The Zelda timeline is one of the mysteries of gaming — well, it is to enthusiasts that don't simply want to play the games and deal with the cards they're dealt. It's also rather confusing, even though the gorgeous Hyrule Historia includes an "official timeline". Multiple paths and time travel are just part of the fun, and it would take one of the world's greatest storytelling minds to have envisioned these paths from the beginning.

Except, that's not what happened. Michael Damiani, from GameTrailers, has posted the following tweet as a teaser ahead of a full interview with Takashi Tezuka.

Perhaps the fact that the timeline is so wonky with its alternate realities was all the confirmation we needed that it's been added retrospectively, but hopefully these comments — especially once the full interview is published — will clear it up once and for all.

The Zelda timeline is fun, no mistake, and we're sure it's going to tumble off in fresh directions as more and more games arrive in the series. If this revelation shatters any illusions — though it shouldn't, really — then we can only apologise. The games are still awesome though, right?