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Japanese Wii U eShop Promotion Undercuts Retail Prices

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Pikmin 3 is first up

One of many headline sales strategies from Nintendo right now is to encourage us to 'go digital' and download our retail titles. It's an idea that is producing some dividends on the 3DS, particularly as the convenience of readily accessible games is so useful with a portable device. It seems that the drive to encourage us onto the eShop is a big part of Wii U strategy too, with an interesting promotion being lined up in Japan.

As translated from a regional blog by Siliconera, upcoming Wii U releases will be initially available at a 10% discount on the eShop. It's a promotion for early birds, with the 10% discount only available during its first week of release, starting with the release of Pikmin 3 later this month.

While the Wii U doesn't have the selling point of portable convenience, owners of the 32GB premium / deluxe system (worldwide) are members of the Nintendo Network Premium package, which accumulates points from purchases that become £5 / $5 / €5 discount codes on their account. If retail games are available at a price competitive with retailers, then it could potentially be rewarding to accumulate points for eShop discounts.

We're yet to see whether a promotion like this will be introduced outside of Japan, as it may come down to regional relationships and positions with retail partners. If an offer like this did come to the West, would you hit the Wii U eShop for some big retail releases?


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maneauleau said:

Do we know if their japanese premium offer also adds up to this?
But when I see the prices of WiiU physical games in and shopto (32 to 35 pounds, 38 to 42 euros) I still feel like going digital is not viable yet. I only like digital version for games where short gaming session are more likely to happen nintendo land , wario etc...



erv said:

If they do a 50 euro here instead of a 60 one, I'd go digital at launch all the way. The 4 euro or so I'd pay more in that case is worth the convenience.



DESS-M-8 said:

I've bought solely online since launch and have bought enough to receive £25 worth of Nintendo Network Premium codes. That's £25 towards pikmin 3 thank you very much. 10% off for week one customers would be ace aswell. I'd be more inclined to buy more at launch rather than wait for price drops like I did with zombi u and assassins creed III



Nareva said:

I have bought only digital so far, other than the Nintendo Land pack-in, so yes, I would definitely take advantage of a new release discount on digital downloads. I would also take advantage of promotions on already released games. There are several retail downloads available in the eShop that I'll pick up if/when they go on sale.



cornishlee said:

It would certainly encourage me to buy games at launch instead of waiting for a price drop.



DESS-M-8 said:

@Maneauleau I bought a 2tb Toshiba Stor.e canvio at launch and already digitally have ninja gaiden, assassins creed III, zombi u, need for speed, nba 2k13, NSMBU, over 20 virtual console titles and definitely pikmin 3 on release.

It is great to pick up my Gamepad, lounge back in my huge sofa and flick through a vast catalogue in comfort, switch games at ease. Finish a match on NBA, flick on donkey kong jr for quick attempt at high score, post it on miiverse. All the time in ultimate comfort.

Not long from now you'll be able to have all your Nintendo favourites from
NES, SNES, N64, GBA, GameCube and wii u, ALL virtually sat in one device. The first machine EVER that can offer that of any format.

Get an external drive, BELIEVE, have faith in digital and eventually you will game as you've never gamed before.



Warruz said:

For me it depends what games im getting if i go digital. For example Monster Hunter i would of gotten digital in a heart beat, but i was able to get it $15 cheaper. The problem with the digital system is its only beneficial if you buy a game at launch, as it seems to take forever for price drops on the Eshop unlike steam where they are almost instantly $5 cheaper in a month.



element187 said:

I decided to go all digital for Nintendo published games only.... I'll probably buy retail packages for 3rd parties..

It seems Nintendo published games have a whole lot of replay value, that even if I get bored of a game, I may come back later and enjoy it again. It seems like all third party products once I get bored, I never am able to return to it.... So makes sense to get boxed retail so I can sell them at a later date.



Samurairu said:

I'm not yet willing to lose the flexibility of a physical copy for playing on other peoples consoles, future consoles or possibly trading in in exchange for a paltry 10% discount, needing to buy an external hard drive etc. It's a step in the right direction though.



Beta said:

But don't they already have a promotion where you get 10% of the money you put in your account? So, if you're a premium user you get 10% of the money you put, 10% of the game itself and then you get 10% of your money back because of the premium promotion, am I correct?



DiSTANToblivion said:

I like to collect so I never bother with downloading. I only ever do when the game only comes in that format. There's nothing quite like getting the cover, instruction booklet etc.

Same goes for my music and movies.



SkywardLink98 said:

I hope they bring this discount to the US. The $3.50 off a 3DS game might be worth the case, and it'd help pay for the SD card.



RedYoshi999 said:

I've already gone fully digital so a 10% discount would be icing on the cake as I also buy first party games on day one.

Umm there is no such 10% discount on money you load on to the eShop if that's what you mean. Premium owners get a bonus voucher after purchasing games (for the full price) that rack up points to a total of 500 points. This offer would make the game 10% cheaper but that would earn you less points so you might not get the reward code.



SLiM said:

A discount at launch is certainly nice, but I will probably continue to wait a few months to buy games, since the price tag tends to eventually drop from $60 to $40, whether it be new or used.



Buduski said:

Thats the second ND in japan since E3, what about US and other regions? I want some official anouncements about the wii u summer update and the 3DS miiverse update!



Dyltheman said:

i may have give it a try. its good there is a discount as opposed to on XBL lol hopefully something like this comes to the west



gaby_gabito said:

This would definitely persuade me to download the game. I love to collect, but I also like to save money. I don't plan on selling back big titles like these, so I don't see it as a loss.



banacheck said:

I wish Nintendo would sort out there account system, then i wouldn't have a problem downloading games. I have into the 1000's of downloads on the PSN where i know i can download them games again anytime i wish hassle free. I think as time goes on Nintendo should have discounts and things, going by other digital stores.



Beta said:

@RawkHawk013 I think I confused myself XD
@MarioPartyFan999 No, I meant the promotion in Japan, the one where you put 1000 yen, for example, and get 100 yen. So, 10% of the money you put in your virtual wallet. And yes, but the premium promotion gives you 10% of your money back in points. So, wouldn't that be 10% on the money you put in wallet, 10% off the game and 10% back in points from your purchase?



RedYoshi999 said:

Ah, didn't know that Japan had another promotion going on. I guess that technically means they can get 30% back on games!



Geonjaha said:

10% huh? Call me when you reach 50-75% off Nintendo.
Now, if anyone needs me I'll be on Steam.



WiiLovePeace said:

If some sort of discount like this came to the Aus eShop I'd have to think twice about preordering Pikmin 3.



ThumperUK said:

The only thing stopping me going digital is the overpricing. Why should I pay £50 for Lego City when I can buy a physical copy (plus Chase figure!) for £40?

Nintendo need to at least match or beat the actual selling prices for physical copies, esp. as downloads give them more profit.

The Premium points is a start, but it isn't 10% back in vouchers - it is based on the price minus VAT (or about 8%). Incidentally you don't need to accrue 500 points in one transaction, points are carried over across all purchases (I've earned a couple so far from buyin lots of eshop games)



DavidH said:

Trouble also with Wii U digital is if the machine goes pop so does all your digitial content with no way of getting it on your replacement machine.
And I think digital prices need to be at least a third cheaper than retail, due to no resale value etc. Though I'm probably in a minority of selling on my Wii U games when I'm done with them.



SCAR said:

I'd be glad to see some deals like this more widespread in the future. As for Steam users, you can't get Pikmin 3 on Steam



fredcaster said:

Not for me. Not until they sort out the fact that it is tied to your system and not to an account. I've downloaded for my dsi and I hate the thought that if the machine gets stolen or breaks then that's it, the games are gone. Nintendo are out of date with this whole approach and need to be flexible. I don't understand why they are so against using the same model as other companies which offer digital downloads.



SetupDisk said:

Good stuff, I just don't have room for any more games and I am not selling any of my old ones.



Captain_Gonru said:

I'm still not ready to go digital when a physical copy is available. I just don't like that as a direction for the industry as a whole. I enjoy buying my systems from a store, not the internet.



Peach64 said:

They need to do this in other regions, but they need to do it right. If that's just 10% lower than RRP then it's still going to be far too over-priced. As far as Nintendo is concerned, 3DS games cost £39.99, so they sell them for this in their eShop, but in reality you can buy pre-order any new release from online retailers for £25. That is a massive difference.



sleepinglion said:

I really like the idea of a digital copy costing less YEAR ROUND, but I still go with discs. Something about having a physical copy of the game just seems... better. And if you shop at Target and such there's usually a few 'but two get one free' deals every year. Digital copies don't seem to offer sales.

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