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Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Used To Make Navigating Menus Easier

Posted by Andy Green

Technology is available for developers to use should they so desire

Ever since the Wii U GamePad emerged everyone has been conjuring up new ways to use the innovative touch screen on the tablet-like controller. Games like New Super Mario Bros. U utilised it to create helpful blocks for the players on the main screen, while ZombiU used it as an inventory for players to quickly grab hold of that trusty cricket bat should they need it.

Upcoming titles don't seem to be using it all that much, however, with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, for example, going for the classic Wii Remote and Nunchuk approach.

So what does the future hold for the GamePad's touch screen? Will it ever feature as an essential part of a game in the same way typical Android games do, or will it be more supplemental?

Well, in an interview with Game Informer, Shigeru Miyamoto explained how ever since the DS it has become an integral part of video gaming because of "the ease with which you're able to design the games in a way that anybody can play with just the touch of a finger in terms of menu selections and things like that".

Nintendo is primarily utilising the GamePad's touch screen to make it easier to navigate initial and in-game menus rather than having it do any of the major controlling of gameplay.

Really for Wii U where we look at the benefit of the gamepad screen, is we really look at it as sort of a requirement in terms of how we're handling menus and sub-screens within the games. Just to make the games more convenient and easier to play.

Touch screen gaming is not something Nintendo requires other developers to use in their games, it's just available to them should they want to:

With regard to touch screen gaming, we think it's great if people want to design their games for our systems in ways that take advantage of the touch screen, but we're not going to require it. We don't think necessarily that developers should be required to have something unique that leverages the 3D visuals in their gameplay.

In terms of third party games, some use the touch screen more than others. Games such as LEGO City Undercover have it as a second screen that can scan areas and the touch elements are restricted to pressing buttons or selecting options. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Rayman Legends allows the player to take control of Murphy the frog in order to kill enemies and unblock paths for Rayman and his pals.

Even with regard to something like the GamePad, we really look at it more in terms of providing a consistent environment for the game developers so that it's easy for them to take advantage of the creation tools that are available to them, knowing that whoever buys the software is going to have access to all these different features. So rather than taking a posture of, we definitely want to push one particular direction, instead what we say is, "These are the tools that are available for you to choose from, and we hope that you'll design your games in a way that is as broadly appealing as possible."

What are your thoughts on the GamePad's touch screen? Do you think it should be used at a more integral level or is it best for navigating menus and inventories? Let us know your opinion by dropping a comment below.


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SanderEvers said:

Well, looking at most (3)DS games I see that the touch screen is most commonly used as a map and or inventory screen.

Which is perfectly fine by me.



ricklongo said:

If games keep using it as an inventory screen or a map, I'll be pretty happy already. The second screen is fantastic in both these functions. After playing Ocarina of Time 3D, for example, I'm having a hard time going back to the "press start to change weapons" mode on the current Zelda games I'm playing, Oracle of Seasons and Twilight Princess.



DreamOn said:

The gamepad innovation complaints are not really about getting good Nintendo games. It's just how some join in with demanding more from Nintendo than is reasonable or in some cases just more Wii U bad mouthing.



citizenerased said:

It's a nice addition, but didn't nintendo say they co-develop the hardware based on the wishes of software developers? So where is the software that wouldn't be possible without the touch screen?



sr388survivor said:

When the Wii came out, every game just tacked on waggle controls and we got a lot of bad games. The best Wii games are generally the ones that use the Wiimote here and there but don't over do it (Skyward Sword is of course an exception).
It's better to have something that works than just throw in bad controls because you can.



Drewroxsox said:

With the Wii U, I'm looking for new features that make the Gamepad essential to game play. If it's just going to be used as a second screen for maps and inventory, then what's the point? It doesn't take that long to press start to look at a map or change the item that you are using.



Kirk said:

To be fair I actually think making menu navigation faster and more intuitive, allowing developers to move all the HUD crap to the GamePad screen (keeping the main game screen free from clutter) and having remote play are actually some of the GamePad's strongest features and uses. I'd be happy if most developers just did this well. Unfortunately many developers still don't even bother clearing the main screen of all the unnecessary HUD crap at the very least. Most of the other stuff is often slightly gimmicky and can be a bit hit and miss imo so I'm not that bothered if I don't see many totally "unique" and "novel" uses for the GamePad to be honest.



doctor_doak said:

You'd like to see it used for something more than inventory and HUD management considering how expensive it is. I sort of hope the big games like Mario 3D, Zelda, and Metroid stick to more traditional controls, but i'd like to see some kind of unique gameplay twist with other franchises that makes the gamepad touchscreen really central to the experience rather than just an afterthought..



Drawdler said:

I agree with @Kirk. It sounds like a tiny thing but, really, when you play a game for hours, it's great if you had some way to simplify boring menus. In the long run, simply being able to go "past press start, go to item screen, swap out thing, exit screen, rinse and repeat" can really make the experience so much more pleasant. Instead of having to to this every single time you face a puzzle, you can usually just prepare before the level, and you'll only have to bring out extra things in select situations.

I do hope that we see more truly GamePad-unique experiences soon, though. Nintendo Land was great, and Game and Wario looks great...



TheRegginator said:

Developers shouldn't feel obligated to use the touch screen for anything. I don't want every game for the Wii U to have forced touch screen gameplay much like a lot of Wii games had forced waggle gameplay. Developers should feel comfortable with what they use the touch screen for. A simple menu is fine. As a long as the Wii U gets games I'm happy. Not knowing what to do with the touch screen shouldn't deter developers from making games for the Wii U.



Squiggle55 said:

I hope to see a few novel ideas, but mostly I'm just happy with off-screen play and inventory systems and maps. Having your inventory or map in your hands without interrupting gameplay is simply terrific.



KAHN said:

no, the wiiU is more commonly used to display the exact same thing as on the TV. i dont give a crap about off-tv play, nintendo.



banacheck said:

I'm not really into touch screen gaming, so it would put me off the Wii U if thats what it became. But i see what Nintendo is trying to achieve with the Wii U, aiming at the mobile/tablet market where touch screen is common.



ivanmata said:

Third party developers didn't quite get wii's motion controls, it just seems that the same thing will happen to the wii U.



rjejr said:

I'm ok w/ map usage. I just started playing Darksiders 2 on the PS3 and it takes forever to get to the map, and it has 2 maps, dungeon and overworld, and I never get the one I want. I'm actually going to read the instruction manual to see if I'm missing a shortcut button somewhere. It does have a nice transport function though, always helpful in big open world games.

Pikmin 3 Pikpak looks very promising, especially controlling 3 characters and groups of Pikmin at once.

And I'ld really like to see them port Mario and Luigi Dream Team. I know it isn't out yet but the bottom screen seems to get a lot of use. And if they port Kid Icarus they use the screen for stylus aiming. Companies have been making DS and 3DS games for years now, I don't see why it's so hard to incorporate the Gamepad.

W101 has drawing touch controls. And if they port Chick Chick Boom we can draw on the screen rather than point w/ the Wiimote.

And what about all those UDraw games? The Gamepad comes w/ the system, they should all be ported. At least the Wii games into HD.

And I'm looking forward to using the Gamepad to drive in Mario Kart. I know that isn't touch screen but at least I won't have to keep getting my Wiimote into and out of that wheel.

And they really need online videochat touchscreen checkers.



Aerona said:

It would be pretty bad if Ninty forced developers to use it. And if they don't, we get off screen play, so it's a win either way.



moomoo said:

Well this sucks. If they were going to make the Gamepad just do that, then it seems like a waste to make spend so much R&D in the thing and make it so integral to the Wii U. Seriously, without the Gamepad, the Wii U could be way cheaper. If that's all Nintendo, the ones who would be likeliest to use the gamepad in unique ways, isn't going to use it for the most part, then why force it? Off TV play is wonderful, but most people buying the Wii U aren't going to see it as this great thing worth buying the system for until they actually buy it. Yeah, inventory management is way more efficient with it, and the HUD cleanup rocks, but most consumers won't likely care until they play around with it for a while. It just doesn't make sense from a business perspective to force the gamepad on people if that's all that's going to be done with it.

Frankly, from where I stand, Ubisoft seems to be trying harder than Nintendo when it comes to making the Gamepad something that really stands out. Say what you want about ZombiU, but its ideas were fantastic. Sure, its execution was questionable, but the things that it was doing with the Gamepad made sense to people and proved to provide an experience unlike any other. Then there's Rayman Legends, which based on the demo levels and challenge app I've played with friends provides something unlike anything else that is really fun.



C7_ said:

I'm in a situation where off-screen play is preferable to using a television, but on the rare occasions where I do use My TV I like it when games use the gamepad for the simple things rather than making up some mundane task to do with it that the game would work without. Multiplayer is great with it to.

So pretty much every developer that said they weren't going to port to WiiU because they said they wouldn't know how to take advantage of the gamepad are liars and just said that because they wanted to keep a decent relationship with nintendo but didn't want to admit to development costs or idiots because they couldn't figure out that most people would be fine with them just promoting off-screen play, simple menu navigation, or just encouraging the use of a pro controller.

And for those of you who say we're better off without it; why does every new generation console stress second screen compatibility? The Gamepad is a step in the right direction and when used properly can add a lot to a traditional experience. Had Nintendo not put in a gamepad and just made an HD Wii even LESS people would be buying a WiiU because it would've done NOTHING NEW.



JaxonH said:

@banacheck That's a common misconception, and doesn't actually hold any water. The Wii U is a continuation of the dual screen mechanics seen in the 3DS and the DS before it, which launched before tablets and smartphones ever caught fire. The concept for Wii U actually goes back to the Gamecube era, as seen with GBA connectivity in games like Zelda Four Swords, for example. Even Game & Watch, which dates back to the pre-NES era, utilized the dual screen mechanic. Unfortunately, technology limitations have prevented this useful integration of a second screen from making the jump to consoles, until now that is. Advancement in technology finally reached a point where Nintendo could implement this fundamental concept into their next-gen console, as seen with Wii U. Nintendo's been fond of dual screens since the dawn of modern gaming, which can be seen throughout the generations in their much of their hardware and connectivity features.



JaxonH said:

This article is about the touch screen aspect of the gamepad, not the actual second screen itself. They are not referring to what the actual second screen's main use will be, but rather what the TOUCH capabilities of it can offer. The two are different beasts and should not be confused. The second screen can be used for off screen play, integration for scanning as seen in Zombie U, or even dual perspectives as seen in Game & Wario. Coupled WITH the touch capacity it can be used for even more ambitious endeavors, as seen in The Wonderful 101, NSMBU or Pikmin 3. But this article isn't referring to the entire second screen concept and its purpose, but rather what the basic pressure sensitive aspect of it should be for.



JaxonH said:

Again people, this article is only referring to the TOUCH aspect of the gamepad, not the purpose of the actual entire second screen. Most implementations of the second screen won't even depend on touch, although certainly some uses will be enhanced when coupled together with it. For example, Zombie U uses the second screen, but doesn't use the touch screen aspect. Off TV Play uses second screen but not specifically touch. Other games like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 will use the second screen coupled together WITH the touch screen to offer an even better experience. But this article is not referring to the actual second screen and its purpose, but rather what the lowest common denominator of the basic touch feature should be.



DarkLloyd said:

personally if thats all that it is, then i rather use a controller and go through a menu to get what i need like i have been doing for 21 years so i rather it be an option

games like nintendoland and zombiU will be exceptions as it was built around the pad in mind otherwise i dont want that in future game developments as a manadtory thing rather as an option so i can opt to play the games the way most of us been doing so

edit: just not fond of the idea that if i turn my wiiu on from the actual hardware the gamepad also turns on, thats sort of not right at all, not very much for nintendo to sort the issues on



Pachterkid said:

Well no wonder nobody is buying the system. The Gamepad is pointless. Not even Nintendo has clever ideas as to how to use it. Using it for a map in Mario Kart 8? Wow! What a creative idea! Forget the damn Gamepad and just make the Pro Controller standard.

And people are asking themselves why third-party developers are abandoning the Wii U. It's okay, Nintendo; just put your head in the sand like the users of this website and pretend that you don't have a serious problem on your hands.



redsoul91 said:

@koopakid this article was just in reference to the touch function.. not the purpose of the Gamepad as a whole; more titles than I care to mention in this post make that perfectly clear. maybe you should check for dirt behind your own ears before making accusations on others.



TwoSmoove said:

@Andrewroxsox In menu heavy games, it helps. I'm currently playing through The Minish Cap, and the frequency of switching items is plenty. An inventory touch screen would remedy that (but it's a GBA game so that convenience wasn't available then).



Pierceton said:

Though the touch screen can be great for some gameplay experiences I agree that menu selection is the best for most console games. This is the reason consoles like the Ouya are coming out many games on android that look and play like console games would be better with a controller. NintendoLand made great use of the gamepad but forcing it into a game like Zelda would be disappointing but having an easy access menu in Zelda AMAZING! So as long as its not forced bring on the touch controls I love a diverse game that has many ways to play within it!



Gioku said:

Hopefully it doesn't go the way of 3DS motion control (which is much more often than not just an afterthought).



Drobotic said:

So it's basically what the Wii Remote was truly made for but with a touch pad.Sorry,but I felt Wiimotes were used too much as waggle machines and less as controllers or pointers.



sleepinglion said:

A very helpful feature would be deactivating the main pad screen if all it's doing is mimicking the TV display. Sometimes it'd be cool to just use the gamepad for VC titles and such but the second the screen gets shut off all it takes is one button push to turn it back on. I like the Pro Controller very much but not everyone has one of those. Maybe a 'screen off' sub-choice could be made in a firmware update that will reactivate the screen if a certain button combo is pressed or something.



micronean said:

I don't know what you, or any of the others, are really complaining about. I think Nintendo has given both players and developers everything they could possibly want.
They've given them a traditional controller layout, a camera, a visual card reader, secondary speakers, a microphone, A SECOND SCREEN, touchscreen compatibility, motion controls--and the option to use the wiimote and a traditional controller. The rest is up to the imagination of the developers. Nintendo shouldn't have to spoon-feed developers, or gamers, about how to use the gamepad. Talk about lazy!
Even from my couch, I can think of a couple of ways to use the gamepad. for example: use the 2nd screen as a different camera angle, say, for a sports game (i.e. view from the bleachers); how about laying it aside and using the camera to view your opponent's facial expression during a strategy game; how about laying out a series of macro buttons--maybe even a keyboard--in tandem with the nunchuk, and use them just like how PC gamers do it in shooters?
There can be so many variations on input and functionality. Why are people so stuck on the same old thing?



Csaw said:

On the 3ds having a second screen is great since the top screen is so small even putting a map on the bottom screen is useful. On the wiiu though i don't really feel like the second screen has really added anything



Beta said:

@JaxonH THIS^ Couldn't have said it better myself.
^This guy knows his stuff and has a normal ability of reading -_-



Marios-love-child said:

To me this doesnt send out a good message...... It seems that even Nintendo dont really know what to do with the Gamepad

I was really looking forward to the new 3D Mario game hoping that Nintendo would really showcase the features of the gamepad in lots of inovetive ways, from what i've seen of Super Mario 3D World it could of just as easily been released on Wii with normal controls same for Mario Kart 8.

I'll still buy the games i've mentioned and no doubt get lots of enjoyment from them but I was really hoping for more so that I could of justified the purchase of my Wii U in the first place.



AtomicToaster said:

Just those functions and off tv play make the gamepad really cool. I'd love to see some really innovative games that use the gamepad in ways not possible before. But I just downloaded game and wario and it's very much a game that wasn't possible before the gamepad.



GazPlant said:

I'm not sure having a screen to make menus easier is necessary at all... Is having another screen more convenient than a d-pad or using the Wii Remote pointer?



Scollurio said:

So they went from "a unique selling point" and a "unique experience people have to experience for themselves" to "lets make menues easier". Sorry folks but after Mario Kart, Mario 3D and Smash Brothers have launched, it will be obvious that betting on the touch screen controller was a bad move after all.



Scollurio said:

@micronean You see you have some really good ideas here, and I have also come up with many good uses of the gamepad for the gamepad while sitting on the toilet even. Imagine a game like GTA or if you like it better Lego City, where 4 people are playing coop splitscreen on the TV and the fifth guy is a criminal commiting crimes in the city, others have to catch him etc... where is all that asymmetrical gameplay Nintendo was touting about. Sorry but putting blocks into New Super Mario Bros U isn't cutting it for me. You're right, there WOULD be wonderful uses for the gamepad, but what good is it, if no one cares and not even Nintendo themselves are showing something worthwile.

In my opinion, they should have just made a Pro controller and better hardware to hold those third parties more.

And for their next gen, they only should make a handheld, with proper power (topping a Vita) and the ability to connect 4 or more of those handhelds to a little wireless box that streams images to your TV making it an "ad hoc" multiplayer TV-console where everyone has their own screen PLUS the TV.

But thats just me dreaming.



Sean_Aaron said:

I find the complaints that the second screen is gimmicky and "unnecessary" a bit silly, really. Two thumbsticks is unnecessary, analogue controls are unnecessary, heck I'd say anything beyond a d-pad and three buttons isn't needed for the majority of games. If all the Gamepad does is allow me easier access to menus so I don't need to remember button combinations or making a Miiverse post or check the eShop without turning on the TV that's enough.

The idea that Nintendo should have dumped motion controls and just packed in yet another dual stick twelve button controller like everyone else was stupid from day one and I'm glad they did something even as simple as the Gamepad.



datamonkey said:

"with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, for example, going for the classic Wii Remote and Nunchuk approach."

Please tell me you can use Gamepad controls for DKTF? I wasn't a fan of the wiggle controls on DKCR and much preferred the 3DS controls. I was (wrongfully?) assuming that the new game would have traditional controls also, at least as an option?

As far as the Gamepad just being used for menus etc, I will be very disappointed if that's all it gets used for. In fact if that happens I think Nintendo really mis-fired with Wii U in more ways than I can count.

For the first time ever I wish I hadn't bought their console at launch as it's been a complete farce and if new games are going to force me to play with wiimotes, what was the point in buying a £300 console made up largely with an un-used Gamepad.



19Robb92 said:

So it's official, Nintendo had no plan for the WiiU Gamepad to begin with...

That's disappointing.



Scollurio said:

Two thumbsticks unneccessary? Analogue Triggers unneccessary?
Well obviously the only thing you want to play without all of that is 2D sidescrolling platformers then.

The touchscreen is a complete waste of resources, face it. It's not innovative by any means, Nintendo just thought they could get a fair share of the casual tablet/android market and they failed doing so. Now they should admit their failure and make that gamepad optional.



Sceptic said:

Oh my God. They're actually telling Devs to go ahead and ignore the pad now, that it's not such a big deal?

This is easily one of the most colossal product management failures ever. Without the pad, the WiiU would be a good $100 cheaper and a steal. Literally everybody would have one.



Beta said:

People still LOVE to just jump to conclusions! People, they're talking about the touchscreen, not the whole dual-screen idea! And I don't know even why is this article so misleading. Read the whole answer before saying anything:
"Well certainly I think that when it comes to touchscreens- and obviously not just gaming but a lot of other devices, are taking advantage of touch screen technology- and from an intuitive use standpoint, I think it's very integral to video gaming just because of the ease with which you're able to design the games in a way that anybody can play with just the touch of a finger in terms of menu selections and things like that. But, really for Wii U where we look at the benefit of the gamepad screen, is we really look at it as sort of a requirement in terms of how we're handling menus and sub-screens within the games. Just to make the games more convenient and easier to play."

EDIT: Oh, here's more:
"The one thing that we don't do is take a posture of requiring people to develop their games in particular ways. For example, with regard to touchscreen gaming, we think it's great if people want to design their games for our systems in ways that take advantage of the touch screen, but we're not going to require it. We don't think necessarily that developers should be required to have something unique that leverages the 3D visuals in their gameplay."
Again, see what he's talking about? Touchscreen. It's just like the writer of the article just cut the part of the article that seems negative when not complete and just paste it. What's wrong with you people just jumping on everything? Have some patience!



Marios-love-child said:


But even so the point still stands that the Games Nintendo have coming up do not really seem to be using the Gamepad in any meaning full way.

If Nintendo cant even think of things to use it for what chance to 3rd Party developers have?



Beta said:

@Marios-love-child So, wait, Wii Fit U, Wii U Party, etc. don't even count? And you're judging things so early, why be so negative when you don't even know what the future holds? Complain all you want but AFTER 2 years or so when they actually stop using it in an innovative way, after that you have every right to complain.



Marios-love-child said:


You dont need to preach to the converted... I'm as big a Nintendo fan as anyone and I'll always buy the consoles and games as long as they're still making them. But......... E3 was their big chance to show everyone why they should buy a Wii U and show us all the exciting games and things they have planned for the Gamepad...... and quite frankly they have shown us nothing that couldnt have been done on the Wii (albeit with prettier graphics)



Beta said:

@Marios-love-child Sorry for lashing, just a bit sick from the whole gloom and doom that has been on for months now. Anyway, but it's still early in its life time. And tbh, I think some of those were kinda rushed to kick start the momentum. I'm sure they will begin making a lot of greater games once the system stabilizes and the teams can relax and stretch a bit. We all know how bad system launches are, and you can see how games on the PS3 and X360's first year weren't stuff that their predecessors couldn't do. Same goes for the 3DS, but it's beginning to show potential after years of launch. I just want the fanbase to stop complaining and start enjoying, they don't realize that they're jumping to conclusions drive potential fans when the stuff aren't half true. Get what I mean? Those who are patient will be rewarded, but raging would only stress you and take your time of enjoying stuff. And again, sorry about my first impression >.<



Marios-love-child said:


Thats ok dont worry, sometimes when things are down in text form it can often be taken out of context

I guess I was was just hoping for a little more from the next 3D Mario game and thats why I'm personally a little dissapointed. Mario is supost to be Nintendo's Flagship game, the game that shows all the others how its done and leads the way in inovation... While i'm sure Mario 3D World will be a great game I guess i was hoping for something Revolutionary like Galaxy was for the Wii rather than a Glorified sequal to a 3DS game.

Although having since read this article it has slightly restored a little faith



DualWielding said:

Its true a touchscreen is better for menus, but a little more convenience with menus is not worth the extra $100 the gamepad adds to the console



Beta said:

@Marios-love-child Yeah, see? Those titles are just to rise the momentum a bit, then they can take their precious time and try to innovate since they don't have the pressure of the having to give the first boost to the Wii U. So, they can basically try out new ideas without worrying.
EDIT: Here, they just said stuff that supports my theory:
“When it comes to brand-new types of games, we have to announce them not too far in advance of the actual release dates in order to have a strong impact in the market and minimize the chance of others introducing similar or competing products. We are working on new types of games, but we would like to announce them much closer to their actual release timings for this reason.

“When it comes to Wii, as ‘Wii Sports’ spread throughout the world at a sensational speed, some misunderstood that all Wii could do is enable them to play games by moving the Wii Remote. With Wii U, therefore, we planned to satisfy existing video game fans first and provide new surprises later.”"
See? They ARE planning stuff to surprise us soon, so we should all relax and enjoy our time with what we have



FantasiaWHT said:

3DS - screens immediately next to each other. Wii U - generally have to look away from the gameplay screen to see the pad screen.

That's all the difference in the world right there.



DualWielding said:

Except they have not satisfied anyone except the hardcore nintendo fan that would buy anything as long as it play mario, the Wii U has not attracted a single consumer outside that core group



Beta said:

@ferthepoet Oh, really? Well, excuse me for being the non-existent consumer who MH3U was the main game that made me buy a Wii U



MTLNintyGamer said:

Look here Miyamoto, I payed good money for the Wii U. I didn`t wait to buy cause i knew great games would bless this console. I want a unique experience from the GamePad. The only one I got so far is ZombiU. Your company created the damn console! You are a great developper I`m sure you can create something unique. Otherwise, create a new IP around an idea involving the GamePad.



Tysamu said:

You have one of the greatest controllers ever made with a multitude of abilities... USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE NINTEN



fluggy said:

What a dreadful admission to make. So, the extra cost I paid as a day one adopter was so I didn't have to pause the game to access a map/inventory (Zombiu was good BUT Last of Us used exactly the same innovation - real time inventory - WITHOUT a 2nd screen)... WTF happened to the exciting "promise" of asymmetric gameplay??!! Ninty seem to be admitting that maybe THEY don't even know how to innovate with THEIR gamepad! So disappointing!



element187 said:

@iMii I'm glad other people recognize the impossible demands that self entitled gamers put on Nintendo that they don't expect the other companies to meet..,and then when Nintendo fails to meet some arbitrary benchmark they don't place on the other two companies they are instantly the worst company in the world.

And the vast majority of people who hold Nintendo to these impossible double standards don't even own the hardware and never will.... Should Nintendo really waste resources trying to sell to these self entitled, immature children, or focus on their fans?



element187 said:

Off TV play on its own is pretty revolutionary for me.,, I mean I can just beam a console quality game to my hands and take it with me out on the balcony to continue my console game outside while having a beer with the moonlight on my face.

Cut scene coming up and I need to start dinner? No problem, the game instantly comes with me into the kitchen.... Food is in the oven I take the game back to my couch and seamlessly beam it back to the TV, it feels like the GD future has arrived..... It's more Nextgen to me then shinier graphics. Those of us with beefy PC's thought E3 was pretty yawn inducing from Sony/Microsoft.... What Sony and Microsoft consider Nextgen, us PC gamers call current gen. 1080p gaming with tessalation isn't exciting anymore as we have had this for 3 years now... As a PC gamer I'm excited about dx12 coming out by the end of next year and the PS4 won't be powerful enough for these new effects (Epic games claims you need 2.5 teraflops bare minimum to play these effects at an acceptable frame rate, and the PS4 is only 2/3rds there at 1.8teraflop and the xBone is in even less than that)

Graphics shouldn't be what a new console generation is about.., as a PC gamer every new iteration of direct x and OpenGL bring new effects... I want new gameplay experiences, not photo realism, we are already on the cusp of diminishing returns any how... From the ps4 onwards graphics will stop being so important and art styles will be the new graphic whoring. And when we get to that point, Nintendo will own it because their art styles are always breath taking.



element187 said:

@Beta we also have Nintendo fans that think Nintendo is the worst company in the world because they are making the franchises that sell the most first.... Some people are incapable of understanding that games companies like to make a profit first and foremost... And what they call "playing it safe" I call building a user base.

Nintendo does niche titles out of a labor of love. They love doing Fire Emblem, they love producing Xenoblade. They love RPG's but the only way to make these titles successful is to build the user base up. These titles have low attach rates, so they need a bigger userbase to sell to so they can make the money they invested in development back.

I think Nintendo is already taking massive risks by publishing W101, Bayo2, X, and Fire Emblem x SMT so early in the Wii U's life cycle. I applaud Nintendo for taking these risks so early. Mario, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash and Zelda is how they sell consoles, so you have to expect those IP's come first before the fun niche titles.



Beta said:

@element187 Exactly what I've been trying to say to all those complaining about how the games are playing it safe. Right now they're in a situation where they can't afford losing the momentum they can build. But when they kick start the system and boost its sales, they can play the risky game once again. Besides, they don't want to make the huge games right off the bat without there being a big enough install base in the first place. So, yeah, Nintendo fans will always find something to whine about. I admit I'm a huge Nintendo fanatic, but I think the fanbase is taking it waaaaay too much.



Tornado said:

Yikes. If this is Nintendo's vision for the touch screen, then it seems like it would have been best to release it as an optional peripheral--not the central selling point for the entire system.



GreatPlayer said:

Off-screen play is pretty good, although the full potential of the second screen has not been fully utilized. I usually do not play games that require a second screen. Self-declare: I like Nintendo-type of non-violent games but I like games from other companies as well. I am not a fervent Nintendo fan.

One thing I do find it frustrating is that I cannot really turn off the touch screen. As a result the battery eats up real fast. Nintendo should consider allowing an option of turning off the touch screen while keeping the game pad active.



Reala said:

A new controller with the aim of making menu's easier, seems a bit pointless to me.



yuwarite said:

The touch screen would make for an awesome virtual keyboard in an Online RPG.

Also, it can be used to aim in a first person shooter, similar to the control scheme in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Or it can be used like a mouse pad, and used in an RTS-like game.

Or an adventure game, where you use it as a Data pad to take notes, sketch, take photos, etc.

There is so much gameplay potential with the touch screen, it's crazy.



MitchVogel said:

I actually kinda prefer it like that. I find it extremely convenient when there's a map or inventory on the bottom, to the point where it's hard to go back to the conventional setup on other consoles. Games like Zombiu where the gamepad is an integral part of gameplay, while still fun and interesting, just came off as gimmicky and annoying in some parts. I'd much prefer a detailed readout of status or a map or something to streamline gameplay and remove clutter from the main screen.



yuwarite said:

As evident by these comments, most people just can't manage to think outside of the box. What sad times we live in.



KingBoo01 said:

Yes, it is used mostly as a menu, but there's nothing wrong with it. Makes gaming,( Especially RPGS and shooters) a lot easier. You can easily use items without interupting the flow of the game.



Kage_88 said:

@JaxonH - STOP TALKING SENSE. Thank you.

@yuwarite - Fear of change is very characteristic of so-called 'hardcore gamers', and the games industry (inluding the media) in general. Anything different (Wii, DS, Kinect, Wii U) is usually met with derision, before 'gamers' slink back to their ever-reliable twin-stick joypads and clicky-clicky mouses - playing the same old games with slightly shinier graphics. And people wonder why the industry is imploding...



Haywired said:

Thank God. For decades gamers have struggled with these impossible menus. I have never played Super Mario Bros. because it was so difficult for me to press start on the title screen without a second touch screen available. I couldn't play Ocarina of Time because it was so hard to go into the pause menu and select items with buttons that my thumbs were conveniently already on.

They should change the advertising: "Wii U. Next-generation menus!" "Wii U. Totally revolutionizes item management!" That's sure to get people rushing out and buying the console!

Of course, I'm being sarcastic, and I'm sure there are some instances where a touch screen menu can be handy. But seriously, no one cares about this sort of thing. Were they hoping "menu navigation" would be the new Wii Sports?



Relias said:

I think the Wii U is just like everything Nintendo has launched the past couple of generations.. for Instance.. I loved my DS.. (Still do) But I hate it when I have to set here.. try to draw things.. touch a screen to get my characters to move.. plus have time to tap what I just drew.. to try and play a game.. there has to be lines.. and for the most part.. every time I read you have to draw things.. that was one less game for me to buy.. I loved it when it was used as a menu.. or as a map.. or maybe a combination of the two.. that was perfect...the problem was it seemed like all the developers were forcing the touch screen down our throats.. and saying hey look you can draw stuff... well news to developers.. if I wanted to draw stuff.. I would by a game for drawing... not a RPG.. not a Action Game.. or adventure game.. Just a nice drawing game... and the Wii's Waggle or whatever.. is the same way.. yes I enjoyed it sometimes.. but I hated it too.. there was no sense putting it in a lot of games it was in.. and I am sorry... I was not inspired to play DKC.. and if it over uses the controllers.. it will be on the shelf.. DKC would have been perfect on the classic controller.. No Waggle... No Gamepad.. or you know.. having the option of how you want to play it..



LittleIrves said:

Seems like he's downplaying the need to think up crazy-unique concepts for the touchscreen so as not to dissuade skittish developers to work on Wii U games. OR: He's referring to the touch capabilities as useful for menus, but I don't think he's boiling down the entire GamePad's existence as being for menus, as so many here are claiming. He's not talking about the Gyro, or the 2nd screen itself. Just the touch aspect. No need to fret over how they spent millions of R&D on a menu selection device. Just another case of reading too much into an interview without the proper context. (With a side of misleading headline.)



Araknie said:

@SanderEvers Same here, also puts away some annyoing menù, in JRPG like Tales of the Abyss for 3DS it really helped to the experience, the less you stop it the best you drop it.

It doesn't make sense, maybe, but i sounded cool to me. xD



Henmii said:

If they really think the Wii u gamepad is there mainly for menu's that's a great failure! It should be used for very special gameplay!

If you tell a regular person that the Wii u gamepad is mainly used for menu's and off-tv play, they will laugh in your face and buy something else! And I can't blame them!

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