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Weirdness: Luigi Joins the Nintendo Bosses as They Arrive at E3

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Jeez, the green one's everywhere right now

Before last year's E3 kicked off Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime posed for a picture as they arrived in LA, forming a real-life triforce, perhaps. The three have once again arrived in the city and emerged from a large black people-carrier — is this now becoming a tradition? — but have also been joined by fourth character.

That extra team member, of course, is Luigi, who seems to be taking full advantage of the Year of Luigi to appear as many times as possible. It's hard to get away from the green-clad brother, which raises the question, will Mario actually feel the pangs of sibling jealousy?

Only Miyamoto is joining Luigi by putting on a pose, while Fils-Aime clearly forgot to check what the mascot was wearing, as he's sporting jeans and brown shoes that wouldn't look out of place on the mustachioed game character.

So the gang is in town and getting ready for the beginning of the E3 Nintendo Direct, which is on 11th June at 3pm UK time / 4pm European Central time / 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific. In Reggie's case, his whole body is ready.


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Dr_42o said:

Aww, the other picture with luigi fist bumping miyamoto is better.. well, besides the random heavyset women walking in the background.



Jenraux said:

@skyluigi2 Kevin Butler. He may not be allowed to advertise for other companies, but who can stop him when noone knows he is?



Macarony64 said:

that comment is incredibly inappropriate. typing 'jk jk' doesn't change it. stop it, per our rules, this sort of thing is a banning offence. k8smum



ungibbed said:

Iwata-san is dressed like a gangster and the rest are quite casual (save for Luigi which that costume has to extremely hot).

For no announced typical E3 press conference, I wonder what surprises they hold?



OorWullie said:

I think it is safe too say,this E3 is going to be an absolute belter.With just what we know of already it's guaranteed to be good but I'm sure there's going to be at least a couple of surprises.I just hope there's not too much time focused on Wii Fit U or any dance game though!Add in the 2 new monster consoles going head to head,it can't possibly let us down for entertainment,can it?



WiiLovePeace said:

Hahaha no way, I think since Mario has had the spotlight for 25+ years, he's definitely happy for Luigi to be in the spotlight for one year Glad to see them all there to do interviews & such for E3, can't wait to soak in all the coverage



DiSTANToblivion said:

I loved seeing these photos pop up on Miiverse. Just seems like Nintendo are the fun company that hang out like pals. The more personal approach to gamers is definitely going to be a winner.



Sanqet said:

Really excited for this e3 and hope nintendo finally justify my decision to buy a wii u last year



dc_10 said:

Oh it's amazing how one hyphen can make a difference...
"Large black people-carrier"
Think of how much hate would have been spewed here without it.



Mk_II said:

BTW: i don't think these three should be travelling in the same car or airplane. As a matter of fact, i think it's unlikely they actually did. Too big a risk!



BestBuck15 said:

Does Reggie actually play a part in making games? I don't think he does and I reckon he'll be getting gate soon.



AceSpadeS said:

Kind of surprised that they're even at E3, given that Nintendo is doing most of its stuff through the interwebnets and not a live presentation.



MrGawain said:


The Directs are there for Nintendo's core and future customers. Nintendo's E3 is perhaps more importantly about communicating with developers and retailers.

...And dragging around the guy in the Luigi suit.



AceSpadeS said:

@MrGawain Not sure if there are any developers left for Nintendo to talk to that they don't own. They seem to have burned most of those bridges already.



sinalefa said:

Well, the guy in the Luigi suit is not 100% lucky. It must be hot in there, and he cannot even say anything or ask questions. And it cannot be Trinen, or who else is gonna translate what Miyamoto says?

But still, being that close to Iwata and Miyamoto (hell, even Reggie) must be all kinds of awesome.



Dr_42o said:

LOL.. I see it now.. What is he doing with his foot in the air? Must be kicking an imaginary shell..



Varia01 said:

Hey, it's his year, give him some credit. LOL Miyamoto, Iwata, and Reggie don't seem to mind.



Aerona said:

Hey, I'd wear that costume no matter how hot it is if I could hang out with Miyamoto, Reggie, and Iwata.



GamerZack87 said:

I can picture it now...a massive end-of-year party to celebrate the Year of Luigi...
Mario: "Did-a you have-a good year-a, Luigi?"
Luigi: "Yes! Everybody noticed me! It was a dream come-"
Everybody: "1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!"
Luigi: "Yay! So, what should we-"
Peach: "Here, have some cake, Mario!"
Luigi: "Um...may I have some-"
Waluigi: "Mario! You are so great! You don't wear green! Red is second best to purple!"
Luigi: "But I like wearing-"
Daisy: "Hey Mario, let's team up for a doubles match sometime!"
Luigi: "I guess I was foolish to think that everybody would like me from now on..."



Williaint said:

I was kinda interested how "MiiVerse Tom" was showing some real pictures, not JUST screen shots...



defrb said:

If youre not sure where this is all about you would expect they do a circus act ^^

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