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Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite Rewards

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Which will you pick?

Every year Nintendo of America rewards its most loyal and active Club Nintendo members with Elite gifts, with members earning Gold or Platinum status. It seems to have taken longer for these rewards to be revealed this year, but the details are finally out; depending on your status, below are the treats that you can choose from.

As always you an choose one of these as your complimentary gift of the year; you have until 15th August to claim. If you're in North America just log into your Club Nintendo account to find our which status you have and, therefore, which gift you can pick.

We've included some images of what's on offer below, so let us know what you plan to pick up.

Which Club Nintendo Elite Reward Will You Claim? (465 votes)

Three-Poster Set


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack CD


2014 Club Nintendo Calendar


Super Smash Bros.


WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase


The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX


Super Mario Land


Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword


I don't qualify, which makes me feel sad


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User Comments (246)



Expa0 said:

Sadly as an european I don't qualify. And my country doesn't even support the european club nintendo thing, so.. tough.

Majora's Mask has an amazing soundtrack it has so much more soul than OoT for example, I recommend anyone viable get the soundtrack. Of the games I recommend either Smash Bros. or Super Mario Land.



KAHN said:

oh, if only i registered my wiiU earlier! i could have qualified for platinum :[ i guess i'll have to settle for warioware. i wanted the MM soundtrack though ;n;



XD375 said:

I really wish I could get the Majora's Mask soundtrack, but I'm only a gold member, so Link's Awakening will have to do.



Kevin said:

Just ordered the soundtrack to Majora's Mask! Best freebie ever!



ueI said:

2 great Platinum rewards this year, and I didn't qualify for either?! XDJCGHDFJKYGH
I don't think I will pick a gold reward.



Marshi said:

I live in the uk,i have 11,000 club nintendo points and yet nothing to spend them on.This is poor customer service nintendo,give me some rewards that the usa gets!



NintyMan said:

Awesome; a soundtrack outside Japan! I'll be getting it just for that, even though I have yet to play Majora's Mask. This will likely make me go out and get it now.

My sister got platinum status too, so we'll likely get both the soundtrack and the posters.



Nareva said:

I picked the posters and had them sent to my nephews, though they may only recognize Luigi. The WindWaker poster looks pretty cool.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'm getting Super Smash Bros. I've never played the original, and I don't see much a point in a CD besides having a physical copy to show my fan-ism/ship/thing :/



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I'd love those posters, but I'm going with the MM CD. These are great gifts, and I'm not complaining... but nothing beats that Mario, Luigi, and Bowser statue of a few years ago.



Undead_terror said:

The best thing they have to offer is the Majora's mask cd which I ordered, I wish they could of done a bit better but I love MM and it's music so much (not going to open the cd), also if there is enough people to order the cd hopefully they will remake the game (and a possible chance to make Zelda gaiden), now to get OOT soundtrack and keep both in good condition.



OrangeSmoothie said:

aw why didn't I get a couple more things and qualify for platinum? I was just thinking the other day that I want that soundtrack...



Undead_terror said:

@World I'm saying the cd is awesome, but not as awesome as a Majora's mask statue, you can also listen to the music online as well.



DarkNinja9 said:

grr im stuck between CD and zelda DX >.< darn it all would of gone with the posters but dont like those grr or calendar



hypercoyote said:

I started to complain that our rewards (USA) weren't as good Japan's, but seeing all the UK posts, I feel bad now. I imported the MM soundtrack years ago, but that seems like the better choice over the posters....Although the Japan soundtrack was 2 discs, so I'm wondering if that picture is only showing 1 of the 2 or the soundtrack is actually not as complete as it says it is.



gefflt said:

Thank yo SO MUCH for the heads-up! Just ordered my copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack. Who knows, there might not be any less in a week from now!



Pokefanmum82 said:

have all of the games....and could care less about the soundtrack so the posters it is. don't know what i am going to do with those though



AJSjedi said:

Why don't they ever tell you the file size for the downloads? I'd hate to pick a game and not have enough free space on my memory card



IxnayontheCK said:

This list seems weak. I feel like they could give some legit full games ir something at the least. Eshop games or something. Ya know?



Cotton said:

I got the original soundtrack from Majoras Mask can't wait until it arrives



Torchwood said:

I think I'll go for the cd, it'll go quite nicely with the OOT 3D one they released back in 2011 for registering OOT 3D!



SmaMan said:

And Zelda DX and Super Mario Land aren't eShop games?

I myself am probably gonna go with the MMCD. That WarioWare DIY thing is one of the few WarioWare things I don't have yet, and it's tempting, but I can just buy that later with some leftover Wii Points.



niner said:

Bah, this list blows! Posters or a CD, really? Nintendo must be hurting for them to cheap out this badly. I've achieved Elite status every year except one and this year is probably the last time I ever will. I was hoping for a better reward as a send-off.



Shworange said:

They are free and all, but this is the lamest group of gifts yet! I'm getting the soundtrack, but I doubt I'll really add it to my iPhone's playlist... A far cry from the statue a few years ago or even the button collection 2 years ago. I little disappointing.



CAM290 said:

I got the poster set since i can listen to the soundtrack on youtube if i so desire. And I can buy the games later on too



Drewroxsox said:

At first I was kind of sad that I missed platinum by 30 points, but now that I see the rewards I'm okay with that. The rewards aren't as good as they have been in the past couple of years, but at least they're free



element187 said:

Wait a second. I just redeemed the majora's mask cd because I had platinum status, and it stated I would still have 720 coins left after this, so I selected it and it took away ALL of my coins ... What is going on!?!?!



Undead_terror said:

@Buduski No need to wait, see there is a website called youtube and it will be your friend! you should keep it sealed and get it for a pretty penny in the future but that's my advice



RedYoshi999 said:

Anyone complaining can feel free to send a Majora's Mask CD over my way in Australia as I would love to buy that with my Club Nintendo stars (and you get it for free!) but not only do we have no reward system, but the whole Club in general is pathetic. I have nearly 8000 stars wasting away with nothing worthwhile to purchase.

My love for Majora's Mask is just too great that I might have to buy one off ebay and suffer the insane pricetag! (but it will be so worth it) And while Nintendo's at it, can we get the MM3D remake I've been waiting for?



SirQuincealot said:

so if you buy 2 specifc games you get a 30 dollar bonus?

but if you get to there "elite level" its only worth about 5-10 dollars?

wtf nintendo playing favorites with your fans know? you only want the ones who will buy your specific bullpoopies... im not going to lie these prizes are garbage



Wheels2050 said:

@MarioPartyFan999: I feel you - it's a pity that Club Nintendo Australia seems to only get a tiny selection of prizes in. I ended up buying a t-shirt a while ago, which I was quite happy with, but I just ended up forgetting about redeeming my codes - I didn't feel like it was worthwhile.



tchaten said:

I went with the posters - I already have the soundtrack in my iTunes library. These posters all look solid and will look great framed. Since I have lots of empty walls in my new apartment these will do nicely.

The Luigi poster is what sold me on the posters - big fan of the year of Luigi stuff



StephenYap3 said:

I can't believe I'm saying this. Compared to 2012, I am really disappointed with the platinum rewards, and this is coming from a huge grade-A prime cut Nintendo fan. The posters look great and all, but I feel like they're staring at me when I put them up. Majora's Mask CD is a surprise, but the soundtrack wasn't that great, in my honest opinion. The only music tracks I'll remember would be the Dungeon Boss music and that Termina Bay dungeon. Those I liked. Calender are nice and all, but even with Paper Mario: Sticker Star being one of the months, I'm still not thrilled enough to get it.

Oh well, I guess Smash Bros for me...



Shambo said:

That feeling NoE doesn't like its fans... It hurts, NoE. It really does. We get next to nothing. Not the Japanese great stuff, not the American great stuff,... just... stuff. Like shoelaces. And stickers. Recently ordered the g&w Ball replica and g&w collection for ds (of which we don't even get the second one) because I have so many points and these are the only things worth having...

There was a 'golden' Link on Epona, but just days before I had the points, it was gone...



suburban_sensei said:

I feel like the only one worthwhile is the Majora's Mask CD. I waited till the start of this next year (started on July 1) for the 2014 prizes to register my 3DS XL and like the 6 games I bought the past couple months. I'm kind of glad I did now, I just hope that 2014 has some decent prizes.



SteveW said:

I would rather have a 1 year subscription to the official Nintendo magazine since we don't have one in the USA! at least you guys have that!



delt75 said:

I agree. The prizes are a bit lack luster. I love prizes like when they did Mario statues. I think if you're platinum, you should be able to pick 2 prizes. One of the physical prizes, and a downloadable game. The games that are available for gold members have been better the last two years than the physical platinum only prizes.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I didn't make platinum this past year, so I happy to see some good gold rewards. I have all the 3DS games offered so I think I'll be picking Warioware DIY Showcase. I haven't played the DS game in quite some time...looks like I'll have a reason to now!!!



Buzzthebatgirl said:

And once again Europe gets shafted. I buy my games and register my Star points and all I get is crummy items or fantastic items that sell out before I can even order them, that is of course assuming my Stars don't expire the night before =_=



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Poster Set or Sountrack? Poster Set or Soundtrack? Post Set or Soundtrack? ARG! Why must this be so hard!?



Senario said:

If only I had enough coins to be plat...but it is still 230 away ish ):

The soundtrack and poster set seems nice. I want the WW one simply because it is WW lol. And Majora's mask was a good game.



Buduski said:

@undead_terror , thanks for the advise I'll try and resist the temptation of opening it, I got a little excited and forget these things are collectable.



DarkEdi said:

I´m from Mexico. I can´t get the physical rewards but i can always get the downloads.



Squiggle55 said:

this is too hard of a decision. I wish they made it easier on me by just giving us one choice. I really don't know which one to get.



Nestalgic said:

Rerelease of the soundtrack? So it's not even an original? Guess I'm going with a download



3Daniel said:

No statues this year!!!! Finally remembered to register enough to reach platinum and... posters! Is this an orchestrated cd or just midi ports?



Joe1113 said:

Granted Nintendo is nice enough to even do this, but the only thing I like is Super Smash Bros, but alas I don't have a Wii U yet. Sigh I guess I'm stuck with either Super Mario Land or that calendar.........



ejamer said:

People complain about the reward selection every year.

When the exclusive Punch-Out!! digital mini-game was offered, which has never been offered again, people complained. When the prize was a cool set of buttons, people complained. When expanded the Gold rewards to include a bunch of free digital games, people complained. Now that we are finally - for the first time ever in North America? - getting a soundtrack CD from Club Nintendo, people complain.

Well I can't hear you, because the disturbing tones of Majora's Mask are creeping me out at full volume!



Dr_Corndog said:

I'd jump all over an orchestrated version of the Majora's Mask soundtrack. But as it is, I'll go with the posters.



Sonic1994CD said:

@SirQuincealot yep, now they just give away posters. I wanted something like the pass years like the Mario hat and the Mario statue. It would of been cool If they made a Luigi hat for the year of Luigi or releasing a soundtrack for Luigi.



astros75 said:

All 3 posters look awesome, especially the Pikmin one! But the CD would make a great collectible, yet, I would get the most use out of the calendar... decisions, decisions



Shotgunryugan said:

SIGH , I was 15 coins short for Elite T.T
I purchased 5 downloadable games(Sonic Blast, Super Mario Land 2 & 3, Wario Land 2 and Metroid 2), but the post play survey didn't come fast enough so I missed Elite rewards, I wanted the Majora's Mask CD, it's my favorite 3D Zelda game

Anyway, I got The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX , I originally had it for the Gameboy, but never beat it, so many years later I finally have it
I already own Super Smash Bros.(on the original N64 cartridge) and Super Mario Land, and I don't have any interest on the rest, so Zelda seemed to be the most obvious choice for me



onlyaman said:

The rewards the last 2 years have been MEH. Just posters. Not as nice as the mario figure or the pin set.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

well locked in me order for the cd !!! will look great next to my ocarina of time soundtrack!!!! wish they made the majoras mask game tho :/ in 3d...



bahooney said:

I implore of anyone who is on the fence about which gift to snag, PLEASE do yourself a favor and get the Majora's Mask CD! Nintendo CD soundtracks have notoriously gone up in price, into the $50's and beyond, so if you're ever in a financial bind, it's quite the investment. I still have my OoT3D CD sealed!



Hardy83 said:

Probably Link's Awakening or 3D Samurai game.


Don't care for those plat rewards, music cd? Meh, I'll youtube. lol



SirQuincealot said:

@ejamer maybe its cause they gave a 30 dollar bonus not one week ago to the people who bought there (in my opinion) poopydoodle games, if they treated all the fans equal it would be fine, but no, if you just went out and bought the games you like you get a honestly garbage reward, why not just give the elite members a 30 dollar eshop credit?



edcomics said:

Man, they really cheaped out again this year. shakes head How about a full soundtrack for Skyward Sword, at least? Why is it for a 15-year-old game? And then... posters??? This really makes those trading cards look special. I passed them off to a friend who liked card games and Mario, so that's fine. I passed completely on the buttons the year before. My first reward was that statue, and it continues to be a great display piece. Why can't we get something like that? Even just a little figurine! Sigh.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@SirQuincealot Keep your opinion to yourself. Fire Emblem and SMTIV are great games by all accounts and Nintendo didn't have to give away $30 for nothing. These Club Nintendo gifts are... Gifts. If you don't like them don't get them.



Yorumi said:

I'm getting the posters, but ugh it's going to cost a fortune to get them framed. Will go great with my madoka movie poster and I'm well on my way to having an anime/video game decorated room.



russellohh said:

The posters looked really cute, and I'm buying a house soon, so why not? My Platinum account gets that, while my gold account gets the calendar. I wish i remembered the deadline to get the points was last month, i would added another 100 points to the gold account and had two platinums... ah well.



kenshinrurouni said:

what??! I was platinum for 2 years straight, and got a dumb calendar and playing cards. Now i'm only Gold this year, and they are dishing out decent prizes for platinum this year!!? AGHH >:<



gaby_gabito said:

Just got my Three Poster Set! Was thinking about going for the calendar. Hope I made the right choice. Thanks NL for making us aware of this!



hYdeks said:

That's the Club Nintendo Elite awards for NA? Mehh, there getting worse every year ¬¬ Probably the music cd, it looks neat, sorta.

EDIT I went with the Majora's Mask CD, it looks neat and I love Zelda music. I still say if you get Platinum status and want games, you should be allowed to pick 2 games.



Dormouse said:

So is the Super smash Bros 64 for Wii U or 3DS? If its for wii I don't want it on my wii in my wii u its annoying going back and forth. I can't decide... I don't want a soundtrack posters hmm would I hang them up? Uh I dunno....



dumedum said:

the music of the CD of course has no value in and of itself, as people said "i have it on itunes" - of course you do. You can get it for free too. The collection of the CD though is the great gift here. You can display it etc.



SphericalCrusher said:

I chose the Majora's Mask soundtrack. It will go good with my Ocarina of Time soundtrack and something to listen to in the car while I drive from department to department, fixing their computers. I do not have room for the posters, although they're awesome and I have most all of those games. I'd rather get something that is not easy to obtain — the games can always be bought for cheap. Just my two cents. Can't wait for this to arrive!



SirQuincealot said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd keep your opinion to yourself,
by giving a promotion like this its insulting to the fans who buy games that they want to play, and dont just buy games to get free things, also these are not "free" its a loyalty program, nintendo is trying to reward our loyalty, but all they seem to be doing is cuting there costs by giving the cheapest massed produced rewards possible



rjejr said:

Missed Plat this year - made it the last 2 - but Gold will do as I would get a game anyway. Now I just need to choose between Wario, Zelda and Smash, already have Mario. Guess I have a lot of reviews to go read.

Well the boys and I did our due dilegence and it looks like Link wins, if we can get it before the long car ride vacation, otherwise Smash.



dumedum said:

I remember when the pins came out everyone said it was a lame award and how they wanted soundtracks instead, and now people say the opposite lol.



Dormouse said:

I like lapel pins but not buttons. I heard they had figurines a few yrs ago.... Whoa!



SheldonRandoms said:

I got the Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack CD, but this is the reward I had to wait for, a CD, it's nice, but this should have been some.............wait a minute, why would it be Marjora's Mask, maybe, just maybe, there going to give that game a 3D remake or something?

^I wish the platinum reward was a Non Specific Action Figure, or an action figure in general.



dumedum said:

I agree that the Mario set figurine was the best award, but even then, people complained.



McGruber said:

If I get the soundtrack I'm just going to keep it sealed for years...if I get the posters they (the Luigi and Pikmin 1s) are going up on the wall immediately. I already have the Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack so the posters win!



Yorumi said:

@dumedum mario figurines would make the choice really hard for me. The reason is I really like the posters, they look good and even though it'll cost me money getting them framed makes a poster look beautiful, plus protects it really well. I really recommend that anyone getting the posters if you can afford it take them to get them framed, you won't regret it.



ejamer said:

They've already given you stuff through points. If you earned enough points to be in the gold/platinum reward level, then you've probably already gotten physical or digital goods worth some decent scratch - the year end bonus is just a nice extra.

But hey, you are free to complain and whine all you want while getting down on the SMT/FE promotion. And I'm free to think that your opinion doesn't matter.



darklinkinfinite said:

I'm torn between the poster set and the Majora's Mask soundtrack :/

The thing is, I have the original Majora's Mask soundrack that Nintendo Power gave away for subscribing and that was on two discs. Unfortunately, being a stupid kid at the time, I cut up the sleeve it came in to fit it into a jewel case T__T

On the other hand that year of Luigi Poster looks quite sexy and the Wind Waker HD art is beautiful. BUT I have no space to hang them. They'll just stay rolled up along with the rest of the awesome Nintendo Posters I've amassed, waiting for the day when I might buy a house and fill its walls with Nintendo art.



Haxonberik said:

The soundtrack's pretty nice, a lot better that a deck if playing cards that I wont even use to play.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@ejamer Exactly. Anyone who buys games just for points is ridiculous anyhow. So basically, one who buys the games they want gets points for doing something they already planned on doing. Club Nintendo points are extra, they are free. We pay for the game, the points are an extra incentive. It's honestly baffling to me how many people don't get this. As I said, people who buy games for points don't count. That's just dumb. When you buy games for other platforms you don't get any points. So perhaps those complaining should just play on other consoles, and then they wouldn't waste time complaining about nothing. Sorry about the rant!



TrueWiiMaster said:

Awesome. Listening to Majora's Mask in flac will be awesome. I do wish I could have gotten those posters though...



Emaan said:

I can't decide. I got Platinum and I went with the posters last year. Both the posters and the Majora's Mask CD look great.

Update: I went with the CD :3



AceSpadeS said:

First year since joining the Club that I didn't make Plat or Gold... Unless all my unredeemed games will get me to Gold... Been spending all my money on PC. D:



coolvw93 said:

I would be getting Majora's Mask soundtrack, if i was platinum. Im good with links awakening dx, a game i was considering to buy but now i dont have to



Gold_Ranger said:

I felt the same way, but then I thought if enough people get the soundtrack that that will show Nintendo that there is enough of a fan base to warrant a remake.
This is probably how they are going to see if a Majora's Mask remake is worth it for them...



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I was probably one of the very first people to order the Majora's Mask Soundtrack when the rewards went up late last night. I have to say I'm genuinely impressed with this year's rewards.



Megumi said:

Ugh, I stopped Club Nintendo because of the cruddy rewards, and now they start giving out rewards like this? (I know they gave out eShop/Wii shop games before, but yeah)
I want the Majora's Mask soundtrack. T.T



BulbasaurusRex said:

I didn't qualify this year, but it's not a big loss for me. I already have four of those games, and I'm not interested in any of the other prizes. Still, it's nice to see some great reward options this year.



2Sang said:

I'm actually happy about the CD. The pikmin poster is nice, but the other posters (especially the luigi one) are really lazy, but I still might buy the pikmin 3 one on ebay or somewhere someday. I was worried that the prizes were going to get worse each year, but I think they finally have settled on what will be the norm. I think posters, the calendar, and a choice of game are all good ideas, but they should keep up with a really cool prize each year like the cd.



Megumi said:

Ok never mind...I'm Gold apparently, even though I haven't touched that place in forever, lol...bleh, this is confusing. >_>
Do I still have time to get Platinum?



putrid_stag said:

It was a tough call but i went with the poster set. CD looked awesome but I can't download the posters. I have to say I was a little disappointed based on what I had seen as rewards in previous years - a figure of some kind would have awesome. >.>



RR529 said:

I knew the platinum reward would be awesome, since for the first time in 2 years, I didn't hit platinum (meaning the only plat rewards I got were the pin set & playing cards). At least I got the OoT soundtrack, back when that was available.

I still hit gold this year, and since I already own all those games, I'll be getting the calendar.



Darknyht said:

Would have liked Links Awakening DX, but I don't have a 3DS. Already own Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Land was not a good game (3DS again), WarioWare is not my cup of tea, Samurai game is also 3DS. So calendar is my only real choice.... sad.

BTW: Where are the Wii U games?!? How better to generate buzz for a struggling console than to offer an awesome virtual console game exclusively to the Club Nintendo Wii U owners?



Kenchi said:

As 3DS owner with gold status (could have had platinum if not for inaction on my part, though that would not have changed my pick, given this list) who already owns LoZ:LA, I am going to have to go with Super Mario Land since it is already on my wishlist. Yay.



DerpSandwich said:

I already downloaded the MM soundtrack ages ago, so I guess I'm getting posters. Just like last year.

Pretty underwhelming choices. I can't help but look at that statuette from a few years ago and feel like none of these prizes are ever going to be that cool again. Though I have to say, that WW poster is pretty dang rad. Way better than any of the posters from last year.



magicsnake said:

Too many complaints, here in Europe we've got nothing so be happy to get at least something



TonLoco said:

Thinking maybe the posters. It seems like a waste to get the games when I can buy those for a few clams. Might be nice to frame and hang in my future man cave. (The cd looks like a nice collectible though.)



One-Winged-Pit said:

It really seems like they rushed this year huh? Most of those prizes are games you can buy now. I got the soundtrack though because I love Majora's Mask.



Galactus said:

I had to get the posters even though I am all out of room for them… might have to rip down last years platinum posters...



devilwaffle said:

WHY couldn't we get a Majora's Mask Soundtrack Last year?!?!

I didn't even use Club Ninetndo this year and now I'm going to regret it!



tchaten said:

Is it sad that I already have Platinum for next year?

I didn't answer many of the surveys until July hit and I stored up codes once I hit Platinum - I'd wager that if I do the same thing for next year I could have enough codes saved with this winter 2013 for Wii U.

Kinda crazy! I hit it in a few days without much effort



Yoshi3DS said:

club nintendo uk is absolutely pathetic, the best thing i've had is a ds screen wipe



Stuffgamer1 said:

What sort of IDIOT would choose a $4 game when they could have the Majora's Mask CD Soundtrack? Just ordered mine.



Mecha_Boo said:

Once again Club Nintendo America gets the short end of the stick. Japan gets a Year of Luigi Sound Selection CD. Europe gets Pikmin Plushies. We get a CHOICE between 2 somewhat decent prizes one of which is a cd from which you can just download all the songs online or some posters that are cool but really just feel like wow wel li got a statue one year but now i get posters? great.



WoottWinds said:

I would've liked the Majora's Mask CD (indication that a 3DS version may be coming soon...?) but I absolutely must have that Luigi and Pikmin poster.



gblock said:

@squashie you guys have KICK ASS rewards though. I'd take the Super Famicom Classic Controller that you all have any day of the f'n week over this lineup.

edit: damn, yaw must not have had it very long, but at least you had that option at one point

That said I got the CD....anyone wanna trade



StraTTtheRipper said:

I was up in the air over what to was either the poster set, or Sakura. I chose the poster set...had I known someone wanted the Majora's Mask soundtrack I would have chose that and traded them.



gblock said:

If someone has gold and doesn't want anything on there, I'll offer $10 shipped via paypal (when it arrives) for the calendar (could always use something video game related for my desk at work next year, PM me



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, nothing I'm interested in. I was hoping for something better for Platinum. Guess I'll just get the calendar.



Ay67 said:

What should I get?? My dad already got the sound track. Should I get another one or the poster set?



gblock said:

@UnseatingKDawg if you have Platinum, get the soundtrack, you can always get a calendar for $10 or less off Ebay

@Ay67 If you really want the posters go with them, if you're a collector, get another soundtrack, open one listen keep the other sealed



Yrreiht said:

Guess ill get the posters since I really want that large Pikmin one, no interest in the other two tho...



BudDudSlash said:

I think Club Nintendo(NA) site is messed up right now. I hit platinum status, and I get a pop-up message telling me to select my elite status gift... but when I go to redeem it says 'Sorry- this is for Platinum 2013 members only'. Even for the Gold gifts. Anyone else having this issue?



Tasuki said:

Well I dont have any more room on my walls for posters so I went with the CD. If anything I can probably sell it on eBay for a good price.



BabyBaconMan said:

I don't understand why they aren't using some of the gba games that ambassadors got for this. Finally being able to play Metroid Fusion would have been far better than this junk.



sleepinglion said:

CD set seems to be the best of the bunch but it would have been nice to see a collectible little Luigi statue or something. I liked the year they made the little Super Mario Bros. group statue. That was cool and it's unlike anything you can find in a store.



nf_2 said:

Awesome. The one year I don't qualify for Platinum is the time they put up something I really want... No Majora's Mask CD for me

And I already have all the games and have no need for a calendar...



siavm said:

The rewards are better this year. Been platinum 5 times now and even though I wanted a download game as a reward again I think I will go with the cd. It is nice though if I went with a download game I could get it now.



sleepinglion said:

If they were going to do a unique/collectible soundtrack I would have preferred an updated Symphony of the Goddess set with the new movements or maybe a live DVD of the show. The awards this year cry 'cheap'. The statue from a few years ago is still my favorite, it's as if actual effort went into it =)



Senate_Guard said:

Kinda random to have a Majora's Mask CD; its supposed to be the Year of Luigi and he's neglected to a poster? We couldn't at least get a Luigi hat?

I've never played MM. So I'll probably go with the posters.



Jray said:

argh! i honestly have no idea what to pick... I love Zelda and MM but i could just listen to the songs online, so the only reason for me getting the cds would be to own it... (which is awesome). But the poster's are really cool too, (WW's one of my top 2 zelda's, Luigi is awesome, and Pikmin 3 just looks amazing!) But since i share a room with my bro (he's 17 and would hate having game stuff on the wall) I'd have to wait 'til i have my own personal room in the future (like an office, gameroom, or something) to really put 'em to use, and they'd be a cool background for some video reviews or something.

...decisions decisions... i think i'll just think it over for a few days since i have a month to decide.



JaxonH said:

@tchaten Me too, and I have enough unregistered points to go platinum for 2015 and 2016 already lol. Unfortunately, every time they put something awesome up to buy it's sold out within hours. I come home from work, check Club Nintendo, and see the nice new gift added, which is listed in the SOLD OUT column. It sucks! Just once I'd like to be able to BUY something from them. Gold nunchuk? Nope, had to shell out $40 for one on eBay.



Crimzonlogic said:

I want that Wind Waker poster, but that Majora's Mask soundtrack is a must-have! Hopefully I can get that gorgeous poster on ebay or something later. But I can't wait to have that soundtrack! Much better than any of last year's gifts.



psyguy said:

Wish I could have a Majora's mask poster, but Wind Waker will do just fine.



JaxonH said:

Well, after much distress, I chose the posters over the soundtrack cd. As cool as the cd is, and as collectible as it is, that's ALL it is. I would never open it, just have it in a droor with my Fire Emblem artbooks from US and UK, collecting dust. And even though I think that Luigi poster is the ugliest thing I've ever seen, and the Pikmin 3 poster kinda sucks too, that Windwaker poster is pure magic. I'm getting that sucker framed, along with the cover art from my spare Fire Emblem Awakening artbook (US), and the blue Mario and friends poster from the Mario poster set. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do... I'll just start framing posters of my fave franchises and hang em up all over the house heh heh... I also want to frame the middle fold-out art of the FE Awakening artbook with Marth and Chrom in separate frames, with a one inch gap between them. Two separate pictures framed tying into one larger picture- that'd be so freiking awesome.



FJOJR said:

Wish we could get more obscure/unique items. Posters are meh, LoZMM OST I already have in some form and the games are items I could've paid for anyways. But beggars can't be choosers.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Erica_Hartmann No, at least not for this particular set of rewards. The year ends for Club Nintendo prizes in June if I remember right. Your status then gets reset for the next year. So any surveys you do or games you register now will go towards the next set of rewards (which won't be announced until next year, probably around June again).



Funny_Moblin said:

I'm so angry. I have gold, but I needed a few more games to reach platinum. I have three games for my Wii U. Nintendo Land, Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Neither did MH3U or SASRT give me codes. This is pathetic.



AVahne said:

Nothing great this year either. least it's free.
Hope they bring back the 18 game card case, as it is superior to the last 3 platinum status prizes. This time it'd be nice if it came with new art cover slips.



Zombie_Barioth said:

A calendar or a cheap download, gee...what a nice way to say thank you to your loyal fans. Before anyone says anything, yes its a gift, but taking the easy way out on a thank you gift says a lot about how much you appreciate someone.

Probably going to pick either the calendar or Link's Awakening DX since I only have the original.



Millenia said:

Last year I got posters and I am so happy to have them. I see them every day! This year I'm opting for the soundtrack because lately I just love collecting CDs and listening to them in the car.



Megapokepaul said:

Welll i am platinum and i chose the sakura samurai download code since they don t shipp stuff in lebanon nor prepaid cards so i get some games for free from the eshop via club nintendo monthly rewards with my 27 3ds game codes!!!!!!



kurtasbestos said:

Dang.. those posters and CD look nice (though I've never actually played Majora's Mask), but I only earned gold, so... not owning a 3DS, and already having D.I.Y. Showcase, I'm limited to Super Smash Brothers or the calendar. And I'm sure I'll never get around to playing Smash Brothers if I download it, so... I guess that was easy.



Fudgewhizzle said:

Give us this in Europe and I will finally be able to spend my stars after they removed the SNES controller for Wii (u)... xD



UnseatingKDawg said:

@gblock: I appreciate the recommendation, but I'm not a Legend of Zelda fan. I'll admit, I am kinda leaning in that direction, as I've played a couple games, but I'm not a huge fan of the series.



allav866 said:

I got the sound track, partially because I feel Nintendo's trying to find out how many club members care about Majora's Mask, which may lead to MM3D's development.



aesupreme1 said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd I agree, the Mario themed statue is awesome. I have qualified for platinum status every year since the Reward's inception, and this is the first year that I'm not sure what to choose. The awards are decent, yet nothing is really sticking out. I love the Wind Waker poster (within the 3 poster set), but I already have too many posters from utilizing my Club Nintendo points. Thus, I think I may just pick up the Club Nintendo Calendar this year.



rjejr said:

Just DL Zelda. Only 50 blocks if anybody is interested.
Probably should have gotten the calendar again but my kids wanted to play this. Maybe this will get them excited for WW HD.



Sarthak12347 said:

Majoras mask cd. I almost chose the posters. I got the cd in less than a minute. Just look at my picture. Seriously.



mullen said:

I'm platinum but I don't like any of those platinum exclusive rewards. I just want the calendar and the downloadable games, but it seems a waste of my statues, especially that I bought few games I don't really like before the deadline just for the last few coins. I don't want to compliant whether the rewards are good or not, I just hope that they can allow platinum member to choose 2 gold rewards instead of one.



WaxxyOne said:

The 3-poster set includes a really good-looking Pikmin 3 panorama shot, so ... done and done.



GloryQuestor said:

Since I'm a Zelda nut (and sadly have no place to hang or store the posters), I'll get the CD.

The only thing we can hope is that they anticipated the demand for it. I really don't want to see these CDs rapidly burned and sent out — wayy too many disc errors happen that way.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, I picked the poster set for the Luigi poster. So, I guess I'll have to find someone who's interested in the Wind Waker and Pikmin posters (as I won't throw them out - that's just not right).



Bassman_Q said:

I did not qualify for Platinum this year, unfortunately...
HOWEVER, I have been meaning to do a 2nd playthrough of Link's Awakening sometime, and since I've been spoiled with the 3DS's Restore Point function (not to mention saving was a bit of a chore in the original cartridge version), I've decided to take that as a freebie. Perfect timing, as I just saved myself 6 bucks.



Ganondwarf said:

Why do America get this kind of stuff no love for Aus or UK! oh well we are getting wonderful 101 and pikmin 3 before the USA.



cheleuitte said:

I'll pick ZELDA: majora's mask CD soundtrack, I already purchase ZELDA: link's awakening!!!

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