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Earthbound Arrives on the Wii U eShop Today

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Available in North America and Europe right now


Earthbound is available now in North America, with the $9.99 download including a digital version of the original's strategy guide that has been optimised for the GamePad.

As the UK eShop news tab promised, the title is now also live in Europe for £6.99 / €9.99.

Original Article:

So, many of our loyal North American readers may be wondering where the Nintendo Download information is; the truth is, so are we. Nintendo is yet to issue the details, and a new game page update may suggest why; Nintendo is listing Earthbound for release today in North America, priced at $9.99.

Not only that, but the news tab in the UK Wii U eShop lists Earthbound as part of today's update, and the new software hasn't appeared as normal. Something is going on, yet it's not certain yet.

So those are the key facts, but are not 100% confirmation. As soon as Nintendo releases the details, the usual Download Update will reveal all.

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Retro_on_theGo said:

I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THIS!!! I scared the crap out of my brother!!! I swear to god this better be real!!!!!!



SmaMan said:

After all those years of petitions, writing letters, calling NoA, posting in the Japanese MiiVerse, we're finally getting some MOTHER's love!



Zodiak13 said:

Just had my wife slap me. So I guess this isn't a dream. (She put a lot of force into it too). I just called in to work, I've suddenly got a fever.



ricklongo said:

Come on, people. Buy this in droves. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, they listen to the wake up call and give us EarthBound U a couple of years from now.

What? A man can dream!



Captain_Toad said:

I wonder why this Nintendo weekly update is taking longer than usual....
Edit: Oh-ho! That's why. It's $10 bucks now? heh so what. Time to revisit this classic as soon as i get a WiiU. Soon I'll be Earthbound.



Tasuki said:

I hope this is true. If it is I am glad that I got paid today. Time to finally retire my Earthbound cartridge. Going to keep the strategy guide out though.

I have to give Nintendo credit though smart move bringing this out when so many people have that $30 eShop credit.



allav866 said:

Wait, $9.99? Don't get me wrong, I'm buying it either way, but normally SNES games are $7.99. Don't you think Ninty's taking advantage of our uncontainable hype? Especially since fans have been begging for Earthbound for so long and if anything deserve it to be cheaper for waiting all this time?



Shworange said:

Between Animal Crossing New Leaf and Earthbound, how the heck will I ever have time for real life?



9th_Sage said:

$9.99? That's kind of...well...BS. I can't say I won't buy it anyway, but that's kind of a trick (assuming that it IS true and not just some mistake).



SmaMan said:

It might be $9.99 in the UK since it is technically an import game for them... and anyway who cares?! The only other way to get this game is by cartridge, the average price of which is $89.99.

Just. Buy. It. Anyway!



Acampbell128 said:

@Zodiak13 Awesome avatar! And it would make since that it is a little more then normal snes VC games if the said "localization" had to be done to it.



KingDunsparce said:

YES! Finally! I've been waiting for so long! Wait a second. My Wii U has no money on it... D:I need to go fix that.



SmaMan said:

Sorry, didn't mean to snap at you. It's just... for over a decade, many of us Earthbound believers have been waiting for this very day to come... and emotions are running rather high.



russellohh said:

I'm going away for the 3-day weekend. If this is TRUE, I'm about to turn around, and drive 90 mins to go get my Wii U and bring it with me. waiting for 1 pm for it to be announced...



Knux said:

Well crap, and I just spent my $20 eShop card on Injustice DLC...



arrmixer said:

wow what a nice surprise!!.. I'm definitely downloading this one!!

This is wonderful news indeed... I honestly thought I would never play this game....

Especially since all I played in those Snes days were street fighter II and tecmo super bowl...



SchamMan89 said:

My favorite game of all time is Earthbound... and it was my birthday 2 days ago.

Happy freaking birthday to me!



MAB said:

Go to the eShop recent software section and it shows the info and a video now



anders190 said:

I see Earthbound on my Swedish console. It's even in the spotlight already. 100 SEK is a bit much (about 15 dollars) but seeing how long it took for this game to actually reach EU.. I might get it now anyway.

Really nice too see that it actually came and also this "early". I had expected to see it later in the autumn.



bahooney said:

In before "9.99?! Hermagerd, SNES games should be liek five bucks, 8 at most. Why is it 10? Oh well, buying it anyway. Snarf snarf snarf."

Guys. I would pay twenty bucks for a legal way to play this. Heck, I paid 70 for the cartridge! I swear, the smart phone, iOS-driven mindset of the modern consumer is driving me insane... You get what you pay for in this case. In fact, more than what you pay for. This isn't a game that was developed by Rovio. It's a full-blooded, SNES golden era RPG. Seriously, appreciate that you're getting it at all!



russellohh said:

Thomas Whitehead, whoever you are, I loves you man. I've played Earthbound for 20 years now- well, 19. I still have the guide. I got into professional game development because of that game. I deleted my ROM of it when the Wii U version was announced, months ago. I was planning on buying a Japanese Wii U when the Japanese version was announced. FAnboy, away!



nik1470 said:

Thanks nlife wouldn't have checked the eshop today if it wasn't for this fine bit of reporting. I salute you



Azikira said:

I'm on the store right now. I do not see Earthbound. (Yes, I am US)

Update: After searching in the store for a third time, it has appeared.



SteveW said:

Wow, there was a Nintendo Direct this morning, maybe they announced it there.



SchamMan89 said:

I just downloaded the game. (I'm in America)




WhiteTrashGuy said:

It's probably $9.99 because of the included digital strategy guide. Yes, I would not put it past Nintendo to charge an extra $2.00 for a digital strategy guide.



DeathCode said:

Been wanting this for a while so I am downloading this ASAP. I also don't care for the extra $2 fee its only $2.



SteveW said:

Yep, it's on todays Nintendo Direct, wow, Nintendo Life missed this one....



ultraraichu said:

Way to go NL, you have just blow up the internet as well as many minds. Caught me by surprise (picks up brain matter).



Ren said:

Never been big on RPG's so this is the biggest thing I missed that people wet them selves over. I guess I'll have to give it a go. Will it stand up for first timers? Is this only WiiU vc or regular Wii vc too? anyone know?



bahooney said:

@Ren It's only on Wii U. It's almost like a book, with RPG elements. The story, charm, and art style are incredible. Minimal grinding. I'll say this: I hate RPG's, seriously just don't like 'em, but EarthBound is my favorite game of all time. It's a masterpiece. I had no expectations when I first played it five years ago, and I was blown away.



Nareva said:

I missed this one back in the SNES days and never got around to trying it. I figure since people are always screaming about it, I should give it a go.



Ren said:

thanks for the tips, guys! Not going to get a WiiU for this, but I'll have to find one "somewhere else" in the meantime.



SCAR said:

I can't figure out where the strategy guide is. This is the cheapest/best way your gonna get this game on your HDTV.



SphericalCrusher said:

My jaw dropped when I read the news. This makes me extremely happy, as I've been dying to replay it (Been considering digging out SNES or playing a ROM) but I made myself wait till it hit VC for a more secure save file option. Nonetheless, going to have to bounce this with Shin Megami IV and Animal Crossing!



LinktotheFuture said:

I think the price is fair since it comes with the strategy guide.

Already downloaded, will play it for the first time today after work.



allav866 said:

I take back my comment about how Nintendo is charging too much. If it comes with a full strategy guide that cost something like $20 back then, then charging $2 is perfectly fine.



rjejr said:

Congrats to everyone who has been waiting seemingly their entire lives for this.

I know very little about this game and never researched it b/c I never thought it would actually reach the US, guess I'll go look into it now



SmaMan said:

Can't confirm this for sure, but it looks like it behaves just like the manuals for other eShop VC games. Hit HOME and click "view manual" with should be on the right side of the screen... I think



Wilford111 said:

If only I had money right now!!!!!
Oh well I guess I'll be downloading it in a few weeks.



DarkEdi said:

Why not Wii and only Wii U? It doesn´t have sense, it is like to launch a DSiware only in 3DS but not in DSi.



SmaMan said:

I'd imagine it's a move to sell more Wii U's, and it's working. I know of many people who are going to, or seriously want to buy one today as a result of this news.

Besides, except for the odd Neo-Geo release, the Wii VC is pretty much done.



SCAR said:

The strategy guide is on the internet. It said in the Nintendo Direct Mini.



DeathCode said:

@SCAR392 Ya I got that kind of lame you cant just have it open on the gamepad as well as play it same time gotta keep switching.



ps2fan said:

Earthbound is a great game. Anyone that does have a WII U and likes RPGs should give it a shot. I still have the original cartridge/strategy guide and the JP GBA Mother 1, 2, & 3 games. I would love to play it again in HD but till more RPGs come out on the WII U, I won't be buying one.



DarkEdi said:

@SmaMan I think the same, it is an exclusive for the Wii U owners. I have a Wii U but i preffer to download this retro games in my Wii (I´m not conviced to transfer until they unify the Wii with Wii U like the 3DS does with DS).



DarkEdi said:

Wait!! $10??? If all SNES games are $8 and imports are $9. Nintendo is greedy.



SteveW said:

I have the SNES cartridge also... I'm wondering if they applied a graphic filter to the Wii U version, sometimes I prefer the cartridge versions over that...



ultrakatie64 said:

This is great news and a huge step in the right direction. I can't think of a better use for the Virtual Console than to give gamers the chance to experience rare games that they never got to play before without spending $150 on eBay. Earthbound somehow eluded me when it first came out, but now my weekend is going to be jam packed with Earthbound, Project X Zone, and reading the strategy guide for Shin Megami Tensei IV!



coolvw93 said:

This is great news!!! I have always wanted to get this game but havent felt like throwing down the loads of money for an snes cartridge. Great price too.



DarkKirby said:

Olimar announced for Smash Bros. Wii U as Pikiman is being released?

Ness confirmed for still being in Smash for Wii U.



NintyMan said:

Shock and awe! This has truly been from out of the blue. I would've been surprised if Earthbound even came out this summer, much less today. Now if only I had some cash in the Wii U...



Caryslan said:

While I still consider Phantasy Star IV the better game in terms of first-party console RPGs of that era, it's nice to see Earthbound finally return to the Virtual Console. And Nintendo did a good job of going the extra mile by including the strategy guide.

Now that Earthbound has returned, let's see Star Fox and Yoshi's Island come out as well



WiiLovePeace said:

Damn! I just added $10 to my 3DS eShop account too... I so would've liked to get Earthbound straight away. Oh well, hopefully next week.



RedYoshi999 said:

Looks like I might be buying an eShop card tomorrow... It's $13 for any Aussies out there. Sure is a high profile game to mark the first game distinct from the Wii VC. Here's hoping many more new games come soon!



Einherjar said:

Am i blind or does the EU version come without the guide and still cost more ? Im a bit confused here.



Sean_Aaron said:

Such a nice surprise, but I'm on holiday so I'll have to wait until next week to pick it up...



element187 said:

"Going to keep the strategy guide out though."

@Tasuki Don't do that, keep the strategy guide in a protective cover and just use the electronic strategy guide Nintendo has released along with the VC title.



sletari said:

I don't like this... all the other SNES games are 7.99, why is this 9.99? They don't give discount for smaller/worse games, why can they charge more for a (perhaps) higher-quality one? I mean, if Super Metroid can be the same price as Vegas Stakes, why couldn't Earthbound? And what if the other companies go on the same line and make their bigger games more expensive as well?



Dormouse said:

Wow........ $10. !!!!!! ???? Aren't SNES games $7? Why is this more? I don't care if idiots wanna pay $300 for the original cart on eBay its not worth $300 to me no game is.... But didn't Japan get this for free? Or .30 cents converted currency for the fami anniversary? .. why not just give it to us for 7... Why $10? I'll still buy it i guess just to show Nintendo yes Americans like games like this and yes release and make more games like this.



onex said:

It's called supply & demand, people. Consumers demand it, so Nin can charge whatever they like for it. And considering the licensing they probably had to go through, I'm sure the higher price tag is justified.

Anyway, when all is said and done, EARTHBOUND is TEN BUCKS! and you're complaining?? Considering the going rate for second-hand copies, ten bucks is practically a STEAL! Not to mention, the game may be old, but if it's as good as everyone screams, I'll gladly throw down a 10-spot for this gaming gem!



renaryuugufan92 said:

who knows if this does well we might get that unreleased version of Mother (Earthbound 0) for the NES, and Mother 3 once GBA titles hit the eshop~ i haven't played this in 15 years, my cousin had it on his SNES and we played it to death back in 1998 when I was 5. I can remember having nightmares of Giyga's final form too xD I was sad when he sold his SNES without telling me thus his copy of Earthbound was gone forever, and the prices for a physical copy have been rising ever since, but now 15 years later it is time to re-experience this "lost" gem on our Wii U's for only $10, bring it on Giygas~!



SMW said:

This digital strategy guide. Is it the very same one that came with the SNES game?! That right theres well worth the admission price. Throw in the fact that you get Earthbound too and its the deal of the universe!

whirr You say theres a PDF of the guide? You can't have scratch and sniff on a silly PDF! Wait, the GamePad can't possibly have scratch and sniff either. Well... poop.



SmaMan said:

That $10 also gets you the strategy guide that came with the game. Considering that the game+guide goes for about $500 today, you're getting an amazing deal.

This is a full, 30-40 hour game, long story short, you're getting some serious bang for your buck here.



ogo79 said:

i payed around 700$ for two complete sets. you cant swing 10 bucks for the game and guide?

"Wait!! $10??? If all SNES games are $8 and imports are $9. Nintendo is greedy."-DarkEdi
aw come on man stop complaining all the time. please?



RetrogamerFan said:

Wow, looking forward to getting this. I think £6.99 for a 30-40 hour game is more than fair, whether it happens to be a new/old game. But £6.99 for this is incredible value for money, it's never been available in Europe, and by all accounts is a fantastic game, I can't wait to play it.



Pj1 said:

Does Europe get the game guide too? I don't know where to start with RPG's.....

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