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Candle May Light Up Wii U If It Reaches Its Stretch Goal

Posted by Andy Green

Update: Will come to Wii U eventually should original goal be met

It's come to light that Candle will eventually be developed for Wii U should the original goal be reached, regardless of whether or not it meets the $85,000 stretch goal. Speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast Teku Studios co-founder Miguel Vallés said it would come to Nintendo's system "sooner or later" but it would be delayed while the studio picked up additional funding. It's not clear where this money would come from, perhaps from hopeful profits, but it seems this lovely-looking game may see the light of day on Wii U after all.

Original Article:

Teku Studios is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get its upcoming adventure title Candle onto PC and it could make it to Wii U if it reaches the relevant stretch goal.

The most interesting feature in this one is the fact Teku, the protagonist, has a candle instead of a hand. This can be lit up in certain spots and the aim of the game is to prevent it from being extinguished as certain puzzles cannot be completed without it.

According to the Spanish developer, it's inspired by cinematic adventure games like Out of This World and Flashback, while the gameplay takes a leaf or two from classic platformers like Abe's Oddysee and Heart of Darkness.

In order to make it to Wii U, the campaign must obtain $85,000, which will require a massive surge in investment considering time is running out. At the time of writing it has $11,840 of its $40,000 goal with 19 days left to go. Realistically, it's pretty unlikely this aesthetically pleasing game will make it to Wii U, but stranger things have happened.

You can see the Kickstarter pitch below to see more from Candle. Would you like this to come to Wii U? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks to Andy Whitefield for the tip!


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Smitherenez said:

Looks interesting! I love the genre and I dig the art style! I will keep my eye on it.



DePapier said:

Wait! I heard "DirectX11." Therefore, following the logic of Square Enix for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV, the game can't come to Wii U.



ScorpionMG said:

I wanted to say that this is actually coming to the wii u even if the stretch goal is not done:
The tentative stretch-goal for the Wii U version is set at $85,000, but co-founder and lead programmer Miguel Vallés confirmed to Nintendo Enthusiast that the game will eventually see Wii U release should it not reach its goal.

“We would develop Candle for Wii U sooner or later, but we should delay that development until we launched the game and got enough [additional] funding”



Shambo said:

It's gorgeous, and I really appreciate how they at least tried to do it without kickstarter. And if what @ScorpionMG says is true, I truely love them for what they do. It's how it was before kickstarter for indies, and it's the right -but difficult- way to do it. Also, they must believe in Nintendo then, which is always good. The one gaming-only focused big company that dares to be different, to tell shareholders that there's a better way than always firing staff,...

I wish them the best of luck, and I wish to play this beautiful looking game in the not-too-distant future on my Wii U!



ikki5 said:

I see that $80,000 is Wii U and $100,000 is "Next Gen" Consoles

that comment kind of annoys me as they don't seem to know the actually definition of a generation.



HugoSmits said:

@ikki5 I think they do know the word. Sure the WiiU is the successor of the Wii and thus represents next-generation.

But when we talk from a technological point of view, when we look at RAM and CPU (which is something they consider since they are developers).. it’s fair to say WiiU isn’t next-gen.

Now, before 99% of the NL readers jump on me;

I don’t think it matters. In fact, Nintendo doesn’t want to be next-gen. They chose a completely different approach to making consoles (innovate with controls,etc) And it worked out great not only for Nintendo, but for the complete game industry.

I seriously lost my appetite for gaming, until I finally played a Mario title again on the Wii.

The WiiU might not be next-gen, but since I’m not looking for the next Call of Duty.. I’m okay with that. I just want my video games to be videogames; full of fantasy creativity and fun

I wish all Nintendo fans could stop being bitter about the ‘does WiiU rival PS4/Xbox in tech power?’. Look at all the amazing games, look how awesome and colorful Pikmin 3 looks.

Honestly; every time Nintendo announces a new game, I pretty much feel 8 years old again! I hope this feeling will last forever!

And best of all, because Nintendo uses current-gen technology we get the stuff for much cheaper than a PS4 or Xbox! How is this not a win-win for us ?



Dormouse said:

I'm glad Nintendo is taking so many indie devs and bringing their games to Wii U and 3DS! I just wish they could get here faster. I cant wait to play that black and white with crazy color bursting the legend of Zelda inspired game! Anyone know what its called? Two brothers or something? Looks amazing, out of this world!



Warruz said:

I to enjoy the amount of indie games coming to the Wii U, i will pick them up over other platforms just because i can play it on the gamepad.

My only problem is the E store needs a bit of an overhaul, its fine now but its simply doesnt seem built for a large catalog with its only few items per page when scrolling.



Dormouse said:

@HugoSmits What I like about Nintendo is that when you think about the gaming industry, its becoming the next art medium and they recognize that, perhaps always have. Like film isn't as old as music so is video games becoming the art medium as film was. Video games have come just a long way as film has but in a shorter amount of time.
Nintendo games to me are very replayable i think theres an intentional reason for the artistic/animated style that all there games have. To this day I still love playing super Mario Bros and Mario 64, I don't say that about the first tomb raider or Twisted Metal on PlayStation one.
There's a charming sense of whimsy Nintendo that Nintendo presents with their games and that's why so many people play them for years to come because they're timeless classics.



ikki5 said:


defining next gen by RAM and CPU is lying to yourself though. You can have 500TB (yes I know you can't get that much) of Ram and that won't mean one console is better than the other. This is the problem about people now-a-day is they assume that because something has these specs vs these other specs means that it is some how better. I look at the battle between the Xbox and PS4 and 95% of it is all about specs when no one has really seen the games outside of trailers or anything. People just look at the specs and are like "the game will be better on here because this system has more of this" when really.... the game will be the exact same on both consoles and if there is a difference (that is not intentional due to exclusiveness), it is hardly noticeable unless you take both versions, put them side by side and stare at it for a while. A generation is also not defined what is it something or the advancements of something. Take a look at life for example. we have generations that go up and down from one another. This is what really bugs me is how the gaming industry has taken a word and is misusing it completely.



Macarony64 said:

@HugoSmits So now that we know you are so smart answer me this. What console from Sony or Microsoft use 2g of memory and use a minimum of of at least direct 10.1?



ScorpionMG said:

@ikki5 Ikr, This is why i just stick with nintendo and their fans, i got sick of the people from sony and xbox being all about specs and playing all day cod and battlefield, for me, those games are repitive, and they become worse than the previous ones, but with nintendo, every single time you get a new experience, and you enjoy it every time



Monsti said:

Some problem as with every single Kickstarter game. Wii U fans can't really support them bringing it to Wii U because it's a) only a stretchgoal and that might not work out even with my support and b) the reward is the PC version...why would a back a Wii U game to get a PC game. :/
I understand that it's not easy but it really is too bad. I'd love to support many more games. I did support Shovel Knight for example.



HugoSmits said:

@ikki5 It’s totally about RAM and CPU.

Not in a way where one is better than the other, but in a way where there is a bare-minimum to be met. First parties talk extensively with developers and publishers to see in which direction they want to take their games the coming generation and build their console around that accordingly.

So it does not matter if Playstation ends up with slightly more RAM than Xbox or vise versa, what matters is that both have enough raw horse power to support the features developers want to put into their games in the coming years/generation.

And in that regard the WiiU is lacking behind. Which results in low third party support.



Jukilum said:

@HugoSmits I'll have to take your word for it, but when 3rd parties say the Wii U isn't powerful enough and then put the game on the 360 and PS3 it stretches credibility.



HugoSmits said:

@Jukilum You have to keep in mind that developers are trying to create a toolset and pipeline that will enable them to run one game on multiple platforms.

This means that in many cases this is not the most efficient way of doing graphics on a specific machine, but rather a compromise between performance and usability.

So when you get the ‘WiiU cannot handle this game’ it basically means it cannot handle the inefficient engine/tool pipeline they have developed.

Is the WiiU capable of doing the same graphical/cpu heavy tricks as the 360 or PS3 ? sure, but since the developer’s toolset and pipeline weren’t written with the WiiU hardware in mind, it will require a total rewrite of their engine and tools and possibly the game itself.

From a cost/profit stand point it would be almost like creating a new game.
This is also the reason why most first-party titles look so much better. It’s because those developers could only focus on the hardware at hand, and write a engine/tools optimized completely for that hardware.

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