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Devil Survivor 2 European Pre-Order Threshold and Details Outlined by Ghostlight

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

1800 pre-orders needed for release

DS title Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 has been available in North America — published by Atlus — for well over a year now, yet it's taken time for a publisher to successfully pick up the reins in Europe. Ghostlight has stepped in, but successfully selling a DS game is increasingly difficult in the current market, a reality that seems to have affected this release.

Earlier this month Ghostlight detailed its pre-order plans, stating that two packages would be available and that a pre-order threshold would need to be hit for the release to go ahead. Pre-orders were planned to open last week, but "final approval of the content" is still required for the European version, pushing the process back until that's finally in place.

While we wait for that, Ghostlight has outlined specific details of what it'll take for this release to see the light of day. It's specified that 1800 pre-orders will be required for it to go ahead, as that's the number required to break even on manufacturing costs. Below are the bundles that'll be offered.

Option 1: Standalone Release

  • Devil Survivor 2 (DS)
  • This factory sealed edition will be available to all PAL territories and anyone pre-ordering from us will have the option to include their name in the DS2 manual.
  • Pre-Order price £24.99/€29.99

Option 2: Devil Survivor Bundle

  • Devil Survivor 2 (DS) & Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS) with £10.00 discount!
  • Both games will be factory sealed and as with Option 1, anyone pre-ordering the bundle will have the option to include their name in the DS2 manual. Regrettably, we will not be able to ship this bundle to Germany due to an existing distribution agreement.
  • Pre-Order price £49.98/€59.98 (usual price £59.98/€69.98)

Pre-orders will be open for one month only, but manufacturing will begin sooner (it's a five week process) if the threshold is passed before then. If the target isn't hit, those on option 1 will receive a full refund, while option 2 pre-orders would receive a £24.99/€29.99 refund but still receive a copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked for 3DS. Assuming all goes well with content approval and pre-orders when opened, Ghostlight is targeting a late September release.

The question is, will the pre-order target be hit? It's down to DS and 3DS owners in Europe to pitch in if they want the game to arrive in the region.


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DarkCoolEdge said:

The thing is, I prefer to wait for DS2 3DS. If it wasn't being made I'd gladly get the combined pre-order.



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah this is mute imo. Waste of time as most will either wait or just import really. I haven't even touched mine due to the fact I've not beat overclocked. By this ill just wait for the 3ds version as well as it will be insentive to beat overclocked and I can't imagine Atlus having anything else to release for the 3ds for a long time after Millennium Girl!



Metalslime said:

Getting the bundle. I've been playing Strange Journey like crazy on my regular ds lately. It's a shame we didn't get a European release of that either.

Just imagine if every publisher did this? The PAL region wouldn't be the runt of the rpg gaming world



WiiLovePeace said:

I understand why, but it's simply too expensive for me. Plus the fact that they will likely bring over the DS2 remake makes this a definite no-buy, sadly.



Morph said:

I will pre order, its only 25 quid and likely to become a collectors item. I doubt it will hit the required number tho



Emblem said:

Rather wait for the 3ds remake, theres plenty of games out and in the pipeline to tide me over until then.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

I love Ghostlight for their EU SMT support, but this is just not worth it with the 3DS remake on the horizon and the original release being readily importable.



Metalslime said:

Guys you surely can see it from their perspective. They got the rights to publish DS2 before the 3DS remake was announced, and it's not as if they're trying to give this title to legitimate EU customers at a profit either. You can complain that they sat on the rights to publish for too long, which of course is true, but that's a problem that just got worse over time. As in, it was too late to publish a DS title as it was dying out in favour of the 3DS (which was struggling in sales too remember?) and then the 3DS remake of Devil Survivor was on the horizon leaving them with the poor position of releasing a sequel to a game that is itself a spin-off of a niche series of JRPG that has already been updated for the 3DS. Releasing it now, several months after the PAL release of Devil Survivor: Overclocked is really the best and final time to do so (and seeing that they are only looking to break even, they know this also).

The fact that DS2 Break Code has not been confirmed for release in US markets let alone the PAL region leaves 3 possibilities.

1. It may not be released internationally at all.
2. It could be released only in Japan and the US.
3. It's to be released in all regions.

And at the same time, Ghostlight have the following options

1. Release DS2 in Europe at no loss (THIS IS THEIR BEST OPTION) AKA try to do something.
2. Having wasted any number of resources to complete the title, do nothing and take a loss.

Does anybody have any better suggestions? I don't and so I'm going to support this release because I'm one of those Europeans who haven't imported it/



Doma said:

WAY too late for this.

Everybody has the game already thanks to glorious region-free.



BriBri said:

Does my Amazon pre-order count? It's been outstanding for the bulk of this year...

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