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Video: Debut Fantasy Life Link Trailer Arrives in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

How's that localisation going, Level-5?

Fantasy Life, if you don't already know, is a 3DS title that came from a collaboration between Level-5 and Nintendo subsidiary Brownie Brown, which is now known as 1-UP Studios. It's a title where you can choose a a profession and interact with the large game world, and when you feel like it you can embark on an epic quest. The odds of it coming West are decent, as Nintendo has stated a focus to support localisation of Japanese games to the West, and Level-5 has filed related trademarks in North America and Europe.

After a successful first release last year, Level-5 is preparing a follow up in Japan called Fantasy Life Link, which includes a new multiplayer option where four players on each other's Friend List can play together online and send each other status updates and messages; the new content will also include an additional island to explore. Arriving on 25th July, Japanese gamers will have the choice of a newly branded version with the original game and additional content (for 4,980 Yen), or those that already have the first release can download the extras for 2,000 Yen.

We'd hope that, should this indeed be brought to the West, it'd be the full package of the original and "Link" extras. We're cautiously optimistic, in any case, and the debut trailer for Fantasy Life Link, below, does nothing to cool our enthusiasm. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Erixsan said:

Don´t like very much this type of games... I have nobody to play with...



Marakuto said:

I wish that it was possible to transfer your soul into another person's body so that I could become a Japanese person and play this! D:



Plutonian said:

It's nice to hear some news about this this game, it's been a while. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.



ichigo62 said:

Pleaseee Western Releases !!! is there anything we can do? pre-order first? petition? or anything to catch more of level 5's attention ? bringing it western ?



Dark-Luigi said:

This looks like one hell of an epic 3DS game! I sure wish I had this in the palm of my hands right now.



Pod said:

That's cool and all.
But where's my Wii U version of Ni No Kuni?



Windy said:




Sekuiya said:

So many cool Level-5 games, so little of them come to the West...
At least they could continue the franchises that they already released two games of! wink,wink



Volmun said:

realy hopeing for this to come to UK/EU and US (also hope the online servers are not regen locked...)



ReaperX30 said:

With this and Animal Crossing I won't have any time to have a wife's not going to like this...

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