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Namco Bandai Is Teasing A New 3DS Game, But What Could It Be?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Your guess is as good as ours

Namco Bandai has opened a countdown site for its new mystery title, which is now confirmed as coming to the 3DS.

Aside from some abstract artwork, the enigmatic site gives us very little to go on at present. The countdown timer indicates the reveal will take place in just under four days (at the time of writing, of course).

Do you have any ideas of what this game could be? Do you think we'll see the birth of an interesting new franchise, or could this be an update of one of Namco Bandai's existing IPs? Or perhaps it's going to be a licensed title which won't see the light of day outside of Japan?

Hopefully it won't be the latter, but go ahead and share your guess in the comments second below.


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Snakellama said:

Well, since Nintendo trusted it to help on Smash Bros., I'm hoping it's a Nintendo IP.



Nintex said:

A new IP that is perhaps futuristic in design if you judge from the artwork or a new game in an existing franchise. Maybe it's even a 3DS version of the Tales HD remakes for PS3. At a long shot maybe it's a StarFox title!



WindWakerLink said:

Maybe a new Starfox cross "something" from one of their IPs. Namco did a really good job Starfox Assault for the such saying here...



MrWalkieTalkie said:

If its anything like their Wii U "announcements" prepare to be disappointed through their "exciting" new Barbie & Monster High games.

Hopefully it's something great.



Tops said:

Digimon re digitize decode localization?? Please let it be true



Windy said:

Common //hack Sign. I know that's real wishful thinking but would be awesome on 3DS



element187 said:

The abstract art makes me believe its going to be a puzzle game that deals with shapes?



MrMario02 said:

The Abstract art might be a hint. Perhaps the art style of the game is abstract. Or it could be a painting game.



V8_Ninja said:

@LaytonAprentice If it was a localization then the teaser wouldn't be linking exclusively to Japanese websites. We can still be hopeful though?

What is interesting me more than anything else is the weird "Score-Boxes" right above the announcement. Everything else is stock fair for a new announcement teaser; abstract art, countdown clock, and slick fonts. For some reason my brain went straight to 'Virtua Fighter' upon seeing the 'V' and 'F', but that series is owned by Sega, so......I got nothing.



Tops said:

@V8_Ninja Very true. I suppose in my excitement I didn't put two and two together. Still hoping it's some sort of Digimon game if it's not a new IP



AVahne said:

Most likely another licensed anime game that'll never leave Japan. Can't wait to hack my 3DS. Thanks for unwittingly supporting console hacking by having stupid restrictions Nintendo!



RR529 said:

I'm hoping for Tales or SoulCalibur, but due to the look of the teaser, it doesn't appear to be either of those.

I'm not sure what it is. Maybe a sort of reboot of Galaga? (or an arcade collection, given the score box).

Probably a licensed game we'll never see though, as that's all they've been releasing as of late, lol.



Daggo said:

In a dystopian future where, after a failed experiment cats became rulers of the world, only one hero is willing to stop them. Mappy: Rodent Cop.



tsm7 said:

I'm not sure what it is but I highly doubt it's a Nintendo IP.. Nintendo likes to control it's announcements and it would be in a direct.



unrandomsam said:

I hope it is not a Tales game. I really liked Tales of Phantasia. Sort of liked Symphonia didn't like anything after too much cutscene not enough game. I liked JRPG's when they engaged me like a book. Not a dull 2nd rate movie.



KnightOfNothing said:

I hope it has a NUNS esque feel with a wide open world. that would be cool, having a battle system like NUNS but a huge world to explore.



JaxonH said:

@Raghav Virtual fighter game like Mega Man? I'm not sure you understand what kind of game Mega Man is. Hint: PLATFORMER (witht the exception of a few spinoff titles, but even those were not virtual fighters)



JaxonH said:

@UgliestSoup I'll take that bet. Odds are highly in my favor considering Namco Bandai doesn't own Ice Climbers franchise. Bout the same odds as Nintendo making the next Uncharted.



Erixsan said:

Hey! I know what is this! Well, at half XD

First, this game is a cross-over... well, duh?
Second: One IP has 30 years and starts with F
Third: The other IP has 20 years and starts with V

The only game with F of 1983 is Phozon (フォゾン Fozon)
About the other... I don´t fink anything...



B3ND3R said:

On the site I see...
V 20th Anniversary X F 30th Anniversary... What games with those initials have had anniversaries lately???



jurujuru said:

F&V... hm. thinking out of box. what if it's not games itself? for F 30th Anniversary... hm... Famicom maybe? Dunno about V...



Erixsan said:

Hey, the game is Jump Legend Biography

@jurujuru Yes, the F was Famicom. The V is related to Jump Magazine.

It´s talk about games like Dragon Ball: Mystery of Shenlong (NES), Saint Seiya: The Golden Legend (NES), Saint Seiya: The Golden Legend Final Chapter (NES), Charge! Men’s Private School (NES) and Go! Go! Ackman 3 (SNES).



Volmun said:

Well thers a game starting with "V" and it is in it's 20th Anniversary X another that begins with "F" and that is in it's 30th Anniversary so its probbly a Fusion/Crossover game looking at it.



ollietaro said:

"V" could be Virtua Fighter which was developed in '93 which would explain the "V 20th Anniversary". And yes, the "F" could mean Famicom. Who knows? A crossover game in the style of Virtua Fighter? They already did Project X Zone, maybe it's "Famicom X Zone"? LOL



unrandomsam said:

@RR529 Loads of good VC Arcade stuff they have released for the wii (Pity nearly not outside Japan there again they have more taste there).

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