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Hideki Kamiya Believes The Wonderful 101 Won't Need DLC

Posted by Andy Green

Platinum Games is squeezing a lot into it

The Wonderful 101 is one of the biggest third party Wii U exclusives of the year and it is tantalisingly close to being released now. It's set to emerge on 23rd August in Europe and 15th September in North America and the team at Platinum Games is hard at work implementing the finishing touches.

A few Wii U titles have received some DLC after their release but it appears The Wonderful 101 most likely won't be getting any as the developer is squeezing everything it wants into the final version.

Designer at Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya was pitched a question on Twitter about the DLC policy with The Wonderful 101 and he gave the following response:

That's not to say Platinum Games won't bring any DLC to the game but it seems Kamiya believes it won't be necessary.

Incidentally, Kamiya is hoping a sequel to The Wonderful 101 will be made after the first iteration. When asked about the possibility of a second outing on Twitter he simply replied: "I hope so".

Would you like The Wonderful 101 to receive DLC support? Will you be picking up a copy? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Emblem said:

The game apparently has tons of replayability so maybe thats why they are saying this. Either way its a day one purchase, i hope it sells well so we can get a follow up as well.



gilvelez1 said:

I've read before that the game is also really short. I can see DLC being demanded in the future



Einherjar said:

To be honest, its kinda heartwarming to hear nintendo developer speak about DLC that way. Everyone else (mainly western developers) use every opportunity to milk the consumer with (artificial) DLC. Hearing, that these developers think about DLC in the first place and decide to pack everything they can into the game in the first place is absolutely awesome.
Like i said many times before, DLC is a wonderful way to give a game thats been out for a couple of months a second wind with new chapters / characters etc, that the dev thought about, but decided against them in the final product, or just listen to fans and bring desired modes via DLC.
But DLC shouldnt be a necessaty. You dont need to have DLC and many many developers nowadays seem to think that way.
The DLC concept was invented to enhace the game after release when it seemed logical, not to enhance the wallet of the developer.
Yeah, its said to be pretty short in terms of length, but if there is enough replayability, that doesnt matter one bit.
Look at classic games like, say, resident evil. It even has unlockables for beating it in, what was it ? under 2 hours ?
But i never met someonewho complained about it beeing too short See, game lenght isnt that big of a problem if the whole package can make up for it.
And since we are talking about platinum games (the guys that pretty much are what capcom used to be) im pretty sure they know how to make a short game fun enough, to lenghten the playtime even with a short campaign.
A definite day one purchase for me, no doubt about it.



gilvelez1 said:

@Einherjar totally see your point. I agree. If the game is packed up enough then who needs DLC.
Also day one purchase for me. Along with everything else coming in the next few months!



rjejr said:

I don't think I've ever purchased DLC so this is fine with me. I'm more interested in what's in the box as far as game length and replayability and multiplayer.

I know they said it's short, but is it Bouncers 20 minutes short w/ 3 play thrus for 60 minutes or GoW 6 hours short? The game still looks alot like "When Vikings Attack" to me which only took about an hour but then it was only $15, and we played about a dozen hours of offline 3-player multiplayer. For $60 this is going to need alot more.



AhabSpampurse said:

Sod dlc. After spending a fortune on the stuff for 360 I've finally realised after 8 years at how worthless it is. And yes, I feel like a total mug.



arrmixer said:

I think the game length will be fine this is an action game not an adventure game... In other words 10hrs of nonstop action is actually alot of time...
Day one for me too..



R_Champ said:


Seriously, I want new IPs to succeed, so even though it may be somewhat of a risk I'll be buying it day one. I'll even take W101 over Rayman Legends just because I'd rather support a new IP on a Nintendo system than Ubisoft who is becoming frighteningly more like Capcom every day. People always whine about "too much plumber!" or "CoD is always the SAME!" or "P4G is original, right?" obviously lying to self. And then they refuse to buy a new IP with no BS day-one, on-disc DLC because it might be as short as the majority of rehashed AAA games...



Ukulele_Wizard said:

As much as I'd love for them to put everything on disc, if the team that developed TW101 has nothing left to do and they don't have the clearance to make a sequel, I'd love it if they were to work on some DLC. It could be something simple, like something new in the in-game shop, or it could be a new hero with a new level. As long as it's not just DLC that's an easy cash-in or it's not DLC just for the sake of having DLC, I wouldn't mind them having it a month or two after the release.



Bass_X0 said:

All games need DLC. Doesn't matter how good the game is, how long it is or how much comtent there is, people will always want more. More characters, more stages, more improvements.



SammyOfMobius said:

Honestly, Nintendo is saying that about every game. LAZINESS. Nintendo, get off of your lazy @#* and make DLC for your games! (Not just Mario! We don't only want Mario DLC!) It's your job as a video game company to improve and add on to your games to improve the experience! And you guys better make DLC for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS you lazy bums!



NMH-TRI said:

@ #15 Seriously?...

I'd recommend people read the Iwata Asks with the heads of Platinum Games. They talk about their vision as a game company and it's very commendable. Aside from that...F#$% DLC. The best games OF ALL TIME have NO DLC. Games that become criticized have Day 1 DLC, On Disc. Planned during initial dev. etc.

I want a game experience worth my $$, not something that'll nickel and dime me (Not all DLC does that mind you). If the DLC, added characters, levels, weapons, etc is priced reasonably and the core package was never skimped in the 1st place, then right on. That said, I still stand by my earlier statement. "F#$% DLC".



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@NMH-TRI Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim all have DLC, and they are considered some of the best Western RPG's of all time. Then again, the games give you plenty bang for your buck.



NMH-TRI said:

@The_Joker I didn't cite facts/figures in my statement. This means that it's my perspective, something that SOME may refer to as an opinion.

They are some of the greatest Western RPGs of all time. That genre having a total of 15 titles by now...

You actually pointed out 3 games that fit what I said in my 2nd paragraph...



Dpishere said:

At first I was skeptical about this game, but I have become more interested with every article I have read about the game. I am now considering this game for when I get a Wii U later in the year.



SheldonRandoms said:

It would be nice, maybe a Christmas level/costumes or some other holiday, but i'm alright what there giving me, 100% on the disc.

And if they make a sequel, they should call it The Wonderful 201.



ScorpionMG said:

@gilvelez1 Actually it was from another article that NL gave us a week ago, and the developer said its over 20 hours so its pretty cool to have such a big game, most recent games dont even have that much gamrplay



C-Olimar said:

With the right marketing, this game could sell well.
Nintendo is doing the marketing.
This game won't sell well.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I'm definitely supporting this title. I just recently started following Kamiya-San on Twitter and he is hilarious! He's a really cool guy, and his titles always seem to have a ton of unique style. Originally, I wasn't too thrilled at what I saw, but that has changed a lot with some new gameplay footage from E3.



Draken18 said:

Definitely getting this game can't wait for it, Platinum Games does amazing work. I hope they keep working on games for Nintendo systems.



hYdeks said:

I'm happy their making an effort to putting all the content on the disc, cause I really hate companies that do the whole day one update and dlc right off the bat. I would like to see a sequel though if this game does very well, which it will most likely.



JaxonH said:

I definitely hope they DO NOT release DLC. I don't know why everyone nowadays thinks every single game should have DLC. That time could be spent starting development of a NEW game, not to mention, for those games which offer DLC, how do you ever know for certain it wasn't originally part of the game, and later stripped out to maximize profits? You don't, though there are certain publishers I feel I can trust and ones I can't. For certain games, DLC works. Fire Emblem Awakening is a great example, and I purchased every single map offered, ultimately spending more on downloadable content than I did on the actual game! New Super Luigi worked, Argul's Tomb for Darksiders 2 worked, but The Wonderful 101? Not quite. I mean, it's an action adventure with a twist of RTS thrown in. What kind of DLC could be offered for a game like that? Idk, maybe I'm just being ignorant and DLC would work great with the game. I'm just not a big fan of spending extra money on DLC unless it's extremely well done and worth every penny, because so many publishers nowadays try to sell you additional content that's straight garbage. No, I do not want to spend money on different colored helmets, or capes, and I DEFINITELY do not want to spend my hard earned cash on in-game currency. Now, they wanna add some Smash Bros characters for $5 a pop and let us pick the ones we want? Count me in. All the other nonsense? No thank you...



DarkNinja9 said:

to me this game looks short but fun and interesting either way i do think it will need some DLC would be cool as well as the 3rd game to have DLC on first party game(nintendo wise)



ultraraichu said:

That is nice, especially when you view it that way. Having 100% in one instead of having almost everything but you have to pay extra for the rest.
DLC is a shaky tightrope for developers and customers to run on.



JaxonH said:

@R_Champ Glad to hear you'll be supporting W101- it certainly needs it, especially if we ever want to see a sequel. Still, I would argue it's more important now than ever that we as Nintendo fans support Ubisoft this fall. Like it or not, Ubisoft is the number one external supporter of the Wii U, and not only brought a Wii U exclusive day one with Zombie U, but brought Assassin's Creed 3 as well. And they have 4 core titles coming in a 3 month span- Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed 4 and Watch Dogs. Ubisoft is already on the fence with the Wii U due to abysmal 3rd party sales (Zombie U may have done somewhat ok considering the install base, but still nothing spectacular for a brand new exclusive with virtually no competition on the system), so if those 4 key titles they're bringing flop and don't sell, we can say goodbye to any future games from them on the Wii U, as well as virtually every other 3rd party publisher. Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell are really big titles, so if THOSE don't sell, other publishers will see that and won't want to take a risk with their own games. I just hope it doesn't come to that, and that Wii U owners go out and buy their games this fall. Cause if they do sell, we might end up getting a Wii U version of The Division, or The Crew... now wouldn't that be nice!



jorgem696 said:

The guy even said that the game wasn't going to be that long so why in the love would he do that I think that the Wonderful 101 isnt going to live up to our expectations but I hope it is

watch the profanity, please. -k8smum



Trikeboy said:

I will be buying this game and I don't care about DLC. A good game doesn't need it. I can't count the number of times I have completed Link to the Past or Super Mario World and I still feel completely satisfied when I see the end credits. DLC is overused in the wrong way. It should be used to enhance a finished game not make an unfinished game feel finished.



doctor_doak said:

Good... A game should be 'complete' when shipped. For those saying it's a short game, according to Kamiya it should take about 20 hours to complete, and it supposedly has a lot of replayability. Platinum have also apparently put more resources into creating this game than the 1st Bayonetta..



Senate_Guard said:

I plan on getting this a little later in the year; Arkham Origins is my highest priority.

W101 looks like a very quirky, hectic, fresh title that Wii U really needs right now.



WinterWarm said:

Cool! It's about time someone thought like that!

While this the same person who's buying all FE:A DLC, I think sometimes developers do that JUST to get extra money.



erv said:

Lots of great games coming, and this is definitely on the list.



MeWario said:

This game looks amazing. Man scary how expensive the next 6 months will be!



Araknie said:

I hate DLCs, every gamer that started at least with a PS2 or NGC surely at least doesn't like them and i started with a SNES.

Really Platinum Games are what they, i hope there's not much fans of PG that wants them to change.



ricklongo said:

I'm OK with DLC, I guess, but I tend not to buy it. What I disike is "free to play" games or, worse yet, games that charge you to buy but focus on microtransactions. As long as I'm getting a good amount of content with my initial purchase, I'm fine.

Also, I have a feeling this game could end up being a huge new IP. Let's hope so.



Davidiam007 said:

Kamiya said that, but his friend(who also worked on the game) called bs on that cause kamiya filled it with everything that he could possibly want and that was part of the reasons for the delay.



element187 said:

People are asking about a sequel or DLC before the first game even has a chance to go out on the market... sigh, can we wait to play this game before we start asking questions like this?



Bass_X0 said:

The best games OF ALL TIME have NO DLC.

If Nintendo could release DLC stages for Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time tomorrow, everybody would download it.

People download fan hacks of old Mario games just so they can have even more stages to play. Some gamers even create their own stages.



alLabouTandroiD said:

That's nice for the initial release.

Not that i'd mind free DLC for stuff that absolutely couldn't make it into the game anymore. But if it's all there from the get-go, even better.

I hope it's still an option for them to make DLC à la New Super Luigi U thoughas long as it doesn't detract from the sequel they can hopefully make.

It's even something to keep in mind if the initial sales aren't as good as they hope. A cheaper eShop release with a smaller new scenario might interest a few more people in the full game or a sequel later.



Urbanhispanic said:

Guys, IPs like this one are the ones that we need to support and it's interesting enough to pick up when it comes out. Plenty of people complain that new IPs aren't supported and right now, I believe that they are putting a lot into the game so maybe we should check it out first before we start demanding DLC for it.

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