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Video: This Mario & Luigi Trailer is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Suitably zany

For fans of the Mario & Luigi RPG franchise developed by AlphaDream, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team can't arrive on 3DS soon enough. Early glimpses promise the same wacky humour that's characterised the series, while we're hopeful that the capabilities of the handheld will bring even more creativity; we already know that the gyroscope will be put to work.

We've seen some snippets so far from Nintendo, but the new trailer from Nintendo UK perhaps provides the most substantial look to date; we see various environments and fun moves incorporating Luigi's special abilities. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Zodiak13 said:

Always enjoy these games. Not nearly as much as my son does, but I think few do. I must say the 3DS is costing me lots of $$ this year. But I'll take it, cause you never know when a game draught may occur...



rjejr said:

That looked awesome.

Can't wait for my kids to get home from their haircuts so we can watch that video on the big screen tv on the Wii.

On no wait we can't stupid freakin' moronic Nintendo turned off the Nintendo Channel, their #1 method of advertising new games to Wii owners. I'm so peeved. Not only can't we watch the videos, which we always do, but we can't even check how long we've played each game. My kids we're closing in on 400 Brawl hours. Now we'll never know. After owning the Wii since launch and the PS3 for 3 1/2 years that Records listing was the 1 thing the Wii did better than the PS3, and Nintendo just locked me out of it. Morons. And if Nintendo could send me a message telling me they turned it off they should have been sending messages each week when new videos for E3 or ND were up. Lost opportunities.

OK, that was off topic, but this is the best looking Nintendo game I've seen this year so it merited my most disappointed rant. Timing is everything.



SanderEvers said:

This game looks soo epic.

Makes me wish for a Mario & Luigi RPG for the Wii U. Or maybe Paper Mario?



NintyMan said:

That was a great trailer; even better than the one during E3. I've spoiled the music on Youtube, and the soundtrack is going to be really good!

Seeing Giant Luigi and Giant Bowser in that trailer makes me want to see both of them battle it out against each other.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Have fun playing this a month earlier than me European friends! I guess I'll have SMTIV to play while I wait, which is more than just a consolation prize. Both games are shaping up to make this summer pretty darn great for gamers!



ungibbed said:

If only this level of publicity and creativity were the same for the Wii U, Nintendo could get more systems sold. The 3DS has been a profitable monster for Nintendo and that's a great thing. Games like this keep that momentum where it makes me wonder where Nintendo will push when the 3DS is out of steam. The Vita has completely stalled and sad. I finally sold it and used that money towards my future PS4 investment.



zionich said:

Looks amazing.

What I find frustrating is that other companies still can seem to find the "magic" you can do with 2 screens. There are alot of Bowser Inside Story elements in this game. Its a shame more game developers cant capitalize on this like they do just another shooter.



NassaDane said:

I'm surprised they didn't remove the RPG elements that made these games so good for so long in favor of a light on story guessing game like they did with Paper Mario. All sarcastic malice aside one of the biggest things I'm excited for. For some reason the 3D(graphics) in this doesn't ruin it like they other new games coming out. Good for it.



Warbeard said:

@NassaDane I didn't mind the story in Sticker Star. What I didn't care for overly was that I had to search- and make room for those giant real-life item Stickers all the time. And no sidekicks, sniff.



Pichuka97 said:

The last 30 seconds of the trailer made me cream my pants. Pichuka97 wants this BAAAADDDD!!!!



ianmage1 said:

I really like the direction this game is going in. It looks as if it will play similarly to superstar saga, which is by far the best entry in this series and my favorite game of all time. This is my most anticipated game right now.



Emblem said:

Why did i have to click this link?!??!?!

+1 pre-order, at this rate i'm going to wear my 3DS out by xmas



StephenYap3 said:

You can equip different hammers and more than three pieces of equipment?




JuliaHR said:

Looks very promising!
This will be my first entry in the Mario & Luigi series! ^_^



Bronk said:

Glad to see Chippy return for another game, she was as good of a Navi-esque sidekick as you could get in Bowser's Inside Story



Dyltheman said:

@rjejr i may be missing the point of your rant but im sure you have other devices you can watch youtube on tv with.



Contrite said:

Looks awesome! I prefer Paper Mario over Mario & Luigi, though. Here's hoping a Paper Mario game for the Wii U will be announced before I'm done with this when I eventually get a 3DS.



smashbrolink said:

There's only one thing that worries me about this game......
How will they continue the M&L series beyond this one when this one is going to be so hard to top?!



rjejr said:

@100Dylman - Actually I can watch Youtube on the tv w/ the Wii (well I could, honestly haven't checked since Nintendo crippled the Wii), what I can't do is check my list of played games and how long and how often I've played them. In case you didn't know on the Nintendo Channel there was a list of buttons along the bottom, one was for a list of DS game demos but that hadn't been used in a very very long time, but there was also a button that said Records which kept track of things you did on the Wii. I don't know why they would have borked that.

But my kids did like watching the videos on the Channel, I don' think they've ever used Youtube, Or Facebook. Or Twitter. We're not Amish, they're just young. The Nintendo Channel was a safe and very easy way for them to watch videos.



darkfenrir said:

@_@ I started to think on not buying this (considering on my poor wallet), but now seeing all those hype and amazing graphics... Hoping i can pick this up when it comes out!



dc_10 said:

I've never played one of these M&L RPG games before. Don't ever remember seeing Superstar Saga on the shelves and Bowser's Inside Story didn't look too interesting. And to be honest wasn't too thrilled about this one either... That is until I saw THIS trailer! It looks pretty fun and different as far as the "traditional" 2D or 3D Mario titles go. There's a lot more action and what seems to be so many ways to use the device itself, touchscreen, gyro control, even holding the system in "book mode" for some reason that has always peaked my interest when the system needs to be held sideways, I think it's cool and like "oooooh look at me! You think I'm not playing the system correctly! Guess again!" Idk I'm odd like that I suppose. Anyways, my perspective has definitely changed and will probably download this one.



Mr-DNA said:

The character design in the M&L series has so much personality! It's touches like this that are sadly missing from the main series. The platform games are still fun, but aesthetically they're just so safe and sterile. Alpha Dream really understands that Mario, Luigi, et al are essentially cartoon characters and treats them as such.



RedYoshi999 said:

I can't believe how quietly this game release has sneaked up on me! Less than 2 weeks away? I can hardly believe it. This looks so amazing that it might just give Animal Crossing the boot with the most time I play a game.



globalisateur said:

@dc_10 Yes, Bowser's Inside Story wasn't looking interesting.
But it was a blast to play. It's never too late, go for it, you won't be disappointed. The best game of the ds for me.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

Looks great but I'm gonna pass on this one. Never played any of the Mario RPGs and they sorta don't look like my kind of thing.



citizenerased said:

Bowser's Inside Story was fantastic. It made me go back and beat Partners in Time, which was nowhere near as good. I don't like RPG's, but man do I love these games. And the writing/humour in these titles (and the Paper) series are much better than the other Mario games.



Mahe said:

This game looks great. Now, can they get Superstar Saga on the Wii U Virtual Console?



LtAldoRaine said:

@NassaDane The fact that this Mario & Luigi is coming out makes me even more angry that they dumbed down Paper Mario for the 3DS instead of making a big,better one for the Wii U.

Still,Dream Team looks amazing.



seraphym88 said:

Wassup everyone! long time nintendo fan, i just finally registered with N life. First thing i gatta say: THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZING! I loved super star saga and bowsers inside story, but i have to say, this one looks better CANT WAIT!



mk7master said:

If theres one thing these games come equiped with,its an awsome plot twist. I mean im sure no one expected dark bowser in bowsers inside story.

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