Game Freak Tease

Game Freak should be fairly busy right now, presumably putting the finishing touches to Pokémon X & Y, yet it's found the time to tease a new title with a mysterious website, adorned with a silhouette that looks Pokémon-esque — our tipster reckons it doesn't look like any current 'mon, except possibly a Munna.

In any case, Serebii has been on the case and interpreted a caption as follows — "the well known game, played all around the world, is about to be reborn thanks to a surprising collaboration". The URL also supposedly contains the word Soritiba, a trademark filed by Game Freak last year.

We suspect fans would like this to be Pokémon-related, and that's certainly the best known franchise — by some distance — from Game Freak. Yet it could be something entirely new, with the studio perhaps working on a project with or for another publisher.

It's all a mystery, but let's enjoy some rampant speculation in the comments section below.

Thanks to Prof_Clayton for the tip