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Yacht Club Games Unveils Shovel Knight's Nemesis, the Black Knight

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And a nifty papercraft

Shovel Knight is shaping up to be an intriguing release later this year for both the Wii U and 3DS eShop platforms; it's the first game release from Yacht Club Games, itself formed by former employees of WayForward Technologies. The footage and hands-on previews to date have been full of positivity, with its pixel-based old-school vibe attracting plenty of attention.

As the studio settles into a new office space and picks up work on the project, it's keeping its crowdfunding backers and the wider world in the loop with regular updates. Often used to reveal new characters, the latest introduces the Black Knight — pictured above — a relentless doppelganger that continually challenges Shovel Knight throughout the game. Below is the official description.

As the Yin to Shovel Knight’s Yang, the Black Knight calls nobody master. Clad in obsidian armor, he hounds Shovel Knight to the ends of the Earth, spoiling for a battle. The Black Knight’s skill with the ShovelBlade rivals that of Shovel Knight, or so the Black Knight hopes to prove! While Shovel Knight is confused as to why he has this mysteriously relentless doppelganger, no number of humiliating defeats by Shovel Knight could dampen the Black Knight’s spirit: he will always rise up to fight again!

Pros: persistent, confident, goal-oriented
Cons: slightly inept, squeaky voice

Rather humorously, the latest update also provides a papercraft that'll allow you to make your own Shovel Knight, assuming you have some relatively thick paper handy. We've included these at full size below for your convenience — which you can save to your PC with a right-click on the mouse — if you want to give it a go. If you do, be careful with that hobby knife while cutting out the shapes, will you?


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Kirk said:

They should make a character called Knight Rider that's all black except for his visor which is a red horizontal light that move/pulses back and forth



DarkCoolEdge said:

This game is looking really good. I wish they release it before the fall craze so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Can't come soon enough!



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I'm hoping that Shovel Knight is released sometime between August and the end of October. It is by far one of my most anticipated eShop games yet!



Bassman_Q said:

Reminds me a lot like Dark Kirby. As well as Dark Link. And Dark Samus. I guess games these days love to have Dark versions of the main character in them.



BrightBeing said:

I know this knight is named for his literal color, but I don't know why I can't shake the racial connotations of the name! All well. I'll just call him Dark Knight.



Ultra64 said:

post a pic of the paper craft if you complete it! I dont have time to attempt it but it looks fun.

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