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HTR High Tech Racing Will Turn Your 3DS Into A Pocket-Sized Scalextric

Posted by Damien McFerran

Minus the smell of burning metal, of course

Back in the days before video games ruled every young child's life, there was Scalextric. Here at the Nintendo Life office — where we're all rather old and wrinkly — we can fondly recall playing with a battered old Scalextric track handed down by older relations, before finally getting our very own version, complete with two totally rad Mk III Ford Escorts. Bliss.

QUByte Interactive's HTR High Tech Racing may lack that iconic smell generated by each car's guide braid contacts connecting with the metal track, but at least it doesn't require an hour of painstaking track setup each time you play. It's based on a smartphone game which is already available on Android and iOS, but the developer is promising new additions in this version.

Here's a run-down of the game's key features:

  • More than 240 possible car configurations
  • 18 tracks in 3 different difficulty levels
  • Quickrace mode for casual gaming
  • Intuitive Track Editor
  • Online records
  • Simple controls simply slide to control your acceleration
  • Several challenging tracks with loops, jumps, crossroads, narrows and high and low speed curves
  • More than 65,000 tracks available for download (tracks will be compatible with the tracks made in other versions of the game)

QUByte has confirmed with us that Nintendo has given the studio the green-light to develop the game for the 3DS eShop. HTR High Tech Racing Plus — which is coming to Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone — will serve as the reference point for the Nintendo edition. QUByte is aiming for a Q4 release.

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Main image courtesy of Andy Reeve-Smith.

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phoenixology said:

Looks cool, but surely not much more skill involved apart from holding down the accelerate button?



luminalace said:

Hmm I love the idea but I'm worried about the depth of it's gameplay when all the cars are on rails. I will wait for the Nintendolife review but I'm interested!



Spoony_Tech said:

And here I was hoping for a real racing game! Oh well maybe some day we will get one on the 3ds that's actually good!



Xjarnold said:

Meh. I will wait for the reviews. Simply Controls? Slide to control your acceleration when we have buttons and a circle pad? It might turn out well but im going to wait n see



Captain_Gonru said:

I had the same thought. So would the circle pad serve as the "trigger"? I feel like the touch screen wouldn't quite work from a tactile standpoint.
Also, and I'm just dreaming here, I could see licensed tracks as DLC working great for this. Between the Mario Kart set I recently missed the chance to buy, and old Dukes of Hazzard track my neighbor had when I was a kid, add-on content could be a huge financial gain for a game like this. Look at the pinball games out there.



Captain_Toad said:

The acceleration-only control may look shallow but it could actually be a bit more complex once you actually play it. (This is coming from a guy who has played Mario Party 1 & 2 slot car minigame which actually has the same acceleration-only control.)



Kifa said:

The Android version looks pretty ugly on the Google Play screenshots (I've not downloaded it yet to test despite the game being "free"), nowhere near as good as the video here. So it's either a, ahem, 'target render', or it was improved. I just hope the framerate is not abysmal as on the trailer... ;/

I remember having a simple slot car track back when I was a kid, so I might be interested. Might be...



ricklongo said:

I don't think I'll get this game, but it reminded me of something: man, I miss Micro Machines. I'd kill for a new MM for Wii U. Previous versions were really among the very best multiplayer experiences you could ever get.



Rafx said:

This sounds addicting in an angry birds kinda way. Simple contols, easy to play, yey hard to master.
Cant wait!



Damo said:

@Kifa The 3DS game is based on the "plus" version which is the one shown in the video.



banacheck said:

I had a Scalextric when i was a kid, and a He-Man action figure, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. By the power of grey skull, I have the power! lol.

Not sure what kids of today would think of Scalextric tho, the game might be too simple, controls.



Freelance said:

I'm pretty sure the main appeal of this game is NOT the racing, but the track editing. Make your own custom tracks and run a 'race' to see how it plays, and (hopefully) be able to upload your creations to other people.It's going to appeal to the builders a lot more than the racers. The video does look like you can do all sorts of neat stuff on it. It's something to watch out for.

Tech, what's wrong with Ridge Racer? It's a great racing game, although it gets really hard in the later leagues. I also like Asphalt Racing 3D a lot.



Freelance said:


I'm not sure what they mean either, actual track or track pieces. It'd make more sense if it's pieces, and if so, it'd be a very awesome custom track editor there for the people who like that stuff. That's why I said this game is something to watch out for.



Chris720 said:

So I just slide back and fourth or up and down to increase/decrease speed... sounds alright I guess. Sounds like a game you could play in your sleep.



McGruber said:

Looks cool and 3DS needs more racers...and more 3rd party software in general. Looks like things might be picking up steam now that the system is selling nicely.



Jukilum said:

@zenarium If it is like a real life slot car set, the cars fall off of the track if you don't manage your speed well and occasionally the car might just decide to stop.



Kohaku said:

Looks nice this game. Have a Ninco track myself at the topfloor and its always fun to be young again.



Shworange said:

I can smell the burning metal now. They should release a boxed version with a scratch n sniff sticker included. That way you could scratch that and get a burnt metal smell and really get emersed.



Captain_Gonru said:

If only! I keep my PS1 handy primarily to play Micro Machines when the urge hits. That and Poy Poy, a game that would have done SO much better in an online multiplayer setting. Kickstarter, anyone?



Windy said:

It would be shocking if this had online multiplayer play. Just shocking



takyon98 said:

i laughed when u watched the trailer cause of the music xDD

but i'll by this game if it's good



Windy said:

@OldMan-Tech Mariokart Group Number for sunday Nights @ 6pm Pacific time is 18-6444-7158-4176 Anyone can join so pop that number in guys lets get some racers for sundays!



Windy said:

@OldMan-Tech Tonight will be the last ATV get together Tech @ 7pm Pacific time. Try to join us if you can. The Blue Rogues Group is going to start Playing Mariokart on Mondays @ 6pm pacific time I will swapnote you more info for the Mariokart. But hope to see you tonight as we say farewell to ATV Wild Ride. I will open my Gameroom at 7pm sharp for about 10 minutes. Sorry to post here guys I wish there was a PM system here at Nintendolife

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