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Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be Given a "Stronger" - Perhaps Playable - Role

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We are talking about the ruler of a Kingdom, after all

One of the oddities — depending on your perspective — with The Legend of Zelda as a series is that you don't actually play as the named character. Zelda is an authority figure, a ruler of Kingdoms, yet often needs to be saved or, at the very least, enlists the help of Link to tackle the villain of the day. As a character she undoubtedly has moments where that power and authority comes to bear, with actions that save Link, others and generally portray the character well; the world's fate has also been in her hands.

And yet she's never been playable — again, we're not counting CDi games — and has often been Link's primary quest, as he tackles waves of enemies and fiendish dungeons to rescue her. It's a tale as old as storytelling itself, yet a fan group has taken to Facebook to try and pressurise Nintendo into giving Zelda greater prominence, with the title "Nintendo, Please Give Princess Zelda a Stronger Role". Below is the group's main request.

"Stronger" can mean a lot of things. The character the Legend of Zelda series is named after is the ruler of a country with the Power of Wisdom and the Gods at her disposal, yet she's often represented as a damsel in distress. While she's had great moments as characters like Sheik and Tetra, she more often than not feels like a background character, overshadowed by the two other Triforce bearers, Link and Ganon. Nintendo, the fans, male and female, have wanted this for so long: please give Princess Zelda future roles more befitting of her actual attributes. And, if you see fit, make her a playable protagonist.

We do know, of course, that Nintendo is working on the next main series title on Wii U, with no release window to date. Eiji Aonuma has spoken about it being an evolution for the series, with the team exploring new ideas; perhaps the adventure could contain areas where either Link or Zelda are playable, or even a choice from the very beginning. At this stage, the possibility is, of course, there.

Whether Nintendo will do this is uncertain until we see the new title and learn more. If you want to support this fan campaign — with a follower number rapidly increasing — head on over to its Facebook page. As always let us know what you think in the comments below, but when doing so be considerate to your fellow community members.


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Undead_terror said:

@XavandSo I was going to mention that!



She had two CDI games and she was a phantom in Spirit tracks! what more do you want?



Volmun said:

depends on the game's plot imo if its you being Zelda for the sake of being Zelda id be enoyed mabe have her as a Mage? or something or even bring back Sheek (not sure on spelling) - i can see it werking in the Wind Waker's univerce and mabe Twilight Princess (she seamed more battle redy in TP & she was a pirate in WW)



World said:

Personally, I always just wanted Link to be androgynous or maybe have a selectable gender or something. As a girl, I still identify with Link more than Zelda and it's only those little "hello, young boy" moments that take me out of my groove.



19Robb92 said:

IF this was to ever be made, they need to focus on Zelda's traits. Such as the Triforce of Wisdom being the main draw as well as magic instead of courage. Maybe she can find the Goddes Bow instead of the Master Sword etc.

Putting a sword in her hand making her a female Link would be pretty darn pointless.



mjnmixael said:

Stronger role? Sure. Though, I thought her role was pretty strong in SS. Playable Zelda? Please no.



nomeacuerdo said:

We all know what happened the last time someome came with that idea.

Either way, a game playable with either Zelda or Link with different but entwined story arcs would be a strong option, and would ensure the need to play it twice.



sonicfan1373 said:

Depends I guess if it makes sense in the game. I am all for trying new things so long as it is logically thought out and properly designed.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It would be cool you could be able to play as Link in the beginning of the game and then unlock Zelda's side to the story and play through her experience during the story, explaining more that we may no have understood. 2 adventure's in 1 game!



Jellitoe said:

No thanks, Zelda is all about Link being the Hero. Her role in Spirit tracks was as far involved as I want to see Zelda in the story. She could be a sidekick, but as the hero, no thanks, that would ruin the game completely.




Stronger role? Sure I guess, I always thought she played a big role in the games. I mean the games are called, "The Legend of Zelda."

As for a playable thanks. I wouldn't mind a female Link, but Zelda playable? Too big of a leap for me.



Pierceton said:

Good luck with this Nintendo doesn't tend to listen to outside sources for direction not even its fans.



PokeTune said:

She would definitely be a sweet end game reward after you finish the main quest as Link.



Collinhall said:

I am all for woman being better represented in games, but having a woman replace an already established protagonist just for the sake of her being a woman is pretty pointless.



CoreyCannabis said:

Zelda RTS where she controls the army of Hyrule to defeat the once again advancing hordes led by Ganon! She has the triforce of wisdom, after all...Link's a hero unit.



Doma said:

Yeah, could work as an end-game DLC quest or something. Those that care about it would have no problem paying extra.

@World He looks like a tomboy in the latest game, doesn't he? You're covered.



Longaway said:

I don't agree with pressuring Nintendo on this point, too much. While I understand the desire to have more playable female characters in games, this series has always been about Link. Though, showing Zelda in a stronger light throughout the story would be great. Perhaps acknowledgement that she's been working on, and making headway towards, freeing herself, while you/Link have been trying to save her. Make a game with her as the main character, maybe Zelda's Quest, sure. But pushing to make her playable in a Legend of Zelda game? No.

On the other hand, pressuring Nintendo to make sure that all future Mario games that have selectable characters include either Peach or Daisy, or both, as options? That I can get behind completely. Who says a Princess can't have her best friend rescue her?



Einherjar said:

I have quite a few ideas regarding a "stronger role" for zelda.
If the plot sets zelda and link on equal terms (say, link becomes the next king of hyrule), she could be a selectable (or unlockable) playable character. The roles just switch from kidnapped princess to kidnapped Prince / King. Either way, both have a piece of the triforce witch gannon wants and needs.
Or make Zelda the new Sidekick chartacter. Instead of, say, the playable wolf form in TP, you can switch between Zelda and Link. Zeldas arselnal could consist of a bow with different arrows than link has (magic arrows), magic in general (for exampel the ones from the triforce godesses)
I also really like the idea of @FlyingKickPunch. Maybe as a stand alone spin off or as an occasional mini game between "chapters". Whyle Link is out, raiding dungeons, Zelda has to defend the capital from the invading whatevers by utilizing an RTS system of hylian troops (or form alliances with other kingdoms like the gorons or the zoras to use units from them).
Or implement her like Peach in Paper Mario and give her her own interrim chapters, coping with the current problems in different ways.

Anyways, there is actually quite a lot of potential for Zelda to become a more major part of the games without tinkering with the overall formular too much.
But Zelda is good as it is, and it is good when it experiments a bit. Whatever they do, i can pretty much say, that i will like it



Newtwo said:

I think it would be interesting if you could play as either a male or female Link. On second thoughts, some people would say "ruined forever!", so maybe zelda should get a playable role apart from spirit tracks and shudders the CDI games.



edhe said:

People are saying the Zelda series is becoming tired and formulaic - this could be the ingredient to revitalise it. Specifically, playable a role for both characters.



Sensei_Sendai said:

Well, I hate to be the one who suggests it. But Ninty did say they were considering DLC for the game...



Cotton said:

Personally I think she should have the same role she's always had because of the plot of the series as a whole but if they put her as a playable character I think that it should be an option like on the new pokemon game to where if you choose the male then the female is your friend and vice versa or maybe have her playable as sheik co op (there when you have another player but not there when you're going at it alone) and have her revealed as zelda at the end to have a twist in the story



Grubdog said:

Mother of god. Everything has a bloody campaign this year. It also seems like a lot of people haven't played Spirit Tracks.

This is annoying, the whole campaign undermines her current importance. She motivates Link to save the world just by existing, how can you top that power? Link can't be a true hero with all this guidance, he has to feel alone and face his own challenges. And yes, LINK IS THE HERO. Deal with it.



C7_ said:

The last thing Nintendo needs to do is take game-design advice from random people who just want to get rid of a weak role for women in games. Would playable Zelda be a cool mechanic? Sure, but Nintendo's not just going to add it in for the sake of being progressive in the eyes of their fans. The new Zelda game was actually almost ready to be shown at E3 this year but didn't quite make it. This far into development they aren't going to do something that big.

And as the so-called "damsel in distress" she's actually been one of the most helpful characters out there. Take Sheik or Tetra; two versions of Zelda that help you and are only taken because that is how the plotline has to play out. Not even that, she's still and incredibly helpful character when she is kidnapped, like in Twilight Princess, the Windwaker timeline games, at various places during Skyward sword, a Link to the Past, and even during the ending battles that have happened many times between Link and Ganon. She's not the typical Damsel in distress; she's a powerful character who does everything she can to help her people while in a bad situation. To tell the developers to change core gameplay and plot midway through development just because a bunch of people completely misunderstand the cliche they're trying to fight is madness and stupid ignorance. The damsel in distress is assigned to characters whose only role is to motivate the main character to rescue them, but Zelda means so much more than that because she's an important ruler of her kingdom and possesses power that no one else in the game does. She's important to the main character not as a love interest but as a means of preventing the world from stumbling into the hands of evil, which Nintendo understands and has intentionally made her role reflect.

Would I enjoy it if Zelda was given a playable role? Maybe, but the game would have to be designed from the ground up with it in mind in order for it to be up to the Zelda series' quality standards. Pushing a change on Nintendo like this (which if they do end up doing this, it wont be because fans demanded it, because Nintendo doesn't take design advice from fans) is just silly.



BeeZeroOne1 said:

She's not really been a true damsel in distress for a while though. In Spirit Tracks, she was the main driving force of the plot rather than Link, accompanying him and doing most of the work in the Tower of Spirits. Her Twilight Princess role was pretty big too - she acted as a martyr to protect the people of her country, knowing what she was getting herself in for rather than being kidnapped, and being instrumental in Ganondorf's defeat (as she was in other Zelda titles like The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures). She's normally the one to wield the light arrows in the endgame, without which Link wouldn't be able to defeat Ganondorf. As Shiek she was the one who united the Sages, using Link as the vehicle for her plans while making sure her magic, crucial for sealing Ganondorf, remained intact. In these respects - her role in the battle normally being from a tactical perspective - her aspect of Wisdom is fulfilled, with Ganondorf exhibiting his Power in his attempts at crushing the people of Hyrule, and Link exhibiting Courage in standing face-to-face with Ganondorf. But he couldn't do it without Zelda. I guess the only Zelda of recent years in which she's been truly passive would be Phantom Hourglass. (Some people would argue the same of Skyward Sword Zelda, but she again played the martyr in that game, as well as having her own - mostly untold - journey across the surface realms, which could maybe be further explored in a Skyward Sword spinoff).

Some would probably argue that her playing the martyr is an aspect of games industry sexism. I'd argue it has nothing to do with her gender, and is more her Wisdom at play - she always knows what she's doing and makes tactical decisions accordingly.

Their argument only really stands if you ignore everything post-A Link to the Past.



fanguy said:

i also agree, since it's called the Legend of Zelda she should play a greater role. i mean save Link every once and a while, take on hordes of enemies all at once and pull off those amazing moves from the smash bros series.



nomeacuerdo said:

All of this started with the guy who modded the Zelda I ROM to make Zelda playable.
A Zelda game could work also like they did with Super Luigi U, a DLC for the game.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm all for her being a strong and important character and would love sections of the game to be playable with Zelda as a co-op element (as an option), or entire segments of the one player game controlling Zelda's half of the story.

I have to say though, Skyward Sword made her incredibly important and prominent in the story. It's too bad she was reduced to "damsel" and "trapped" at times because it was awesome what they did with her otherwise (besides there is a bit of a twist on it that makes her less a victim — for the most part... )

It's just weird to push Nintendo into something it already seems to be doing.

Skyward Sword second quest could be Zelda's POV. Easy connection if (spoiler) you've finished the game and watched the credits (end spoiler)



Buduski said:

Dont't ruin a good thing, so far the formula has been successful, and Zelda hasn't been the helpless damsel to an extremity like Peach in the Mario series, Zelda has actually helped Link defeat Ganondorf.



SyntheticPerson said:

I think a separate campaign with her playable (akin to separate ways with Resident Evil 4). If she had a Sheik alter ego, it would be very viable as a secondary [albeit much shorter] campaign.



DESS-M-8 said:

Playable character? No thank you, not in a full "zelda" game in place of link anyway. As a spin off then yes.

She has a very strong role in all games, almost commanding link in every adventure. She would have to started raining fire and defeating bad guys herself, eradicating any need for link, if she was any stronger.



aaronsullivan said:

It's important to note that it IS disappointing that Zelda often goes "limp" in order to be rescued, even in the games where she plays a strong role.

People saying things like she "actually helped" really does help make the argument that she is often just an ornament even in recent games. It's pretty sad how Zelda sort of deflates as a character in Wind Waker (even though she "actually helps")

As far as characters, though, and the whole female side, Midna was a great character that took matters into her own hands the whole way through (right?). It's just that the name of the series is Zelda so it feels natural to give her a big part.

So is this about a female character to play? Because twin brother and sister Links could be fun and interesting for many reasons. (Maybe they are telepathically LINKed) and you can switch off between the characters in different locations with different abilities. Of course if you're going to do that I guess satisfy people and make it Link and Zelda as a team.



jpfan1989 said:

She was more relevant in Skyward Sword and wasn't she your partner in Spirit Tracks?



BlatantlyHeroic said:

She has a big part in Ocarina of Time, maybe they could go the sidequest route, like with Batman: Arkham City. I'd love to play as Sheik.



Capt_N said:

@nomeacuerdo: "We all know what happened the last time someome came with that idea.

Either way, a game playable with either Zelda or Link with different but entwined story arcs would be a strong option, and would ensure the need to play it twice"

I agree 100% w/ the concept of interconnected story arcs, kinda like the Oracle games. As for us all knowing how this concept turned out last time it was tried, that was the fault of those games' creators, & Nintendo for allowing themselves to get in a legal position where they contractually have to allow others use of their ips.

@MrWalkieTalkie: That's another good idea!



Stark_Nebula said:

The majority of those campaigning are not game developers, let alone Nintendo developers. They made the Zelda series with gameplay at the forefront - story comes second for them, and they've said it plenty. Zelda is not playable because Link is easily manipulable for interesting gameplay, focusing on adventure and puzzle solving, using an array of tools. He lends himself amazingly to that while Zelda does not.

Another thing I'd like is for everyone to give some thought before reacting. I'm tired of people jumping on bandwagons because they got motivated moments ago. The whole Feminist Frequency being largely a factor, I presume, has me irritated at the lack of knowledge that goes into making games for gameplay. The amount of times "Damsel in Distress" has been used since is f***ing annoying. People need to get off their high horse and soapbox and start thinking dynamically about the situation, not what they perceive at first. Let the thought sink in before imposing it on everyone else.



WingedSnagret said:

Doesn't Link look enough like a girl as it is? JK.

On a serious note, I'm all for more women getting a bigger role in games, as long as it is done right (looking at you Other M!). I can see her as an optional character after completing the main adventure, but replacing Link as the main protagonist? Yeah, that doesn't seem like too good of an idea.



WiiLovePeace said:

I personally don't care what the gender is of the character I play as. I'm controlling the character, therefore the character is me. Hence I'm really not bothered by Zelda needing rescuing or whatever, but I still "liked" the group since having a 2nd character playable would make for some interesting co-op opportunities.



Mickey said:

This is a great idea. Though if this DOES work, it'll raise the question of why didn't Zelda think of learning how to use a sword sooner?



taffy said:

Would be great if they made a game based entirely on Sheik. But I'm still dreaming of a game based on Ripley (Metroid not Aliens)....



TheAdrock said:

Thats hot. I want to do immoral things to her now.

Also, I recall in Spirit Tracks being able to control Zelda as a character. Just saying...

Also, anybody here old enough to remember Kings Quest 4 where you played the princess Rosella as the main protagonist? That game was a blockbuster for its time. No male players felt emasculated as far as I know.



mikeyman64 said:

I could see some spin-off stuff happening, but I doubt we will see a main game with Zelda as the protag.



FernandoMachado said:

it would be kool to have moments where you can play as her using different mechanics. but a whole game hmmmm.... don't think so.



Mk_II said:

well , it could provide a totally different experience and interesting game dynamics if they decide to do it properly. I quite like the idea



thatguyEZ said:

what a lame campaign >.>

I thinl i'd like to stick with playing as Link, thank you very much. I sincerely hope this never happens.



herzausstein said:

I wouldn't mind her having her own game apart from the series but as far as in the main series "legend of zelda" i think that would defeat the purpose



aaronsullivan said:

That Secret of Zelda box art is sweet.

I do think the campaign is sitting on a bit of a false premise, but I also think many people overlook the opportunity here to have something fresh and to strengthen a female character where it really makes good sense. Win-win.

Why are some people saying, "DON'T CHANGE ZELDA GAMES." I don't think I get it. If you want the same, play the games you already have again. No?



Mewtwo21 said:

If this ever happens. This should just a quest after you finish the main game. That or dlc. I feel like alot of people who didn't ask for this would complain and in order to make everyone happy this would work.



Alienfish said:

I do agree the Zelda series needs a fresh start, but I don't think being able to play as Zelda is going to do that. My biggest problem in the last two games (Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess) is that everything seems way too deliberate and scripted. I never feel like I stumble upon anything anymore and instead get the feeling I was led there. I went insane trying to find all the hidden grotto's in Ocarina of time and getting items that aren't required seems to be a thing of the past. Sure there were a few things like that Rupee consuming suit in TP and finding the Hylian shield in Skyward Sword, but I'm talking about cool items, like the invisibility cloak from A Link to the Past. There needs to be more optional coolness throughout the game.



Ridley said:

A more magical adventure with Zelda as the lead could be a fascinating addition to the franchise (as would a game from Ganon's perspective) but I don't want a game where it's simply Zelda picking up the sword instead of Link.

She doesn't have to be the damsel but her story should, y'know, be concerned more with the wisdom aspect of the Triforce.



startropics3 said:

@Alienfish Agreed. Play more Dark Souls (forever my recommendation).

As @World inferred, gender is irrelevant in Zelda. Maybe WiiU Zelda will be more social with online, multiplayer components. Then I could see incorporating gender, possibly through your Miis.

Speaking of Miis, I don't know why Nintendo doesn't just use them with all their games. The idea of personalized avatars is not new; since Zelda 1 you could name your character. The Mii might be the closest we've come to actually having our personal likeness used in a Nintendo game. Nintendo should allow Mii versions of any character you choose, even if they replace only the face.



DreamOn said:

This isn't about making a good Zelda game, it's someone's agenda.

Also I dislike the tone of trying to take some moral high ground over everything the series has been and are now holding the "fan-base" over them as if to justifyably pressure or threaten them into making a different game.



FriedSquid said:

NEWS FLASH - Ya can't force a company to do what a small Facebook group wants. And you don't force change.



DarkLloyd said:

This is never going to happen, maybe as a side game or dlc if the story for zeldaU shows shes been working behind the scenes they can make a game around that only if it makes sense

otherwise toughluck buddy oh



TrueWiiMaster said:

What's wrong with her roles in previous games? She was a huge part of Wind Waker, Ocarina, Phantom Hourglass, and Twilight Princess, and not at all a weak character.



kkslider5552000 said:

The most important thing I got out of this is that apparently no one played Spirit Tracks. You know, the game where you COULD CONTROL ZELDA AND SHE WAS A CHARACTER WHO INTENTIONALLY WAS A PARODY OF STUPID PRINCESSES. WHO THEN GOT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OF SORTS TO BE MORE THAN A STUPID PRINCESS. THAT GAME MIGHT BE RELEVANT TO THE DISCUSSION. Ok enough caps lock but seriously...

I mean Zelda kicking butt outside of Smash Bros sounds fun but only if the game devs can do something really worthwhile with it.



tsm7 said:

@b23cdq: Very true haha. I'm just trying to make the point, though, that the name of a game isn't a strong argument for what the game should contain. Zelda is in the game. Many titles are of the enemy or other non playable characters.



DreamOn said:

Eiji Aonuma is a good man in charge. His ear is to the fan-base and he's open to evolving the Zelda experience. He knows however doing everything the fans want makes a terribly predictable game.

If there is significant changes to Zelda's role to come I have no fear as long as Aonuma is driving.



One-Winged-Pit said:

I would like a Zelda game where Ganondorf decides to change his plan and goes for Link first before he gets powered up and easily takes him so Zelda has to go save him. Her main weapon would be the bow of course since the Master Sword could not be wielded by her.



Klinny said:

I wouldn't mind seeing Zelda in a stronger role, (as long as her role reflects her character's strengths). Since she bears the Triforce of Wisdom, I feel there's a lot of untapped potential there for Zelda to act as a puzzle-solver.

I would also love to see Link and Zelda working together more directly, perhaps as characters that can be switched interchangeably. (Like Spirit Tracks but developed even further). I feel as though this would stay true to the franchise's overall theme as well, as the characters are often shown aiding each other anyways, (just usually from a distance).



jacksayspurple said:

I know she got captured by Ganondorf and everything, but I genuinely thought Zelda put in a pretty strong effort in The Twilight Princess. She was there with a sword fighting off the forces of evil and as far as I remember she only gave up and allowed Ganondorf to win because she thought it'd spare her people. And then she busted out the Goddess' Bow in the final battle, and... man, I gotta play this game again!!



Nictendo64 said:

I would welcome it. I always thought she should have her own game. Nintendo only has one lead female role (Samus) and I always thought Zelda could be just as big.



pumpkinbunch said:

I guess Jill Valentine, Samus Aran, Chun Li, Claire Redfield, Terra, Celes, Tifa, Yuffie, Dixie Kong, Amy Rose, Lara Croft, Bayonetta, and Heather Mason don't count as playable female characters. Not to mention the countless games that let you choose the gender of your main character. Like every online RPG in existence. And the more recent Pokemon games.



hamsterfactor said:

Wow, this whole comments thread is really depressing - and it's proving the point that there really is a problem (not in the Zelda series in particular, but in general).



_Joejoe_ said:


I dunno, it's all well and good to say "Nintendo, do this"
But you have to remember that character first is not part of their philosophy. They don't fit their games to their characters, they fit their characters to their games. They made Mario Kart and Mario Tennis, etc not because they thought that they needed Mario to start doing sport, but rather because their gameplay concepts worked in the Mario Universe. Smash Bros was made BEFORE they decided to throw nintendo mascots into it and Kirby's Epic Yarn was originally about Prince Fluff.

Now, I wouldn't mind Zelda being a main character, but for nintendo, Zelda would need to be a main character for gameplay reason, you know? I don't want to tell them to make a Zelda game just because Zelda. It goes against who they are and I like nintendo mostly because of who they are.



AugustusOxy said:

They've tried this before with other things and it didn't sell very well. Has nothing to do sexism, just what sells.



WinterWarm said:

Here me, one and all!

It's called the Legend Of ZELDA. Now, if her LEGEND is to keep getting kidnapped... That's a really pathetic legend.

They could at LEAST have her as an unlockable character after you beat the game.

It boils down to sexism.



The-Chosen-one said:

if they want to bring zelda playable (only as Sheik in some missions, or maybe co-op, Link and sheik-zelda



Leon_Pryde said:

What would be cool is if, during the final battle versus Ganon's army, it looks like you will lose, and then (KABOOM!) a entire wall off of Ganon's fortress falls revealing Zelda and the entire Hyrulian army led by her. Cue a final boss fight with Link and Zelda vs Ganon with the two armies fighting around you.

That would be Zelda being a stronger character AND it would make the final scene that more spectacular.



DerpSandwich said:

She needs a spinoff game. I imagine some sort of stealth action game where you can switch between Zelda and Shiek. Sneaking around, killing guys, gaining levels, casting spells. Tell me that wouldn't be awesome. They could even have a really deep and mature story to go along with it. Get creative, Nintendo! Do something new!



Yanchamaru said:

I would rather play as Ganon who ends up killing that fairy Link, enslaves the entire world and marries Zelda.



ThreeD33 said:

This reminds me of super princess peach and if I remember correctly it didn't do to well. How about this time Zelda doesn't get kidnapped giving her a stronger role sounds nice though, how about she's possed or somthing and she becomes the main antagonist.



devilwaffle said:

I haven't had any problems with Zelda's Role in the games. Her role was very strong in Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword as far as I've seen. Yeah, she was a damsel in distress, but she was a master of disguise, as Shiek, a freaking captain of a Pirate crew where most of the members are 4 times her size, a walking Suit of Armor, and was the Goddess Hylia herself.
If they give her a more prominate role in the next games (which I don't see how she could be more important unless she got her own game herself) Then that's great. I have no problem with it. But if she doesn't, and is how she is or possibly less, if they're lazy with the story, I'm fine with that, too.



Oscarsome said:

I think something along the lines of SS would work well. You know, how at the end, you could see what Zelda had been up to? Well, they should have something where certain parts of the game, you could zoom on over to where Zelda was and need to play as her in order to advance the story and show what she is doing while Link is elsewhere.

Or they could have that after you beat the main game. It would be a great option that would only add more depth to the story and gameplay.



TheGreenHylian said:

....Spirit Tracks.....? She played a huge role in that game and even participated in multiple boss battles. But I think I could be open to the idea, the CD-I games weren't even produced by Nintendo. Anouma and the rest of the Zelda team could make it interesting... but I'm a little more interested in having Link continuing to be as the main character.



jayclayx said:

what is next? super peach bros U? NO thanks, Zelda´s role in the series is perfect the way is it now, Link is the man!



RoryLee said:

Princess Peach already has her own game for the DS. I recommend that you check it out because it's a really good game. And that's why I think Zelda could have her own little adventure.



hYdeks said:

@XavandSo lol, I immediately thought of that when I read the article!

I don't want Zelda to be a main lead or anything, BUT I think it would be cool after you beat the game once, to be able to play the game again with Zelda and Link swapping roles, that would be pretty neat! Or have a Zelda DLC side story thingy like what MrWalkieTalkie says. DLC can be a great thing, IF they utilize it more like how New Super Luigi U did.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'm all for Zelda becoming an even stronger character than she already is, but I'm against the notion of change for the sake of change. If they come up with an idea and Zelda makes the most sense for the staring role then more power to them but don't make a game just to say you made it a certain way, these things rarely turn out as well as intend anyway.

I like Leon_Pryde's idea though, a Joan of arc sort of thing would be interesting even if it wasn't at quite the same scale.



ianmage1 said:

If Zelda is going to be playable, the game will have to be called "The Legend of Link." People will confuse Link for "Zelda," and, now, Zelda for "Link."



Goginho said:

I would like to play as Link in some of the tranformations again. That was awesome, how you get to be in the shoes of a Goron leader, a Zora, a Deku, Wolf Link...etc. You get to feel and experience their troubles and struggles. Perhaps some new tranformations, or maybe even a greater role with Fierce Deity Link. Personally, playing as Zelda doesn't appeal to me, and I can't imagine an ideal implementaion of the idea. Link is a master swordsman, and his transformations all had their own unique combat styles, what would Zelda's be (or Sheik's for that matter)? Although, I wouldn't mind seeing her maybe a tad bit more engaged in the overall gameplay experience, such as helping you on your quest through some dungeons and puzzles, somehow creatively interlaced in the story. I really liked it SS, especially in the beginning, how the two bonded, the only thing is (spoilers I guess?), she was constantly on the move afterwards, escaping from the clutches of Ghirahim. In Ocarina she was also a bit more involved, unknowingly at first, as the mysterious Sheik, which I found to be a great element that added to the overall experience.



warpio said:

Zelda's phantom segments in Spirit Tracks were really fun. I'm sad that more people aren't giving that game the attention it deserves.



TheAdrock said:

No reason that the playing character couldn't change from one protagonist to another throughout the game as the story unfolds. If done right, it would add depth to the story.



NintendoPro64 said:

What's wrong? Didn't you all ever try this game out?

Or how about this?


Sorry, couldn't resist with the second one.



EpicGamer said:

I don't think I'd want to play as Zelda through the whole game. Unless the story was appropriet enough. Personally I think that Nintendo should do either DLC, OR a little unlockable adventure after you
beat the game. The DLC is self explanitory. With the unlockable adventure, I'd want it to be something like the "seperate ways" campaign in Resident Evil 4. For people that aren't familiar with that, it's a little campaign you get after you beat the game. You take the roll as Ada (she's a side character in the game.) BUT what the difference is that, in the campaign, when you play through it, it shows and explains things that you possible didn't understand in the main game with Leon.
That's something they could do with Zelda. After you beat the game with Link, in the "extras" menu there'd be the campaign for Zelda (I think it would be called "Zelda's quest" or "the secret of Zelda".)



Bender said:

But... If Zelda becomes such a significant character who is capable of fighting to protect herself... Who would Link need to save? Navi? shudders Let's just keep things the way they are...



Sondheimist said:

@49 Stark_Nebula - So let me get this straight: People referencing the frequency of the "Damsel in Distress" trope in video gaming irritates you, but the trope itself does not? Sorry if I don't sympathize.

"Another thing I'd like is for everyone to give some thought before reacting. I'm tired of people jumping on bandwagons because they got motivated moments ago. "

Did you ever stop and think that perhaps the people who support this idea have stopped and thought about it? Mind you, I'm sure life is a lot easier when you assume that everyone who holds a different opinion hasn't thought about the issue as deeply - but, in reality, at least some of the people who are concerned about the prevalence of the DiD trope know just as much about video gaming and the development process as you do. Sorry, but those are the facts.

Here's the thing: I don't get too worked up about this sort of thing, but I do support the idea of having more strong female characters in games. No, I nor anyone else is saying completely change every game in development to ensure that there's a playable female character. These are long-term issues that will require long-term solutions. However, by bringing attention to the issue, hopefully developers will be inspired to consider the option for future games. Of course, not EVERY game could or should have playable female characters - but there are plenty of games whose gameplay wouldn't be negatively affected by having stronger female characters.

@72 CaptainSquid - "You don't force change" - perhaps, but it's also true that change often tends to come about only when people are vocal about their concerns.

Also, NEWS FLASH - I doubt this Facebook page is about "forcing" Nintendo to do anything. I'm sure the creators of the group are more than well aware that they don't actually have any power over Nintendo - the idea is to simply show that there is interest in a stronger role for Zelda in the series.

(For the record, I don't necessarily support the idea of a playable Zelda. I'd only support it if it could be well integrated into the gameplay and the storyline without seeming forced.

@83 - pumpkinbunch - Congrats, you successfully named playable female characters in a small minority of games.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@B3ND3R Zelda can already protect herself, hence Sheik. Link fights to save Hyrule, not Zelda. It's called the Legend of Zelda because she is the important part to the bloodline that rules Hyrule.



Araknie said:

Who bases the content in the game on the name?

This will not go ever in a game if Aonuma doesn't find a perfect solution.

I sure don't want parts where i take control of Zelda and go around without the possibility of doing nothing, Shiek could be solution but not Zelda.

It's the same character and is Zelda without having nothing to do like Zelda.
Man, i repeated some words really too much.



AJWolfTill said:

I think this is a brilliant idea, there isn't really any reason why Link is always a boy/man so I don't see why they should force that upon players. Why not pull out a Mass Effect/Pokemon style gender choice on the series.
Also does anyone think the comment about challenging the conceptions that it should be played alone might result in something akin to what the Watch_dog's article was talking about? Seamless player intergration?



World said:

@AJWolfTill Yeah! I don't know how many Zelda series fans are like me, but I would even be happy if they just made Link officially androgynous and took out the references to his gender. As far as I am concerned, everything else is fine as is. It's just those moments that remind you that LInk's a "he" that throw me out of my little role-playing world.
I guess that's the difference between Zelda and something like Mario. The Mario games make you feel like you're Mario's helper, so it doesn't matter that he's an overweight middle-aged plumber man, but the Zelda games make you feel like you are Link.



element187 said:

as much as I like the idea of it, I don't like the idea of using petitions to pressure Eiji Aonuma to force him to change his artistic vision.... I wouldn't mind someone mentioning it to him to see what he thinks in an interview, but to hand him a stack of signatures making him feel like he has to to placate a massive fan movement... When you force unnatural game mechanics you can end up killing the balance of a game.

Also, the gender selection idea sounds interesting, but would that effect the previous Zelda games to be a large departure from the story? What about just removing all the references to "Young boy" and the like?



element187 said:

@FlyingKickPunch uh I actually love that idea, but how about making it a SRPG kinda like Fire Emblem?

I would just die to have a Fire Emblem game but with LOZ characters... I purchased Fire Emblem back in Febuary and I still can't put it down (On my 2nd play through)



Hamguar said:

Totally agree with ya on all points. And the most laughable part is the fact that they want her to do more because she wields ruling power? Since when does a leader NEED to do so? The mark of a great leader is the ability to lead not the ability to take center stage. Some of the great leaders of our, or any, time were so due to their ability to make the right decisions and to seek those who had the capability to get what was needed done. I look at Zelda more so as a modern leader and far from helpless. I personally think those who are lumping Zelda with Peach are the ones who are guilty of pigeonholing her as a helpless ditz.

From the scenes in Twilight Princess, Wind Waker's last battle, to Skyward Sword where she had to make her own journey to purify herself; she does way more than your Peachs of the gaming world. And even if you argure that Link has to do the bulk of the fighting or how she gets OHKO in Wind Waker I would take in mind that she is more mage than anything else so there's that inherent glass jaw. In Wind Waker that was 100% Link failing to tank properly.



element187 said:

@Stark_Nebula good point, in the process of changing the game to placate one person, you might be ruining the series for someone who has played the series for the last 30 years.



Tindre said:

no thanks... it's not needed really. Link is pretty feminine on his own

plus she has this sort of mysterious air still. Playing as her would remove that I think. (ignoring the cdi games)

Make more awesome Metroid games instead, or a new ip with a girl hero :3 (Krystal from Star fox?)




That's why Nintendo is a rich company that makes games and that's why we're the fans. They know what they're doing, guys.



AyatollaofRock said:

Zelda has been a strong character for a while. She acts behind the scenes in a way that makes sense for her character, being the princess and all.

I think it may be interesting to play out some of Zelda's exploits, but it wouldn't add to the game or Zelda as a character if it wasn't done well.



RedBeanPorridge said:

I think zelda was already given a much stronger role in Spirit Tracks since she was with you pretty much the entire journey. I can't imagine it getting better than that, unless she was given the starring role, which i doubt is happening anytime soon. But I quite liked how she was with you the whole time in spirit tracks. It was like she was growing on me and i was starting to build a bond with her xD. It was a nice change to the usual formula. I wouldn't mind another game where she had a similar role. Though I feel it might take away the uniqueness that I feel spirit tracks had.



FlyByKnight said:

I can't help but imagine that Princess Zelda herself would be offended by the campaign. Considering how much of an active role she's been playing in the recent games, I feel as though they're throwing out all her hard work by labeling her as a "damsel in distress". Zelda != Peach



PersonaSheik said:

I think Zelda had a pretty big role in Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks. I love Zelda, and of course I hate her being a damsel in distress, but I don't think she needs to be TOO involved. Zelda being a playable character would slightly ruin the game for me... It's just that, Link needs to be the one to find his courage, get the Master Sword, etc. I honestly wouldn't mind having a GIRL Link, though. I mean, many Links have been reincarnations of the Hero of Time, right? Why not have a female reincarnation of the Hero of Time? To change things up a little?

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