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Atlus Parent Company Reportedly Preparing To Sell Operations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Process could begin next week

As we reported recently, Atlus' parent company Index is in financial difficulty, having "civil rehabilitation proceedings" in Japan to resolve problems with substantial debts. To date the operations of Atlus have been unaffected by these issues, yet the process with Index is now reportedly moving onto significant next steps.

It's been reported in Bloomsberg (translated by the user "Professor" at that Index corp is proceeding with plans to sell off its operations, with bids likely to start as early as next week with potential settlements totaling around 15 billion Yen (just under $150 million / £100 million). With bids starting so quickly it seems the company aims to tie up the process by early September, in order to avoid a loss of value due to a protracted rehabilitation period.

For its part, Atlus is proceeding with business as usual, and will likely continue to do so until it's either sold or — as seems unlikely — left as part of its struggling parent company. The continuation of upcoming releases and events is a positive, and we suspect that the range of IPs and its reputation for quality will help Atlus to secure bids.

Whether this process will cause any significant changes to Atlus' output and its regional offices is unknown, but it's not time to be overly concerned quite yet.


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Senario said:

I would like to request and advise Nintendo that buying Atlus would allow them to make superb games like the Persona series as a second party game. But hopefully they work out the financial stuff.



Vincent294 said:

If they get sold may Nintendo or Capcom buy them. And may they continue making games like normal.



TheAdza said:

Nintendo really needs to buy Atlus. Not only will it strengthen their hold over the Japanese market, but they need more 1st party games. Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei should be just the start of a beatiful match made in heaven, not a once off.

When has Nintendo ever acquired a big name company ?

Nintendo really needed to buy Sega too. Or at least a big selection of their IP's



Zombie_Barioth said:

Nintendo and Sony are the most likely out of the big companies to leave Atlus to their devices but I'm not sure how I feel about them being exclusive to either of them. It'd be nice to have a console thats a one stop shop for Atlus games but that would probably cause problems with existing games on other consoles.

They're still the best bet though since that leaves Capcom, Square Enix, Namco. All three could really benefit from buying Atlus, and I certainly wouldn't object to them working on Breath of Fire or the Tales series. Konami and Tecmo I can't see having any interest in a company known for RPGs.



Dizzard said:

I would love to see Atlus bought by Nintendo. I suppose I have some bias but I honestly would feel the most comfortable with Nintendo supporting them.

Do you think there's a chance Nintendo would be interested?



King47 said:

My worry is that if Nintendo buys them, then Nintendo will consider their games not that great selling and have atlus work on something else. I doubt it, but it's possible.



Spoony_Tech said:

Worst case is Microempire swoops in and throws money at them. I would hate the evil empire even more then before as I don't ever want an xbox!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I agree with the masses. Nintendo should definitely make a move to purchase ATLUS' parent company. SMT AND Persona on Nintendo systems? Yes. Even though I enjoy the other consoles, this would be huge for Nintendo.



MERG said:

I would love Nintendo to step in as I would like to play the Atlus series that haven't hit their devices. I am loving Atlus more and more and don't want to shell out money to buy non-Nintendo consoles.



Jellitoe said:

Hmmm, interesting, Nintendo is giving away 30 bucks if you buy FE and SMT, so maybe they are in talks. Atlus games do sell well on Ninty systems



WiiLovePeace said:

At minimum, as long as Atlus gets bought by a company that can allow them to continue as they operate today I'll be happy. I, of course, hope Nintendo buy them if at all possible, but I have little understanding of the business side of things so I'll have to wait & see what happens. Good luck Atlus!



MrGawain said:

If Nintendo did buy Atlus, all they would be buying is IP, and Nintendo already have more IP than Mike Wazowski with a bladder infection. The only real IP which may be interesting to Nintendo would be Shin Megami Tensei, and even that isn't as big as some people make it out to be. I do however think Nintendo would be better off trying to recruit some of the Atlus staff to bolster its ranks.



Dogpigfish said:

With the exception of a few, Atlas makes sadistic games, it wouldn't match Nindi style at all. Sony should buy them, they have the same values.



Objection said:

@dogpigfish- They don't match the values...? Then why is SMT IV, Strange Journey and Soul Hackers on the (3)DS exclusively? Nintendo occasionally has relationships with "mature" publishers, like CAPCOM early in the GCN days and with Platinum and its Bayonetta 2. Nintendo itself doesn't make Mature ("sadistic") games but they are more than up for other developers making it for them and their system(s.)



Erikdayo said:

I hope Nintendo DOESN'T buy Atlus. I'd like to enjoy their games on both Sony and Nintendo consoles.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Nintendo should buy them. Atlus, along with Monolith Soft and Intelligent Systems, would make Nintendo the go-to company for RPG's.



AVahne said:

Do NOT let Nintendo buy them.
It'll be much better for a similar company like NIS or Marvelous AQL to acquire them. By doing so, Atlus can continue making games for the platforms THEY wish to develop for.



FriedSquid said:

If anyone should buy them, it would be Sega or Namco. I don't see how Nintendo could make it work.



Doma said:

@Koto You are correct, sir.

But, if they were somehow forced to be acquired by one of the big three... We all know Sony would be the best candidate.



AVahne said:

@Doma It would be pretty unfortunate if Sony were to acquire it. Many of Atlus' greatest games were on Nintendo platforms, as well as Sony. Also, I want SMT x FE to happen. It MUST happen. So both Sony and Nintendo would be EQUALLY suited in my eyes.
But anyway...let's just hope none of the big three tries to grab it.



Dogpigfish said:

@Objection I meant sadistic, demonic, or satanic. Nindi doesn't license these games, but they don't restrict them either. My point is it wouldn't be a good fit. Nintendo's market is predominantly families and friends, face to face social gaming and mature rated games where you are clearly the 'hero'. Sony is more accustomed to people playing by themselves in the dark. Just my viewpoint.



Melkaticox said:

@Zombie_Barioth The possibilities of Sony buying Atlus are...very low. Since when does Sony even care about Atlus? ...Like, at all? Yeah, I know that Atlus published most of their games on the PS2 during the 6th generation, but that's just because the PS2 was the best selling console back then, they published just...what? 4 titles on the PS3?

It's pretty obvious Nintendo cares a lot about Atlus now: The Club Nintendo thing for SMT4, SMT x Fire Emblem, all the for SMT4...
I'm not saying Nintendo's going to buy Atlus since...sadly, that's not what they do...but hey! They actually bought Monolith Soft in 200X (uh) and that...ended up being one of their best decisions ever! And come on, Nintendo is not going to let SMT x FE be cancelled...



yuwarite said:

I enjoy playing Atlus games on Nintendo portables and don't want that to stop.



B3ND3R said:

This is your chance Nintendo!
I also would like to add a bit of a talking point... In 2010 Atlus said there was a Persona game in the works for 3DS... A few weeks ago it came out that Persona 5 has been in development since March of 2010... If my speculation comes true, I will be a very happy person And if Nintendo buys Atlus, that will be icing on the cake.

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