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Nintendo Finally Confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Coming To Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

At last, we know the truth

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Call of Duty: Ghosts in relation to the Wii U version. Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin confirmed the game will be making its way to the Wii U during a stage show with Gamespot during E3, with the game previously being leaked by certain retailers.

Five days later, it was said that the game may not appear on Nintendo's latest console at all, with Rubin actually knowing nothing about the title coming to the system. It was confusing to say the least.

After all that commotion, Nintendo of America announced today via Twitter that Call of Duty: Ghosts will drift onto Wii U consoles on 5th November, with the Big N saying that it'll arrive with a new world and story.

So now that we have confirmation at last, is Call of Duty: Ghosts on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.


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ikki5 said:

this is some good news to see after many people have been wondering



TromboneGamer said:

When I get a Wii U I'd like to say I'll pick it up, but I seriously do not want a- and excuse my language- "half-donkey" version that lacks the DLC. Even if there's a pack or two that I decide not to purchase I at least want them to be available. This has been a problem since the Wii era and it needs to be fixed in this generation.



SpinelessOyster said:

I've never been able to get into these games. But this is excellent news! But good to see a high profile 3rd party game coming to Wii U.



Handy_Man said:

Nothing to see here folks, it's just the annual Call of Duty game. Let's move on.



jorgem696 said:

Well the only thing I will keep playing FPS on my PS3 because the psn is better then the Nintendo Network online voice chat but I really like Mii Verse though



MrWalkieTalkie said:

At least we get this... I was afraid that even this game was gonna avoid Wii U like FIFA & Madden did.



jorgem696 said:

But I would really like if they give DLC map packs because Bo2 for the Wii U was a dissarter



rmeyer said:

I really liked the remote play on black ops 2, can't wait for this, Infinity Wards game is way better than Treyarchs



TheAdrock said:

Do people still play that game? yawn
But more content for U is always good... even if its a lame FPS like this franchise.



Haywired said:

I've never had any interest in the series and have never played one, but I've always been puzzled by the amount of hate the series gets from people round here, considering it's one of the few high-profile multi-platform games that has been consistently released on Wii and Wii U. I thought such spite was usually reserved for the games that aren't put on Nintendo consoles.



nik1470 said:

Given the money grabbing nature of Activison this has to be a sign the system is not "doomed". Nintendo needs this even if some of us don't.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Most definitely not on my wishlist. CoD is free to burn into nothingness for all I care, but at least it is coming to Wii U. The more 3rd party games the better. And I know that there are some Wii U owners out there looking for a FPS game so I guess as long as CoD is on the console they're good.



FineLerv said:

Well, can they put it on the e-shop?

Is there some kind of obnoxious fee for putting games on the e-shop or something? I'm not sure why a company would opt out of that specific distribution method...



Undead_terror said:

I only buy Treyarch's cods but even then I don't play much of them, I only buy it for zombies, however I would be interested in a 3ds version since he 3ds don't have a FPS game.



Dogpigfish said:

New world and story? Is it going to be garbage like the vita version of blacks ops 2? I'm excited, but will be waiting for a review based on that info. No reason this shouldn't be the same game as the ps3/ps4



Quickman said:

Even though it's fashionable to hate on COD. It's still great to play online and the wii remote + gamepad feature is awesome..



PloXyZeRO said:

News? Whatever
Now having something like Halo 5 or Killzone 4 announced for the Wii U...that would be news
"Nintendo buys out Microsoft and Sony in an attempt to reclaim hardcore gamers"



Samurai_Goroh said:

It's kind of depressing when we can't even take the yearly COD fix as granted. With Wii remote + nunchuck support I might get this... when it's below €30 at least.



JonWahlgren said:

Cool. I'll play this.

@Dogpigfish The new world/story whatever just means it's another "universe" much like how Black Ops and Modern Warfare differ. Should be the same game.



Pachterkid said:

And yet nobody will buy it for the Wii U because anybody who cares about this series already has either a PS3 or a 360.



Shambo said:

depending on if they manage to make the single player longer and dual screen offline co-op (human/dog could give nice mechanics) I'm somewhere between semi-interested and rather intrigued.



Dormouse said:




PerezBro99 said:

Well that is good news to me. The only thing Im hoping now is that it has something like zombies, maybe ghosts!



Subie98 said:

Nintendos in my bank zapping my monies. Ill have to pick it up after Christmas. Im tapped.



b23cdq said:

About damn time. This should have been announced with the other versions, not two months later. -.-



Ukulele_Wizard said:

This is good news, and I hope it sells well so that Activision continues supporting the Wii U. What Activision needs to do is say that The Wii U version will be getting all the DLC at the same time as the PS4 and PC versions (since I think Microsoft still has exclusive early access to DLC) and that the game will run just like its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. If they do this, then it may sell very, very well on Wii U. If they decide to use the same engine and graphics as the PS3/360 version and include no DLC, then it won't sell well, it's as simple as that.
Also, why was this announced so late?! I just can't think of a logical reason. Wouldn't you want consumers to know that it's coming to a certain platform to increase the chance that someone will buy it on that platform? It really just doesn't make sense.



Pichuka97 said:

It better be based off of the PS4/One versions cause I don't want a port with 360 level graphics when we know the Wii U is capable of more. Also, DLC is a must this time. No long waiting times between PS3/4 and Wii U.



Savino said:

At least an AAA game!

Not that I like it, but it is great news indeed!



SCAR said:

I'm not too excited for this game per se, but I do acknowledge that this is VERY good news.
People said Wii U wouldn't get the same version as PS4 or Xbox One, but this implies otherwise.
I may get it, just because it will have the new 8th gen graphics everyone told me the Wii U couldn't handle.



arderin64 said:

Excellent! I've been really enjoying BLOPS 2 on Wii U. The simple addition of being able to play on the gamepad has ensured that I've ploughed quite a few hours into it. Far from my favourite franchise or genre but it's inclusion on Wii U is important.



ultraraichu said:

That's cool. At least Wii U owners wouldn't be left out in another multi-platform franchise.

I may pick it up eventually if the developers make good use of the Wii U's features.



Caryslan said:

I don't understand why Activision beats around the bushes when it comes to the Nintendo versions of the Call of Duty. I'm a bit shocked they are not hyping the Wii U version more, since the Wii U is the only platform where Ghosts won't be competing with Battlefield 4.

And this is the issue, Battlefield 4 is getting some good hype and Battlefield 3 took away sales and ate into Modern Warfare 3's market share a few years ago. With Battlefield on the rise, I am surprised Activision is not promoting the WIi U version more. This could easily be a big seller on the Wii U if Activision plays their cards right.

But they just seem content to let it slip onto store shelves quietly while the promote the game on other platforms. Could they at least put the Wii U logo on Ghost's posters and ads this time?

It says something when Nintendo of all companies announces this game. It should have been a day 1 announcement with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.



sinalefa said:

Nice to see a multiplat NOT skipping the Wii U. Not nice that it is COD, as I don't care about it, no matter what system is released on. But I still know it can only do good to Wii U.



hYdeks said:

happy their not skipping Wii U I haven't played Black Ops 2 yet (or any COD game since World at War) so I might pick up Black Ops 2 and give it a go, see if I like it, than probably get this.

Very happy ActiVision is supporting Wii U, though. Thanks ActiVision for not being creepyclownheads like some other third party companies out there.



Quickman said:

@koopakid I might be wrong but I think that COD has sold well on Nintendo systems, they must do as they wouldn't keep releasing them otherwise..



Play-Doh_25 said:

I'm so EXCITED! I prefer playing these games on nintendo consoles because i love the controllers especially the gun controller. This one looks to be the COD game in the series since the story is going to be so much more different. I can't wait!



banacheck said:

I'm surprised by this especially after Activision saying "there are now not supporting the Wii U", i not really into COD but this is good for the Wii U.



Sir_JBizzle said:

I don't care for CoD, but I'm glad Wii U is getting it, as there are a lot of CoD fans out there. My only concern is the amount of DLC the Wii U version may or may not get. I've said this before, hopefully Nintendo will get together with Activision and offer some sort of Ghosts deluxe bundle... I could see something like that selling.



EaZy_T said:

I haven't played a new COD game since the Gamecube. Ghosts may just change that for me.



JaxxRaxor said:

I never played a CoD game so I'm seriously thinking of getting this for my Wii U this holiday season. I do hope that Activision brings out the DLC for the Wii U like they do for the other reasons, there really is no excuse now with Wii U games supporting updates, except maybe laziness. It would be nice if they make this a downscaled port of the PS4/PC/Xbox1 versions and not a port of the 360/PS3 ones but I don't think we are going to get that.

Also nice that Activision isn't s$%Ying all over the Wii U like EA.....



Trask said:

Thanks to this game, I might actually consider getting a Wii U soon. The online multi-player would give me something to play while the first-party titles take their sweet time to make it to store shelves.

...I just hope the Wii U gets the DLC!



Farmboy74 said:

Last COD I played was Modern Warfare on the Wii, as others have pointed out there's no Battlefield this platform, Activision have a golden chance to produce a decent FPS on Wii U that comes with all DLC. If they produce a half baked version which does not sell, Activision will have only themselves to blame



Dogpigfish said:

I'm surprised at the COD hatred on this site. I can't say I'm a fan, but you gotta admit the quality of these shooters are top notch even if it isn't your thing. Infinity Ward has a slightly cleaner approach over Treyarch, but you can choose to censor all the mature content if it seems a little extreme (I did).



capitalism said:

Good to see Nintendo themselves finally confirmed it. Activision also put out a press release today mentioning the Wii U version so at least they're acknowledging it a lot sooner than in the past. I know I'll be getting it, I've been with the series since WAW on Wii and I want to see how the new engine looks and plays. It'll be interesting to see how the Wii U version compares to the PS4 and One version. This will be the first multi plat next gen game we can compare so like I said it'll be interesting. Anyways as far as DLC is concerned its as simple as this: Buy the game and the DLC will come.



TrueWiiMaster said:

It's a big game, so it's good that the Wii U's getting it, but I doubt I'll be getting it anytime soon. Besides the many other games coming out that will take all my money, I just got Black Ops 2 about an hour ago (on sale for $20 at Best Buy), so I'm set for fps games for a while.



Tysamu said:

-sigh of relief- hopefully this'll drive some sells for the system. I'm gonna support the third-party and get this. I'm hoping that they put time and effort into making this the most unique of all of them; if not they make great use of the gamepad as well as make the system look good in performance.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

YES! YES! YES! seeing how blops 2 was the best on the wii u with the second screen guns switch and classes and the interactive map i bet the wii u version of this game will be awesome too!



JaxonH said:

@Dogpigfish No, this is not like the Vita version. That was a handheld version, which are always different, Like Assassins Creed 3 Vita was different. And that CoD BO2 Declassified was developed by Nihilistic, the same crappy developers behind Resistance on Vita. They went under after CoD Vita. Yes this is same exact game as PS3, PS4, 360, One, and PC. Wii U is a home console, and gets the same game as everyone else. As a matter of fact, Infinity Ward themselves are actually developing the Wii U version, unlike past games that were subcontracted out. I ordered PS4 but I'm definitely getting this game for Wii U. I value the comfort of the gamepad and Wii U Pro Controller, and the more than excellent Wiimote/Nunchuk setup in FPS, over the Dualshock, I value 2nd screen over a little bump in graphics, and I value free online MP over paid subscription.



cdude said:

So...nintendo held back the announcement for months so they could post this on twitter?




I will get it, I don't buy any other fps's any more coz I'm sick of em

But cod provides me with my yearly dose shooting and blowing everything up, and I can only play cod with a wii-mote and nun-chuck.

so yeah, I'm getting it.

And to all these clowns saying we won't get the dlc, well if you fools support the wii u version, then of course you'll get dlc



LeVideoGamer said:

Good news that I couldn't care less about. No idea why Nintendo wouldn't want a Wii U version confirmed at the same time as the other versions, though.



MrBlutzIII said:

So when do you all think we can pre order it from places? Im getting this to support 3rd party sales on wii u plus i need a good shooter for my system. Plus i think it will be fun to play a round of Cod while enjoying the luxury of my couch in the living room while my system sits in the game room!



DePapier said:

"...with the Big N saying that it'll arrive with a new world and story."

I think you just forgot the new next-gen engine, Orla; which might as well be the most important point.



NeoZuko said:

Ha, I didn't think my joke about Mario shooting Bowser's minons was funny so I deleted just after I posted.



MrCharles77 said:

Day one purchase for me. I always liked COD, and played them all. WiiU version will be the best, it will be the only one with free online since microsoft and the sony (you'll see) will charge for online gaming.

There are other advantages, like two players online, gamepad gaming, and more...another important advantage is that wiiu players have no lag.



renaryuugufan92 said:

never been into cod, not saying their bad games no just never got into them. Regardless of that, this is still good news in terms of software support~!



yuwarite said:

Yes, it's good in terms of software support, but it's not a franchise I'm interested in.



unrandomsam said:

@Haywired That is not what bothers me. I have no interest in it but it is generating loads of clones at the expense of anything I do want to play.



kevkeepsplaying said:

I'll get it. I'm not big on these games, but the online is fun for a few weeks, and it's best to show the big name publishers we want their support.



xKing_Koopahx said:

Is it sad that I might buy this game only to support 3rd party on wii u?? I'll never play this game lol... :/ but i feel like i have to buy it just because Wii U sucks soo hard..right now,



KAHN said:

that tweet implies that the wiiU doesnt come with next-gen engine, so CODGhosts has to come with it. honestly, if you've played one COD game, you've played them all. i dont really care for this.



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

It sounds cool, but i feel the controls won't be that good. the wii u controller is just so bulky. I played call of duty on the ds, and it wasn't good. But i could be wrong. it could be an utterly fantastic game, but i doubt it.



defrb said:

I'm enjoying cod black ops 2 a lot at the moment, really looking forward to add Call of Duty: Ghosts to my library ^^
Activision at their best! Ow and about controls, the wiimote is really nice to aim with.



Peach64 said:

I'm sure they're using the same engine for all versions. The next gen systems won't be the lead platform for these games for another couple of years. There's too many 360s and PS3s out there. For now the next gen machines will just get slightly enhanced versions like Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed IV et al.

We won't start seeing true next-gen games unit they forget about having to make them run on the past gen consoles.



Laxeybobby said:

Same ol, Same ol. No DLC, Cut down version compared to the other consoles.
After BOps2 and all the previous incarnations on the Wii that I purchased I made a promise to never to give this franchise any more of my hard earned cash.



The-Chosen-one said:

i'll def. be buying this for the WiiU, off Tv mode is just ideal.
but first i want to see actual gameplay footage for the wiiU.



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, good thing shooter fans got their CoD for WiiU.

Mmm I may almost consider it (not really) if the dog had its own missions where you play as it... maybe... nah.



taffy said:

Can't understand the comments here sometimes. When you hear of a company skipping the Wii U it's filled with "Lazy company is not getting my money" or "Good, wasn't going to buy it anyway!".
But with this game the comments are "Lazy company is not getting my money" or "Good, wasn't going to buy it anyway!". Seems like there's no pleasing some people. I get it, BLOPS2 didn't come with DLC but can you really expect a company to put in the effort to code the DLC for a platform which has such a small install base when the other versions sold in the 10's of millions EACH?
I'm not 100% sure it's the company's that are to blame, we've heard from Capcom that they are having a nightmare trying to get one of their games on the eshop (can't remember what it's called) and the MASSIVE delay in announcing the DLC for Injustice compared to the other versions.



Hunter-D said:

"but can you really expect a company to put in the effort to code the DLC for a platform which has such a small install base when the other versions sold in the 10's of millions EACH? " @taffy

True, but I also think that they haven't provided DLC for BLOPSII as this would divide the very small user-base even more. Last I played it was hard enough to find a match. Add DLC into this picture, and those without it will have an even smaller pool of players for match-making.



banacheck said:

Powerful next gen engine? Isn't it just going to be a port of the 360 version?

Yes it's the same engine thay've been using for current gen for years, but it's had a few updates.



kyuubikid213 said:

I have Black Ops II. I like it, but I won't be getting Ghosts at launch. Down the line, definitely, but much like Assassin's Creed III, I don't buy games like that every year the second they hit shelves. Well... Except for Pokémon.



ammar003 said:

finally the best call of duty game is coming to wii u I hope its good on the wii u as its going to be on ps4



wombatkidd said:

@taffy The "nightmare" Capcom was having was that Nintendo found a bunch of bugs in their game and wouldn't let them release it until they fixed them. The other platforms let a buggy game on their consoles without quality control and Nintendo doing their jobs makes them the bad guys. Sure. -rolls eyes-

I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was the reason for the Injustice delay as well.

@element187 Way to attempt to derail the conversation with partisan bickering in a non-political topic. Ever think of just ignoring him? Or reporting his message to the mods?



TheAdza said:

I have Black Ops 2 for Wii U. My son likes it, I hate first person shooters.
From what I could tell the last game looked pretty good to me. But seeing as my son now has a 360 in his room, if I do buy this game it will probably be for that, the only way I would get the Wii U version would be if it was technically superior to the 360 version. Although playing dual screen as opposed to split screen is a pretty good feature. I'll keep my eye on it.



Hunter-D said:

@MrBlutzIII Sorry, should have been more clear.

I meant it's hard to find matches apart from Team Deathmatch & Domination. Those are the only modes that the majority of players choose.

The only other times I was able to play another mode was on Double XP weekends (or double weapon XP) and when you also factor in a "best" connection quality filter, you get even less people.



MrBlutzIII said:

@Hunter-D I do see your point. I feel that since blops2 came out quite awhile ago and i do believe some people will transition over to just a Wii U for their major gaming, that with CodGhosts we will see a larger population this time around. I personally am only buying this for the support and casual gaming though haha. If i want to get back to real hardcore online play ill get a ps4 too.



SCAR said:

Well, technically all of them are the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, but I think the Wii U will be able to handle whatever extra textures, polygons, hit boxes or whatever that PS4 and Xbox One will.
It's not dreaming. Just by looking at what's inside these machines, Wii U is more capable than anything Xbox 360 or PS3 can do.



Obito_Sigma said:

There are so many comments so I doubt that anybody would read this. However, I think that I might get this game for my Wii U. I played CoDBo2 on a PS3 at a friend's house, but I sucked at it. I see all over Youtube that CoD is a game that ruins everybody's lives. Let's see how it works out for me.



RonF said:

@SCAR392 I don´t think they will bother to add any new functionality over the 360 version. It will be a cheap port and thus with very little optimization. If it was a choice, I would rather have the dlc.



DePapier said:

@Peach64 Save for Nintendo, Monolith Soft and X. And I forgot Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Btw, how is your Pikmin 3?



DePapier said:

@Kodeen They're the only big name FPS on the Wii U this year. When — if, for the doomsayers, — the Wii U will have a decent user base, every FPS player on the U will remember and trust CoD when the next one comes out; and were EA's Battlefield 5 to try to compete on the U the next year, they won't stand a chance against a franchise the Nintendo audience have known and trusted for two iterations.

This CoD Ghosts, with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, is the occasion for Activision to secure definitely the Nintendo audience for the entire lifespan of the Wii U: they know they shan't miss it.



SCAR said:

The install base argument is hardly even relevant anymore. There are 5 million Wii U systems out there. If they can get PS4/Xbox One version the game running(which I think they can), why wouldn't they?
It just being lazy if they aren't gonna try. If the argument is "why bother?", then why bother with any version to begin with?

Your statement doesn't even make sense. I think the Wii U can run the Xbox One/PS4 version via port. What would having one version over the other have anything to do with DLC? Are you saying you're just gonna buy the Xbox 360 version? That's fine, but the excuses are ever so much closer to being irrelevant.

I'm pretty sure Wii U can run the full 8th gen version in 1080p. All they have to do is port the darn thing from PS4 with the DLC.
The Wii U has a bigger install base, and is still a very capable machine.

I honestly don't get why people doubt this crap so much. If you doubt the Wii U, it's pretty obvious that you don't know jack. I understand what's going on with all of the consoles, but people still like to put down the Wii U.



SCAR said:

The Wii U is almost a year old for crying out loud. How old was the Xbox 360 or PS2 compared to other consoles in the same gen? The answer is 1 year or a little more. The architecture is just different, but it can do most of the same stuff.



Quickman said:

@Dogpigfish BLOPSII isn't the abomination that some are claiming either, no DLC doesn't mean it's a bad game. in fact it's quite the opposite.. it even runs at 1080p and 60fps, plus the control options and gamepad features.

Ghosts is fantastic news as the Wii U needs more choices alongside the Nintendo exclusives and if it helps shift more units that can only be a good thing.



supermonkey117 said:

C.O.D hahaha don't make me laugh, only joking they are pretty damn good games cant wait to see what the wii u version has to offer, but a conduit 3 is what i want getting destroyed off thousands of mr fords when people are not running about with unlimited rocket launchers, not being able to die and the host quitting out the game because he or she is getting there butt kicked its a great game.



smashbrolink said:

I'm sad about my copy of BOII not getting any DLC, but I'll pick up Ghosts day on, on the slim chance that they'll actually give the game full support.



RonF said:

@SCAR392 You misunderstood me. I don't have any other console but a Wii U and I would love to see Activision add more features in the port in the same way Criterion did with Need for Speed.

My argument is that, as the CoD's sales in the Wii U will likely pale compared to the 360 and ps3 versions, Activision has little incentive in spending money to make a better Wii U port. They will use the same code of last year, which is more less in par with the 360 and they will not place any further investment in optimize the engine to the full capacity of the Wii U. As I think Black Ops II's graphics were already good enough, I would rather have the DLC to play over a somewhat better graphic engine.



SCAR said:

I understand what you're saying, but it will likely be the PS4/Xbox One version. If they're going to spend time on making a port at all, they'll port the best build of the game.

The problem is that so many people doubt the Wii U can handle 8th gen graphics. I'm pretty sure we're talking 8th gen here. The tweet even states "next-gen". I would think that would make it pretty clear that this is the 8th gen version, not the 7th gen, but apparently not...



Hunter-D said:

@MrBlutzIII Oh, yeah. We should definitely be seeing more people now. I'm getting Ghosts on the Wii U at launch. I've had plenty of fun playing BOII with friends/family.



RonF said:

@SCAR392 The ps4 and the Xbone have so much memory that it is possible that they will use textures too large to be handled by the Wii U. That said, I have no doubt Treyarch, with enough time and money to work on it, could do a Wii U port that would look closer to the ps4 than to the ps3.



SCAR said:

Don't forget about the cache. That's the memory Wii U uses in it's GPGPU. The architecture is just different, and there's no real way to compare.



Laxeybobby said:

Quote: "BLOPS2 didn't come with DLC but can you really expect a company to put in the effort to code the DLC for a platform which has such a small install base when the other versions sold in the 10's of millions EACH?"

I have bought every COD from the Wii through to the Wii U. Now the Wii had a massive installed user base, yet BOps & Modern Warfare 2 for the Wii all advertised on the cases that DLC would be available yet it never appeared. On the Wii U BOps2 advertised DLC and again it fails to happen. So the install user base is not the issue. Im sure XboxOne and PS4 version already have DLC ready and waiting yet at the moment there is a Zero install base as they haven't even been released.



Pod said:

Not really surprising, but still an interesting choice.

COD have been steadily declining in sales on Nintendo platforms, and there is little reason to believe that his will change.

Unless this version comes out and both looks and runs noticeably better than the PS3/360 versions, with ALL the same features AND some Wii U specific stuff going on.

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