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An Official Mega Man [Board] Game is Coming!

Posted by Tim Latshaw

We're getting closer, at least

The 25th Anniversary of Mega Man has seen the series honoured in myriad ways, from a spot reserved for the Blue Bomber in the next Super Smash Bros. to, um, a Rush tissue pouch. The main thing that really seems to have been missing is an actual new game for Mega Man to call his own.

One such game is now on its way! The catch is, it’s a phsyical board game.

Jasco Games has announced it will be producing an officially licensed Mega Man board game that should arrive late this year or early 2014. Jasco is also making Mega Man sets for its Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game.

It’s still not a new videogame, but a Mega Man board game may be worth keeping an eye on. Tabletop gaming has seen a significant resurgence in the past few years, and if it looks as impressive as the upcoming BioShock Infinite board game, it could be worth owning.

Does fighting Dr. Wily on your table sound like an interesting proposition to you? Let us know below.


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MrGawain said:

Logically, if CAPCOM is going to release a bunch of Megaman stuff including a new video game, the game would come last as the finale.

Just a theory.



WingedSnagret said:

Nice, but Capcom, how about instead of beating around the bush you actually make a proper, non fan made Mega Man video game and actually finish it?



Midnight3DS said:

Being a player and collector of modern boardgames, I can say Plaid Hat Games (Bioshock) makes fantastic games. Jasco doesn't have much under their belt. I just hope it's not a shoddy output winding up next to Monopoly, Uno, and Twilight Trivia at Walmart.



KAHN said:

pfft! my guild and i already play D&D modified adventures in the megaman universe, why would i want a board game? eh.



Splashman said:

With all this merchandise hubbub and no real games, the least thing they could make would be a new Rockman anime! It doesn't even need to have an overarching story or follow any plot from the games. Just keep the details straight, like in the Archie comics.



Magikarp3 said:

I'm actually pretty interested. Megaman and board games might make a good mix. I hope it's not going to be rare though :/



3DSAllDay said:

Capcom-The fans want a new mega man game....we will give them a new mega man game!!!! mwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!



Einherjar said:

Its funny how many companies care for MegaMan and try to make something with him and still, Capcom refuses to listen and ignores this IP almost completely. Seeing that Namco got X and Zero for Project X Zone and cassic MegaMan for smash...there could be a reasonable chance that Namco could get their hands on the license for good, they should at least try to get it out of capcoms hand.
Like i said a while ago, Capcom did a very fine job regarding the Monster Hunter games recently, but what they are dooing with MegaMan can really break a fans heart.



Giygas_95 said:

This sounds nice, but how hard would it be for Capcom to put together another Mega Man game? They could go the 8-bit route again, and they'd have all the assets they need right in front of them. They'd just have to make some more stages, bosses, and songs. I'm sure it'd be an easy project for them, and it would likely bring in plenty of money so why not?

I really don't get why they milked the franchise for years and now all of a sudden they stop. Perhaps they think they've made too many Mega Man games? Maybe they are working on something, and we just don't know it yet...

I'd even say they should make Mega Man part of their company logo.



The-Chosen-one said:

Just remake 2d megaman games, with graphics like, Mario WiiU, or the DonkeyKong tropical freeze. but then with a deeper story and cutscenes.



turtle69 said:

Megaman is a technically difficult game. . . Die try die try die succeed. . . It would be a great idea to make a new side scroller with more depth. I don't personally see much in a 3d realm but hey it could work. Ive only played the original and it "in my opinion. Didn't have a great story but your imagination could possibly make a swell experience. . . I don't know why they wouldn't at least. Try though. Look at all the fans requests! I would if I were them that's fo sho



Adam said:

I'm not a fan of UFS, but at least the license isn't being given to a more mass market company to make Mega Manopoly. Also, Bioshock Infinite looks great and is made by a great company. I've got it preordered.

@GamerZack7 No, Jasco bought it and brought it back. Their first set was original and not based on a video game. Haven't kept track of what they've done since then.



Giygas_95 said:

How about another spin off series that gave either Proto Man or Bass their own spotlights?



DaveGX said:

Great..... Just what the we need, another board or card game which the franchise doesn't fit the genre at all. Fail.



jedisquidward said:

How long now has it been Mega Man's 25th Anniversary? Practically every article I've seen about it for a long time mentions it.



DaveGX said:

@jedisquidward: How do you figure not really? MEga Man is a side scrolling game, not a fighting/battle system type game. As I said, it really doesn't fit the TCG genre or boardgames for that matter. Think about it. MEga Man is the only 1 able to use other enemies weapons (except for Zero if you count the X series), but they can't use his. How exactly is this suitable for a TCG or board game?



sleepinglion said:

Does anyone else recall Rockman: The Wily Wars? It was a 16-bit compilation of Mega Man 1-3 for the Rockman market. I'd love to see it get a US release this year in some form whether it be Virtual Console or a hidden Easter Egg in a MM release.



Tylr said:

This Capcom's response to everyone wanting a new Mega man game, I'm fairly certain.

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