While its eShop-only release will undoubtedly disappoint some, we shouldn't forget that — after a lot of doubt — Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is coming the West in the Fall period. Quite a number of the Nintendo Life team, for example, are planning to raid the 3DS online store when it arrives.

Of course its coming to Japan in a more traditional sense, with a physical release as well as the download equivalent, with a court date of 25th July. It was also one half of this week's Japan-only Capcom-focused Nintendo Direct, and as a result a new three minute trailer has emerged. While it's in Japanese and only the most dedicated fans are likely to fully grasp what's going on, it looks to be playing up to what makes the series popular, with some innovations and attractive visuals thrown in.

Check it out below, and watch to the end for confirmation of a popular character returning to the fray.

[via destructoid.com]