While Monster Hunter 4 still represents a distant dream for many of us, its Japanese release on 14th September creeps ever closer. As a result Capcom is dishing up regular snippets of information for the Japanese market, while those of us elsewhere can look on as interested parties that can only hope.

As translated by Siliconera, more details and screens have been unleashed for Chico Village; the previously seen location resembles a Caribbean island that's populated by the cat-like Felyne creatures. In terms of its purpose and functionality, it seems like an expanded variation of the farm and Argosy Captain that some may know from Monster Hunter 3.

There'll be various services available, including special armour and equipment for Felynes that gives them stronger odds when tackling monsters, and like the masks in Tri will influence traits on the creatures' attack habits. Just off the coast of Chico Village is PocaPoca Island, where a large number of Felynes will gather. One option in this area is to send the creatures on quests to retrieve crucial resources for Felyne armour; the greater the distance the higher the risk, and you have to equip the party — of up to five — with food for the journey, as well as take account of their characteristics and skills. There's also a fishing machine that needs certain goods and willing Felynes to operate, with the goal of positioning over a well-populated area of water and getting the timing right.

You can see some images below. Capcom has said nothing officially about this title coming to the West, but we imagine that Nintendo may also take an interest in bringing this 3DS exclusive to other territories, having previously stated that it'll support publishers with localisation. We'll have to wait and see.

Monster Hunter 4 Felyne2
Monster Hunter 4 Felyne3
Monster Hunter 4 Felyne4
Monster Hunter 4 Felyne5

[via siliconera.com]