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Nintendo UK Launches Weekly Animal Crossing: New Leaf Contests

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Six weekly themes to take on

While a lot of games last for a limited amount of time before joining a pile of completed comrades, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an exception. It never ends, and such is the dynamic that no two people play it the same way; each of our towns is ultimately different and unique.

That's something that Nintendo UK is tapping into with its latest contest, which aims to utilise social networks and the 3DS Image Share feature — hit up the link for instructions on how to use it — to keep people active and talking about New Leaf. You have to be in the UK to take part, and the first real step is to follow @AC_Isabelle on Twitter; there'll be six week-long contests, and we'll let her explain below.

Not only do you have to get the hashtag right when submitting a screen of your Nintendo House this week, but all valid entries have to use the 3DS Image Sharing service. This first week will run until just before 4pm on 29th July, when the second week's theme and prizes will be announced on Twitter; check out the official contest page for full details.

So, will you give this a whirl, and would those of you outside of the UK take part in similar contests in your regions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hunter-D said:

Ugh... of all the times.

I haven't played AC in weeks. Got burnt out.

Anyway, Good luck to all the other contestants. This sounds fun!



Lobster said:

Interesting, but this week's contest entries are all going to be the same... Nothing but stuff from the fortune cookies. Still, good luck to you guys in the UK!



bahooney said:

lol, I love how behind the game Nintendo of America always is. We used to give NoE a run for their money, but nope. So much cool NoE stuff happening, like getting games much earlier than NoA.

I know this isn't a 100% of the time complaint, but still. TnT



Lobster said:

@tigermask If you have the Balance Board, put it in front of a Flat Screen TV. Make a house with an awesome gaming set up? But also all that other fotune cookie carp, hahaha...



Samurai said:

@bahooney So true! but at least the games are still coming our way hopefully future wise they will make more competitions for us especially when smash bros comes out :0 or Monster Hunter 4!!!

And Guys ive really played a animal crossing Game at all ? is it really that fun? i love adventure games , action rpgs etc im a huge nintendo fan but im afraid i wouldnt have a purpose in animal crossing like whats the purpose behind it all ? thanks if anyone answers ! :0



Mowzle said:

@Samurai The purpose behind it all is just to enjoy the banter, the music, deciding what options you want to use in developing your town, and enjoying all the many activities on offer. You might not enjoy it, but so many diverse gamers just love playing it that I guess you can't really know until you try it yourself.

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