Following on from the successful HarmoKnight, Pokémon studio Game Freak is preparing to launch another 3DS eShop title in the shape of Soriti Horse.

The game is divided into two phases: "Solitaire" and "Control". The former allows you to nurture your relationship with your steed in order to improve its performance in the latter phase, where you'll have to navigate the race courses with the touchscreen. During races you'll have to react to different elements, such as changes in the course surface and so on. In the final stretch you can give yourself a boost by using special items collected during the race as well as resorting to the trusty whip to wring a little more speed from your flagging horse.

What's more, you'll also be able to turn your thoroughbred champion into a QR code which you can then share with other 3DS owners.

There's no word on a western release at present, but Soriti Horse is hitting the Japanese 3DS eShop on July 31st, and will cost 500 Yen. Game Freak is handling the publishing duties itself this time around, rather than partnering with Nintendo.