsoft consoles, I have mixed feelings. I don't own a smartphone or tablet, and I doubt I could afford one any time soon, so it seems superfluous for consoles to do it, much like the games that offer Kinect commands to "make life easier" when navigating menus or whatever. Should a game come out that requires a connection with a tablet or smartphone to play at all, then I really protest and object.



Funny_Moblin said:

I love using my Wii U gamepad. For games such as Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed it feels much better on the gamepad, because the controls and the visuals are all there in your hand, and with the rumble, it's just amazing.



hYdeks said:

@Rect_Pola totally agree with you. You have trouble holding the gamepad with one hand? I find it light, and I can easily do it, but I have heard some people say the same thing.



SkywardCrowbar said:

ZombiU used the Gamepad beautifully. I was a skeptic about how it would work all the way through when the console came out, but then I got ZombiU. What an incredible use of the Gamepad. It was marvelous.



Chris720 said:

The Wii U GamePad screen will be better used eventually, but so far there hasn't been a game that uses it extremely well. There has been good uses on Batman and Zombi U (forgot about that one lol).

But every game mainly uses it for the off-screen play, which actually works really well. I just hope there's a game that uses the GamePad's screen properly rather than just an inventory screen.



Funny_Moblin said:

@hydeks Haha, I find it heavy with with one hand too, but I suppose you have more arm strength, you probably work out your arms.

We gotta remember it's bulky for a reason though; it will still be in good condition if one happens to drop it by accident.



TooManyToasters said:

You're asking questions with a lot of open-ended answers, NL (not just on the poll choices either). Those who buy Wii U/3DS are no doubt happy with the ability of using two screens as well as the option to stick with "classic" controls on Wii U's Pro Controller. But those who are afraid of taking chances with Nintendo or innovation in general stick with the Sony/M$ machines. Either way, you're bound to have a lot of negative feedback to dual screen gaming on multiple levels.



turtle69 said:

Zombiu didn't make good use of the gamepad? I think it did and there are other games as well. Though mostly utilizing it as an Inventory screen its still one less "stopping to play" bonus that makes things run smoother in my opinion. . . Game and watch?



element187 said:

'why i like the second screen on the WiiU gamepad but i can't help but think it would have better third party support if the Pro controller was the standard control for the WiiU"

@FullbringIchigo I completely disagree with that.. If you been gaming as long as I have, you know that no matter what Nintendo does, third parties will always make excuses not to support it... If Nintendo made a beefier system, 3rd parties would still be shying away. it has nothing to do with the power of the system or the difficulty in development (there is nothing difficult about developing for the system)

ITs just all BS PR talk so they don't have to admit that "WE are not supporting the Wii U because we don't feel we would make a profit on the system".... which sounds horrible, so they disguise it with whatever other excuse they can come up with to avoid saying that.



Lin1876 said:

If Nintendo announced tomorrow they were dropping the GamePad and that the Pro Controller would be standard I would be just fine with that (aside from being annoyed at paying extra for the GamePad). On both the 3DS and Wii U, the "top" screen has been the focus with only a few games making use of the "bottom" screen outwith menus, maps, inventory, etc. In fact, I'm struggling to think of many single players games which definitely couldn't be done with a traditional system.

The DS worked because the screens were equal, but even then most games were predominantly on one screen. The second screen is a nice luxury to have (especially on handhelds where it's in easier reach), but I'd never feel lost without it.



supremii said:

I don't own a Wii U but I like the Gamepad having a screen. It gives the gamepad a tablet feel which is a definitive improvement in my opinion. However, I would wish that Nintendo would also focus a bit more on the non-gaming features of the gamepad('s screen).

I have a Wii and a lot of games and it really stands out with its wiimote+nunchuk controls. All WiiU talk is about the gamepad, its second screen and how it's used. In my opinion that's not all of it. Give us more games that have the old Wii U control patterns, also Shooters and stuff!! The Wii controls are such a valuable asset imo.



Skotski said:

For the last poll question I picked "I need to learn and see more of it first".
But honestly, I'd choose a "If they're really that dedicated to it, then sure."

If they based the entire console experience on the 2nd screen concept, making the designed function be optional as an option rather than as just an option - then I'd be interested. If that sounds confusing, I'll describe it like this:

For the PS3, there's very little games that actually REQUIRE the PS Move - and even fewer that feel better with it than without. They show the PS Move as an option. In most cases, it will FEEL like an option rather than an intended or preferred control set. So... in that case, what's the advantage of the PS Move if the games themselves work perfectly fine without it?
However, for games on the Wii, the Wii Remote was the standard controller and the Classic Controller was the option. People can say that the Classic Controller was the better one by preference, but the Wii Remote controls weren't gimped when full focus was placed into it. Many times one could argue that both had their merits, but most people had the experience of playing with both styles of controls.
In these examples, the PS Move was a niche choice in controls for the console. Not everyone owned a set, and many of those who owned it would still mostly use the SixAxis. As opposed to the Wii, where the entire focus was on the Wii Remote and it showed in not only how games were designed (many can argue about shovelware, but for the sake of balance: just remember which games you personally looked forward to buying and actually purchased for the Wii) but also how the players would react to learning controller setups. I believe it seemed far more intuitive to use the Wii Remote for the Wii than it was the PS Move for the PS3.

Taking that example...
If a 2nd screen was an OPTION in the other consoles, I'd worry for the benefits, quality, and focus of the 2nd screen's usage in the games they're compatible with. Does it truly add to the game, or is it like the GBA to the Gamecube?: A nifty idea, but not necessary for enjoying a game to its fullest.

The Wii U Game Pad is focused on for the Wii U. You cannot use the Wii U without the Game Pad whatsoever (you can switch control settings, but you always have to start with the Game Pad, similar to the Wii's setup with the Wii Remote). Hence, developers are forced to focus on what they can use it for. Even if it's for something as simple as Off-TV Play, it's a convenience that's preferred over a strange addition in controls and functions (much like how the Move was used for a good number of PS3 games). If I were to use the Vita for playing PS4 games, I suddenly lose half of the draw of the PS4's embedded features in its controller. If I were to use the SmartGlass for the XBox One, I'm suddenly ignorant of the Kinect 2.0 - which was required for the Xbox One. Where's the draw again?
The Wii U is set up as a Swiss Army Knife, or perhaps a Screwdriver with multiple bits/heads. You have several options of controls, but it's all centered around something you can enjoy with just the Game Pad - which would be the center of the console's idea. Are the SmartGlass and Vita the focus of the Xbox One and the PS4? Or are they just extensions? In game design and design philosophy, will these truly add to the experience in a way that makes it feel truly amazing - or just seem like a 'oh, that's cool' addition? This is less than a Swiss Army Knife Design and more of... something else. What that is, isn't quite clear yet. Is this like adding a GPS to your car? Where you can live without it but you are thankful for its existence. Or is this like adding a fold-out bed to your couch? Where you used it a few times and it was awesome then, but after a few years you realize both the comfort of the couch and the bed are reduced for the sake of this feature?

That's where my concern is...

TL;DR If a 2nd screen isn't the focus in other consoles, then I'm worried it will only detract from the features of the screen and the games that use them.



SanderEvers said:

Almost every PS4 game will have a second screen (PS Vita)... so yes, the 2nd screen is here to stay and that's good. I use 2 monitors on my PC as well.......



Midnight3DS said:

It can enhance some things, but it's just not important to me at all. It's neat on 3DS, but one screen and the modern classic controller is my ideal console setup.



Shambo said:

I'm a huge fan of dual screens, both on Nintendo handhelds and WiiU. If I have a choice between otherwise equal multiplatform games, I'll always pick those versions over their single screen counterparts. It can keep the HUD clean, keep the map handy or be played off-tv, if it doesn't do anything really interesting. Which it can do, as proven by zombiu. Also was a great fan of the -very expensive, though- Gamecube-GBA-link options, like FF:CC, Four Swords, and Pac Man VS for example. The latter should come to WiiU eShop btw.

As for the next systems, I believe that whatever Nintendo decides, they won't do it without thoroughly thinking it over. And they'll probably deliver, whatever their future plans are.



seronja said:

my only complaint about the wii u gamepad is that most of the games just put off TV play ( a function i myself never use ) instead of making something awesome like ubisoft did with the zombi u



FullbringIchigo said:

@element187 oh i agree that's it's all PR bull but a lot of publishers and developers have said that the WiiU gamepad was the reason they would port their game to the WiiU so there might be some truth to it



banacheck said:

The two screens work well on the 3D/3DS but the screens are also a lot smaller, you can see both screens without the need to move your head and light in your hand also. The Wii U is alright but at the moment all its used for is maps, which at times i think, give me the pro pad for god sake lighter and easyer to use. I'm not a fan of touch screen that much, i like the direct controls the DS3/pro pad has.



WiiLovePeace said:

I personally greatly enjoy the 2 screen gaming of DS, 3DS & Wii U. It's amazing! I use the off-TV play of Wii U all the time, it's very handy. The gamepad is the perfect controller to me, has every control method I could possibly want & more!



Tysamu said:

It has quite a number of potential uses, as well as gameplay changes, and perspectives; it's just a shame that it isn't used the way it should be. They've got two perfect examples: ZombiU and NintendoLand, yet they don't take inspiration or any ideas from those two games... -sigh-



unrandomsam said:

I think the way the 3DS resolution was chosen was not a good idea. (Vita is exactly double that of the PSP so you can just double the pixels.)

For multiplayer anything I think everyone should have the same controls.

It would be better if you could use a 3DS in place of a wiimote. (Think it would work better and at least then you could still have a screen not visible to everyone else.) More practical to find 4 people with 3DS's. (I don't even know how many gamepad's the wii u supports maximum).

I think the most wii u gamepad's I will end up with is two. (One replacement after the first one has been used a fair bit).



DreamOn said:

Anyone who's happily operated a smart phone while driving (danger!) will have no problems with gaming on Wii U



zool said:

Reading the 'multi format sites' reviews of third party games that were previously on the Xbox or Playstation and are now available on the Wii U; these reviews say that the Nintendo game pad does not add anything to the game experience.

If I was a third party games developer making a game for the new powerful xbox and playstation, why would I then want to 'deconstruct' the game so that it plays on the less powerful Wii U and then have to add extra gamepad features? Unless of course it was worth the effort, $$$$ ££££. Which right now it's not.

Also why would I want to spent £40 on 'say' Pikman, with all the lovely HD graphics, just to play it on a gamepad?



james_squared said:

The second screen is one of the reasons why I bought the WiiU. I thought it was totally innovative and a new great way to play games--either as single player or multiplayer. (I used to have a DS and I thought it was great, but portable gaming just isn't that important to me anymore.)

NintendoLand, ZombieU, and Game & Wario are great examples of using the second screen well. I really enjoy looking down at the GamePad in ZombieU and having to look up constantly to make sure I'm still safe.

I have always found it amusing that developers didn't know what to do with the second screen. Perhaps there isn't as much creativity with some game developers these days.



RupeeClock said:

When concerned with handheld devices, the 3DS having both screens together means you can easily switch focus between the two, or observe them simultaneously. This effort is surprisingly harder with the Wii U when holding the game-pad in your hands and looking at a TV screen.

The Wii U does have potential with sequential dual/second screen usage, but for simultaneous it frankly seems quite bothersome



sr388survivor said:

ZombiU was the best use of the second screen I've seen on a console. If more games use the gamepad like that it will be great.

Unfortunately, most devs are just using it for a map and it's often quite clunky. It surprises me that Nintendo hasn't been using it much in they're upcoming games. And I don't consider playing on the gamepad to be a selling point, unless you are in a family that fights over the TV all the time. lol.



gaby_gabito said:

i love the wii u gamepad but i am not looking for off-screen play experiences elsewhere. if i play using dual screens, it will be with Nintendo.



FernandoMachado said:

god knows i'll be where mario is so even if nintendo reverts back to an atari style control with virtual boy screens that's where i'll be x



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

I think Nintendo and third parties do not typically use the second screen to its full potential. It's most commonly (by far) used for a map, or an inventory.

I would like this idea a lot better if it brought more genuinely innovative ideas.



tsm7 said:

The main problem with the second screen on a home console is many times you have to shift your head to look at the other screen while on a portable you just need to glance down a bit. It sounds small but it's a big difference.



JaxonH said:

I truly love the gamepad, and for many games it adds to the experience or gives you off-tv play. However, when I'm NOT using the second screen (NSMBU or Sonic Transformed) I prefer Wii U Pro Controller. ^^HINT^^ I know Sonic Transformed says it's not compatible, but after you load the game from the menu, if the first button pressed is on the Pro Controller, it syncs it in place of the gamepad, though no other controllers can be used while the Pro Controller's in use.



Araknie said:

It's definitevly important since now Sony and Microsoft wants to have some sort of dual screen.

Of course Nintendo is the best solution terms of quality+cost because Microsoft forces you look at your computer or iphone or ipad and Sony wants you to have a PSVita to play second screen game experiences. Those things are not included with the console, plus they cost, plus they are no part of the controller and gameplay it's one or another.

Nintendo gives you 3DS and Wii U, it's all included in both of the you don't need to buy extra stuff and i think that's pretty important.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Dual screens give an entirely different perspective, think of games like The World Ends With You and Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside story just to name a few, they utilize the dual screens perfectly and it really adds to the experience.



PatHawks said:

@unrandomsam I think not being able to use the 3DS as a controller on the Wii U was a big mistake. Having a second screen only makes sense if each player has his/her own.

I think one of the coolest things that could be done would be turn based battle games (like Pokémon), where players select their moves on their own touch screen so the other player can't see. This, of course, isn't possible if only one player has a GamePad.

@unrandomsam YES YES YES!
Why is the screen on the 3DS only slightly different from the screen on the DS? Why does the GamePad have a slightly different screen still?
If they just doubled the resolution from the DS to the 3DS (and maybe made the top screen wider in addition, for a resolution somewhere around 640×384 instead of 400×240 for the upper screen), DS games would look a lot nicer on a 3DS.

It seems the 3DS and Wii U design teams also could have worked more closely together to come up with better cross-platform connectivity, à la the Vita+PS4.



One-Winged-Pit said:

The Wii U gamepad can give a nice immersion like in ZombiU with the backpack. Plus it would be great in a Metroid Prime game or (god forbid they make money) Pokemon Snap U.



DualWielding said:

it's a matter of cost/benefit the problem is that building a device such as the Wii U gamepad is too expensive for what it offer, there are good potential for dual screens but not all games need them and having to pay for the gamepad turns off players who are not interested on what it brings to the table..... The other companies have the right idea on offering second screen as an optional addition through their own handhelds or smartphone/tablets......



Darknyht said:

I think Nintendo would have been a lot better off to include a Pro Controller in the box along with the Gamepad. Outside of OFF TV Play, the only use I have seen for it is to stand up waving the controller around in an uncomfortable fashion, and that is not a really good reason to have it.



rennandovale said:

Gamepad is awesome. I have a lot of fun playing COD with my brother without split screen, can see the full map when played single player, can see maps and change equips fast in games like Resident Evil and Zelda, i just love the gamepad.(sory for my english).



InfernoHamadi said:

i wish if the game-pad was not necessary because it bothers me when i use a different controller and its always on.



GearsOfWarU said:

I love the gamepad ... It is a major reason I made the jump from Xbox 360 to Wii U ... I think it adds a whole new dimension to gameing... I look forward to more integration in the future... Asymmetric Gameplay is Awesome!!!!



Klunk23 said:

I love the gamepad, it feels very comfortable in my hands. But I feel that nintendo should of included the pro-controller with the wii u, that way if develepers don't want to use the gamepad that much, they could count of each wii u owner to have a pro-controller to play there game with.



GearsOfWarU said:

And to experience anything similar you must Double the price with Microsoft $500 + tablet or Sony $400 + $250 for Vita ... $700 for competition compared to $350 from Nintendo



puddinggirl said:

I think dual screen works the best and only works on handhelds simply because it's small. It's also the reason why I love my 3DS so much - such an unique experience.

However, I find it annoying to have a 2nd screen to look at other than my huge flat screen for console games.



nocode said:

So far the only thing I really like about the wii u gamepad is that it did away with the wii u remote. Its a much better way to control games. Now somebody just needs to do something cool with it. It seems like even Nintendo is stumped.



Giygas_95 said:

I was in the majority on all but the last question. I love the gamepad mostly for Off TV play (and the fact that it feels perfect in my hands!), but I also look forward to seeing what other kinds of features it will be utilized for in the future. I could live without a second screen, but in a lot of cases, it makes things so much better in my opinion like in games such as Animal Crossing where you often have to sort items out and make selections. The touch screen makes that a lot quicker for me. I'm not really interested in dual screen gaming outside of Nintendo though.



b23cdq said:

@Klunk23 Why? The pro controller is just a gamepad without a screen. All they have to do, is mirror the TV on the gamepad, and you get the same experience as with the pro controller, exept you can turn off your TV.



b23cdq said:

@FullbringIchigo Kojima said MGS isn't on Wii U because he doesn't know what to do with the gamepad, yet he's working on smartglass and kinect integration for the xbox version of MGS V.



CanisWolfred said:

I refuse to answer these polla because there's no "it's okay, but I could live without it" answer, which is honestly how I feel about all of these questions.



Yanchamaru said:

The types of game I like (shooters, fighters, racers, action) do not work well with a second display. I just cannot get used to looking at the TV and GamePad when playing games on the Wii U. The DS/3DS work a lot better because the screens are right next to each other, but many games would play just fine with a single display.



ajcismo said:

I'm enjoying it (the gamepad), even if its just used for maps/inventory. Something as simple as touching the screen to switch items or characters makes the game just a little bit more seamless, keeping the pacing consistent.
Also a huge fan of the off-tv play, especially for the VC titles. The old resolution of the NES and SNES games look and play great on the pad. I'm sure down the road we'll start seeing N64 titles, which I'm sure will look and play just fine on the pad too. If nothing else, off-tv play is a great selling point that all games should at least offer.
I guess overall I'd like to see more inventive usage of the gamepad, but that will come over time as the system ages and the devs have more knowledge and experience as to what does/doesn't work. The second screen isn't going away, companies realize that we've all got several screens around us all the time and will look to exploit that.



rjejr said:

I dont think Nintendo will abandon the dual screen format for either home consoles or handhelds (though really they should just stick HDMI out on 3DSU and be done with it) but I dont see a problem if they did for BC. I'm typing this in portrait mode on 7" tablet - 1 black bar horizontally across the middle - 2 screens, 1 each top and bottom. Might be difficult to program but Im sure its doable.



moroboshi said:

I've never understood the whole second screen thing. When I read that most people now watch TV whilst looking at their iPad/iPhone at the same time I despair. If the TV show or movie you're watching is so dull that you'd sooner browse some trivial social media nonsense, then you might want to find a better TV show or movie to watch instead.

When I'm watching TV or a movie, or playing a game, that's the only thing I'm doing. If the content isn't interesting enough, I put something else on instead.

As for Nintendo's dual screen efforts, it made no sense to me when I first saw the DS and it still makes no sense to me. All I see are a bunch of in game maps or an empty 2nd screen, save for a few scores and other trivia. It's a waste of battery power and makes the system far more bulky. Had the Vita had the games the 3DS does, I wouldn't consider the 3DS for a micro second.



Mahe said:

Wii U's gamepad hasn't been very good so far. The best implementation is off TV play, not two-screen gaming with the TV and gamepad. I'd rather not use the gamepad when I'm playing on the TV.



Dr_Corndog said:

I'd really like to see some Motion Plus games on the Wii U. That was disappointingly underutilized on the Wii.



DarkLloyd said:

There's only 2 conveniences on the gamepad

1- off tv play
2- easier to grab item management

both which i can live without i mean i can handle having to go to a menu to get what i need they can easly make a function that rotates the item on your limited slots on the controller and that would be fine by me as well

As for the off tv play well i end up looking on the tv most of the time anyways so its little bugger to have another screen source on when it doesnt need to be take NSMBU for example why can't i turn the gamepad screen off indefinitly when its just showing the same thing it is not doing anything special to warrant being on

zombiU and nintendoland are the only games that requires you have it which i believe can be done in the same manner without the gamepad

so when you break it down like that it doesnt seem all that special.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I have yet to try a Wii U so I only answered the 3DS questions.

I imagine the difference in distance between the screens makes the Wii U a completely different animal than the 3DS. Refocusing between a tiny screen in your hands and a large screen several meters away from you is a chore, I'd think. But I won't really know until I've tried a Wii U.



Scollurio said:

Can you all imagine if the PS Vita was made by Nintendo (and thus supported with their games) - wow. I love my 3DS to death but if I had the choice, I'd love to have the gameboy brand back. Neither 3D or a second screen are important features for me.



VortexxPrime said:

Dual-screen gaming is now a part of Nintendo's identity. Moving away from that concept would really require something revolutionary for the next generation. Nintendo is all about experiencing games in new ways. I really don't think they would settle for single-screen gaming anymore. I wasn't quite sold on the 3D of the 3DS until I played it, but now I can say it is my favorite gaming system and I use it more than anything else. The 3D is incredible and I wouldn't want to go back.



KAHN said:

the second screen is convenient. people call it a gimmick but like i said it's convenient. all the clutter can be on the bottom screen, allowing for a clean gameplay experience on the top screen, and a lot of the time, this works so well for the handheld department, WiiU not so much. most games i've seen for WiiU show the TV screen on the gamepad as well, and that just bugs me. i only buy games for my WiiU if the gamepad is utilized well, and sadly, most of the time (or just a lot of the time) all developers do with the gamepad is show the exact same thing as whats on the TV screen, and i HATE when this is the case. i bought the WiiU because it offers a gameplay experience neither Sony or MS can offer, but when you use the gamepad like that, it's no different from any other game, and it's reasons like that for why i'm not satisfied with my WiiU. dont get me wrong, i think when used correctly, the WiiU is a great system, but when you dont even utilize it's most obvious feature, that is a big problem for me.

the portable consoles however have had a good break. they ALWAYS have something different on both screens, thats because the screens are so close together. See, WiiU can get away with it because the screens arent connected, and that is bullcrap. i look forward to the future of the WiiU, but for now, i'll stick to my 3DS for dual screen entertainment.



k8sMum said:


behind the ear. i use one of the large styli (styluses??) for my 3ds xl and just put that baby behind my ear when i'm not using it. i'm a lefty so the stylus placement is awkward for me anyway. only problem comes when i find myself at the store and the checkout clerk looks at me funny and i find i still have it parked behind my ear...


just because that is the way you do things doesn't mean we all need to do it the same. i cannot sit and watch tv without doing something else, whether it be knitting, playing my 3ds xl, or whatever. it's just the way i am. i am able to keep track of both. i get too antsy just sitting there concentrating on the telly. i watch a lot of pbs, brit mysteries, documentaries, etc so it's quality stuff. i just need to be doing 2 things at once. i won't judge you if you return the kindness.



Funbunz said:

I'd love to see a game like Sky rim. All the compass stuff, HP, etc would be on the gamepad, and maybe a dozen or so squares that you could tap like a hotkey. No more pausing the action to scroll through a huge list of weapons and spells, and nothing on your TV to block your view of the game.



FadedSun said:

The dual screen is what sold me on the DS lite and subsequently the 3DS. I don't have a Wii U, but I think the gamepad is a great idea that can open up a lot of good gameplay elements in the future if used correctly.



bizcuthammer said:

Asynchronized gameplay and off tv play are really cool ideas, but in the case of the former it is rarely used, and if Nintendo's biggest selling point is Off Screen play, WiiU wont sell because people would rather play a handheld console if they arent using their tv screens. In Japan where theres usually only one tv in the house, it may make sense, but most american/british homes have more than one tv, so fighting over who gets to use it isnt a big problem.

Nintendo needs to make better, more unique use of the gamepad in my opinion. I think it has loads of potential, but it isnt being used properly even by nintendo. None of the upcoming first party games are using it creatively, with Pikmin 3 using it as a map and the others almost all using it only for off tv gameplay. Thats kinda boring and lame. If the WiiU is so innovative, then where's the creativity?!



doctor_doak said:

I think local multiplayer type games where you can have asynchronous gameplay through the use of the gamepad is really interesting. A more fully fleshed out version of 'Luigi's Ghost Mansion' for instance would be a blast to play. It definately has the potential to create some fantastic local multiplayer games, but as for single player...i'm not so sure. I have a hard enough time concentrating on what's going on with the TV screen, let alone having to worry about using a tablet at the same time. Wonderful 101 does seem to be using the gamepad in a cool way though..

Hopefully Miyamoto's new IP (whatever it is...) can show us the advantages of the tablet, because it's a huge gamble they've taken and i'm not quite sold on it at this stage...



BATRA said:

their are no real games that use the gamepad like true rts games,mmo,third person shooting games,fps,tower defense games and dungeon games



BossBattles said:

Its really simple, Nintendo. Make the 3DS library of games playable on the Wii U .

Zombi U was amazing. i loved how they used the gamepad. Make a sequel NOW.



MegaWatts said:

@NintendoWeTrust Exactly my thought — dare I say it, we've yet to see anything truly innovative with the very strong exception of Nintendo Land. I love the Wii U GamePad to bits, even when it is just acting as an inventory screen, but I want to see the revolutionary gameplay ideas we were promised.



Bigmac1910 said:

It's official, Nintendo fans love the second screen . Personally I haven't seen much more use for it than an inventory screen, easier menus and some drawing. I don't really believe in the smartphone/tablet integration either.



GazPlant said:

3DS it works well, Wii U it's utterly redundant. The separation between the screens is simply too large



erv said:

Dual screens on my wiiU work like a dream come true in terms of co-op gaming. I love the black ops setup: one player has a screen of its own in the tv, the other in the hand, while both get online and duke it out with other players. It is the best way to socialise games over distances, playing together, alone together, together alone or anything in between.

I wish more games would allow co-op in terms of second screen usage. And, of course, going online with that setup too. I hope many developers will do this in the future.



Haywired said:

So far, with the exception of the multi-player mini-games in Nintendo Land (Mario Chase, Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Luigi's Ghost Mansion, which are essentially three variations of the same concept, the Pac Man Vs idea that they've already done), I haven't really seen any use of the second screen that's particularly excited me, or thought was necessary. Its use has seemed contrived at worst, tenuous at best and having two separate screens just seems to make things unnecessarily bothersome and convoluted. As Yahtzee said: "a solution looking for a problem".

I suppose I'm kind of indifferent to it. I don't really care for gimmicky, wacky controllers. The focus should be on the games themselves, not the controller. If anything, the best use of it I've seen has been outside of gaming (Netflix, browser, etc).



Spectator said:

Gamepad is great when games actually take advantage of it, companies need to improve that experience.



Slapshot said:

Second screen gaming on Wii U is a good thing for sure, but what when you look at the amount of "screens" that are widely available (already owned), whether this is a smartphone or tablet, the install base is astronomical. If you understand the mobile gaming market, in its simplest terms, the reason the Free to Play market is so successful, is because if a developers game can be freely downloaded by billions of people, and .01% of those people spend $.99 in the game, the developer can potentially turn a profit. If 1% of those people spend the same amount of money, the developer makes an absurd amount of money.

It is expected that the number of smartphones will exceed the world's population in 2014 - that's 7.3 billion smartphones. This isn't taking into account the tablet market share - Apple alone has sold over 100 million iPads as of October 2012.

These "screens" are widely connected and many of them are open source - they aren't restricted and can be integrated into the video games that we play. The reason that "second screens" are so exciting to developers today is that the technology in these mobile devices is now at a point where it can be integrated into dedicated home consoles. If done correctly, it can then be used as one of the largest marketing ploys the video gaming industry will ever see.

A time when the niche dedicated gaming industry merges with the mobile markets that already has an install base of over 7 billion devices - yes, this is indeed exciting for industry.

For Wii U, its reluctance to fully integrate into the online world will most likely keep it from seeing a benefit from this. Also, it chose to set itself in a secondary niche by producing its own "second screen," instead of tapping into the ones that are already widely available.



Varia01 said:

The Wii U does have games that make incredible usage outta it, though it may not always be necessary. Off-TV play is certainly a nice feature. I really like the dual screen concept with the DS and 3DS; it is very creative and works well with a lot of games. I wouldn't mind a single screen in the future, but another dual would be great too. Second-screen may be a new and great step into video game evolution.



elstif said:

I dont´t own a Wii U yet, but I tried it
I think that the idea is good but they didnt do it right. What happens with the good old wiimote point/aim to the screen option and motion detection?

I dont think the gamepad has those capabilities and it should, giving a great new experience.
This would be a great use of a gamepad 2nd screen with motion controls: Imaging holding up the gamepad in front of you big screen and pointing/aiming at the TV using the small screen.
Or using it like a lens or filter, seeing a second layer/dimension on the small screen on the gampad when overlaping over the TV, you could move it around and do things or find items/areas/staff that were hidden on the main screen.

Now we either have to play with the good old wiimotion controls or a 2nd screen.



TySoN_F said:

The DS and 3DS have opened up a lot of different ideas with their dual screens. What I love about dual screens is that it keeps the main screen a little less cluttered with buttons or action commands that have been otherwise moved to the second screen.

I guess it's an immersion thing. I was skeptical about the dual screen when it was introduced but it definitely won me over as time went on and now the 3DS is my fave handheld.



Sampras said:

I can think of tons of really cool ways to integrate usage of the gamepad! For the most part Developers haven't scratched the surface of the usefulness and coolness of the gamepad yet with the exception of Game & Wario, W101, NLand.

Just imagine using the gamepad in horror game genre, racing, puzzle, rpg, mystery, drawing, how about Trauma Center, I can go on and on - I can't believe so many developers put the game map on there and call it a day. Use some creativity, people!



Emaan said:

I think the DS used the second screen beautifully, and definitely proved not to just be a gimmick. The Wii U still has some proving to do however. Nintendo hasn't really impressed with it yet, though I have high hopes they'll reach the potential the concept has.



DaveGX said:

I'll simply say this about about dual screen game play; I really don't want my 2nd screen/GamePad getting in the way of my TV, or honestly taking my eeys away from the TV for lots of the game. if games can manage ti keep the 2nd screen thing simple I'd be perfectly happy/acceptable with that. Not that there's anything really wrong with the idea or anything, but I've found that some of my games lately, Tetris Axis, Super Mario 3D Land,my eyes only have to be on the main screen at best. Honestly it's not really the best feeling when game play is happening on 2 screens at the same time, such as the sense in some of NintendoLand's mini games, and you just feel like you're missing out on experiencing the important content.

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