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Football Up 3D Goes For Goal on European eShop on 11th July

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Back of the net?

Soccer Up 3D arrived in North America on 11th April, and EnjoyUp Games has now confirmed that it'll arrive in Europe as Football Up 3D on 11th July, with a confirmed price of €6.99.

On paper this light-hearted football title has plenty going for it, with the ability to play as Mii characters and thoughtful multiplayers options — Download Play can be used to temporarily send the entire game to another system. Unfortunately, we thought it was let down by glitches and a poor camera in our Soccer Up 3D review, and we certainly hope that the last two months have been spent resolving such issues.

We'll know soon enough, and you can check out the latest trailer below. Are you planning to take to the pitch and give this one a shot?

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xerox said:

goaaal,............,goaaaal.................................goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal besides good mini game if you ask me



Bejeeta said:

Looks nice, but... A shifting goalkeeper? Anyway, I'll loog forward to it.



andrea987 said:

No online, no buy for me sorry. Fifa and Pes are only good as their online, single player gets boring quickly.



Oniinside said:

I already hate the speaker, in particular for his "YESSSSS" and "GOOOOOOOOAL"... well, if it is well made and the speaker's voice optional, I could consider buying it

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